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'She's Been Crying, Having Dreams of Death:' Setback for Girl to Receive Kidney from Teacher

'She's Been Crying, Having Dreams of Death:' Setback for Girl to Receive Kidney from Teacher Read Transcript

- An Ohio girl is indesperate need of a kidney.

10 year old, Eva Brown,suffers from a disease

called, Collapsing FGSG,and no one in her family

is a match for a new kidney.

Earlier this year CBN Newsshared how the urgent need

was posted on Facebook, anda teacher at Eva's school

volunteered to donate a kidney.

Sadly, Eva has now developedantibodies to the kidney

and doctors say she may reject it.

Eva's mom, Alana, joins us now via Skype

from their home in Ohio.

Hi Alana, how are you today?

- Been better.

How are you?

- I'm good.

Tell us about Eva's condition,

physical condition, right now.

- Right now she's actually strong.

She was being prepared forsurgery, so we work very hard.

She's been on an antibiotic treatment,

for the past month to clearan infection that she had,

so that she would be ready tohave her transplant next week.

Unfortunately, as aresult of the infection

that she somehow attained,she developed antibodies

against the kidney thatwas almost a perfect match.

They'd tested as though she was apparent.

There was a less than3% chance of rejection,

now they're saying it's as high as 65%.

- And this teacher, at Eva'sschool, she was the one

who stepped in to donate the kidney,

and doctors are saying thatEva's body might reject it.

Could you elaborate on that.

What are they telling you?

- So, whenever you haveantibodies, those are basically

the bodies way of fightingoff foreign objects,

and things in the body, thatdon't come from the body.

Because the risk of rejection is so high

it's dangerous for Evato receive her kidney.

There are things they could try to do

to lower the risk of rejection,

but those come with an increased risk.

And since Eva is soyoung she needs a kidney

that is going to last herlonger than a standard kidney.

We have listed her forthe national registry,

but those are deceased ownersand they don't last as long.

Eva's 10, the averagedeceased donor organ lasts

maybe nine to 10 years.

So, do the math on how manykidneys that will be for her.

- And I, you know, youguys have been praying

and when the teacher stepped forward

you guys were really encouragedthat this was an answer,

a miraculous answer to prayer, Alana.

How has all of this affected Ava

and your family emotionallyand spiritually?

- Eva's having nightmares.

Not sleeping well.

And she's been crying, havingdreams of death and dying,

and she said, "Mommy youtold me if I trusted God

"everything would be okay."

And she said, "It's not."

And, I lost my faith, and Idon't know what to say to that.

You know, I just tryto tell her to hold on

and there has to be a reason,

and He's gonna bring a better kidney.

But even if we find a donor today

that workup takes several months.

It could be at least six months

before she gets that transplant,

and that means six moremonths of pain and suffering,

being connected to a machine,and not being able to play

with kids as normal, and notbeing able to eat normally.

And how do I look my daughter in the face

and just tell her you haveto continue to suffer?

- How are you doing, mom?

How is your faith right now?

- I'm devastated and Ihave a mustard seed left,

that's all I have left.

And, you know, they say if you tell God,

I need you to show me somethin'.

I'm trustin' that He's gonna come on time.

But I'll be honest, the devil's busy

and he's tryin' to shakeme, so I'm clinging

to that mustard seed.

There has to be hope.- Yes.

- You know, Tanya showed methere are angels on Earth,

and I know there's a reason this happened.

God must have a kidneythat's gonna last longer.

Tanya's amazing.

She's willing to do, what'scalled an organ share, with us.

And what that means isif there's someone else

who has a family memberin need of a kidney

that matches Tanya's,and they have a kidney

that matches Eva, she'll give her kidney

to their family member ifthey'll give their kidney to Eva.

- [Charlene] Wow.

- Yeah, so anyone interestedin donating please,

the OSU Living Donor Transplant program,

just let 'em know you arelooking for Eva Evens,

that you wanna donate to her.

There's information on,

so go

That has all the donation information

on how to get in contact with Ohio State.

Our insurance covers everything.

We just need an O positive healthy donor.

You know, it doesn't matter if you think

you're a match or not, just try.

If you wanna try, evenif you don't match us,

you could bless someoneelse and be a living hero.

An angel on earth.- Amen.

Amen Alana.

And we certainly want to pray for you,

for Eva, for a miracle.

How would you encouragepeople who are watching

to specifically pray?

How would you want them to pray?

What do you want them to pray?

- I want, obviously, to pray for a kidney,

the right kidney, for Eva and soon.

To pray for her to be healed of this pain.

She has an abdominal tear

that makes her dialysis extremely painful,

and we're concerned that shemay not be able to tolerate

dialysis much longer, whichmakes it life critical.

Pray for her to be able to hold on

until that right kidney's available.

And that once that kidneycomes there's no rejection.

- Amen, well we're gonna pray,close in prayer, right now.

Those of you who arewatchin' we want you to join

in with me as we pray.

We all have a mustard seed,but together it's enough.

So Father, in the name ofJesus, we come before you Lord.

You told us in your word to come boldly

to your throne of grace,to, Lord, obtain mercy

and to find grace in our time of need.

Lord, we are standing together with Alana

and with Eva, Lord, for a new kidney.

The right kidney.

Father, we ask that youwould just intervene.

We don't understand whyTanya's kidney, Lord God,

is not the match that we had prayed for,

but we know that you are in control.

And Lord we trust you, thatyou have a perfect kidney.

And Lord we pray forhealing, Lord, for Eva

that you would take the painaway from her, Lord Jesus.

That you would removethe pain, Father God.

We speak to the pain,Father, that Lord it be gone

in the name of Jesus.

Lays your hands upon thisprecious child, Lord God.

Have mercy upon her, Father.

Have mercy.

Father, we speak lifeand we speak healing,

and we speak, Lord God,that you will send a kidney

and send it soon.

Lord, send a donor, LordGod, even by way of Facebook.

We're gonna send this video out.

But Lord, as we are praying, we thank you

that you are answering.

Lord I pray that you would encourage them.

That you would take away fear.

That you would take away doubt.

That you would take away unbelief, Lord.

That you would, Lord God,cause those nightmares

to cease, Father God.

We come against them in the name of Jesus.

And we speak peace toEva, peace to her mom.

We speak hope, and we speak victory, Lord

in the midst of this.

Lord turn their eyes uponyou, not the problem,

but the God who is ableto solve the problem.

May they look to you and trust you Lord.

We surround them today with faith.

We surround them today with encouragement.

We surround them with prayer,and love, and support, Lord.

We lift them up, Lord, like the friends

of that man in the Bible who, Lord God,

they lifted him through the roof

because he needed a miracle.

And so Lord, we together,the body of Christ,

we lift up Eva, we lift up Alana, Father,

and we lift them to Jesus,the one who has the answer.

In your name we pray, Father.

Thank you Lord for her new kidney.

We claim it now, in your name, Amen.

- Amen, thank you so much.

- Amen, Amen.

Alana, we're gonna continue to pray

and continue to trust Godwith you and your family.

Keep us posted.

And we will continue to share this story

to get other peopleaware of what's happening

with your precious daughter.

We trust God, amen.

- Thank you so much.

God bless you.

- God bless you too.

All right, bye bye.

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