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Saving a Child's Life from a Deadly Disease

Elina's mother couldn't afford the surgery to save her child's life. See how her daughter's life was saved after she asked for help. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Elenawatches and waits outside

the door of her school bathroom.

She won't go inside until she knows

the bathroom is vacant.

- I don't want other students to hear

me cry in pains.

I don't want to be embarrassed.

- [Narrator] Elena suffersfrom a kidney disease that

causes crippling pain and can be fatal.

- I only have one dream in life and

that is for my child to be healthy.

- [Narrator] Elena's conditionwas diagnosed during an acute

episode that occurredseveral years earlier.

- When she was screamingin pain, and no matter

what we did, the pain wouldn't stop.

We rushed her to the hospital.

- Hydronephrosis is a severe disease.

The kidney's swell to anenormous size from blockage.

If the blockage isn'ttreated, the patient will die.

- I would sacrificeanything for my daughter but

I have three children andwe live on $100 a month.

I have no money for this surgery.

- I hear my mother cryingbecause she cannot pay

for the surgery that I need.

- [Narrator] Then Yuliaheard that CBN helps

families in need and soshe applied for assistance.

We agreed to pay the full cost of

Elena's medical treatment.

One year later, after multiple surgeries,

Elena is strong and healthy.

- [Male Doctor] Elena is doingwell now, huge blockages were

removed and the damage was repaired.

- I'm so happy, my child has no more pain.

She can run and play and go to school.

- I can walk, run, jumpand I can even dance.

- She can almost run faster than me.

- Without your help, mychild would have died.

I just have no words toexpress my gratitude and love.

Thank you.

- Thank you for helpingme get well and healthy.


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