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How the Condemning of This Cross-Shaped Monument Could Doom Others Across the US

How the Condemning of This Cross-Shaped Monument Could Doom Others Across the US Read Transcript

- This memorial to Marylandmen killed in World War I

has stood since 1925.

Now that a federalappeals court has ruled it

unconstitutional it could come down.

But why?

- It's a cross shapedmemorial on public property.

- [Reporter] Jeremy Dys ofFirst Liberty Institute warns

if the US Supreme Court doesn't intervene

this could have far reaching repercussions

across America.

- Not only will thismonument have to be raised

to the ground but so willany monument that bears

religious imagery or languageon the side of it as well.

- [Reporter] That wouldinclude features in

Arlington National Cemeteryand its most famous site.

- The Tomb of the UnknownSoldier is a World War I

monument as well and it sayson the side very famously

of course here lies asoldier known but to God.

And who knows where this would end.

- [Reporter] That's whyreligious rights lawyers like Dys

have fought alongside theAmerican Legion for years

to preserve the Bladensburgmemorial and by extension

many others.

- These are importantreminders of the great cost

that freedom comes to us in.

That is real lives have been sacrificed

in the service of freedom.

We should not desecratetheir memory by tearing down

their gravestone.

- [Reporter] Carved intothis memorial in big letters

are four words.

Courage, endurance, valor, and devotion.

Now the question is ifAmerica is devoted enough

to the memory of the men honored here

to assure the monument to theirultimate sacrifice endures.

- [Dys] It is almostspitting at them in the eye

to even suggest that we wouldtear down this memorial.

- [Reporter] Paul Strand, CBN News

reporting from the WorldWar I Veterans' Memorial

Bladensburg Maryland.


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