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The 700 Club - July 13, 2018

A tortured artist descends into darkness, but then finds his way back to God. Plus, a man miraculously overcomes paralysis…to run a half marathon. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up,portrait of a tortured artist.

- I couldn't see past a week.

- [Narrator] His descentinto the darkness.

- [Michael] It was violent,and it was fast and abrupt.

- [Narrator] And finding the light.

- It felt like I could do anything.

- [Narrator] Then, anearly morning accident--

- [Beth] He goes, "Ithink my back is broken."

- [Narrator] Leaves one bikerwith no chance to walk again.

- [Dean] I think I'm paralyzed.

- [Narrator] See why he's notjust walking, he's racing,

on today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to the 700 Club.

For 10 hours, members ofCongress grilled an FBI agent

over accusations of political bias.

That agent, Peter Strzok,sent derogatory text messages

about Donald Trump duringthe 2016 presidential race.

- Strzok played key rolesin the investigations

of both Hillary Clinton's email server

and the Trump campaign'sties to the Russians.

Republicans are convinced his behavior

tainted those investigations.

Jennifer Wishon has more from Washington.


- [Narrator] Peter Strzokbegan his testimony on offense.

- I strongly believe today's hearing

is just another victorynotch in Putin's belt.

- The senior FBI agent played major roles

in investigations ofboth Hillary Clinton's

private email server,

and suspected collusion between Russia

and the Trump campaign.

- [Narrator] At the center ofsuspicions surrounding him,

a series of text messages between him

and his then-lover,FBI attorney Lisa Page.

- On August 26th, 2016,you texted Ms. Page,

quote, "Just went to asouthern Virgina Walmart.

"I could smell the Trump support."

And "smell" is in capitalletters, all capital letters.

What does Trump supportsmell like, Mr. Strzok?

- Sir, that's a expression of speech.

I clearly wasn't smellingone thing or the other.

- [Narrator] Strzok toldthe joint hearing of

the House Judiciary andOversight Committees

that he separated his political opinions

from his investigations.

At one point, he refusedto answer questions,

siting a directive by FBI attorneys,

leading the chairman to threaten him

with contempt of Congress.

- And potential criminal liability.

Do you understand that?

- [Narrator] During the 10 hour hearing,

democrats staunchly supported Strzok.

- If I could give you apurple heart, I would.

- [Narrator] Republicanspeppered him with questions,

showing outrage that'sbeen building for months.

I don't appreciate having an FBI agent

with an unprecedented level of animus

working on two majorinvestigations, year of 2016.

- [Narrator] TexasCongressman Louie Gohmert

even questioned Strzok's character.

- I've talked to FBIagents around the country.

You've embarrassed them,you've embarrassed yourself,

and I can't help but wonder

when I see you lookingthere with a little smirk,

how many times did you look so innocent

into your wife's eyes and lied to her

about the--- Mr. Chairman, this is outr--

- [Woman] You need your medication.

- Today, Lisa Page will be questioned

by members of Congressin a closed-door session,

having had the benefit of watching

Strzok's testimony, Thursday.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Well, there's a lot of political theatre

for 10 hours, and politicaltheatre on both sides,

but for me, here's the bottom line.

The bottom line is, theFBI definitely got involved

in the presidential race.

And you look back at that race,

and you wonder, "Have we reverted back

"to the praetorian guard?"

That was the group that was charged

with protecting the republic of Rome

and protecting the emperor,

and before long, theybecame the emperor-maker,

and is that what we'redealing with here now?

The FBI gets to choose who gets to be

in the office of President,

and if they don't likea particular President,

they get the ability totake that President out.

This is a first in American history,

and it's a shame to see the FBI

involved in politics in any way

or agents expressing anykind of political opinion.

They can do so privately,have their own opinion.

They're still citizens,they still get to vote.

But as they execute their job,

there should be nopolitics involved at all.

Well, in other news, Palestinian

prime minister Mahmoud Abbas

says his government willcontinue to reward terrorists

and their families for attacks on Israel.

This defiance comes after more countries

move to withhold aid tothe Palestinian authority.

Because of the policycalled "Pay to Slay".

Well, as Chris Mitchell reports,

Palestinians say this financial pressure

now amounts to an act of war.

- [Chris] The controversialpolicy provides money

to convicted Palestinian terrorists

and their families for attacking Israelis.

The payments coming from this fund

add up to more than 330million dollars each year.

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop

objected to the policy, saying,

"I am concerned that inproviding funds for this aspect

"of the PA's operations,

"there is an opportunityfor it to use its own budget

"to fund activities thatAustralia would never support."

The PA described the moveas a declaration of war.

- Australia now is just doing the bidding

of the US, unfortunately,

and Julie Bishop's statementis extremely insulting,

and it shows the utmost ignorance

of the realities of Palestinians' living

and they are cruel and brutal

and the leader of the Israeli occupation.

- [Chris] Australia's decision follows

America's lead in passingthe Taylor Force Act,

that also withholds aid untila PA ends the terror payments.

Congress named the law after Taylor Force,

a US citizen killed in a2016 terror attack in Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel's parliamentdebated its own legislation

to stop payments to thePalestinian authority.

- To this Palestinian enterprise,

that is called the Palestinianauthority, Mr. Chairman.

It's very easy to get accepted.

The only thing you haveto do is to call Israelis

to get arrested orkilled and you get a job.

- [Chris] Scott Taylor's father, Stewart,

sat in on the debate.

- We are honored to have you here with us

for the event to pass this bill

and hopefully we shall pass it

the second or the third calling.

- [Chris] And pass it they did.

Another multimillion dollar penalty

against the Palestinian authority

for encouraging and rewarding terrorism.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Well, it's up on the Taylor Force act.

It's up to the state department

to make a determination.

Are the payments beingsused to fund terrorism?

And under what sort of circumstances

do we now withhold that funding?

I certainly applaudwhat Australia's doing.

They're saying on a moral basis,

we can't fund this anymore.

We can't be providing fundsto Palestinian authority

for them to pay for actions

that we as Australiansthink are abhorrent.

These are acts of terror.

Well, we asked the state department

when it will stop sending fundsto the Palestinian authority

in compliance with the Taylor Force Act,

and here's what we got back.

An official told CBN news the department

is now studying how the law affects

its ability to provide assistanceto Gaza and the West Bank

and here's one of the problems

with the Taylor Force Act

and members of Congress voicedit when it was being passed,

that if you give thisto the state department,

you've got to understand,there's a whole division

of the state departmentthat is responsible

for sending funds to thePalestinian authority.

Their jobs depend on that funding.

And when you get that kindof self-interest involved,

can you imagine how longthis study's going to take?

The state department has been aware

of this kind of payment for decades.

This isn't something new.

The Palestinian authorityjust didn't start

funding terrorism and payingterrorists a monthly wage.

This has been going on for some time.

And at the same time allof this has been going on,

you and I have been fundingthat Palestinian authority

to the tune of billions of dollars.

So, here's what we need to do.

We need to lobby the state department,

and you can make your voice heard

by contacting them directly.

Here's their number.

(202)-647-6575, and tell them you,

as an American citizen,you want to stop funding

the Palestinian authorityunder the Taylor Force Act.

You can also send them anemail, or regular mail.

You can find out how on ourwebsite,, Terry?

- While still ahead, he is the head pastor

of a 10,000 member megachurch,

and also the president of theSouthern Baptist Convention.

Now, JD Greear is sharing his vision

for fulfilling the Great Commission.

- Being called by God meanstaking what God has given you

and leveraging it for thepurpose of the Great Commissions.

- [Terry] That's an ideaSummit Church is drilling

into people of all ages.

Find out how, that's next.

(cheery music)

(dramatic music)

- Well, the presidentof the Southern Baptist

is calling on his churches torenew its focus on evangelism.

And he is practicing what he preaches.

Pastor JD Greear's ownchurch is on track to plant

1,000 more churchesover the next 50 years.

Heather Sells has his storyfrom Durham, North Carolina.


- The Summit believes that all believers,

not just pastors and missionaries,

are sent, and in the last 17 years,

it's done just that.

- Being called by God means taking

what God has given you and leveraging it

for the purpose of the Great Commissions.

- [Heather] Pastor JD Greear has been

leveraging his church for 17 years

and the results are off the charts.

This 10,000 member congregation has

40 church plants in the US,

and more than 200 overseas.

It's also working closeto home in Greensboro.

The Mercy Hill ChurchPlant started six years ago

in this park with just 40 people.

Today, more than 2,000 attend Mercy Hill

on three campuses and close to800 here have been baptized.

- We came here, and yes, that'sa small team of 30 people,

but when they're all incrediblybought in to one vision.

- [Heather] And that singlevision is the Great Commission.

Summit calls it "sending", and it starts

when parents dedicate their children.

- We have them covenant as partof this parent commissioning

that when they're gonna raise them

for the purposes of the Great Commission

and when God calls their son or daughter,

perhaps to Afghanistan or Southeast Asia,

to take the gospel thatthey covenant as parents,

they're not gonna stand in the way.

- [Heather] The childrens'area looks like an airport,

to plant the thought with kids

that they're sent eachweek to share Jesus.

- We want them to feel likethey're a part of the mission

and they're a part of the work,

then they get to goand tell their friends.

- [Heather] By middle school, the Summit

wants its young studentsto have experienced

a short-term missionstrip with their family.

In high school, that grows to

three weeks overseaswith Summit missionaries.

And in college, it encouragesa summer of missions work,

along with a big ask

that college graduates pursue their

first job near a church plant.

- When we plant churches, wejust throw this out and say,

"Hey, you graduated, yougotta move somewhere.

"Move to one of our church plants."

- I wanna be a missionary.

I believe that God hascalled us to go anywhere,

like it's not a questionof when or anything,

it's where and how.

- The whole idea is, you'rea missionary with your life.

You don't have to go across the ocean,

you don't have to do anything special.

Your life is your mission field.

- [Heather] The Summit's focus on youth

and college mobilizationhas helped pave the way

for its incredible successwith church plants.

The week CBN news visited Mercy Hill.

It commissioned a church plant team,

including recent collegegrads, to Philadelphia.

- They've equipped me and given me

the tools to be able to send me out well.

- [Heather] The team alsoincluded several retirees,

another Summit strategy.

It asks those headed for retirement

to tie their first two yearsand give them to a plant.

Greear admits that while missions

and church planting havebeen a lifelong passion,

his goal of 1,000 churchescame almost an afterthought.

- I came up with it inthe middle of a sermon.

It felt right, and I just said it.

"We're gonna plant a thousandchurches in 50 years."

And then I walked off stageand one of our pastors said,

"Did you say a thousandchurches in 50 years?"

I said, "Yeah, we're gonna have to

"figure out how to do that."

- [Heather] Greearacknowledges figuring out

that growth can be painful.

Each year, they encourageseveral new staff pastors

to head-hunt, recruiting thechurch's best for new plants.

- A hundred of 'em stand on stage,

and I'm lookin' at 'em, I'm like,

"Those are very talented people

"who serve on our ministries,lead our ministries.

"Some of them are big givers.

"How're we gonna do without them?"

- [Heather] Greear wants to push the

southern Baptist denomination to cultivate

these same priorities ofevangelism and church planting.

As part of this, he's also committed to

raising up more people ofcolor as church leaders.

This timely decision comes in an era

of declining southern Baptistmembership and racial discord.

And his strategies appear to be on target.

- I don't know how long Hishand'll be honest like this,

but while it is, it's timefor us to go and reach people.

- We tell our students, and everybody,

but especially our students,

"God made you good at something.

"So whatever God made you good at,

"do it well to the glory of God

"and do it somewhere strategicfor the mission of God."

- [Heather] Reporting in Durham,

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- That's a wonderful storyand it's wonderful news,

and the Baptists are actually going

back to their roots on this.

Back in the 1820s, there was a division

that there would be aBaptist home mission board

and a Baptist foreign mission board.

And the home mission board was designed

to set up missionariesand mission churches

and church plants right here in America,

and to see them come back to that

and say, "America needs evangelizing,

"America needs the gospel,"it's wonderful news.

So, applause, kudos to the wonderful

work that that church is doing.

- Summit Church, andI've heard him preach.

He's a good preacher.- Good preacher?


- Well, up next, an art prodigy's work

starts taking on a disturbing tone.

- There wasn't a lot ofjoy in those paintings,

there wasn't any happiness.

I was waiting for my life to come together

so I could start again and paint

and draw like I did when I was younger.

- [Terry] Hear how heconquered his inner demons

when we come back.

(dramatic music)

As a child, MichaelBollinger was an introvert,

but he was fine with that.

He was more than content tojust sit down by himself,

and draw for hours on end.

He was good at it, too.

But after this quiet boybecame an awkward teen,

he soon discovered alcohol

and his art and his life took a dark turn.

(sentimental music)

- [Michael] I always feltlike God gave me this talent

for a specific reasonand I shouldn't waste it,

and it was a big part of my life.

- [Narrator] Michael Bollinger would sit

for hours coloring and drawing.

It was his connection to God.

But, for a shy kid whofelt he never fit in,

it was also an escape.

- I didn't enjoy school at all.

It was a lot of uncomfortablesituations and moments.

It was definitely a problem, being shy.

- [Narrator] Despitehis social awkwardness,

Michael still enjoyed the attention

he received because of his talent.

- [Michael] It was a good way to stand out

and put yourself outside of the crowd.

It made me feel like I had some value.

- [Narrator] Then, inhigh school, that changed,

when he found others wereas talented as he was.

No longer the artist of distinction,

he looked elsewhere foracceptance and escape.

At 17, he found both through alcohol.

- [Michael] I liked theway it made me feel,

or liked the excitement, thegamble that came with it.

It gave me courage, and it made me happy.

- [Narrator] He continuedhis study of art in college,

but by then, alcohol wastaking over his life.

- It was the same home Ifound with art as a child.

It was a different, more sinister

place to be, a darker place.

- [Narrator] After finishinghis associate's degree,

Michael spent the next 10 yearsas a functioning alcoholic,

going from job to job.

He painted on occasion, but his creations

were rife with dark, depressing tones.

(somber music)

- There wasn't a lot ofjoy in those paintings,

like when I was a child and drawing.

There wasn't any happiness.

I was waiting for my life to come together

so I could start again and paint

and draw like I did when I was younger.

- [Narrator] His familysent him to a number

of medical professionals for help,

but he resisted their efforts.

- I just didn't wanna deal with it,

I didn't wanna stop drinking,

I just wanted to continue that lifestyle.

- [Narrator] And adding to Michael's

growing depression and addiction,

was knowing that he had abandoned God.

- It was definitely somethingthat, as I grew older,

and got away from andgot into other things

I'd missed and felt guilty about,

that I wasn't using this gift.

I felt like I disappointed God.

- [Narrator] Even then, henever tried reaching out to God.

- It was always thatlining of hope that I had,

and waiting and waiting and waiting

for God to appear or forlife to change on its own.

- [Narrator] By his mid 30s, Michael

was in the worst state of his life,

physically and emotionally.

- I was a wreck, so itdidn't look promising.

It looked like a dead end.

The alcohol had taken over my organs

and I wasn't functioning properly,

I looked unhealthy, andI didn't have a future

that I couldn't see past a week.

- [Narrator] One night, he got into

a fight with his brother.

Michael had been drinking, and made

disparaging remarks totheir female friend.

- It was violent, andit was fast and abrupt,

and it could've devastatedmy relationship there,

but the aftermath of that made me

reconsider what I was doing.

- [Narrator] The brothers made amends,

but it made Michael realize he didn't like

the person that he had become.

Two months later, after wakingup from a night of drinking,

he was ready to ask God for help.

- I had just had it, andgot on my knees and prayed,

and asked God to forgive me

and told him I couldn't do it anymore,

and I need you, and I surrendered.

I just told God, "I give up, take me

"and change my life here."

It felt like freedom and this burden

was lifted off my shoulders.

And all I had to do was surrender,

and it felt like I could do anything.

It felt like I could conquer anything.

It was the greatest gift of my life.

- [Narrator] Michael says God instantly

set him free from addiction,

and he's been sober ever since.

And the creative spark hethought he had lost was restored.

- I didn't need recovery or rehab.

I just needed God, and thatwas my recovery and rehab.

It brought me back to my childhood.

It made me feel whole again,

like I was when I was a child, growing.

It was the same feeling.

It's a home there, and youhave endless possibilities.

- [Narrator] In 2012, he married Lauren,

and they have three daughters.

Now, Michael is using his art

and his life to glorify God.

- He turned that wreckageand that mess into this.

It's not a perfect life, but it's

a pretty beautiful life now.

- Why, I think what Michael experienced

isn't really particularly unusual

for a lot of people who areraised by Christian families,

Christian parents, raised in the church,

and then life gets busy, and it happens,

and you start growing up andthings influence your life

that weren't there whenyou were very young

and things happen likejust wanting to belong.

I think we all have that need,

to feel like our livesare somehow significant.

People search for meaning in their lives.

There're all kinds of things,

all kinds of reasons, allkinds of thoughts that

pull us away from the love of God

that we knew as a child, that we

accepted in a childlike way.

Life is difficult, growing up.

And I think sometimes, you know,

we even look back onthose childhood years,

and we say, "Well, itcan't be that simple."

It can be that simple.

Because in the end, in the end,

you need to choose to change,and anybody can do it.

Michael's parents tried to help him,

they tried to get help for him.

He didn't wanna deal with it, he said.

The easiest choice for us

is to just keep on keepingon the way that we are,

but we have been promiseda life of abundance.

A life of joy, a lifewith purpose and meaning.

Why would you wanna nottake advantage of that?

When you have the opportunity to say,

"Okay, God, help me walk through this."

It's not easy to deal with thestuff that's pulled us down.

With the sin that we've given room to,

with the thoughts and thebehaviors that control us,

and that are ruining our lives.

The enemy says he comes torob, steal, and destroy.

He wants to take you down.

Are you gonna let him?

Or are you gonna choose to change?

You don't have to change yourself,

you just have to say "yes" to the process.

God loves us right where we're at,

but he loves us too muchto let us stay there.

You were created by a Godwho is a masterful designer,

with purpose and intention.

God has a plan for your life.

Are you walking in that,

or are you stumbling around,trying to make it on your own,

feeling empty, feeling hopeless,

even embracing destructivebehavior like Michael was?

It kills the joy that's in you,

it kills the gifts that are in you.

Every one of us is born with something

that's valuable, somethingthat's purposeful inside of us,

with gifts and talents and abilities.

Maybe like Michael, you'velost track of yours.

You can get it back, you know.

I don't know anywhere else in the world,

but at the foot of the cross,

where you get a secondchance, you get a do-over.

You get to come and do what Michael did

and say, "God, I have blown it.

"I've walked away from you,I've tried to do this on my own,

"I've sold my soul, in asense, for foolish things.

"And I am so sorry forthat, will you forgive me?

"Jesus, will you be the Lord of my life,

"the savior of my soul?

"Will you teach me your ways,

"will you lift me up out of the pit

"and set my feet on the rock,the rock of Jesus, the truth?"

There is a truth, you can know Him.

He loves you, He paida great price for you,

gave all that He had so that you

could spend eternity with Him.

Now, the question is, "Willyou choose to change?"

You don't have the powerto do it on your own,

but in Him, we can do all things,

and He will walk through that with you.

Difficult, I know, I'mnot saying it's easy.

I'm saying it's worth it.

So, today, if you havelost that joy of life,

if you've sold your personality,

your soul for things that now control you,

if you've just walked awaythinking that God isn't it,

come back, come back, come back.

This is him calling you.

You know, it's not chance that you're

watching this program today.

God's speaking to you right now.

Come, come to the Father heart of God.

Come to the foot of thecross and be forgiven.

That alone will lift ahuge weight from you.

And then commit to change, commit to

allowing Him to change you.

You just have to ask, it's that simple.

Then stay close to Him and let Him

walk out that process in you.

It will give you an abundance and joy

like you've never known before,

it will give you a freedomlike you've never known before.

The Bible says that the one that the

Son sets free is free indeed.

That's your inheritance,don't walk away from it.

Take it, now, right this minute.

Don't waste another day of your life

with anything less than Jesus Christ,

with anything less thanforgiveness and eternal life.

If you'd like to pray that prayer,

and you need to talk tosomeone about something today,

our number is toll free.

It's 1-800-700-7000,you can call right now.

There's a friend who's already

prayed that prayerstanding by to talk to you.

We have a great littlepacket called A New Day,

and we'd love to sendthis to you, so please,

give us a call, Gordon?

- Still ahead, a girl getslife-saving heart surgery,

thanks to people like you.

See how it happened, when we come back.

(cheery music)

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

President Trump met with huge

protest in Great Britain today.

Tens of thousands in the streets of London

on the second day of his visit,

even flying a giant balloonshowing Trump as a huge baby.

The President created a stir when he

publicly criticized BritishPrime Minister Theresa May.

He criticized her for ruining the country

with her Brexit plan,

adding that her plans with the EU

would probably kill any future trade deals

with the United States.

In a joint news conference,

the President thanked May for the UK's

full contribution to NATO.

They also talked about terrorism and the

importance of keeping Iranfrom getting a nuclear weapon.

Operation Blessing ishelping revive a community

in Puerto Rico that's suffering

since hurricane Maria hit last year.

Many fishermen were left without a way

to support their familiesafter winds, high waves,

and flooding destroyedfishing boats and equipment.

Operation Blessingpartners stepped up to help

provide new equipment,like freezers, generators,

and diving gear, to helprestart their businesses.

Operation Blessing International also

supplied the area witha reverse osmosis system

to turn seawater intosafe, fresh drinking water.

You can learn more about whatOperation Blessing is doing

around the world by visiting

Gordon and Terry back withmuch more of today's 700 Club,

coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Today, Huang Lin isan active, happy child.

But not long ago, thislittle girl from China

was so weak, she could barely play.


For years, Huang Lin only had two friends.

- One was my kitten, Iplay with her all the time.

- [Terry] The other washer big brother, Huang Yu.

- He was like a big, strong tree to me.

Every time I thought about him,

I was as happy as whenyou eat a marshmallow.

- [Terry] Huang Lin wishedshe had more friends,

but she was diagnosed with a serious

heart problem when she was one,

and never had a normal childhood.

- Huang Lin was like a caged bird

who tried to fly freely, but she couldn't.

- Her lips turned darka lot and she got dizzy.

She had horrible fevers.

I was scared that shemight die at any time.

- The doctor said she needed surgery,

but we didn't have enough money.

- [Terry] So, Mrs. Huangworked hard doing odd jobs

to make ends meet and saveup for Huang Lin's surgery.

Her brother helped, too.

- It was my way of showingmy sister that I loved her.

During vacation, I workedfrom 9 AM to 10 PM,

and I gave my mother all of my wages.

If I could get my sister's surgery,

it would all be worth it.

- [Terry] But it would be years before the

Huangs could save enough.

Meanwhile, Huang Lin struggled to breathe

and got progressively worse.

- One day, my whole body was in pain.

I looked in the mirror and thought,

"I'm not pretty at all."

- [Terry] Shortly after, HuangLin ended up in the hospital.

- Her hands trembled, and she looked pale.

But I just believed that God

would have mercy and save my sister.

- [Terry] Then, CBN heard about Huang Lin,

and we helped set up andprovide her with surgery.

- Now, I'm healthy!

I don't feel any pain anymore.

So, I can ride my bike andplay with other children.

- Huang Ling is completely different.

And her laughter is like birds singing.

I'm just so happy to see her happy.

You gave us a hand when we needed it most.

If everyone should love like this,

the world would be such a better place.

- When I grow up, I hope to be kind

and loving just like you.

- This little girl isso loved by her family,

and so debilitated by thiscondition that she had,

a condition that was fixable.

They just didn't have the means to do it,

and she could have died easily

at any point along the way.

700 Club members, wejust wanna say thank you.

Isn't it a privilege to know

that together, you and I canmake this kind of a difference

in the life of someone who is

so precious and in such desperate need?

This is just one of the things that

700 Club members aredoing around the world.

We do lots of work here at home, as well,

so we wanna invite the restof you to join with us.

If you haven't joined the 700 Club yet,

a general membership is 65cents a day, $20 a month.

We have lots of clublevels and we're happy

to share those withyou, but the easiest way

to join is to just use ourtoll free number right now.

It's 1-800-700-7000,it's easy to remember.

You can also long on to,

but when you call immediately,

your gift will be put into the lives

of people in need, like Huang Lin.

And, if you'll use PledgeExpress when you call,

that's electronic monthly giving,

I love it, it means yourbank does all the work.

You don't have to do anything.

Don't have to remember that it's due,

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- Well, up next, a bicyclerider is hit by a car.


- I remember Dean specifically asking,

"Am I like, not ever gonna walk again?"

He said, "I don't know."

And that's when I just remembered

this wave of nauseousness came over me.

- See how this man not only walks again,

but ends up running a half-marathon.

(sentimental music)

(dramatic music)

After Dean Otto suffered asevere spinal cord injury,

he issued a challenge to his neurosurgeon.

The following year, the doctor would run

a half-marathon with him.

Well, Dean's doctor immediately agreed,

because he thought he'd never

have to follow through with the promise.

He thought the idea of Dean running

a half-marathon was impossible.


- [Narrator] Semptember 24th, 2016.

Dean Otto was taking anearly morning bike ride

through the suburbs ofCharlotte, North Carolina.

At the same time, WillHuffman and a friend

were heading out for a road trip.

- [Will] Lots of condensation,the air was heavy,

so it was difficult to see.

- [Dean] I heard the brakes lock up,

and then I felt the impact.

(tires screeching)


- [Operator] 911, what's thenature of your emergency?

- [Man] There's been a bicycle rider hit.

- [Dean] When I wokeup, Will and his friend

were trying to pull the bike off me,

and I was like stop,I think I'm paralyzed,

and you might do somemore damage than good,

just leave it.

- [Narrator] Dean was takento Carolina's medical center

with no feeling or mobilityfrom the waist down.

His wife, Beth, met him there.

- When I walked in immediately,

I'm like, "So, what is it?"

He goes, "Beth, they hit my back,

"I think my back is broken."

- [Narrator] X-rays and CAT scans

showed Dean's spine was dislocated,

and there were several fractured vertebrae

pinching his spinal cord.

Dr. Matt McGurt was theneurosurgeon on duty.

- It was almost taking a right-angle turn,

somehow wasn't severed,

but I knew that it was dying off,

and time was criticalto restore blood flow,

to restore alignment andunpinch the spinal cord.

- I remember Dean specifically asking,

"Am I like, not ever gonna walk again?"

He said, "I don't know."

And that's when I just remembered this

wave of nauseousness came over me.

"God, please don't take hisability to walk away, please."

- [Narrator] By the timeDean was in surgery,

word had gotten out on social media,

and people around the world were praying.

Working against the clock, Dr. McGurt

removed the broken fragments,realigned the spine,

and installed two metalrods to hold it in place.

What should've been a four hour surgery

took only 90 minutes.

- [Matt] It went so smoothly,it was so efficient,

and I told Dean's wife something in the

consult room immediately after surgery.

There was just maybe a 2% chance

that he's going to be able to walk

and get around on his own.

Those aren't great chances,

but I feel really good about the case.

- He said, "If I cansee movement in his toe,

"then I know that neuropathwaywas not completely damaged."

- [Narrator] The next morning, Dr. McGurt

came in to check on Dean's progress.

- I was able to barelywiggle my right toe,

and I mean, we all just started crying,

'cause knew that I had a shot.

And it felt like my prayer was answered.

- [Narrator] Three days later,

Dean took his first steps.

- It was like, the hardestthing I've ever done.

And it was a short trip to the bathroom.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go to the door.

The day after that, I'mgonna go down the hall.

The day after that, I'mgonna get out of here.

- [Narrator] During his stay, Dean had

a lot of well-wishers stop by.

One of them was Will, theyoung man who hit him.

- I apologized to him, told him that I was

sorry for what happened.

- I just said, "Will, I forgive you.

"I know that what you did was an accident,

"and I don't want you to carry this around

"for the rest of your life.

"I want you to process this and move on."

- It was like this weight was lifted.

- [Narrator] The two stayed in contact

as Dean kept making exceptional progress.

He set a goal for himself, which came

with a challenge for Dr. McGurt.

- "How about you and Igo run a half-marathon

"and go raise a bunch of money

"for spinal cord injury patients?"

- My first thought was, "I'mso inspired by your optimism.

"And I'm in, and I'm hooked."

But, I walked away from that

thinking I wouldn't be runninga half-marathon with Dean,

because I didn't thinkit would be possible.

(sentimental music)

- My goal, kind of a crazy goal,

was to run in under two hours,

which was kind of insane.

- [Narrator] On September 24th, 2017,

Dean and Dr. McGurt ran and finished

the Napa Valley half-marathon.

- I crossed the finishline, stopped my watch.

I looked down at my watchand it said 1:59:55.

- The outcome he's had, which is

able to run a half-marathon,

live his day to day lifewithout pain, one in a thousand.

- [Narrator] And they weren't alone.

Will also ran in the race.

- At the end of it all, there we were,

arm in arm, kinda crossingthe line together,

and that's the way we approached the whole

healing process, has been together.

- I don't believe that thiswas man's doing, human will.

I just believe that it's God's grace.

- I am a true believer in prayer,

and I am a true believer in miracles,

and there's just no otherexplanation for this.

- You can control basicallya hula hoop around us.

God's pretty much got the rest of it.

So, if I just do my end, God'sgonna take care of His piece.

- Do your end and God willtake care of His piece.

What is His piece?

He does the impossible.

What doctors say can't ever happen.

With God, all things are possible.

So, start thinking, "How big is that?

"How big is possible?

"How big is God's possible?"

Don't limit Him.

Realize that He is an unlimited God.

He wants to help you,He wants to heal you.

He wants to set you free.

You don't have to bargain with Him for it,

He's already promised,"I will do this for you."

All we have to do is believe it,

and then we have toact like we believe it.

And certainly Dean did that.

He said, "I'm going tobe running a marathon,

"and I'm gonna do everything I can

"and let God do His part."

Now, we're gonna pray for you.

Before we pray, we gotsome wonderful miracles,

some other people that heal.

Here's Carol Ann fromReading, Pennsylvania,

diagnosed with arthritisthat affected her hand.

She longed to do thingsthat she had to stop

due to constant pain.

Then in May, Carol Annwas watching this program,

and heard Terry say, "Youhave arthritis in your hand.

"You can hardly open jarsor turn anything anymore."

Well, Carol Ann claimed the healing

and the pain disappeared.

She now enjoys sewing again,

which she couldn't do before.

- How wonderful, that's good for you.

Yay, God.

Well, this is Andrea, wholives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She loves spending timewith her grandchildren.

While playing badminton withher granddaughter 10 years ago,

she injured her right shoulder

and she's been in pain ever since.

Then one day, Andrea waswatching this program

and she heard you, Gordon,say, "You have problems

"with your right shoulder.

"It's a variety of things,damage from injury,

"damage to the ligaments,damage to the joint,

"damage to the nerve."

The pain immediately left.

She was completely healed, and can now

spend time with hergrandchildren pain-free

after 10 years of enduringthat shoulder pain.

God is able.

- God is able.

Here's what He told His disciples

to declare, declare to people.

Find this in Luke chapter 10.

"Declare to them the kingdomof God has come near them."

And then He says, "Heal the sick."

The very next thing, when the kingdom

of God comes, healing comes, too.

Now, we're supposed topray, "Thy kingdom come,

"thy will be done onearth as it is in heaven."

Now, in heaven, is anybody sick?

Does anybody have a spinal cord injury?

Does anybody suffer paralysis?

Does anybody have problemswith their joints,

problems with arthritis,problems with their shoulders?

Well, the answer to all that is "No".

So, let's pray thatGod's will will be done.

Let's declare the kingdomof God has drawn near to us

and let's believe the good news.

Pray with us.

Lord, we just lift thosein the audience right now

who are suffering, suffering from pain,

suffering from paralysis,suffering from cancer,

suffering from anydisease, any infirmative,

and we declare over themthat all things are possible.

With you, all things are possible.

So, kingdom of heaven, come now.

Will of God, be done intheir bodies body now.

Let there be healing,let there be restoration.

Let there be just incredible outpouring

of your power, Lord God.

Stretch forth your handto do miracles, now.

For we ask it in Jesus'name, amen and amen.

Someone with a back injury,

it is to your scapulain your right shoulder,

and it's just deep pain, andGod is just healing everything.

He's bringing that bone together.

He's making sure there'sproper alignment to everything,

proper movement, proper orientation.

Everything is now fine withthat bone, in Jesus' name.

Now, do what you couldn't do before.

Begin to lift that right arm,

and realize that painis not there anymore.

It's all gone now, in Jesus' name.

- Yeah, there's someone else.

You think you have a history of migraines.

Actually, you have a deformity

where your spinal cordconnects with your brain stem,

but God is healing that for you right now.

You know this because those headaches

when you have them come rightfrom the back of your head,

over the top of your head.

You've had them for years,but today, they are gone

in Jesus' name, just receive that healing.

- Someone's been diagnosedwith arthritis in your spine

and it's just debilitatingand very painful.

God's healing all of that.

He's able to restore everything,

make everything normal again,

so we just receive thatnow in Jesus' name.

Someone else with problemswith your left knee,

and just incredible fluid build up,

and the knee justliterally doubles in size

and you gotta get itdrained, God is healing you.

He's just making restorationof that dire joint

in Jesus' name, receive it now.

- Someone with curvature of the spine,

you know that you have it, it's the pain

from it that's so debilitating.

God is just taking thatpain from you right now,

you'll not have it anymore.

- Someone with a growth inthe right side of their jaw

and it comes from youchewed tobacco for years,

and God is just healing it, He's able to

take away that growth now,in Jesus' name, be restored,

be healed, and be madewhole, in Jesus' name.

If you have been touched by God,

share your good report, let us now.


If you need prayer, we're here for you.

All you have to do is call us.

Here's a word from Jeremiah.

"Blessed is the onewho trusts in the Lord,

"whose confidence is in Him."

From Terry, from me, from all of us,

God bless you, we'llsee you again next week.


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