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Find Career Success through Serving

Mark Maxwell is a sought-after entertainment lawyer who shares his new book, Networking Kills. Read Transcript

- Bob Dylan, Kim Kardashian,

these are just a coupleof the celebrity clients

of the lawyer who claimsthat networking kills.

Take a look.

- [Reporter] Mark H Maxwell

is a sought after entertainment lawyer

who's clients include someof the most prominent faces

in the industry.

He knows what it takes to achieve success

in one of the most cutthroat businesses in America.

Mark is also a professorat Belmont University.

And has launched hundreds of young adults

into their careers.

He says there is a way to find success

and a meaningful job.

In his book Networking Kills,

Mark puts together a roadmap for others

at any stage of their career

to find fulfillment and joy in life.

- Please welcome to the700 Club Mark Maxwell.

It's great to have you here.

- Thank you Teri so good to be here.

- Mark networking is kind of like

the go to thing in our culture today.

Why do you say that it kills?

What do you mean?

- Well I'm teaching as a professor

at Belmont University in Nashville.

I spent a lot of timewith college students.

And this is a topicthat comes up so often.

There's so much pressure,

even from the first day of class

to go out and start meeting people

for your own expense

and so there's a tremendousamount of pressure.

Same thing with young artists.

They feel like the onlyway they can succeed

is through their likes and followers

and views on social media.

And so they end upspending a lot more time

focused on that than they doon really creating great work

and great songs and great music.

So yeah it's something Ithink it hurts relationships,

it hurts creativity,

it actually impacts alot of different things.

- Well talk a littlebit about the negativity

of social media.

You mentioned in your book John Mayer

and how it negatively impacted his career.

Talk about that.

- It was interesting a few years ago

he was speaking to someyoung music students

and he basically said hecouldn't write songs anymore.

He was so focused on social media,

he saw his song writing,

the quality of the songs hewas writing really plummeted.

And he so he came to the conclusion that

if you're spending a lotof time focused on that

you cannot create good and lasting art.

Because great ideas take time to gather.

If you're focused on other things

besides creating those great things

then there's a real impact.

- I loved your comments in the book

that great ideas take time.

You know it sounds like they have to perk.

Percolate a little bit.

So if networking kills.

And if people,

I think everybody wants to be creative

and have good ideas

and be successful in what they do.

What's the alternative?

What's the substitute?

- Well Jesus taught us the alternative.

He basically said if you wanna be great,

if you wanna become a leader,

it's about serving.

And so that's really where Ithink the concept is at odds.

Networking is about self.

It's about selfishness.

It's about taking and using

- [Teri] Using someoneelse for your own benefit.

- Serving's about lovingand giving generously

and sacrifice.

And I think Jesus's model is the truth.

And that's the way you reallymake a difference in the world

and that's the way youreally contribute to society

and that's really the way you love others.

And part of it when itcomes back to creativity

that's the identity of our creator.

It's within us.

Is to give and to love.

- Here you were a reallysuccessful attorney

and executive in the music industry.

Well you weren't an attorney then,

you were an executivein the music industry

and you were managingsome really big people.

And then God comes along

and speaks something strange to you.

What did he tell you?

- He told me to leave mycareer and go to law school.

So he ultimately led mehere to Regent University

here in Virginia Beach

which was a huge step of faith for me.

I felt too old.

I felt under qualified.

And it was a powerful step.

People in the industrythough I'd lost my mind

at that point and so.

But coming here was oneof the richest experiences

I could have ever experienced.

- One of the things I enjoyedwhen reading your book

was your willingnessto share the struggles

of following the path.

The struggles of serving people.

The struggles of standingstrong for what it is

you believe and what'sgoing on in your own heart

and life in the world.

And the struggle of followinga directive from God.

You said that for the three years

that you were here thatevery day was a struggle.

- Definitely, definitely, definitely.

It was relying on him.

Because it was so far beyond me.

It's like my pastor back home always says

if you're not in over your head

you're probably not fully in God's will.

And so I was way in over my head.

But it was great.

Because then when Icame back to Nashville,

back to the industry

it was a real story.

A real testimony to his faith on this

because it was beyond me.

And then God used it asmy career began to unfold

as an entertainment attorney.

- So you get this lawdegree and you go back.

And how do you becomea professor after this?

- Well yeah it was interesting.

I was down in the area where Belmont is

and it was really a calling.

And I just felt like the Lord said

you're supposed to be on that campus.

And I've been there now for eight years

in the evenings teaching as an adjunct.

It's been one of thegreatest joys of my life.

I love pouring into students.

I love mentoring them.

I invite my family into that process.

And there's something aboutundergraduate students.

They are all coming to Nashville now.

There's a huge population.

And being able to getinvolved in their lives.

And with caring just a little bit,

you get such great influence.

And you can really helpshape their future.

- And so many of them wantto go into the very business

that you have managed careers in.

To be able to speak a word

about the value of servant hood

and trusting God to open doors for you

is huge in their lives.

What's the takeaway foreverybody from your book?

- I think the takeaway isthat serving is the key.

It's the key to everything in life.

That's really where we find success.

That's where we find purpose.

That's where we deal with our own fears

when we're focused on others.

Fear is erased.

That's where we find provision

as we sew into other people's lives,

God sews back into us.

If we continue to walk through life

looking out for othersas opposed to ourself,

all our needs are met.

God's promised that for us.

And I think we have to live that way.

And that's really how we change the world.

You know when we're focusedon one person at a time,

truly caring for them,

giving our lives away,

giving our time away,

giving our heart away,

we can really make a difference

it's gonna change the world.

- The thing that jumps outat me from your book also

is your willingness tohave your antennae up

and your ears open to hearwhat God is speaking to you

in the midst of the planthat you were following

that wasn't the next step.

- Yes.

- It matters and he's available.

- It really does.

I think he has specificassignments for all of us.

And it's so key to spendthe kind of time we need to

hearing his voice.

Learning to really hear his voice

not only in the moment,

but for those big decisions in life.

I think when we find outwhat God's dreams are for us,

they're always bigger thanour dreams, our own dreams.

They're always bigger.

And that's the way to live.

And our dreams we think they're big,

but they're small in the eyesof what he has planned for us.

- Absolutely.

He's got eternity in the wings.

Thank you so much.

It's great to have you here.

I wanna mention that your bookis called Networking Kills.

It's available as an E-book.

Lots of convenience there.

For more information go to

and to hear more from Mark,

check out our Facebook page

just go to slash 700club.

He has a lot to saythat's worth listening to.


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