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This Country May Be a Greater Security Threat Than Russia

This Country May Be a Greater Security Threat Than Russia Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- All eyes are on President Trump's

meeting with Vladimir Putin,

but many foreign policy experts say

the bigger threat to America'sfuture comes from China,

not Russia.

President Trump plans toimpose more tariffs on China,

this time a tax of about 10%

on $200 billion worth of goods.

Here with more is Chinaexpert Steven Mosher.

He's author of the book,"The Bully of Asia,

Why China's Dream Is TheNew Threat To World Order".

Okay, Steven, thanks for joining us again.

Critics say this is the startof a trade war with China,

what do you think?

- I don't think it's the start

of a trade war with China at all.

I think people need to understand

that China has been at war with us,

across all domains, includingtrade, for the last 25 years.

It's a low key war,it's a non-kinetic war,

but, make no mistake, they'vebeen in a trade war with us

for a quarter century.

What President Trump is trying to do

is end the trade war thatChina's carrying out against us.

You can't start a trade war

that's already beenunderway for a long time.

- What is President Trumpreally after with China,

is he on the right course, Steven?

- Oh, absolutely.

I argue that American companies

have never been able to compete fairly

with Chinese companies because, look,

if you're an American companyand you go into China,

you're squeezed dry ofyour high tech technology,

your software,

your intellectual property,

and then you're squeezedback out of China.

American companies aren'tcompeting with Chinese companies,

people need to understand,

they're competing withthe Chinese party state,

and that is an unwinnable situation.

It's got to change.

It starts with rightingthe trade imbalance.

We simply cannot sustain a$400 billion loss every year

in trade terms to China and, add to that,

$600 billion, that's not my estimate,

that's the FBI's estimate,

$600 billion in stolenintellectual property.

600 billion plus 400 billionis a trillion dollars

being made off with Chinaby China every year,

we cannot let that continue.

- Some of the critics ofthis policy are saying,

wait a minute, whatabout American farmers,

the reciprocity of tariffsthat China's imposing on the US

is only hurting our agricultural business.

- The Chinese are responding by

imposing punitive tariffs on a few goods

that they think will hurtPresident Trump politically.

I had to smile the other day when

President For Life Xi Jinping,

make no mistake about it, hewill be in office forever,

he's the new Red Emperor,

in the mold of Chairman Mao Zedong,

Xi Jinping said,

we Chinese don't turn theother cheek, we punch,

and I'm thinking,

he's talking to the greatest counterpunch

that the world has ever seen.

In fact, we have a lotof leverage over China.

They need to continue drainingus of our high technology,

draining us of industry,

transferring most of

the world's industrialproduction to China,

in order to succeed attheir China 2025 plan.

What is the China 2025 plan?

It's a plan to have allhigh tech manufacturing,

especially cutting edge thingslike robotics and so forth,

manufactured in China by 2025,

and, from there, 10 years later,

China 2035 plan is to dominatethe region and the world.

It's not in our interestto let that happen.

- Now onto North Korea.

What do you think of

Secretary of State MikePompeio's recent visit

to North Korea and whatdid he accomplish there?

- Here's where the rubber met the road.

Secretary of State MikePompeio went to Pyongyang

and said one thing, he said,

I need a complete list

of your missile production facilities,

of the locations of your missiles,

of the nuclear production facilities,

the location of

the existing nuclear weaponsthat you have, 20 or 20 in all,

and then we need to set a phased process

of dismantling all of these things,

and once this happens, he said,

we can talk about a peace treaty,

we can talk aboutwithdrawing American troops,

we will have peace onthe Korean peninsula.

The North Koreans didn'tlike the fact that

there were real demands being made of them

in exchange for lifting the sanctions,

and, I have to say, thisadministration for the first time,

I've been following this for 30 years now,

this administration for the first time

has gone about dealing withNorth Korea the right way.

It is imposing sanctions on North Korea

and demanding results.

Every parent in the world knows

that you don't reward badbehavior in your children.

We've been rewarding badbehavior in North Korea

from the time of theClinton administration,

giving him money andsaying, please pay nice,

and, of course, we got more of the same.

Now we're going about it the right way.

We're punishing bad behavior.

The punishment, the punishing sanctions,

will not be lifted unlessNorth Korea complies,

and, in fact, there'sa lot more we can do.

We can actually ask countries to send

their North Korean workers home from which

North Korean gets a lotof remittances overseas.

We can cut back on trade even further,

we can put more pressureon China, for example.

- And, Steven, since theSingapore summit, though,

we've seen North Korea continue

with this nuclear missiledevelopment programs.

Is Kim Jong Un sincereabout denuclearization,

or is he once again playing us?

- I think that Kim Jong Un,

who is third in the Kimdynasty to rule North Korea,

is always playing us,

is always engaging indeceit and deception,

but the fact is that wehave now put him in a box.

We put him in a box bygetting his attention,

by getting him to Singapore,

by showing him that

he had one of two avenues he could pursue.

He could either continuehis nuclear weapons program,

or he could develop North Korea into

a modern, dynamic state,with open borders.


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