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The 700 Club - July 16, 2018

Get the secrets to navigating the business world from a sought-after entertainment lawyer. Plus, see how 30 days of prayer changed one man’s life. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up, goon an archeological excavation

and see how the digs areproving the Bible true.

- This is not mythology.

- [Announcer] Plus, theentertainment lawyer

who's represented Bob Dylan,Kim Kardashian and more.

Get his secrets to navigatingthe cutthroat business world.

Then, a faith that remains strong

even as his body failed him.

- I may be this the rest of my life

and I wasn't happy with that at all.

- [Announcer] How he washealed on today's 700 club.

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- Welcome to the 700 Club. Aswe're speaking, in Helsinki,

the President is havinga summit with Putin,

the dictator of Russiaand he's deliberately

downplaying the potential of it

which I think is the smart way to go.

He's, well peopleshouldn't expect too much

so he said I just want to get acquainted

and we'll see what happens.

The issues that he'll be talking to

will range from the Middle East

to military to nuclear arms control,

but stealing center stageis Russia's meddling

in the 2016 presidentialelection and is he going to

Confront Putin about that?

Probably not, but we'll see.


- Well in this first in-depthmeeting between Presidents

Putin and Trump, the atmosphereis charged with high drama

and as Pat said, low expectations.

Amber Strong has this look at the summit

and what's at stake forAmerica and the world.

- [Amber] After months of anticipation...

- We have a lot of goodthings to talk about.

- [Amber] The first glimpseof that high stakes meeting

between President Trump

and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

- We have discussions oneverything from trade to military

to missiles to nuclear to China.

- While the President had his list

of criteria for the meeting,here in the US, the ongoing

Russia investigationloomed front and center.

Taking to Twitter Monday morning,

the President said ourrelationship with Russia

has never been worse thanks to many years

of US foolishness and stupidity

and now the rigged witch hunt

and over the weekend, more of the same.

- I go in with very low expectations.

I think that getting alongwith Russia is a good thing,

but it's possible that we won't.

- [Amber] But congressionalleaders are demanding more,

especially after the FBI'sindictment of 12 Russian

nationals for meddlingin the 2016 election.

- I think he needs tomake it clear that we know

that they interfered in our 2016 elections

and stop calling this a rigged witch hunt.

- [Amber] The President'saide say the indictments

can give Trump leverage over Putin.

- I think the Presidentcan put this on the table

and say this is a seriousmatter, we need to talk about it.

- [Amber] And then thereare other critical issues

like Russia's annexation of Crimea,

the military action inUkraine and its involvement

in the Middle East,particularly when it comes to

Iran and Israel.

- The Israelis would be expecting Trump

to achieve from Putinreduction, if not complete

elimination of theIranian presence in Syria,

especially close tothe border with Israel.

- [Amber] And then there's

the Russia threat of nuclear arms.

- He's looking at arms control,

probably the most importantissue we have here

is non-proliferation.

The two countries are 90% ofthe world's nuclear weapons.

- [Amber] Regardless of whatcomes out of the conversation

with Putin, the presidentsees it as a no-win situation.

He tweeted, "Unfortunately,no matter how well I do

"at the Summit, if I wasgiven the great city of Moscow

"as retribution for all the sins and evils

"committed by Russia over the years,

"I would return to criticism."

Amber Strong, CBN news, Washington.

- Well the President apparently,

that's the way you, if you play it smart,

you'll play down the expectations

and you'll always have a surprise because

you'll exceed on the upside.

That's the way you play the news

and he's doing it brilliantly.

Well stay with CBNNews.comthroughout the day

for live coverage and updateson this developing story

in Finland, but members ofthe US Intelligence community

hope President Trump takes

a harder line on election meddling.

John Jessup has more.

- Thanks, Pat.

Prior to that Summit,America's Intelligence Chief

warned we face Cyberattacksfrom multiple countries.

Director of NationalIntelligence Dan Coats says

defending our digital infrastructure

is at a critical level and in quotes,

warning lights are blinking red.

Speaking at the ConservativeHudson Institute,

Coats called out Russia,China, Iran and North Korea

for targeting government agencies,

the military, business and academia.

Homeland SecuritySecretary Kirstjen Nielsen

echoed those concernssaying Russia and others

are still using cyber warfareto influence US elections

but not at the same level as 2016.

On Wednesday, our NationalSecurity correspondent

Erik Rosales will take anin depth look at the issue

of cyberwarfare against America and Pat,

how an attack on the country's power grid

could be catastrophic.

- We've mentioned before.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is crucial.

If we lose electric power in America,

think what happens, I mean justthink it in your own house.

Your air conditioning won'twork, your heating won't work,

your refrigerator won'twork, your fans won't work,

your lights won't work andyou just go down the list

and there would bemillions of Americans dead

if something happened.

Now we've been talkingin this program about

the question of an EMP blast.

A low-yield nuclear weaponin about oh, 1,500 feet,

2,000 feet, 3,000 feet in the air

over a place like Chicago wouldliterally shut down the grid

and it's an increasingly important thing

and the price is so cheap,so we're gonna be talking

about it on Wednesday.

Would it be so cheap to harden the grid,

but we've got to do it.

For some reason, thepoliticians have got their eyes

on something else and I hope

the President will turn on this.

It will be so simple.

Out of a multi-trillion dollar economy,

to spend a few billiondollars fixing the grid

and hardening it so it will be impervious.

We could have a solarflare, a solar blast.

We could have a nucleardevice or we could have

a cyberterrorism and I might add CBN,

I mean Regent Universityis now educating people.

We have the navy cybercommand here at Regent,

some of their officers, being trained

on our cyber range on waysto counter these threats

and I think more and more businesses

want to have their people tuned.

If you want to learnabout that, by the way,

it's 1-866-910-7615.

It's www.Regent.eduand you can learn about

how you could be involved in getting

some kind of a certificateas a cyber specialist

and I think it's very important.

There are so many jobsright now, people looking.

We've got to have people in our employ

who understand cybersecurity.


- Pat, turning overseas to Africa

where new attacks againstChristians in Nigeria

are spurring calls for an investigation

into religious violence there.

A man who lost his relatives

in a recent attackcalls the African nation

the deadliest place inthe world for Christians.

Gary Lane has the story.

- The Boko Haram terroristgroup is still a threat,

but recent attacks againstChristians in Nigeria

are coming from Muslim tribal herdsman

known as Fulani.

- What we have is a genocide.

They are trying todisplace the Christians,

they're trying to possess their lands

and they're trying toimpose their religion

on the so-called infidels and pagans

who they consider Christians to be.

- [Gary] InternationalHuman Rights attorney

Emmnanuel Ogebe recentlylost family members

including a pregnant mother,

her husband and their children.

- And they went intotheir home and they killed

their four-year-old son andtheir six-year-old daughter

who are asleep in their beds.

- [Gary] The Fulani weapon of choice?

AK-47 automatic weapons, tooexpensive for most herdsmen.

CBN Nigeria Director Felix Oisamoje.

- Given how much an AK-47 will go for,

a Fulani herdsman wouldprobably need to sell

all his cattle to be able to buy an AK-47.

- [Gary] Ogebe saysthere's a sinister side

to those behind the attacks.

- A lot of these cattle areowned by very rich Fulanis

who are in government and who are in power

so there is a strongbelief that the Fulani,

the ruling elite are actually funding

the herdsmen to conduct these attacks.

- [Gary] According to theGlobal Terrorism Index,

Fulani herdsmen have killed

as many as 60,000 peoplesince 2001. And church leaders

in plateau states say so far this year,

the herdsmen have killed 6,000 Christians.

Ogebe says by eliminating Christians,

this group can dominatenorth and central Nigeria

politically and economically.

Thousands of Christians needhelp to escape the violence.

- I know that CBN, 700 club is in Nigeria

so if people support CBN, we know that CBN

will deliver to thepeople who are fleeting.

- [Gary] Oisamoje says CBN is dispatching

humanitarian teams tothe affected regions.

They recently provided freemedical care in north central

Nigeria while sharing muchneeded spiritual comfort.

- I think one of the thingswe need most is prayers

because after all, the Bibletells us that we do not

war against flesh andblood and so we know that

there are spiritualissues so we need to pray.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Thank you Gary, well back here at home,

Democrats and Republicans are gearing up

for the mid-term electionsand there's been a surprise

in California where thestate Democratic party

rejected 26-year incumbent senator

Dianne Feinstein this weekend.

Instead, they moved to the left

and overwhelmingly endorsed a more

liberal candidate Kevin de Leon.

The battle is seen as another example

of the growing riff between moderate

and more left-winged Democrats.

Feinstein though is still

a strong favorite in the senate race.

Well this fall, Republicanswill try to hold on

to their majorities in Congress,but it's going to be tough

with Democrats eager to flipboth the House and Senate.

One important state is North Carolina.

CBN's Jenna Browdervisited the Tar Heel state

to talk to voters in a swing county

that could go either way.

- Granville County is made up

of those quintessential swing voters.

They vote for bothDemocrats and Republicans.

In 2016, they voted for President Trump,

but for the race for governor,they went with a Democrat.

So what does this meanfor 2018 in the mid-terms?

- It's a mystery to me.

- [Jenna] That's how CoreyStrickland feels about Washington

and if you ask him about voting this fall.

- I don't really get into all that stuff.

I just vote for PresidentTrump, that's about it.

- [Jenna] It's something weheard a lot of here at George's

Family Restaurant at Oxford.

- We got a mainline leader

who can guide them towhere they can do good.

- [Jenna] Lifelong DemocratsBill and Marsha Shoemaker

voted for Trump in 2016.

- He's one of the best we've ever had.

- [Jenna] They do plan to goback to the polls in November.

- Ordinarily, I used tovote Democratic all the way.

Now I try to vote and make a decision

on the actual person's approach.

- [Jenna] Are you a Democrat, Republican?

How do you fall?

- I'm going to not answer that.

You know, I'm just goingto say that I vote.

- [Jenna] Candace Mitchamsays she's open to supporting

either Democrats or Republicans.

She just wants people in office

who cares about the opioid crisis.

- You have to clean up your streets.

- [Jenna] Everyday, real life issues.

- Yes, yeah everyday real-life issues.

- [Jenna] Grandville is one ofseven North Carolina counties

that flipped from blue to red in 2016.

Trump won by about 2.5%.

Four years earlier, BarackObama won here by about 4.5%.

That's a seven pointswing in Trump's favor.

It doesn't, though,necessarily spell success

for the GOP this fall.

You didn't vote for him in 2016.

- I did not, no.

- [Jenna] Would you votefor him in say 2020?

- No.

- Tim Cavanaugh isn't sold on Trump

or any other politician these days.

- Not enough working together,not enough cooperation

and everyone's kind ofin it for themselves.

- [Jenna] It's touch and go here then

voters can go either way,

but County Commissioner Tim Karan

believes it will swing red.

- I think that the Conservative values

that people here inGranville County hold true

kind of ring with the Republican party.

- [Jenna] The county may be leaning red,

but will the pro-Trump voters

of 2016 turn out this year around?

- No, I probably won't.

- [Jenna] If many others feel the same way

as Corey Strickland, that canbe a big problem for the GOP.

In Granville County, North Carolina,

Jenna Browder, CBN news.

- Thanks Jenna.

Pat, a critical vote herein just a few months.

- It really is.

You know, interestingly theRepublicans have decided

to have their convention in Charlotte.

I think they figured that North Carolina's

a very important stateand they want to put

the big guns there, but that'sfor the presidential election

that's coming up, butthese mid-term elections

are very important and people

don't pay much attention to them.

You don't nearly the hoopor a lot of the money

being spent as you doon a presidential race,

but it's just so important,especially control

of the senate is vital and the Republicans

are holding on just by a verythin margin in the senate

and those senate seats are vital

and there are several, wellthey're in the so-called

Republican leaning states,but they're nevertheless

they're Democrats and they need something.

You know, I was readingin the Bible yesterday

and I want to point out that it's so true

that the words are there, it's so true,

a kingdom divided againstitself cannot stand.

You know, a kingdomdivided against itself.

That's what we've got now.

We don't have people concerned about

the good of America and we're Republican,

but I'm concerned aboutthe good of America.

I'm a Republican and I'm concerned

about the good of America.

Democrat, concerned aboutthe good of America.

You know, I'm a woman, I'm a man.

You know I'm a young person.

I'm concerned about the good of America.

Not that way at all now.

It's the day-to-day politics,

it's what race are you from,

what gender have you got,

and what's your feeling on Roe vs. Wade

or if you're a Republican, we hate you.

If you're a Democrat, we hate you

and a kingdom divided can'tstand, ladies and gentlemen.

We cannot have a countrythat's torn apart.

We've got to have people who are working

for the good of this nation andit is so terribly important.

I just can't emphasize it enough.

I mean what happened in California,

Dianne Feinstein is a very nice lady

and she really is and the fact

that the Democrats arepulling so far to the left,

they're getting more and more radical

and they've got a man who's potentially

one of the main candidates for president

who was about socialist in America?

It can't happen, but nevertheless it is

and this country, wecannot have it torn apart

by this vicious, viciouspoliticizing going on.

I just, I just think weneed to pray for this nation

that we might, one nationunder God, one nation.

It's so important.

Alright, Terry, that'smy speech for the day.

- Well, an important point

it is because unity is everything.

- It's absolutely crucial.

- I'm hoping we can get back there.

But up next, the Bible comes to life

through archeology.

- Previous archeologists have claimed that

the archeology disproves the Bible,

but when we dig here, wefind that everything matches.

You read it in the Bible,

you dig in the dirt and there it is.

- [Terry] Watch as the hiddenrelics of the first capital

of Ancient Israel areuncovered after this.

(inspirational music)

- Hey everyone, we're happy to have you.

You're watching the 700Club on today's program

and we're gonna take you to Israel.

Some people say science andthe Bible don't go together.

Well they should takea trip to that nation

where archeologists are verifying

biblical history every single day.

Chris Mitchell takes usto a dig that's uncovering

one of the most importantsites in the Old Testament.

- You're looking at theheart of Biblical Israel,

along the route note asthe Way of the Patriarchs.

This is ancient Shiloh, aplace where the Bible says

Joshua divided the PromisedLand between the 12 tribes

and where the Tabernacle of the Lord stood

for more than 300 years.

- Welcome to ancient Shiloh.

This is the firstcapital of ancient Israel

and it's a sacred spot becausethe Mishkhan were here,

the Tabernacle, wherecame to connect with God.

- [Chris] Scott Striplingdirects the excavation here

and along with dozens of volunteers,

they're digging into history.

- We're dealing with realpeople, real places, real events.

This is not mythology.

The coins that we excavated today,

we're talking aboutcoins of Herod the Great,

Pontius Pilate, Thestos,Felix, Agrippa I, Agrippa II.

The Bible talks about these people.

We've got the image right there.

- [Chris] That imageincludes a fortified wall

built by the Canaanites.

They're finding a treasuretrove of artifacts,

including coins and 2,000pieces of pottery a day.

- Now this one was from yesterday.

It's been washed already.

So you see the same formright out of the ground

and yesterday, and these are the handles

from the stone vessels.

Remember Jesus's first miracle at Cana,

there were stone jars full of water.

That's that ritual purityculture of the first century.

- [Chris] An archaeologistlooks at these shards

as a fine time piece.

- Just like your greatgrandmother's pottery

is different than your potterythat you're using today

and once we learn the pottery,

then we can use it as ourprimary means of dating.

- [Chris] Stripling saysliterally digging into the Bible

can change your life.

- You can read the Bible,you can walk the Bible,

but the ultimate is to dig the Bible.

You know, when weactually get into the soil

like these students from Lee University,

they're literally, it'sunder their fingernails

and in their nose and intheir mouth and in their ears

and they're exposing this ancient culture,

it becomes one with you.

It's sort of like we came out of the soil

and as we dig into the soil,

we connect with God and with each other,

I think in a very important way.

- I love getting my hands dirty.

I love digging in the dirt.

It's my favorite thing.

- [Chris] People from all ages man the dig

with the main drivers beingstudents like Abigail.

- It's tiring and exhausting,but it's really rewarding.

It's exciting to find ancient things,

things that have been laying in the dirt

just waiting for usfor thousands of years.

- [Chris] She says the Biblecomes alive in the dirt.

- I read the Bible totally differently

than I did before I came hereand when I read the Bible,

I know the places, I know what's going on.

I understand it moredeeply, especially where

previous archeologists have claimed that

the archeology disproves the Bible,

but when we dig here, wefind that everything matches.

You read it in the Bible,

you dig in the dirt and there it is.

- Archeology doesn't set outto prove or disprove the Bible.

What we want to do is toilluminate the Biblical text.

The background of the textso to set it in a real-world

culture to what we call verisimilitude.

So we get an ancient literary description.

Now we have a materialculture that matches up.

Chris, you're sitting whereSamuel and Eli and Hannah

and these people that we have read about,

they came just like us, needing answers,

needing to connect withGod, needing forgiveness.

- [Chris] He says they dig into the past

and find lessons for the present.

- One of the faith lessons for us is that

God is the potter and we are the clay

and even if our lives arebroken like these vessels are,

God told Jeremiah after hetold them to go to Shiloh

and see what he haddone, he told them to go

to the potter's house andlook at a flawed vessel

and see how the potterputs it back on the wheel

and works out the imperfectionsso my faith lesson is this

that yes, we're imperfect,but if we'll allow God,

he wants to put us on his potter wheel

and he wants to make us a vessel of honor.

- [Chris] Stripling oftencites Psalm 102 that says

O Zion, your servants take delights

in its stones and favor its dust.

- Ultimately Chris, if the Bible is true,

then the God of the Bible hasa moral claim on our lives

and as we establish theveracity of the Biblical Text,

I hope that everyone watchingwill just think about that,

that God loves us and he hasa moral claim on our lives.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

Shiloh, Biblical Samaria.

- That's marvelous.

You know when I was inSamaria years and years ago,

there was a leadingarcheologist whose name was

Jay Foxwell Albright and he

was a huge and incredible scholar

of the ancient world, buthe was also an archeologist

and I studied a coursecalled Biblical Archeology

and I think the professorwas a guy named Huey Bugle.

Tremendous course.

I just loved it.

It was a short course,but it was so fascinating

what they found and you know,

the thing, Terry, is thatnothing that they have discovered

in archeology in anywayconflicts with the Bible.

That's what's so, in itthat you're trying to verify

the Bible or otherwise, butthere's nothing in Biblical

Archeology all thesedigs and all these relics

and all the pottery and stuff they found,

backs up the Biblical text.

Nothing, as far as I'm concerned,

is contrary to the Biblewhich is wonderful.

- I've never gone on a dig or participated

in something like that, but when you hear

the number of artifacts thatthey're pulling up a day,

it's astonishing.

I mean wouldn't you like to do that?

Wouldn't you like to be the one

who pulls up the one that matters?

- Absolutely.

You know, I've beengiven, in my possession,

when I was over there and Ariel Sharon,

I think he was Prime Minister

or Foreign Minister or something,

but anyway, they gave me a gift

and it's a flask that dates back

to the time of Abraham.- Oh wow.

- Yeah, right?

It's like, 1,900 years BC.

Here I've got it and here I'm looking

at something that Abrahamhimself well might have used.

- Wow.

- And it's really a wonderful thing,

but they have thesetreasures all over Israel

and this particular, Icouldn't have thought

of a better present to receive than that.

- Absolutely, quite remarkable.

- Okay.

- Well coming up, an active senior

gets sidelined with back and hip pain.

- It took me extra pain toget in and out of the car.

There's a lot of things

that you're just used to doingnormally and automatically

all of a sudden become a problem.

- See how he finally kicks the pain

and the problem after this.

(inspirational music)

One day, Wilbur Zook was an active senior

who had no problems getting around.

The next day, he woke upwith excruciating pain

that hindered his every movement.

For a year, he soughtmedical relief from the pain,

but to no avail and thenhe remembered something

he'd seen on the 700 Club.

- [Narrator] In 2015in Kalamazoo, Michigan,

Willbur was enjoying lifeas a healthy 83-year-old.

Then one day, he woke up with intense pain

in his back and hip.

- The first thought was Ithink if I take a little pain

medication, it'll go away

because that's the way I've always lived.

It seemed like it was alwaysa something temporary.

- [Narrator] But the pain persisted

and Wilber soon found himself unable

to move without using a cane.

- It was taking awaysome of my independence.

I probably couldn't do all thethings that I've always done.

And so I'd have to readjustmy life to live with it.

Satan is a terrible guy.

He tries to convince you thatthis is normal and it's not.

- [Narrator] Wilbur startedgoing to a chiropractor,

but the pain continued to nag him.

- There's a lot of things thatyou just used to do normally

and automatically, all ofa sudden, become a problem.

It took me extra time to get out of bed.

It took me extra time toget in and out of the car.

When you're used to moving, it's not good.

- [Narrator] Wilbur decidedto try physical therapy.

There he was diagnosedwith segmental dysfunction

and degeneration in his back and hip.

Though therapy helpedWilbur manage his pain,

the therapists said weekly treatments

were his only option for lasting relief.

- I may be this the rest of my life

and I wasn't happy with that at all.

- [Narrator] It was thenWilbur, a pastor's son,

recalled something hehad learned long ago.

- Then I did remember a 700 Club program

where this guy got onthere and he explained

how God healed him and it was because

he went through and dugout healing scriptures

and every morning he would pray over them

and ask for healing and thenthank the Lord for his healing

and then I said I know God can heal me.

Why am I not going to Him first?

- [Narrator] Wilbur spentthe next month meditating

on healing scriptures

and believing God for complete healing.

- By His stripes, I amhealed and I was believing.

I said it's time to believe it.

I think I started outasking God for forgiveness

for not believing His word,that He would touch my heart.

Excuse me.

- [Narrator] Then on the30th day of prayer...

- I got up that morning andmy cane was still sitting

beside my bed and I could stand up

without any pain, without the cane.

I started praising the Lord.

My hands went up in theair and I couldn't stop it.

It was something that God had done for me

and I wanted to acknowledge His presence.

- [Narrator] Wilbur told everyone he could

about the goodness he experiencedin the Lord's healing.

- Where's your cane?

I said I don't need it anymore,God healed me last night.

He said, how'd that happen?

And I had to tell him,you know, that it came

because I trusted God,that His word is true.

- [Narrator] Today,Wilbur is still pain-free.

He no longer needs acane as he stays active

in his community and is even planning

his wedding with his fiance Trudy.

- I read healing scripturesevery morning, so,

and that's kept mehealthy and my doctor says

I'm the healthiest85-year-old she's ever seen

so it's been a good lesson for me to learn

that you can do everythingyou can do with man's ideas

and stuff, but it's reallyGod that has the real answers.

- What a wonderful testimonyof the faithfulness of God.

Wilbur, you're quite a guy, yeah.

Standing on the Word,believing it is the key.

- Takes the Word and readsthem over and over again

to himself and you know, hebelieves what God has said.

Alright, you got a couple more.

- I do, this is Amy wholives in Kent, Washington.

sHe was diagnosed with diabeticneuropathy in her feet.

Her doctor said she wouldeventually need a walker.

One day, she was watching this program

and Pat, she heard yougive a word of knowledge

about her condition.

She was healed and herdoctor confirmed it.

Also, after she was healed,

she was able to lose 100 pounds.

- Wow.- Go Amy.

That's awesome.

- Well here's a man named Faron.

He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

He'd been having back pain since the '90s,

become excruciating.

Last month he was watchingthis program and Terry,

you said, quote, you haveissues with the vertebrae

in your back, you're in a lot of pain.

It's right in the middle of your spine.

God is healing that condition.

After two decades of suffering,

Faron was completely healed.

His back was healing.- Praise the Lord.

- You don't know Faron in Memphis.

- I don't know Faron, butI'm sure happy for him.

- I'm happy for him.- Yes.

- Alright, folks, this isthe time on this program

where we're gonna get it together.

We're gonna pray for you and we're gonna

believe God for you.

Why don't we do it together?

With God, all things are possible.

With God, all things are possible.

By whose stripes ye werehealed, the Bible says.

That's what it says.

Bless the Lord o'er my soul

and all it is withinme blesses, Holy Name.

You know, who forgivesall your inequities,

who heals all your diseases

so that your life springsforth like a new person.

We're going to join hands.

Will you please pray with us right now?

Wherever you are, whatever you need is.

Just believe God.

Father, we know that you are all-powerful.

You do things beyond anythingwe could ask or think.

Your power extends to thefour corners of the earth

and throughout the universe.

Lord, you created man on this earth

and you can certainly fix our healing.

Whatever it is that the people need, Lord,

we bring them before you right now.

In the name of Jesus, somebodyright now as we're speaking,

I think it's Mary, you'vegot arthritis in the spine

and God just heal thatarthritis and all that build-up

of calcium is going away,those vertebrae are completely

holy in the name ofJesus, just stretch walk

and receive your healing right now.

Bend over and say it's me,bend back and take the healing

that God's giving you.

- Yeah there's somebody,you have a laceration

behind your ear that's quite deep

and not only that, but the issue is that

it hasn't been healing well.

God is going to heal foryou now in Jesus' name,

complete healing, you'renot gonna have any trouble

with your healing or anyinfection or anything else.

- Mikey, you've had a groin injury.

You just somehow slippedand your groin got,

your muscle was pulledand it's very painful.

Just put your hand on that place right now

and in the name ofJesus, receive an answer.

Thank you, Lord.

And maybe the anointing of the Holy Spirit

come upon those all over this world

who are watching this program,

wherever you are, may youreceive an answer to Prayer

in Jesus' name amen.

- Amen.- And amen.

Please give us a call.

We'd love to hear from you.


It's easy to remember.


and call and say look, this is my answer.

We'd love to hear from you.

We also love to receive yourprayer requests so call in.


- Well still ahead, it fliesin the face of conventional

career wisdom, but Networking Kills.

That's according to entertainment lawyer

to the stars Mark Maxwell.

He'll tell you why when he tells us live

later on today's 700 Club.

(inspirational music)

(suspenseful music)

- Welcome back to the 700 club.

Big celebration for France today

following the team's win in the World Cup.

France beat Croatia 4-2 Sunday in Moscow,

marking their secondWorld Cup in 20 years.

Celebrations escalated inParis when troublemakers

marred some of the festivities.

Rioters breaking thewindow of a major store

throwing bottles and setting up barriers.

Police responded withwater cannons and tear gas.

Well CBN International

is helping teach childrenin Africa about Jesus.

Last week, a Superbook Clubin a remote village in Senegal

hosted a celebration and wesaw the work their children

have done in their Superbookclub for the past year.

Children also sang and danced

with Superbook character Gizmo,

played games and watchedthe episode of Jonah.

More than half of the children said

they decided to follow Jesus.

Even the village chief, a Muslim,

came to thank CBN for its partnership.

You can find out moreabout what CBN is doing

around the world by goingto

Pat and Terry will beback right after this.

(suspenseful music)

(inspirational music)

- Bob Dylan, KimKardashian, these are just

a couple of the celebrityclients of the lawyer

who claims that networking kills.

Take a look.

- Talking about...- Mark H. Maxwell is

a sought-after entertainment lawyer

whose clients include some of the most

prominent faces in the industry.

He knows what it takes to achieve success

in one of the most cutthroatbusinesses in America.

Mark is also a professorat Belmont University

and has launched hundreds of

young adults into their careers.

He is there is a way to findsuccess and a meaningful job.

In his book, NetworkingKills, Mark puts together

a roadmap for others atany stage of their career

to find fulfillment and joy in life.

- Please welcome to the700 club Mark Maxwell.

It's great to have you.- Thank you, Terry.

So good to be here.

- Mark, networking is kindof like the go-to thing

in our culture today.

Why do you say that it kills?

What do you mean?

- Well I'm teaching as a professor

at Belmont University in Nashville.

I spend a lot of timewith college students

and this is a topicthat comes up so often.

There's so much pressure to,

even from the first day of class,

to go out and start meeting people

for your own expense and sothere's a tremendous amount

of pressure, same thingwith young artists.

They feel like theironly way they can succeed

is through their likesand followers and views

on social media and sothey end up spending

a lot more time focused on that

than they do on really creating great work

and great songs andgreat music and so yeah,

it's something that I thinkit hurts relationships,

it hurts creativity.

It actually impacts alot of different things.

- Well talk a little bit about

the negativity of social media.

You mention in your book John Mayer

and how it negatively impacted his career.

Talk about that.

- Yeah, it was interesting.

A few years ago, he was speaking

to some young music studentsand he basically said

he couldn't write songs anymore.

He was so focused on social media,

he saw his songwriting,

the quality of hissongwriting really plummeted

and so he came to the conclusion that

if you were spending a lotof time focused on that,

you cannot create good and lasting art

because great ideas take time to gather

and if you're focusedon other things besides

creating those great things,

then there's a real impact.

- Yeah I loved your comments in the book

that great ideas take time, you know.

It's like they have to perk,percolate a little bit.

You know, so if networkingkills and if people,

I think everybody wants to be creative

and have good ideas and besuccessful in what they do.

What's the alternative,what's the substitute?

- Well Jesus taught us the alternative.

He basically said if you want to be great,

if you want to become a leader,

it's about serving and sothat's really where I think

the concept is at odds.

Networking is about theself, it's about selfishness,

it's about taking and using.

- Using someone else.- Yeah.

- Serving's about lovingand giving generously

and sacrifice and I think Jesus's model

is the truth and that'sthe way you really make

a difference in the world,

that's the way you reallycontribute to society

and that's really the way you love others

and part of it's, itcomes back to creativity,

that's the identity of our creator.

It's within us is to give and to love.

- Here you were, a reallysuccessful attorney

and executive in the music industry

or you weren't an attorney then.

You were an executivein the music industry

and you were managingsome really big people

and then God comes along

and speaks something strange to you.

What did he tell you?

- He told me to leave mycareer and go to law school

and so he ultimately led mehere to Regent University

in Virginia Beach which wasa huge step of faith for me.

I felt too old, I felt underqualified

and it was a powerful step.

People in the industry thoughtI lost my mind at that point

and so, but coming herewas one of the richest

experiences I could have ever experienced.

- You know, one of thethings I enjoyed reading

your book was this willingness to share

the struggles of following the path,

the struggles of serving people,

the struggles of standing strong

for what it is that you believe in

and what's going on in your heart and life

and the world and thestruggle of following

a directive from God.

You said that for the threeyears that you were here,

that everyday was a struggle.

- Definitely, definitely.

It was relying on Him becauseit was so far beyond me.

It's like, my pastorback at home always says

if you're not in over your head,

you're probably not fully in God's will

and so I was way in over my head,

but it was great and then when I came back

to Nashville, back to the industry,

it was a real story and real testimony

to his faithfulnessbecause it was beyond me

and then God used it as my career began

to unfold as an entertainment attorney.

- Yeah so you get this law degree

and you go back and how do you

become a professor after this?

- Well yeah, it was interesting.

I was down in the area where Belmont is

and it was a really callingand I just felt like

the Lord said you'resupposed to be on this campus

and I've been there now for eight years

in the evenings teaching as an adjunct

and it's been one of thegreatest joys of my life.

I love pouring into students,I love mentoring them.

I invite my family into that process

and there's something aboutundergraduate students.

They are all coming to Nashville now.

There's a huge population

and being able to getinvolved in their lives

and with caring just a little bit,

you get such greatinfluence and you can really

help shape their future.

- And so many of them wantto go into the very business

that you have managed careersin to be able to speak

a word about the value ofservanthood and trusting God

to open doors for you is huge.

- Yes.- In their lives.

What's the takeaway foreverybody from your book?

- I think the takeaway isthat serving is the key.

It's the key to everything in life.

That's really where we find success

that's where we find purpose.

That's where we deal with our own fears.

When we're focused onothers, fear is erased.

That's where we find provision

as we sew it into people'slives, God sews back into us.

If we continue to walk through life

looking out for othersas opposed to ourselves,

all our needs are met.

God's promised that for us and I think

we have to live that way and that's really

how we change the world, youknow, when we're focused on

one person at a time,truly caring for them,

giving our lives away,giving our time away,

giving our heart away, wecan really make a difference.

It's gonna change the world.

- The thing that jumps outat me from your book also

is your willingness to haveyour antennae up and your ears

open to hear what God isspeaking to you in the midst of

a plan that you were followingthat wasn't next step.

- Yes, yes.

- It matters and he's available.

- It really does and really

I think he has specificassignments for all of us and it's

so key to spend the kind of time

we need to hearing his voice,

learn to really hear his voice,

not only in the moment, but forthose big decisions in life.

I think when we find outwhat God's dreams are for us,

they're always bigger thanour dreams, our own dreams.

They're always bigger andthat's the way to live.

- [Terry] Absolutely.

- And our dreams, we think they're big,

but they're small in the eyesof what he has planned for us.

- Absolutely, he's goteternity in the wings.

Thank you so much.

It's great to have you here.

I want to mention that yourbook is called Networking Kills.

It's available as an e-book.

Lots of convenience there.

For more information, go to

and to hear more from Mark,check out our Facebook page.

Just go to

He has a lot to saythat's worth listening to.

Well still ahead, yourquestions and honest answers.

A viewer says my husband haslied to me numerous times,

mostly about finances.

I recently learned thathe lost more than half

of my IRA in stock market deals.

I'm ready to skip out the back, Jack.

Any suggestions?

We'll let Pat tackle thatone and it's coming up.

(upbeat music)

(inspirational music)

- Hey welcome back.

You're watching the 700Club and we're so happy

to have you with us 'causeit's gonna be wonderful

and we've got some questions coming.

Before we do, let me ask you this.

What would you do ifyou turned on the water

and slimy leeches came out of the faucet?

Well for a mother in India and her family,

the answer was try to filterit at home the best you can

and of course, who would want to drink

that kind of water?

They had no other choiceuntil something happened.

- [Reporter] Balamani isa widow and mother of two.

She earns a livingcleaning houses and gets

a widow's pension from the government,

but almost every month,

a lot of her money winds upbeing spent on hospital bills.

- [Translator] We havetap water in our village,

but the taps areconnected to an open well.

The water that comes out smells so bad.

- That tap water looks cleanenough, but this is the source.

This open pit is filled with contaminants

and people tell me thatmonkeys come and use

these ropes and whateverhand and footholds they can

to climb down into the water,drink, bathe and defecate

and sometimes, when youturn the water on over

in the village, leeches come out.

- [Translator] We filter andboil the water the best we can.

We have to drink it because wedon't have any other option.

My children are always coughing

and getting fevers and rashes.

When I see them suffering, I cry because

I can't do anything to help them.

- [Reporter] When she can afford it,

Balamani buys cans of waterfor drinking and cooking.

- [Translator] SometimesI'm short just one rupee

and cannot even get a can of water.

- [Reporter] When CBN learnedabout everyone's struggles

in Balamani's village,we drilled them a well.

I was thrilled to be there to celebrate

with them on Dedication Day.

Now thanks to CBN partners,everyone in this village

has safe, clean drinking water.

- [Translator] The wateris very good to drink.

It is so much better than the tap water.

Now I don't need to buy cans of water.

Families here can already

see the difference in our children.

They are healthy anddon't get sick anymore.

- [Reporter] We wanted to dojust a little something more

to help this single momso with the new semester

right around the corner,we gave her children

backpacks, uniforms and enough

school supplies to last a year.

- [Translator] I give thanks to CBN.

You gave us all water, yougave my children books,

shoes and so much more.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you.

- India, folks.

We're reaching aroundthe world in your name,

in the Lord's name andlisten, what does it take

to be a 700 club member?

It is so easy.

It's 65 cents a day.

You know, you can't get acan of soda pop for anything

close to that and if yousmoke cigarettes in New York,

they might be seven oreight dollars a pack.

I mean it's unbelievablethese things that kill you,

how expensive they are andhere you could change the world

with $20 a month so if you want to join,

I wanna give you this thing about angels.

If you read the Bible,you see these angels

showing up all the time.

They're messengers ofGod and they tell things

and they're enormously powerful

and they're there, well they're servants

of the heirs of salvation of whom we are

and you can get thisAngels, about who they are

and their power and everything about them.

We'll give this to you, DVD,when you join the 700 club.


- Well this is Julia, Pat.

She sent this in from Rossville, Georgia

and I mean it's such anaffirmation to what you're saying.

I watched the Angels DVD several times.

I think people who donot believe in angels

would think twice aboutif they watched Angels.

CBN makes such uplifting DVDs.

When I feel down, I watch thembecause they encourage me.

Thank you.

So a great accolade forthis particular DVD,

but in general, you know,

one of things you do is make teaching.

- Terry, you know, people have seen Angels

around us on this program.

We used to pray all thetime, I would send the angels

and he sends angels andthey're here to minister

to the heirs of salvation soyou need to learn about them.

I mean you're certainly notsupposed to worship them.

You worship God, youworship Jesus, not angels,

but nevertheless, these are messengers.

They take care the heirs of salvation.

Alright, let's take some questions.

- Okay this is a viewer who says

I have been marriedfor three plus decades.

My husband has lied to me numerous times,

mostly about finances.

Our bills are eitherunpaid or very overdue.

He is self-employed andonly works when he wants.

He hasn't paid taxes for years.

I recently learned that he lost

more than half of my IRAin stock market deals.

He claims he is a Christian.

I'm ready to skip out the back, Jack.

Please don't advise us to get counseling

as we have done that multiple times.

Any suggestions?

- You know, the Bible says if anybody

won't look after his own,he's worse than an infidel

and this man, obviouslyisn't taking care of you.

As a matter of fact, he'sraiding your retirement savings

and you don't realizehow much is in jeopardy.

You may have, well you probablysigned some tax returns

and the IRS comes afterhim, they'll go after

both of you 'cause youput your name on it.

It's a dangerous thing.

You might want a degree of separation.

You know, the question is divorce

and remarriage is not divorce.

The Bible says God hates divorce.

He really does, but ina situation like yours,

this man isn't looking after you

and the Bible says he'sworse than infidel.

He's robbing you and you can't,

how much of that stuffdo you have to endure?

I think maybe, maybe, maybe the threat

of a lawsuit might wake him up

'cause he's not working.

He's kind of freeloading.

I'm not quite sure what all he does,

but nevertheless, I thinka degree of separation

legally and then a judicial decree

makes him put up somemoney might not hurt, okay?

- Okay this is Shawnwho says the only copies

of the Bible that I have are versions

that are combined withother teachings such as

the Book of Mormon,Doctrine and Covenants,

and Pearl of Great Price.

Does this combo make it invalid

and should I find asingular Bible to study?

- I really think some ofthat, the Mormon teaching,

I can't go along with andI think it's falsehood.

You know, the idea thatan angel found some

books and Joseph Smithwas given a revelation

and all that stuff, I meanit's not, I don't buy it.

So what do you do?

You can get a clean copy of the Bible.

I mean goodness gracious,they've got 'em all.

The NIV, the AmericanStandard, the King James,

the New King James, they're all clean.

You don't have to have allthe other stuff with it.

It isn't going to makethe text any less valid,

but nevertheless, it might be confusing.

So you can get the realthing if you wanted, alright?

- Now this is a viewer whosays I have read and re-read

the verse where it says, "ByHis stripes, we are healed."

What exactly does this mean?

Is it physical healing orjust spiritual healing?

Why doesn't everyone gethealed who claims this?

- Well it's physical healing.

I mean, you know, we, the healing,

as he, there's some thatsays the number of stripes,

the number of diseasesthat are healed by that,

but his death was what took away the sin.

The stripes are what took away disease

and all manner of sicknessand disease, the Bible says,

will be taken away from youso I think the Bible's talking

about the physical diseases, alright?

- Okay this is Josh, Pat, who says

what is the correct wayto be baptized and why?

I've heard it said thatyou have to be baptized

only in the name of the Son, Jesus,

since we can be saved by no other name.

- I think people say, you knowI think Harold was the one

that shared it with me, he covered it all.

He says, you know, I baptize you

in the name of the Father, the Son

and the Holy Spirit in Jesus's name.

He did it all.- Yeah.

- There's no other namewe must be saved by.

Of course it's Jesus,but in terms of baptism,

they're baptized in the name of

the father, the son and the Holy Spirit,

but that's the Trinitywhich includes Jesus.

I don't think God is allhung up on rituals and forms

and formulas and thingslike that and if he is,

I have missed it, but if youwant to cover the whole deal,

that's how you do it, alright?

Well today's power minuteis from the Book of Isaiah.

You will keep in perfect peacewhose mind is stayed on you.

Well, tomorrow Scott Ross istalking to none other than

Dan Rather who's a realgood guy and I think

you'll enjoy this interviewwith our friend Scott.

So for Terry and all ofus, I'll see you tomorrow.

Bye bye.


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