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Up From the Ashes: Devastating House Fire Gives Rise to New Music, New Life for Showers Family Singers

Up From the Ashes: Devastating House Fire Gives Rise to New Music, New Life for Showers Family Singers Read Transcript

(soft gospel music)

- [Efrem] Hammond is a postcardperfect Louisiana town.

Its population, about 20,000 people.

♪ Does anybody want to change yeah ♪

- [Efrem] Gospel recordingartists The Showers Family Group

are among the city's most famous

homegrown residents,and they're just seven

of Bobby and Oralean Showers' 10 children.

- My dream was to havetwo girls and two boys,

and I was blessed withtwo girls and two boys,

but, because of bein'married to a preacher sayin',

(family members laugh)

sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost.

And, uh, he just believed inbein' fruitful and multiply.

- [Efrem] We sat down withMom, Dad, and children

following Sunday services.

Thaddeus is the youngestbut doesn't sing yet.

- But I can, I can holda tune anytime I want to.

If something was to happento Titus, I got him.

(family members laugh)

- [Woman] Oh, okay!

- [Efrem] This young athletelooks up to his siblings,

especially his older sisters.

♪ Put your hands on me ♪

♪ I'm a fighter ♪

- Great ideas, great business minds,

they just help you with everything.

This is more than just singin',

they help you with life in general.

- [Efrem] The Showers aren't just singers.

Away from the stage, thesiblings run their own businesses

across their hometown andeven work for each other.

- What are some do's and don'ts

when you see the police lights behind you?

- [Efrem] teaching youngpeople to operate trucks,

training medical professionals,

running recreation centers,afterschool programs,

and, at the heart of it all, is Regina.

She's the oldest, manages the group,

the family's record label,

and runs two of her own businesses.

- I am very much aware of thestrides that have been made

and just thank God for it,

because, I didn't know what I was doin'.

I just swam, and God gave memy life jacket, and I survived.

- [Efrem] The entireShowers family survived

a major loss just one year ago.

(suspenseful music)

- [Man] The fire departmenthasn't made it yet.

- [Efrem] Their familyhome burned to the ground.

- I was out cutting thegrass, and I recognized

that I didn't have my earmuffs,or my earplugs rather.

And I came to the back patio to get them,

and I noticed the patio was on fire,

and I immediately said,that I'm gonna go 'round

and get the hose and put this out,

but by the time I got around the house,

the fire had spread, andI immediately got my,

hollered for my son and wife to get out.

- It was a test of our faith,

because that was my mom's dream home,

and she always said that the Lord

was gonna bless her with a home,

and where we came from, andthen where God has brought us,

then to see it go up inflames, it was truly a tragedy,

a tragic experience, but, youknow, God's still makin' a way

out of no way, and He's gonna do somethin'

bigger and better, justlike He did for Job.

- [Bobby] And David was a lemonade maker.

- [Efrem] Dad Showers'30 years of sermon notes

were the only items that didn't burn,

and he used them to preachthe very next Sunday.

- I could go forward, becauseI saw God in all of it.

If I had not seen Him in it,

I could not have gone through with it.

♪ I need you, Lord ♪

♪ I need your help, Lord ♪

♪ I need you ♪

♪ I need you ♪

♪ All over the world sing ♪

♪ I need your help, Lord ♪

♪ I need you ♪

♪ I need you ♪

- [Efrem] The fire evengave birth to new music

and new life for The Showers Family Group

in the middle of the ashes.

- I was contemplating foldin' A&P records

because a lot was goin' on that week.

So I was contemplatin' just givin' it up,

lettin' the music do what it do,

and whatever transpires,I was gonna give up,

but the Lord spokethrough the fire and said,

oh, you're not gonna do nothin'.

When I tell you you gonna give up,

that's when you gonna give up.

- And construction is under way

on a new Showers family home.

And these are just a few of the snapshots

of the progress since our visit.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

(male voice singing quietly)

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