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News on The 700 Club: July 17, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” July 17.: Hawaii Tour Boat Blasted With Lava Bomb; President Trump's Remarks Draw Criticism From Both Sides of Congress Aisle; Devastating House Fire Gives Rise to New Music, New Life for Showers Family Singers, ... Read Transcript

- Welcome to this edition of the 700 Club.

We ask ourself,

is the Trump diplomacy the way to go?

In a stunning move, the president defied

his own intelligence agencies,

spoke out in favor of RussianPresident Vladimir Putin.

Trump said he believed Putin's claim,

that Russia did not meddlein the elections, was true.

- Those remarks came as thetwo leaders were standing

together at a summit in Helsinki.

Now democrats, many republicans,and members of the media

are calling on thepresident to reverse course.

CBN National SecurityCorrespondent, Eric Rosales,

has the fallout.

- [Eric] President Trumpis back at the White House.

- [Crowd] Traitor, traitor.

- [Eric] Welcomed byprotestors after his one-on-one

meeting with RussiaPresident, Vladimir Putin,

the man US Intelligencesays was behind the meddling

in the 2016 presidential election.

- I do feel that we haveboth made some mistakes.

I have great confidencein my intelligence people,

but I will tell you thatPresident Putin was extremely

strong and powerful in his denial today.

- [Eric] The president later tweeted,

"I have great confidencein my intelligence people,

"however I also recognizethat in order to build

"a brighter future, we cannotexclusively focus on the past.

"As the world's twolargest nuclear powers,

"we must get along."

Putin denied the charges.

- The Russian state has never interfered,

and is not going to interfere,

into internal American affairs,including election process.

- [Eric] But just daysago, special counsel,

Robert Moller's investigationled to the indictment

of 12 Russian militaryofficers for conspiring

to interfere with the 2016 election.

In his first post-meeting comments,

the president again appearednot to call out Putin.

- We get questions on the witch hunt,

and I don't think the people out in the,

in the country buy it.

- [Eric] Putin did notdeny the hacking took place

in an interview withFox News Chris Wallace.

- The idea was abouthacking an email account

of a democratic candidate.

Was it some rigging of facts?

Was it some forgery of facts?

That's the importantthing that I'm trying to,

the point that I'm trying to make.

Was this any false information planted?

No, it wasn't.

- President Trump'sstatements didn't set well

with both sides on Capital Hill.

House Speaker, Paul Ryan, said,

no question Russiainterfered with the election,

and is not our ally.

And Ryan wasn't alone.

Republican Arizona Senator, John McCain,

called President Trump'sconference with Putin

one of the most disgraceful performances

by an American president.

South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham,

called it a missedopportunity by President Trump

to firmly hold Russia accountable.

- The president took the word of the KGB

over the brave, hard-workingmen and women of the CIA.

- [Eric] Current and formerintelligence top brass

condemned President Trump's statements.

National IntelligenceDirector, Dan Coats, said,

"We have been clear in ourassessments of Russia's

"meddling in the 2016 election."

And former CIA Chief, JohnBrennan, called President Trump's

actions, nothing short of treasonous.

Other big issues to discuss,

like Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea

and nuclear arms didn'tget much attention.

However, Syria held up a pointof possible collaboration

between the two.

Both sides said thatthey would work together

on a humanitarian basis for the country,

and insure the securityfor neighboring countries,

like Israel.

Eric Rosales, CBN News.

- You know, I wanna say something.

Dan Coats is an absolutely fabulous guy,

and he's director ofnational intelligence,

he was a former senator.

He is a strong conservative,a wonderful man,

and if he comes up andsays we've got evidence,

then you don't dis him inmeeting with a dictator.

But Putin is an accomplished liar.

He is one of the most artfulliars that you have ever seen.

I watched that interviewwith Chris Wallace,

and I might say ChrisWallace was brilliant

in his questioning, butPutin was also brilliant

in deflecting all these things.

He wouldn't really answerany of the questions.

But the truth is that he wantsto have a peace offensive

so he can get away with someof the stuff he's doing.

He's moved on the Ukraine.

Of course, he took over Crimea.

He then wants to bringthe Russian influence

to bare in Syria,

move back into the Middle East,

and access into Germany and in that area.

I know Trump didn't want tohave a big slug fest with him,

but you've got to watch what you're doing,

and you have to be scripted,and you have to have people

sit down and say, Mr. President,here is the party line.

And, you know, I remember years ago

when George Bush the first was running,

and they gave him every day little cards.

Before he got the littlecards, he was out doing ad lib,

and his poll numbers were in the tank.

The minute he began tofollow exactly word-for-word

what was given him, his pollnumbers jumped back up again.

Because off the cuff,

he wasn't handling the questions properly,

and it's so hard to do it.

I don't care how brilliantyou are, it's hard to come up,

spur of the moment, everytime with the right answer.

- But can I just ask a question?

Because you're far moreknowledgeable about how this

functions, than I.

Why would you send theleader of your country to a

meeting like that withoutclearly showing him evidence

that had happened, if you had it?

Why does the public not getto see what the evidence is?

- What Trump was, and we'llbring that out in just a minute.

Trump had been charged withcollusion with the Russians,

and he wanted to make surethat people didn't think

that there was collusion.

One is meddling in the election,the other is collusion.

What we also have to ask ourself,

why did the JusticeDepartment decide they wanted

to indict these peopledays before this summit?

The Justice Department, inmy opinion, is too political.

They are trying to enterinto politics all the time.

And they shouldn't be doing it.

Well, our Chief PoliticalCorrespondent, David Brody,

is joining us there.

David, you give me yourtake of why do you think

the president made thosecomments given the history

between the two countries.

- Well, Pat, a few things.

First of all, this is theart of the deal run amok.

It's gone off the rails.

I mean, what he tried to do, obviously,

is try to butter up Putin, and, you know,

he's lookin' toward the future.

He's playing the long game.

He wants some victories.

Remember, he talks abouthow you're gonna be so sick

of winning with me as president,

and that was the whole KimJong Un situation as well.

Remember he came back fromthat meeting and said,

solved that problem, let's move on.

And you know, this iswhat Donald Trump does,

and so he's hoping with VladimirPutin that he's gonna get

some victories in the longrun, but in the middle

of all of that, in theshort term, he whiffed.

I don't think there'sany question about it.

It was an unforced error, Pat.

There was no reason forhim to go on a national,

excuse me, internationalstage and say what he said.

There were so many waysto get around that,

to simply say, look,we're looking into it.

Our Justice Department's on top.

Whatever he wanted to say,he just wouldn't go there,

and there's so manydifferent reasons for it.

But let's be honest, Pat, hedoes not trust certain folks

in the Intelligence community.

He's been burned by Comey.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page we know about.

We can go on and on.

He's still angry at Jeff Sessions.

I mean, the bottom line is,is that he does have some

concerns about what hashappened to him in the

intelligence community, andthat has just rubbed him

the wrong way, and hejust can't let it go.

- You know, Newt Gingrich is on the team,

says it's the most seriousmistake of his presidency.

Did you think thatsomeway he's gonna fix it,

or is this fixable?

- Well, I think this wouldbe a great time for him

to apologize, but, ha,laugh, laugh, laugh,

that's not gonna happen.

We know that he's not gonna do that.

As a matter of fact,even early this morning,

he's up and at 'em afterabout two or three or four

hours of sleep and he's already on Twitter

thanking Rand Paul, one ofhis supporters in Congress,

for basically coming to his defense,

saying that Rand Paul gets it.

And what Rand Paul is talkingabout is this idea that

why should Trump trusta lot of folks in that

intelligence community whenthey've had it in for him,

and they have this bias against him.

And so, this is whatDonald Trump is gonna do,

and I think I see a doubledown strategy here, Pat.

But I can tell this, thatNewt Gingrich seemed to be

pretty spot on.

If you're getting criticismfrom Newt Gingrich,

that's a problem.

That's something you gotta deal with.

- Well, you know, the thing of it is,

when you're a president,you surround yourself

with advisors and they goover word for word what's

gotta be said, exactly the scenario.

You war game the situation.

I don't think Trump doesany of that, does he?

- No, and some of thecriticism he's getting,

is that while Vladimir Putinwas preparing for the summit,

Donald Trump was golfing inScotland for a couple of days,

and that might be a littlebit unfair criticism,

but the point is, is thatTrump likes to, you know,

go with his gut and feel theinstinct and work the room

and all of that.

But when you're on theinternational stage,

and you come up with this idea of

"both countries are responsible",and those were his words.

That's a direct quote, "bothcountries are responsible."

Look, I understand what he was saying.

He's talking about theintelligence community,

and some in the intelligence community.

But it is very hard to usethe moral equivalency argument

on an international stage,

when Barrack Obama was accusedfor a lot of the same things,

I know it was a different context.

The good news for Donald Trumpis that he's branded himself

as a make America first guy.

I think he's been prettysolid in that area, obviously.

Whereas Barrack Obamahad that branded image as

the apologer, or apologist,excuse me, in chief.

And I think that may help mitigate some

of this damage right now, Pat.

- You know, we have to ask ourself,

where did Putin come from?

He was KGB, but he was a colonel,

and the next thing you know,Boris Yeltsin is stumbling

around half drunk all the time,

and Putin emerges fromthat melee to become the

undisputed dictator of Russia.

He is very rich.

He has enriched his buddies.

He has put down descent.

I mean, it's a pattern ofunbelievable mendacity,

and why in the world doesn'tsomebody warn the president

what he's getting into?

- Well, I think many peoplehave warned the president

of what he's getting into,but Donald Trump does what

Donald Trump wants to do.

And I think he's attractedto that strongman quality

of Vladimir Putin.

He said some thingsalong the similar lines

about Kim Jong Un, who weknow is a ruthless dictator,

and so you can go on and on.

Look, this is part ofthe, as you know, Pat,

you take the wholepackage with Donald Trump.

He can be good on 70,80% of what you like,

and then, boy, 20% you look at it and go,

my goodness, does that smellover there on the corner.

And this was a smelly moment.

Rather than Helsinki,maybe it's Hel-stinky

for President Trump, becausethat's what it felt like

for sure the other day.

- We understand former CIAdirector, John Brennan,

'cause he's not exactly Trump's friend,

but he says Trump's statementis an impeachable offense.

That, of course, isover the top, isn't it?

- Well, it sure is over the top,

and here's the danger fordemocrats and liberals.

Here they go again, asRonald Reagan would say,

they may over-play their hand.

And if they're gonnastart talking treason,

remember before it was like,they talked about impeachment,

and everybody was like oh no.

Democrats have gone too far.

Well, if they start talking about treason,

here they go again.

They're going far lefton the treason factor,

and that could alienate themfrom mid-term election voters,

and once again, I think rightnow what the best strategy

really for democrats and liberals,

is let it play out organically.

I mean, Donald Trump didnot have his best day

as President, for sure, in Helsinki.

Let it travel organically,and don't step in a pile

of you know what, because that's exactly

what democrats could do right now

if they decide to overplay their hand.

And, by the way, speakingof overplaying their hand,

the media, Pat, the media hasgone off the rails on this,

and, once again, this playsright into Donald Trumps hands.

If the media starts to reallyget on Donald Trump's case

so much, boy, that just makesDonald Trump even stronger.

- He'll hit right back at 'em.

Well, David, thank youso much for joining us.

David Brody, our ForeignAffairs Correspondent,

and Political Analyst.

Well, it's an amazing thingthat a fellow as smart

as Trump could've stepped into this,

but maybe, maybe he knows what he's doing.

You'd like to think he is.

It looks like it'saccidental, but we'll see.


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