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The 700 Club - July 17, 2018

Scott Ross sits down with legendary newsman, Dan Rather, to hear his message about our future. Plus, a former homeless drug addict returns to the street with a new purpose. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

(dramatic music)Today, the legendary newsman.

- Well, I've been verylucky and mightily blessed.

I've seen my role through life

is trying to be an honestbroker of information.

- [Announcer] Scott Rosssits down with Dan Rather.

- [Scott] Six decades,that's a long time, doctor.

- [Announcer] The former CBS anchor

delivers his message of unity.

- There's so many people talking about

what divides us in the country.

- [Announcer] And he chartsa path for the future.

- I have no idea why this has happened,

but I am very grateful for it.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

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- Well, welcome to thisedition of The 700 Club.

We ask ourself is the Trump

diplomacy the way to go?

In a stunning move, the president defied

his own intelligence agencies,

spoke out in favor of RussianPresident Vladimir Putin.

Trump said he believed Putin's claim

that Russia did not meddlein the elections was true.

- Those remarks came as the two leaders

were standing togetherat a summit in Helsinki.

Now Democrats, manyRepublicans, and members of

the media are calling on thepresident to reverse course.

CBN National Security Correspondent

Erik Rosales has the fallout.

(dramatic beats)

- [Erik] President Trumpis back at the White House.

- [Crowd] Traitor, traitor, traitor!

- [Erik] Welcomed byprotestors after his one-on-one

meeting with RussiaPresident Vladimir Putin,

the man U.S. intelligencesays was behind the meddling

in the 2016 presidential election.

- I do feel that we haveboth made some mistakes.

I have great confidencein my intelligence people,

but I will tell you that President Putin

was extremely strong andpowerful in his denial today.

- [Erik] The president later tweeted,

I have great confidencein my intelligence people.

However, I also recognize that in order

to build a brighter future we cannot

exclusively focus on the past.

As the world's two largest nuclear powers,

we must get along.

Putin denied the charges.

- The Russian state has never interfered

and is not going to interfere

into internal American affairs,

including the election process.

- [Erik] But just days ago Special Counsel

Robert Mueller's investigation led to

the indictment of 12Russian military officers

for conspiring to interferewith the 2016 election.

In his first post meeting comments,

the President again appearednot to call out Putin.

- We get questions on the witch hunt,

and I don't think the peopleout in the country buy it.

- [Erik] Putin did notdeny the hacking took place

in an interview withFox News Chris Wallace.

- The idea was abouthacking an email account

of a Democratic candidate.

(speaks in foreign language)

Was it some rigging of facts?

Was it some forgery effects?

That's the importantthing that I'm trying to,

important point that I'm trying to make.

Was this any false information planted?

No, it wasn't.

- President Trump'sstatements didn't sit well

with both sides on Capitol Hill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said,

"No question Russiainterfered with the election

"and is not our ally."

And Ryan wasn't alone.

Republican Arizona Senator John McCain

called President Trump'sconference with Putin

one of the most disgraceful performances

by an American president.

South Carolina SenatorLindsey Graham called it

a missed opportunity by President Trump

to firmly hold Russia accountable.

- The president took the word of the KGB

over the brave hard-workingmen and women of the CIA.

- Current and formerintelligence top brass

condemned President Trump's statements.

National IntelligenceDirector Dan Coats said,

"We have been clear in our assessments

"of Russia's meddlingin the 2016 election."

And former CIA Chief John Brennan called

President Trump's actionsnothing short of treasonous.

Other big issues discussed, like Russia's

illegal annexation ofCrimea and nuclear arms,

didn't get much attention.

However, Syria held up a point of

possible collaboration between the two.

Both sides said thatthey would work together

on a humanitarian basisfor the country and ensure

the security for neighboringcountries like Israel.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- You know, I wanna say something.

Dan Coats is an absolutely fabulous guy,

and he's Director ofNational Intelligence.

He was a former senator,

and he is a strong conservativeand a wonderful man.

And if he comes out andsays we've got evidence,

then you don't dis him inmeeting with a dictator.

But Putin is an accomplished liar.

He is one of the most artful liars

that you have ever seen.

I watched that interviewwith Chris Wallace,

and I might say ChrisWallace was brilliant

in his questioning, butPutin was also brilliant

in deflecting all these things.

And he wouldn't reallyanswer any of the questions.

The truth is that he wants to have

a peace offensive so he can get away with

some of the stuff he's doing.

He's moved on the Ukraine.

Of course, he took over Crimea.

And he then wants tobring Russian influence

to bear in Syria, moveback into the Middle East,

exercise in Germany in that area.

But I know Trump didn't wanna have

a big slug fest with him,

but you've got to watch what you're doing

and you have to be scripted,

and you have to have people sit down

and say Mr. President,here is the party line.

I remember years ago when George Bush

the first was running, and they gave him

every day little cards.

Before he got the little cards,

he was out doing ad-lib,

and his poll numbers were in the tank.

The minute he began to follow exactly

word for word what was giving him

his poll numbers jumped back up again

because off the cuff he wasn't handling

the questions properly,and it's so hard to do it.

I don't care how brilliant you are,

it's hard to come up spur of the moment

every time with the right answer.

- But can I just ask a question

because you're far more knowledgeable

about how this functions than I.

Why would you send theleader of your country

to a meeting like thatwithout clearly showing him

evidence that that hadhappened if you had it?

Why does the public not getto see what the evidence is?

- What Trump was in, we'llbring that out in just a minute.

Trump had been charged withcollusion with the Russians,

and he wanted to makethat people didn't think

that there was collusion.

One is meddling in the election,the other is collusion.

What we also have to ask ourself,

why did the Justice Department decide

they wanted to indict these people

days before this summit?

The Justice Department, inmy opinion, is too political.

They are trying to enterinto politics all the time,

and they shouldn't be doing it.

Well, our Chief Political Correspondent

David Brody has joined us there.

David, you give me yourtake of why you think

the president made those comments

given the history betweenthe two countries.

- Well, Pat, a few things.

First of all, this is theart of the deal run amok.

It's gone off the rails.

I mean, what he tried to do, obviously,

is try to butter up Putin, and, you know,

he's looking toward the future.

He's playing the long game.

He wants some victories.

Remember he talks abouthow you're gonna be

so sick of winning with me as president,

and that was the whole KimJong-un situation as well.

Remember he came backfrom that meeting and said

solved that problem, let's move on.

And, you know, this iswhat Donald Trump does,

and so he's hoping with Vladimir Putin

that he's gonna get somevictories in the long run.

But in the middle of all of that,

in the short term, he whiffed.

I don't think there'sany question about it.

It was an unforced error, Pat.

There was no reason forhim to go on a national,

excuse me, internationalstage and say what he said.

There were so many waysto get around that,

to simply say, look,we're looking into it.

Our Justice Department is on top of it.

Whatever he wanted to say,he just wouldn't go there,

and there's so manydifferent reasons for it.

But let's be honest,Pat, he does not trust

certain folks in theintelligence community.

He has been burned by Comey.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page we know about.

We can go on and on.

He's still angry at Jeff Sessions.

I mean, the bottom lineis is that he does have

some concerns about what has happened

to him in the intelligence community,

and that has just rubbedhim the wrong way,

and he just can't let it go.

- Well, you know, NewtGingrich, who's on the team,

says it's the most seriousmistake of his presidency.

Did you think thatsomeway he's gonna fix it,

or is this fixable?

- Well, I think this would be a great time

for him to apologize, butha, laugh, laugh, laugh.

That's not gonna happen.

We know that he's not gonna do that.

As a matter of fact,even early this morning

he's up and at 'emafter about two or three

or four hours of sleep,and he's already on Twitter

thanking Rand Paul, one ofhis supporters in Congress,

for basically coming to his defense

saying that Rand Paul gets it.

And what Rand Paul is talking about

is this idea that why should Trump trust

a lot of folks in thatintelligence community

when they've had it in for him

and they have this bias against him.

And so this is whatDonald Trump is gonna do.

And I think I see adouble-down strategy here,

Pat, but I can tell youthis that Newt Gingrich

seemed to be pretty spot on.

If you're getting criticismfrom Newt Gingrich,

that's a problem.

That's something you gotta deal with.

- Well, you know, the thing of it is

when you're a president,you surround yourself

with advisors and theygo over word for word

what's gotta be said,exactly the scenario.

You war game the situation.

I don't think Trump doesany of that, does he?

- No, and some of thecriticism he's getting

is that while Vladimir Putin was preparing

for the summit, Donald Trump was golfing

in Scotland for a couple of days.

And that might be a littlebit unfair criticism,

but the point is is that Trump likes to

go with his gut and feel the instinct

and work the room and all of that.

But when you're on the international stage

and you come up with this idea of

both countries are responsible,and those were his words.

That's a direct quote.

Both countries are responsible.

Look, I understand what he was saying.

He's talking about theintelligence community

and some in the intelligence community.

But it is very hard touse the moral equivalency

argument on an international stage.

When Barack Obama was accusedfor a lot of the same things,

I know it was a different context.

The good news for Donald Trump is that

he's branded himself asa make America first guy.

I think he's been prettysolid in that area,

obviously, whereas Barack Obama had that

branded image as the apologeror apologist, excuse me,

in chief, and I thinkthat may help mitigate

some of this damage right now, Pat.

- You know, we have to ask ourselves,

where did Putin come from?

He was KGB but he's a colonel,

and the next thing you know Boris Yeltsin

is stumbling aroundhalf drunk all the time.

And Putin emerges from that milieu

to become the undisputeddictator of Russia.

He is very rich.

He has enriched his buddies.

He has put down dissent.

I mean, it's a pattern ofunbelievable mendacity,

and why in the world doesn't somebody

warn the president ofwhat he's getting into?

- Well, I think many people have warned

the president of what he's getting into,

but Donald Trump does whatDonald Trump wants to do.

And I think he's attracted to that

strong man quality of Vladimir Putin.

He said some thingsalong those similar lines

about Kim Jong-un, who weknow is a ruthless dictator.

And so you can go on and on.

Look, this is part ofthe, as you know, Pat,

you take the wholepackage with Donald Trump.

He can be good on 70,80% of what you'll like,

and then, boy, 20% you look at it and go

my goodness, does that smellover there on the corner.

And this was a smelly moment.

Rather than Helsinki,maybe it's hell stinky

for President Trump because that's what

it felt like for sure the other day.

- We understand formerCIA Director John Brennan

'cause he's not exactly Trump's friend

but he says Trump's statementis an impeachable offense.

That, of course, isover the top, isn't it?

- Well, it sure is over the top,

and here's the danger forDemocrats and Liberals.

Here they go again, asRonald Reagan would say.

They may overplay their hand.

And if they're gonnastart talking treason,

remember before it was likethey talked about impeachment

and everybody was like, oh no,Democrats have gone too far.

Well, if they start talking about treason,

here they go again.

They're going far lefton the treason factor,

and that could alienate themfrom midterm election voters.

And, once again, I think right now

what the best strategyreally for Democrats

and Liberals is let itplay out organically.

I mean, Donald Trump didnot have his best day

as president for sure in Helsinki.

Let it travel organically,

and don't step in a pile of you know what

because that's exactlywhat Democrats could do

right now if they decideto overplay their hand.

And, by the way, speaking of overplaying

their hand, the media, Pat.

The media has gone off the rails on this.

And, once again, this playsright into Donald Trump's hands.

If the media starts to really get on

Donald Trump's case so much, boy,

that just makes DonaldTrump even stronger.

- He will hit right back at 'em.

Well, David, thank youso much for joining us.

David Brody, our ForeignAffairs Correspondent

and Political Analyst.

But it's an amazing thing that a fella

as smart as Trump would'vestepped into this,

but maybe he knows what he's doing.

You'd like to think he does.

It looks like it'saccidental, but we'll see.

Well, coming up Dan Rather, who is a guy

that I got to know during my campaign.

He's an interesting person from Texas.

- He is.- And uh, well--

- He's had a fascinatingcareer, hasn't he?

He's spoke to millions ashost of CBS Evening News.

Well, now he's speaking tomillions as a social media star.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview

with the legendary anchor,

but first we want you to meet 10 siblings

who are taking the gospel world by storm.

♪ I'm on fire ♪

- Great ideas, great business minds.

They just help you with everything.

This is more than just singing.

And they help you with life in general.

- [Terry] Head down to Louisiana to hear

from the Showers family when we come back.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Well, you're watching The 700 Club.

We're gonna swing away fromsome of the international stuff

to talk about something that'sfun, the Showers family.

It's a gospel singing group that's been

nominated for a Stellar Award.

Efrem Graham visited this amazing family

in Hammond, Louisiana, and they told him

about their true story of how God brought

beauty to them through the ashes.

(uplifting gospel music)

- [Efrem] Hammond is a postcardperfect Louisiana town,

its population about 20,000 people.

♪ Does anybody wanna change, yeah ♪

Gospel recording artists,the Showers Family Group,

are among the city's mostfamous homegrown residents,

and they're just seven of Bobby

and Oralean Showers' 10 children.

- My dream was to havetwo girls and two boys.

- Hm.- Wow.

- And I was blessed withtwo girls and two boys.

But because of being married to a preacher

and saved, sanctified,filled with the Holy Ghost.

And he just believe inbeing fruitful and multiply.

- [Efrem] We sat down with mom, dad,

and children following Sunday services.

Thaddeus is the youngest,but doesn't sing yet.

- But I can hold a tuneany time I have to.

(family laughs)If something was to happen

to Titus, I got 'em.

(family laughs)

- [Efrem] This young athletelooks up to his siblings,

especially his older sisters.

♪ Put your hands on it ♪

♪ I'm on fire ♪

- Great ideas, great business minds.

They just help you with everything.

This is more than just singing,

and they help you with life in general.

- [Efrem] The Showers aren't just singers.

Away from the stage, the siblings run

their own businesses across their hometown

and even work for each other.

- What are some do's and don'ts

when you see the police lights behind you?

- [Efrem] Teaching youngpeople to operate trucks,

training medical professionals,

running recreation centers,afterschool programs.

And at the heart of it all is Regina.

She's the oldest, manages the group,

the family's record label,

and runs two of her own businesses.

- I am very much aware of the strides

that have been made andjust thank God for it

because I didn't know what I was doing.

I just swam and Godgave me my life jacket,

and I survived.

- [Efrem] The entireShowers family survived

a major loss just one year ago.

(gentle music)- You got natural gas?

(bystander chatters)

- [Man] Father Corman hasn't made it here.

- [Efrem] Their familyhome burned to the ground.

- I was out cutting the grass,

and I recognized that Ididn't have my ear muffs,

or my ear plugs rather,

and I came to the back patio to get them,

and I noticed the patio was on fire.

And I immediately said that I'm gonna

go around and get thehose and put this out.

But by the time I got around the house,

the fire had spread, and I immediately

hollered for my son and wife to get out.

- It was a test of our faith because

that was my mom's dream home,

and she always said that the Lord

was gonna bless her with a home.

And where we came fromand then what God has

brought us then to seeit go up into flames,

it was truly a tragedy,a tragic experience.

But, you know, God's stillmaking a way out of no way in.

He's gonna do something bigger and better,

just like he did for Job.

- [Bobby] David was a lemonade maker.

- [Efrem] Dad Showers'30 years of sermon notes

were the only items that didn't burn,

and he used them to preachthe very next Sunday.

- I could go forward becauseI saw God in all of it.

If I had not seen him in it,

I could not have gone through it.

♪ I need you, I need your help, Lord ♪

♪ I need you, I need you ♪

♪ All over the world sing ♪

♪ I need your help, Lord ♪

♪ I need you, I need you ♪

- [Efrem] The fire evengave birth to new music

and new life for the Showers Family Group

in the middle of the ashes.

- I was contemplating folding A&P Records

because a lot was going on that week,

so I was contemplating just giving it up,

letting the music do what itdo and whatever transpires.

I was gonna give up butthe Lord spoke through fire

and said oh, you're not gonna do nothing.

When I tell you gonna give up,

that's when you gonna give up.

- [Efrem] And construction is underway

on a new Showers family home,

and these are just a few of the snapshots

of the progress since our visit.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

♪ Somebody may be going through ♪

- What an amazing story.

That's the good part about America.

You know, these are wonderful people,

come out of the ashes, out of poverty,

and this is deep South, and suddenly

they're into all kinds of things,

but more they're signingfor the glory of the Lord.

Okay, that's something fun coming up.

- Well, we do.

A 40-year veteran of CBSNews is now embracing

a new role as patriarch tothe younger generations.

- You're a chronicler of the times.

(Dan laughs)

And the times keep changing, you know,

but you're keeping up with it.

That's the interesting thing.

- I've seen my role through life

as trying to be an honestbroker of information.

- [Terry] Our interviewwith Dan Rather is next.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Well, Dan Rather'sbig break came in 1981.

Dan was a reporter when a hurricane

was bearing down on Texas.

His story about the oncoming storm

convinced hundreds of thousands of people

to evacuate their homes, andcountless lives were saved.

Since then, Rather has been afolksy voice on the airwaves

but certainly not withoutstrong controversy.

And recently the former CBS anchor

sat down with Scott Rossto talk about his career

and what unites us as Americans.

(dramatic music)

- [Scott] After decadesas a CBS field reporter,

Dan Rather took over theCBS Evening News anchor desk

in 1981 from retiring Walter Cronkite,

the most trusted man in America.

Rather held that post for 24 years.

During his storied careerspanning more than 60 years,

Rather reported on nearlyevery headline event.

Now at 86, he offers news analysis

and commentary on social media.

I talked with the legendarynewsman about his new book.

Six decades, that's a longtime, doctor. (laughs)

- That's a long time.

Well, I've been very luckyand mightily blessed.

- Yeah, I put down here you'rea chronicler of the times,

(Dan laughs)and the times keep changing,

but you're keeping up with it.

That's the interesting thing.

- I've seen my role through life as trying

to be an honest broker of information.

- [Scott] You're all over Facebook.

You're sort of a patriarchto the baby boomers,

the millennials, and here you sit.

- Well, it's true.

One, this is proof positivethat miracles still happen.

(Scott laughs)

And the second is I have noidea why this has happened

but I am very grateful for it.

If there's any reason forwhatever success I've had

on social media I think it's because

that this is a tumultuous time,

and they're many youngpeople who are afraid.

What I have to offer, about the only thing

I have to offer, is yes, I'velived a fairly long time.

I have some experience,and I do try to put things

in historical context andperspective when I can,

and to be a steady, reliable voice.

That's why I'm trying to do.

- [Scott] Though ourcountry is deeply polarized,

Rather recently penned "What Unites Us."

The book is a series of reflective essays

on the values that haveshaped our national character.

His views challenge readers on the left,

right, and center ofthe political spectrum.

But, as I found, there'sa lot of common ground.

You hooked me from chapter one.

What motivated to write it?

- There's so many people talking about

what divides us in the country.

And within me, deep somewhere in my id,

is such a strong beliefthat what unites us,

the things that unite us,are much more plentiful

and much more important thanthe things that divide us.

It's not that we don't have problems.

We have problems, and wehave differences of opinion,

but there are certaincore values of the country

which have been our core values

ever since the founding of the country.

- This was a strongstatement on your part.

Humility, if we lose that

we risk losing everything.

- Absolutely, because humility is at

the very core of patriotism.

It's one of the thingsthat separates patriotism

from nationalism, havingsaid there's some overlap,

but the spirit of patriotismis I love my country

to the point that I'm literally prepared

to die for my country, but I recognize

that my country needs to improve.

We can all improve.

So humility is the core of patriotism,

where nationalism tendsto be a breast-beating,

we're the greatest that's ever been.

- Triumphal.- We're the greatest now.

Right, and they're dangers in nationalism,

and I won't give youmy full blast on this.

But I think it's so important right now.

- Seems to me to be rootedin pride in many ways,

the wrong kind of pride.

Another one of your topics, service.

Service could almost bean antidote to pride.

- There's a great andpossibly decisive battle

going on in the country forthe soul of the country.

I'm not talking about mysum political ideology.

What I'm talking about,our soul has always been

closely identified withservice, service to others,

service to community, service to country.

This is what has made us theUnited States of America,

that I personally believe in mandatory

national service of some kind.

I think it oughta include the military

but not be limited to that.

Teach school in the poor neighborhood

or go overseas with the PeaceCorps or something like that.

But this idea of service, as I say,

has gone a little out of fashion,

and I think we shouldbe worried about that.

- That's an interesting prospect.

Now here's a charged word.

We should neither forget nor be paralyzed

by our prior national sins.

You don't hear that word anymore.

Why did you choose to use that?

- Well, first of all, you're right.

It's gone a little outof fashion to talk about

because it's a strongword and it's applicable

that we had the sin of slavery.

- Right.

- And it took us a longtime to overcome that,

and we're still in theprocess of doing penance,

if you will, for the time of slavery.

That, yes, we havenationally, as a country,

as a society committed sins but at least

you and I as Christiansbelieve in redemption.

- That's right, and repentance was a word

I wrote down 'cause I know many people

who've repented of thosehistoric sins of this nation.

Do you think your book's gonna sell

to the mid-America between the two coasts?

- Well, I'm happy to say I already have

enough evidence that it has.

It's funny with a book.

You write it and you put it out there.

It's in the arena.

You have no idea what it's gonna do.

I'd love to hear fromanybody who reads it.

- I read this last night.

It's a proverb from theBook of Ecclesiastes.

It describes you.

How wonderful to be wise, toanalyze, and interpret things.

- Well, I appreciate that.

I'm unworthy of that,but, as the saying goes,

from your mouth to God's hearthat I could become that.

(Scott and Dan laugh)

- Thank you so much.

- Thank you, Scott.

- Thank you.- Thank you very much.

I really appreciate it.

- Is that interesting?

Well, Terry, you've got the book.

- I do have the book.

Dan Rather's new book iscalled "What Unites Us,"

and you can pick up a copy in stores.

It's available nationwide.

Well, still ahead, meet a pastor

who was once on theFBI's Most Wanted list.

- I could go out and buyanything that I wanted to buy,

but that's not happiness.

You know, it only makesyou happy for a minute.

- [Terry] Watch him bring hope

to people living on the streets.

That's next.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

23 people were injured after a lava bomb

went crashing through the roof of

a sightseeing boat in Hawaii Monday.

Tourists were aboard theboat that takes visitors

to see lava plunging into the ocean

when an explosion sent giantchunks right through the roof.

Hawaiian officials saya woman in her twenties

is in serious conditionwith a broken thigh bone.

The rest of the passengers suffered burns,

scrapes, and other minor injuries.

A shelter for immigrants in Texas

says the U.S. government has begun

transporting children to bereunited with their parents.

Officials say children aretaking a tremendous amount

of airline flights to different cities.

The Texas facility isalso preparing to take in

as many as 100 families each day.

A July 26 court-ordereddeadline is approaching

to reunite children ages fiveto 17 with their parents.

Remember you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going to our website.


Pat and Terry are back withmuch more of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

- For most of his life,Cody Huff spends his days

abusing drugs and running from the law.

Now Cody works on the side of the police,

helping give food andclothes to the homeless.

(gentle music)

- [Narrator] It's a sight often seen

on the backstreets of Las Vegas,

Cody Huff driving throughthe neighborhoods,

stopping anywhere he findsthe homeless who need food.

- Hey, bro, how are you?

- I'm all right, how are you?

- Good.


- [Narrator] He runs thisfood pantry out of his garage,

something he started to help people

just like he was 13 years ago.

- I know what it feels like to be hungry.

And when somebody cares for you

and shows you the love of Christ,

that touches something deep inside of you.

- [Narrator] Like everyoneliving in the streets,

Cody has a story.

His starts in Northern California.

- I came from a very abusive family.

I began running away at 13 years-old.

Being told every day that I was unwanted

and I was a mistake and that my mom

wished that she never had me.

It made me feel horrible.

It made me feel unwanted,unloved, all of those things,

and I internalized that,and so I began using drugs

to mask those feelings.

- [Narrator] Cody spentmuch of his teen years

in and out of juvie.

Then, after dropping out of high school,

he moved to Monterey where helived with a group of hippies.

- I felt like I had agroup of guys around me

who always had my back no matter what.

I felt like I was important.

Okay, I felt love and acceptance.

Love and acceptance.

- [Narrator] He alsostarted dealing cocaine.

- I could go out and buy anything

that I wanted to buy,but that's not happiness.

You know, it only makesyou happy for a minute.

(melancholic music)

- [Narrator] Over the next 27 years,

Cody spent a lot of time in jail.

He also developed an addiction to heroin.

- Drugs take over.

They take over yourthoughts, your emotions.

I mean, a drug addict will do

anything to get drugs, anything.

- [Narrator] Hoping a change of scenery

would help him breakthe cycle of addiction,

Cody moved to Las Vegas and stopped using.

But it wasn't long beforehe discovered crack cocaine

and ended up living on the streets.

- I wouldn't even feed myself.

I'd eat out of garbage cans.

I thought about steppingout in front of buses

and all kinds of stuff.

(melancholic music)

Do you need prayer today?

- [Woman] I need prayer every day.

- I didn't wanna live like that anymore.

I had no self-respect.

I even went to the mental health one day,

and I tried to turn myself in.

I said I'm a drug addict.

I'm crazy.

Will you guys please help me?

And they said, get out of here

or we're gonna call the police.

- [Narrator] It had been almost a year

when another homelesstold him about a church

where he could get freefood and a hot shower.

There Cody met one of thechurch's members, Michelle.

- He came into the room that we were in

when we have our Bible study.

- She said, "Cody, youlook like you need a hug,"

and I said oh no, don't come near me.

I smell too bad.

And she says, "No, you don'tsmell," and she hugged me.

- And I said well, youknow, Jesus loves you.

- And I saw the love of Christ in her eyes

that it was complete, total honesty,

along with complete, total love.

- [Narrator] As Codystarted going to the church,

he was accepted with open arms.

- They didn't treat me like I was nobody.

They didn't treat me like I didn't matter.

They showed me love.

They showed me grace.

They showed me mercy.

- [Narrator] One night he went back to

his makeshift home in apatch of bushes and prayed.

- This is the place I said Lord Jesus,

I repent of all of my sin.

I beg your forgiveness,

and I began to name all of the sin

that I could remember at that moment,

and I prayed probably for a half an hour.

And I began to cry big tears,

and God touched me, andwhen I got done praying

I stood up, and I wasno longer a drug addict.

I was set free from drugs.

- [Narrator] Cody's new church family

eventually gave him acar, a place to stay,

and a job to help him startbuilding a life for himself.

- Your worst days are behind you,

and your best days are in front of you

because if you got Jesus in your heart

he'll make a way where there is no way.

(audience applauds)

- [Narrator] Now over adecade later, he's married,

and he and his wife Heather are running

their ministry called Broken Chains.

It not only provides food for the homeless

but reaches them withGod's message of hope.

- I found everything thatI had been looking for

all of my life in Jesus Christ.

Any problem that you couldbe having in your life,

whatever it is, if it's relationship,

if it's money, if it's a job.

Maybe you could be a drug addict like me.

You cry out to Jesus, andJesus is always there for you.

Heavenly Father, I liftup my brother to you,

God, in the name of Jesus, God.

(uplifting music)

- The message that Codyshares is because of

the healing and the joythat he carries within him.

You know, he came from a hard place

from the very beginning.

Every person, every single person,

wants to know that they'reloved and accepted,

and they wanna know thatthey're significant,

that their life has meaning and value.

You know, the older you get,

the more you ask thequestion, what am I here for?

What's the point of all of this?

He kept searching.

He kept looking, andhe kept going downhill

because he made some poor choices.

And yet the thing that I love the most

about this story is that Jesusspecializes in resurrections.

And you know it was when hecame to the end of himself.

Sometimes that's what has to happen.

Wouldn't you like tothink that we were all

smart enough to get it from the beginning

and to say to the one who created us

with a plan and a purpose,

okay God, here I am, use me.

But a lot of us stumble around for a while

trying to figure out who weare and where we're going

and trying to do life on our own.

Boy, that's a hopeless endeavor.

That kind of thinking is what took Cody

all the way to the end of himself.

But when he sat on that curb,

what I love about the prayer that he gave

that he made to Christ, he didn't say,

God, why is all thisstuff happening to me?

He didn't say, God, pleasegive me this or give me that.

He said, Jesus, I repent.

Forgive me for the things that I have done

that have separated from you,

that have scarred me, thathave hurt other people.

And then he began to gothrough the laundry list.

You know what, we all have them.

We all have them.

He went through the wholething in honesty before God.

He bared his soul,

and he said, Savior, forgiveme for I am a sinner.

You know, when we understand our need,

when we understand howfar away we are from God,

finally we open the doorfor God to reveal himself

and to say let me change you.

Let me touch you.

Let me heal you.

Let me love you.

Let me give you acceptanceand love and value,

purpose, meaning, all the things that

your heart is longing for.

You know, Corey talkedabout money and drugs,

and he said it's neverenough, never enough.

It just touches the need for a moment.

And he's absolutely right,but when Jesus comes in

with all of those things I just mentioned,

those intangible thingsthat money can't buy,

the drugs can't give you,

there is such a changein the heart and the life

of any man, woman, orchild who receives it.

So today, will you receive it?

I don't want you to cometo the end of the place

where you're sitting on a curb somewhere

alone, discouraged,empty, unemployed, sick.

Today, come to Jesus.

This is his invitation to you.

It's not my invitation.

It's his invitation.

He's been waiting for you all this time,

so come home to the Father,heart of God, right now,

and this is how it begins.

Jesus, I repent.

I'm asking you to forgiveme for all of my sins.

And then list those sins.

Tell him what they are.

Take time to go through the pain of that.

He went through a lot ofpain to set you free from it.

And then give him your life.

Just say, Jesus, I give you mylife, everything that's left.

I'm asking you to come in to be

the Lord of my life,the Savior of my soul.

Change the way I think,the way I see things,

the way I receive love,the way I give love.

I'm giving it all to you.

Help me to forgive peoplewho have wronged me

so that I can be set free to receive

all of who you are, God.

Listen, when you pray that prayer,

you have surrounded and you have begun

a brand new life in Christ,

and you will never be the same,

just like Cody's not the same.

If you'd like to pray with someone today,

our lines are alwaysavailable to you, 24/7.

Number's toll-free, 1-800-700-7000.

Just call now.

The friend on the other end of the line

that says hello is somebodywho's prayed that prayer,

and they've been where you are,

and they understand thegrace and the mercy of God.

So call today.

When you call, if you'd like,

if you've maybe prayedthat prayer already today,

let us send the New Day packet to you.

Pat's put this together just for you.

What do you do after you pray that prayer?

How do you walk in yourrelationship with Jesus?

It's all in here, and it's free as well.

Just say I prayed the prayer,

I'd like the New Day packet.

We'll send it out to you right away.

Well, still ahead, Pat weighs in on

the pressing matters in your lives.

Brigette says, "Myadopted father was always

"verbally, physically,and financially abusive

"to me and my brother growing up.

"We have forgiven him many times,

"but he continues the abuse.

"How do I honor my father without

"compromising my family's safety?"

Another round of your questions

and some honest answers is coming up.

Don't go away.

(upbeat music)

(uplifting music)

Every year in India, thousands of children

are born with birth defects.

Oftentimes, they're shunned by society

because of ancient superstitions.

(mystical music)

- [Narrator] The Chillangivillagers in eastern India

believe that if a woman cuts anything

during a lunar eclipse while pregnant

the child will born with a cleft lip.

(baby cries)

That's what Suryakumari thought happened

to her baby boy, Chinni.

- I didn't realize it,

but during one lunar eclipse,

I was cutting vegetables or something.

It's probably because of methat he was born like this.

(baby cries)

- [Narrator] Suryakumariand her husband worried

that their son would bemade fun of his entire life,

but they couldn't afford topay for the needed surgery.

Her husband works as a farm laborer,

earning less than $5 a day.

- We hardly make enough to pay rent,

take care of our family, and just survive.

- [Narrator] Then a CBN field worker

visited their villageand gave them great news.

We would give Chinni afree cleft lip surgery

at a hospital in a nearby city.

(gentle music)

A month later, we visited their family

to see how they were doing.

- He looked so good.

I never imagined this day would come.

Before the surgery, myin-laws did not care for him,

but now they won't let him go.

My son's life has completely transformed.

I thank everyone who made this possible.

(gentle music)

- You know, being shunned and ostracized

isn't something thatmight've happened to Chinni.

It would have happened to Chinni.

It was already happening.

This little boy wasstruggling with eating,

having nutrition that he needed

to grow and to be healthy.

But socially he had no hope and no future.

700 Club members, youchanged that for him.

You took that load of guilt off this mom

who had nothing to do with whyher child was born that way,

and you gave them all hope and a future.

We wanna say thank you.

This is just one of the things

the 700 Club members do around the world,

meeting the medical needsof people that are dealable,

changeable, but theysimply don't have the means

to confront any of it, so we thank you.

If you'd like to join The 700Club, you can do that today.

It's $0.65 a day, $20 a month,

and that makes you a 700 Club member.

You will be making allkinds of opportunities

and efforts around the worldto change people's lives.

And our way of saying thankyou is to send you Angels.

It's Pat's latest DVD.

Their power, their purpose,and their presence.

And we'll get this out to you right away.

So you call now.

You're making a huge difference

when you join with the rest of us.

1-800-700-7000, it's toll-free.

Give us a call.

Time for some email.

- All right, let's go for it.- Are you ready?

- All right, here we go.

- Okay, Pat, this firstone comes from Brigette,

who says, "My adopted father was always

"verbally, physically,and financially abusive

"to me and my brother growing up.

"He abuses alcohol and prescription drugs.

"He has financiallydrained my husband and me.

"We have forgiven him many times,

"but he continues theverbal and physical abuse,

"and he's also demandingmore money from us.

"While he was under the influence one day,

"he almost killed my children.

"The commandments say honoryour father and mother.

"How am I supposed to do that

"without compromising my family's safety?

"Would God forgive mefor not speaking to him?"

- You know, that's arelationship, an adopted father.

You know, I was listeningto that, and I'm wondering,

the Bible says honoryour mother and father

but is that your birthfather, your blood relation?

This was an adopted,

apparently the father adopted this child.

- But he is legally her father then,

and the only father she's know.

- Yeah, but, I mean, doeshe qualify under the Bible?

That's the question.

But secondly, I think people, you know,

if a husband, forexample, is supposed to be

head of the household but what he does

is go off into evil practices and tries

to get his wife to follow him,

she is not bound to do thosethings that he is doing.

And I don't think in a case like this

a child is under theobligation of giving weight.

The word honor meansto give weight to them.

And having you give weight to somebody

that wants to kill yourchildren and abuse you

and steal your money anddo all the other things

this guy is doing.

He's on drugs and he's on alcohol.

And really the bestthing you can do for him

is to see if socialservices won't take him

under their wing and maybe put him into

some kind of confinement'cause he's dangerous,

what they were saying.

What would honor be in a case like that?

You're not obligated tokeep shoveling out money

to some drunk and alcoholic.

- Actually, it's not wise to do that.

- It's not wise at all.

You're nothing but an enabler.

So I really don't thinkyou're under obligation

in that situation to continue to,

you know, have anything to do with him.

I just think by his own action

he has violated the privileges he has

of being a responsibleparent and a loving father.

He himself has abdicatedthat position, okay.

- This is Vicki who says,

"Why isn't hell mentionedreally in the Old Testament?

"I'm trying to research it,

"but I'm not finding much."

- Well, it's in there very much.

The Bible talks about in

the commandments things that happen.

People were stoned to death.

They were executed and so forth.

And how about hell?

Well, they had a concept of hell.

Maybe Jesus heightened it, though,

when he was talking about Gehenna

and the lake of fire andall that sort of thing.

But there isn't any question that it's in

the Old Testament as wellas the New Testament.

- This is Jennifer, says,

"I've recently been tryingto get closer with God

"and start to live my life right.

"Do I have to be saved in the church

"to be forgiven of my sins?"

- Of course not.

You can find the Lord offin the forest someplace

or in your own living room.

You just give your heart to the Lord.

Listen, God is everywhere.

In him we live and moveand have our being.

You can talk to him anywhereunder any circumstances

and say, Lord, I ask you to forgive me.

I ask you to come into my heart.

And he'll hear and do it.

He will always answer the sincere prayer

of somebody who's the brokenand the contrite heart,

the Bible says I will not despise.

- Daniel says, "How longdo you think it will be

"until the gospel isfinished being spread?

"I know when it's finishedthen the end will come."

- Well, that's what the Lord says.

This gospel to thekingdom will be preached

in all the world for the end,

as a witness, and then the end shall come.

It's getting very close.

You know, there's somethat the new tribes,

missions, some of theseothers that are out

preaching to these small groups.

But as far as I can tell,with the advent of satellite,

the advent of all kinds of media,

the internet and so forth,

there's hardly anybodyanywhere who doesn't

hear the gospel in their own language.

And we're seeing it with CBN and others.

Are we close?

The answer is yes, we are close,

which means we are gettingclose to the end of the age,

which this is the one sign.

This gospel of thekingdom will be preached

in all the world for a witness.

We leave you with our power minute

from Matthew 5--- 16.

- Let your light so shine before men,

that they may see your good works

and glorify your Father in heaven.

Well, Tuesday a chillingstory from CBN News

plus the plan of tomorrow's terrorists.

You don't wanna miss this one.

For Terry and all of us,this is Pat Robertson.

Thanks for being with us,

and well see you tomorrow, bye-bye.

(dramatic music)


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