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Trafficked Woman Escapes Miserable Existence

Mary was exposed to evils that could destroy any child's soul. Later, she became a victim of sex trafficking and prayed for God to make a way out for her. Read Transcript

- I recall being left for days

and abandoned and little or no food.

Family members and friends who would

congregate to drink and then,

as the night would progress,it would turn into fights.

Nights were robbed of sleep.

- [Narrator] Mary FrancesCummins grew up on the

proverbial wrong side of thetracks in Louisville, Kentucky.

- I'm one of 15 children borninto a family of poverty,

alcoholism, depression,mental illness, drug abuse.

I was exposed to the evils of the world

that will destroy a child.

So, I was abused and you tell no one

because of shame.

- [Narrator] When she wasjust 15, Mary Frances began

being groomed by a bikerin her neighborhood

who showed her attention.

- I was special to him,

could have anything I wanted, ya know,

so I would get a milkshakeor a banana boat.

So, he told me that hewas coming back for me

in two ice cream seasons.

I didn't know what that meant.

I just ya know, I got a treat.

- [Narrator] When she turned18, the man forced Mary

to take a trip with him.

- I'm begging and pleading,you know, I don't wanna go.

I don't wanna leave.

Where are we going?

He won't tell me where the destination is,

why we have to leave so sudden.

- [Narrator] The bikerbegan trafficking Mary

to truckers at the truckstops around the southeast.

- So, we end up in Nashville.

On from there to another brothelin North Carolina, Georgia.

- [Narrator] Theseexperiences led to 30 years

in the sex trade working as a prostitute

and a dancer in strip clubs.

- I don't think any child knows

what prostitution is orthat they wanna grow up

to be a prostitute or a dancer.

It's being left with agaping hole in your heart

when you seek a love that you have no idea

what you're searching for.

You find it in work places.

- [Narrator] Mary triedto escape the black hole

of the adult entertainment industry,

but it's pull was too powerful.

- I hated being there, but I could not,

ya know, I had nosupport, nowhere to live.

I've got to eat, I have to sleep,

I have to survive.

Several times, Mary wasovercome by guilt and shame.

Once, she even attempted suicide.

- The pain from being trafficked can

lead someone to believing that suicide

is the only source of relief.

I had tried to put abullet in the chamber.

The gun is jammed.

I throw everything down and ya know,

I'm worthless.

I can't even take my own life.

- [Narrator] Mary also married five times

and experimented with various religions.

- I tried marriage.

That didn't work.

I tried counseling.

I tried new age therapies.

I felt I had no answer.

- [Narrator] Then,someone gave Mary a bible.

She began reading it in thedressing room of the club

where she was a dancer.

- I would find myself with a pocket bible

in the back of this nasty club

and I would pray and cry out to God.

- [Narrator] Mary oftenwent to a local church

after work to pray.

- I found a Catholic church

and I would go in there and spend hours

crying and carrying on andasking the Lord to help,

to make a way.

- [Narrator] One evening,two ladies from Scarlet Hope,

a group which ministersto women in the sex trade,

came to her club.

- I was sitting on this bar stool

and then it occurs to me,these are the church ladies.

I jumped up, ran across the room

and grabbed this one girl and I said,

"I need prayer!"

So immediately, they pray for me.

- [Narrator] The ladies gave Mary food

and invited her to abible study and to church.

- I'd never seen love like this.

They didn't come to judge.

They didn't even come totell me to get outta there.

They just come to tell me Jesus loves me.

I never knew that.

So, I went to the shack where I lived

and I laid down and took out the bible

that I had in the bag andmy broken, sniveling tears,

he heard me.

God heard me.

Mary accepted Christ andbegan being discipled

by the ladies in Scarlet Hope.

She left the sex trade andlater chronicled her story

in her book, A Harlot's Cry.

- Mary has grown in waysthat I couldn't even imagine.

I mean, she's truly noteven the same person.

When God says, "You're anew creation in Christ,"

that is exactly wht has happened to Mary.

- In all things, God willcall those who love him

who are called according to his purpose.

I have purpose.

I should be an alcoholic.

I should not have any teeth.

I should not read or write.

I should not have written a book.

But for God's purpose.

- [Narrator] Mary has a heartto share her story with women

who are still caught inthe snare of the sex trade.

- Christ loved women.

He listened, he was patient with women.

He welcomed them.

Believe in your heart,a little seed of faith,

it will grow.

All you have to do istake a step toward Christ

and he'll take two to you.


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