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The 700 Club - July 18, 2018

Evangelist Patricia Bootsma shares secrets to living a life saturated in God’s presence. Plus, America’s newest enemy is going to war on a different battlefield and threatening to send us back to the Dark Ages. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up.

- The United States is under attack.

- [Announcer] America's newest enemy.

- Now we're starting to seereally aggressive behavior.

- [Announcer] And this one is waging war

on a different battlefield.

- These are not theoretical attacks.

- [Announcer] How these cyber soldiers

are lobbing digital grenades.

- This isn't a sideshow.

- [Announcer] Andthreatening to send us back

to the Dark Ages.

- We're able to turn offthe lights in those regions.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

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- Welcome, folks, to thisedition of The 700 Club.

Wendy, let me ask you something.

What would you do if tomorrow morning

you found that all the powerin Virginia Beach was gone,

there was no more electricity?

- What would I do?

I would probably gooutside to dry my hair.

(Pat laughs)It's been very hot here.

The other day my breaker went off.

You know, sometimes at yourhouse you'll flip the switch

and the two rooms I need the most,

my bathroom and mybedroom light, no lights

and it was, you know, it was very,

an uncomfortable feeling, like,

what am I gonna do now?

You know?

- No power whatsoever.

That's the situation we're looking at

if there's an EMP blast,ladies and gentlemen,

it is one of the most crucialthings you can imagine.

A Congressional report has said

that in the event thatthe power grid in America

is disabled for a year,

90% of the American people would die.

That's what we're talking about.

We're not talking about drying our hair.

We're talking about not having any food,

not having any access to money.

It'll be a crisis.

Well, strong foreign cyber hackers

are plotting to take over our power grids

and other vital industrial networks.

A successful attack would causesuch chaos and destruction

that, as I said, one report indicates

it could lead to the death of 90% of

all the people in theUnited States of America.

- And these attackscould come from an enemy

who may never step on US soil.

CBN national securitycorrespondent Erik Rosales

investigates theseattempts to cripple America

and what's being done to prevent them.

- In just the past eight months

federal authorities have issued

several public warnings

about foreign hackerspenetrating the United States

power grid and othercritical infrastructure.

Cyber security experts say the intent

is to plant digitalgrenades in these systems

until they decide to pull the pin.

- Right now we're trackingaround eight different teams

that specifically targetindustrial networks.

- [Erik] Robert Leespent five years working

at the National Security Agency

and Pentagon Cyber Command

before forming his owncompany called Dragos.

He and his crew protectindustrial control systems

by acting like detectivesinvestigating a crime scene.

- They're leaving breadcrumbsthe entire way through

so they're giving us piecesto go and find those behaviors

until they get to that impact.

- [Erik] Working from awarehouse in Hanover, Maryland,

Dragos track foreignhacking groups in real time

then hunt them down toprevent damage to facilities

that produce oil, gas, and other energy.

- We've seen that these arenot theoretical attacks.

My team was actually involved

in the two different Ukraineattacks that happened

so the Ukraine 2015 and the Ukraine 2016,

a national level adversarycompromised portion

of the power grid and did exactly that.

We're able to turn off thelights in those regions.

- [Erik] Now Lee says the cyber enemies

are going way beyondcontrolling just light switches.

- Now we're starting to seereally aggressive behavior

or, well, I'm going to designthe capability to kill people.

Outside of conflict, outside of war,

to target civilian life.

- [Erik] And an attackon the United States

would create casualtieson a massive scale.

Research shows a cyberattack on the power grid

killing electricitywould potentially leave

millions of Americanswithout food, clean water,

access to money, healthcare, and more.

- Frankly, the UnitedStates is under attack,

under attack by entitiesthat are using cyber

to penetrate virtually every major action

that takes place in the United States.

- [Erik] The directorof National Intelligence

recently told Congress that cyber weapons

exist in the hands of not only countries

but also terrorists and other activists.

- While Russia, China,Iran, and North Korea

pose the greatest cyber threats,

other nation states (clears throat),

terrorist organizations,

transnational criminal organizations,

and ever more technicallycapable groups and individuals

use cyber operations to achieve strategic

and malign objectives.

- This isn't a sideshow,you know, this is the way,

the primary way ourenemies would come after us

in a future war.

Cyber, physical sabotage,and nuclear via pit hacking.

- [Erik] Dr. Peter Pryworked on the US commission

assessing the threat of anelectromagnetic EMP attack

which would wipe out electrical systems.

As an example, he says acountry like North Korea

could target the UnitedStates by transporting

a nuclear weapon overthe south polar region,

then detonating it tocreate a high altitude EMP.

A Congressional reportshows such an attack

could wipe out thepower grid indefinitely.

That could lead to the deaths

of up to 90% of allAmericans within a year.

So how much would it costto secure our power grid?

In 2008, an EMP commission estimated

it would cost around two billion dollars

but former CIA director, JamesWoolsey, says today's amount

to strengthen the grid would likely

be in the tens of billions.

But Dr. Pry says the DCbureaucracy and political influence

prevent that from happening.

- The electric power industrydoesn't want to do it.

They have vast lobbyingresources on Kay Street.

They own basically the

US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

which recently defiedSecretary of Energy Perry

in his effort to come upwith a more secure grid,

actually defied the Secretary of Energy.

- [Erik] Another majorissue, while larger utilities

have beefed up cyber defense,smaller regional companies

often overlook the need for such security.

- Anywhere between 80% and 90%

of the criticalinfrastructure in this country

is held in private hands

and so other than the regulators,

there's no real controlover doing the things

that you need to do, the basic blacking

and tackling of cyberhygiene and so forth.

- [Erik] Since ourcritical infrastructures

depend on each other,

Homeland Security holdsexercises like Cyber Storm VI.

It simulates various cyberattacks simultaneously

on a variety of facilities,

forcing federal, state, and local agencies

to work with private companiesto quickly find solutions.

- The ability to exercisehow we coordinate,

how we collaborate, howwe share information,

because that is just as important,

as we've seen in every real-life incident,

as the actual technical meansof identifying who's doing it

and getting them off the computers.

- Bottom line, enemies bigand small want to plant

cyber sleeper weaponswithin our infrastructure

so they can eventually use themto destroy our way of life.

The challenge will beensuring a full team effort

between both the US governmentand private enterprise

to fully protect us.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks, Erik.

And what I also want to pointout, ladies and gentlemen,

is we mentioned this idea of an EMP blast.

A low level nuclearexplosion over Chicago,

say at 1,200 feet or1,500 feet, or 5,000 feet,

sometime like that, you launch a missile

and have it explode, onenuclear weapon over Chicago,

would shut down the gridfor the entire nation.

Just one of them.

If there's a solar flare that comes at us

and there's a surge from the sun,

it would just take one of those surges

to knock out our grid.

Now, we're talking about thedeath of 90% of Americans

and so it costs $10 million,er, costs $20 billion,

it costs $100 billion, wouldn'tmatter when we're looking

at a $10, $20 trillion dollareconomy, this is nothing.

It's something that Congressshould get on right away.

I mean, it is a crisisand it means that the grid

needs to get hardened andwe've got to make sure

that the nodes that connectthe various electrical plants

are connected and hardened

so that they can resist cyber attack,

that's one thing,

that's just manmade along the way,

but they can address the EMP blast

that could come at usfrom a number of sources,

but it's got to be done,ladies and gentlemen.

We're talking about crucial

and so absolutely we've got to do it.

Just think of that.

You have no power, yourrefrigerator doesn't work

so you don't have any frozen food

after a very short length of time.

The grocery stores don't function

because all of their frozen stuff

is no longer functional.

The trucks don't work.

The lights don't work.

Your 911 calls don't work.

Your police can't function.

We're talking about chaos in our society.

The whole society could break down

if we don't have electricity.

We're so dependent.

There was a time wedidn't need electricity.

People on farms hadtheir own way of living

and I remember years ago on a farm

we had a great big barrel

that was kind of like a storage battery

and that was the way they could

get a little primitive electricity

but we're talking about serious matter.

You can't get your money.

You can't have credit.

The stock market freezes.

All the way across thenation, it's just chaos.

- So stock up on kerosene.

(Wendy chuckles)- It's more than that, dear.

- I know.

- Up in my mountain, I'vegot a place in the hills,

I've got a hundred kilowatt generator.

We hear at CBN have severalgenerators, big generators,

that keep things going

so if we lose power off the grid

we can go to our own generators.

- Is this something average Americans

really need to prepare for?

Do we need to have supplies?

- Supplies, how can you supply for a year?

How can anybody do that?- Yeah, you can't.

- We're so dependent on our situation.

I mean, the grocerystores have got about two

or three days worth of supplies.

They figure on these big trucks coming in

day after day after day.

I guess one way, if peoplehave their own generators,

it's a good move, but my goodnesswe're talking about crisis

that can come about

and I don't want to be an alarmist

but if the government would just say,

look, we've got to fix this

and it's gonna take political will

but we need to do it.

I mean, this is a $10, $20trillion dollar economy.

We're talking about a few billion dollars,

$10 billion or $20 billion or whatever,

which is nickels and dimes compared

to the damage of what this thing could do.

So we need to give moneyto the private sector,

subsidize, if we have to,the electric utilities,

to make sure that allthose nodes are secure

against cyber and against EMP blast.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's got to be done.

All right, Wendy, go.

- Okay, coming up more fallout

from President Trump's meeting with Putin

even though the presidenthas walked back his remarks.

Hear what's happening withdamage control after this.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

President Trump is in damage control mode

walking back his controversial statement

about doubting Russia's interference

in the 2016 elections.

After an uproar from bothDemocrats and Republicans,

he's blamed it on a slip of the tongue.

As CBN's Jenna Browderreports from Washington,

some of his critics saythat's not good enough.

- President Trump iswalking back his comments

after huge pressure from Congress.

He said he misspoke when he appeared

to back Russian president, Vladimir Putin,

over his own intelligence agencies.

- I have full faith and support

for America's great intelligence agencies.

- [Jenna] Trump says hehad a slip of the tongue

when he made this statement.

- And a key sentence in my remarks,

I said the word would instead of wouldn't.

The sentence should havebeen I don't see any reason

why I wouldn't or whyit wouldn't be Russia.

- [Jenna] But he stillleft open the possibility

that Russia wasn't alonein targeting the election.

- Russia's meddling in the2016 election took place.

Could be other people also.

- A view supported byRepresentative Louie Gohmert,

who spoke to CBN News.

He's one of few lawmakers defending Trump.

- Both the US government,Department of Justice intel,

as well as the Russians,as well as other countries,

were trying to influence our election.

- [Jenna] Trump's clarification comes

after strong bipartisan criticism

but it isn't good enoughfor some Democrats.

- I don't accept thepresident's comments today.

If he wanted to make those comments

he should have had thestrength to make 'em

in front of Vladimir Putin.

- [Jenna] Senator ChuckSchumer is demanding notes

from Trump's private meeting with Putin

to know exactly what Trumpsaid behind closed doors.

And speaking in South Africa

before President Trump's clarification,

former President Obama hadthis thinly veiled criticism,

- We see the utter loss ofshame among political leaders

where they're caught in a lie

and they just doubledown and lie some more.

- [Jenna] So farRepublicans on Capitol Hill

are not responding toTrump's latest statement

but they are making clearPutin is no friend of America.

- We believe the EuropeanUnion countries are our friends

and the Russians are not.

- Vladimir Putin doesnot share our interests.

Vladimir Putin does not share our values.

- [Jenna] Conservativesare lining up behind a bill

written by Senator Marco Rubio

that would punish Russia forany 2018 election meddling.

- There are a lot ofus who fully understand

what happened in 2016

and it really better nothappen again in 2018.

- It's widely accepted Russia meddled

in the 2016 election

but in his clarification,

President Trump made sure to stress

his campaign did notcollude with the Kremlin.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks, Jenna.

And also after the Helsinki summit,

Russia's Defense Ministry says it's ready

to follow up on military agreements

by Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin, quote,

"in the sphere of international security,"

but the Trump administration, Pat,

hasn't said that anyagreements were even made.

- Well, they weren't,ladies and gentlemen,

we've got to take one thing into account.

Russia has an arsenal, a hugearsenal of nuclear weapons.

Between the two of us,we have maybe 80%, 90%

of all the nuclear weapons in the world

and if anybody decidesto start a shooting war

it'll destroy all of civilization

so making the Russians our friends

is not the worst thing in the world

and being hard nosed to Putin

isn't necessarily thebest thing in the world.

I know everybody wantyou to stand up there

and say, you know, youso-and-so, blah, blah, blah.

But Trump took a different tack

and he's been roundlycriticized because of it.

I think, again, what'sbeen pointed out by Jenna

and I think I want to reemphasize

that he had been accused ofcolluding with the Russians.

That was the charge, thatthere was a collusion

between his campaign and the Russians.

There was no collusion.

What he's trying to say, basically,

is I did not collude

but what they bought it to be

is that I did not worryabout his meddling.

Trump knows that the Russiansmeddled in the election

but he would personally, andhis campaign, didn't do it.

They weren't engaged in any of that.

You know, the interestingthing that Putin offered,

he said, okay, you justarrested some of our people.

By all means, bring 'em toRussia and get the facts

and we will be glad to cooperate with you

and you can investigate all you want to

and if they're guilty,we'll put 'em on trial

and put 'em in jail.

That was quite a concession.

We really, I mean, I'vedealt with the Russians,

myself personally,

and I've found them to bevery nice people to deal with.

I wasn't dealing withPutin on the other hand.

No, there was the Gorbachevregime and after that

but nevertheless, you know,

there are many people in Russia

who, you know, are Christian,they love the Lord,

and they aren't all enemies.

I think if we can get alongwith Russia it's not a bad thing

and I think the criticism for the press

has been over the top.

It's been unbelievably vicious.

When you look at the stuff that Obama

and Obama talks aboutthe leaders not lying.

He's the one that said ifyou like your healthcare,

you can keep it.

If you like your doctors,you can keep 'em.

He lied through his teeth inselling that health program.

Lied, lied, lied, lied.

It was on tape doing it

and yet he's criticizing the president.

I think the former intelligence group

that was under Obama

were absolutely horrible people.

They were horrible people.

And now you've got a guy like Jim Coates

who is a terrific guy incharge of our intelligence

and others and I think Trump is having

a little hard timeseparating the good guys

that are working for him

and the bad guys whowere working for Obama

so that's what we're dealing with.

But John, let's get on withthe program (chuckles).

- Pat, American PastorAndrew Brunson is on trial

in Turkey yet again

but some are optimistiche'll be freed today.

Brunson was jailed nearly two years ago.

One of the charges, Christianization

or spreading the gospel.

President Trump and members of Congress

have called for his release.

Some experts believethe pressure is working.

You can learn more about Brunson's case

on our website at

Well, turning now to the fight

over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination

to the Supreme Court.

Democrats say they'll fight the nomination

in any way possible.

As Abigail Robertson reports,some judicial scholars

question their latest line of attack.

- Democrats are often the first to label

a questionable claim as conspiracy theory.

Now they are joining a bandwagon

accusing President Trumpof specifically choosing

Judge Kavanaugh inorder to protect himself

in the ongoing Mueller investigation.

- No investigation of a president.

Is it any wonder that PresidentTrump chose Kavanaugh?

- He chose the one person that has written

that he should have immunityfrom any investigation.

- [Abigail] This claimoriginates from an article

written in the Minnesota Law Review

back in 2009 by Kavanaugh.

In it he discusses his experience working

for independent counsel, Ken Starr,

as he investigated thenPresident Bill Clinton,

followed by his time workingfor President George W. Bush.

After witnessing the day to day challenges

faced by the president, it ledKavanaugh to raise questions

about investigationsof a sitting president.

He wrote, "We should notburden a sitting president

"with civil suits,criminal investigations,

"or criminal prosecutions.

"The president's job isdifficult enough as is.

"And the country loses when

"the president's focus is distracted."

Democrats argue this means Kavanaugh

would likely pardon the presidentin case of an indictment.

The White House disagrees,pointing out the judge

suggested Congress pass a law

that would defer civil suits

until a president leaves office.

- It's very important thatpeople understand this point.

He did not espouse aConstitutional viewpoint on this.

It was a legislative fixthat only Congress can do.

- [Abigail] Georgetown lawprofessor, Randy Barnett,

and other legal experts also refute this.

- I think this is preposterous.

- [Abigail] Barnett sayswhile Democrats are justified

in their concerns about a judge selected

by a Republican president,

this is mainly political theater.

- I think this is just whatyou might call the phony war

leading up to the real war

and the real war will start

when all the documentsare going to be produced

about his tenure in the Bush White House,

his tenure on the Starrspecial counsel's office.

- Senators will certainlybe looking for ammunition

as they comb through that paperwork

as well as the more than 300 opinions

written by Kavanaugh during his 12 years

as a district judge.

That will mean some long hours

if they hope to find anything

before the Senate hearingsstart in September.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks, Abigail.

Pat, as Abigail's story eludes to,

I don't think we've seen anything yet

as far as the campaignattacks on Judge Kavanaugh.

- Well, the grasping has started.

I think the Americanpeople are sick of this.

Kavanaugh is an absolutely superb judge.

He's a brilliant judge

and I say his opinions have been upheld

by the Supreme Court onabout 12 different decisions.

In other words, theyhave adopted his rhetoric

and when he made dissents,the Supreme Court

has picked it up as a majority decision.

He's a brilliant judge

and these attacks arejust without foundation

that he would somehow pardonTrump or do something.

It's ridiculous, utterly ridiculous.

What he said is exactly true.

A sitting president shouldn'tbe bothered by civil suits,

by all these things.

And while we're talking about it,

there's something I want to discuss

that I think that is so important.

You've probably read in the headlines

that judge in Hawaiiorders Trump administration

to do the following.

Well, this is a district court judge

and there are many of themall over the United States

and according to JusticeThomas, and I totally agree,

they do not have Constitutional authority

beyond the district where they're sitting.

They do not have national precedence

because the people involved,

the litigants, are not before them

and they are not permitted,

they should not be permittedunder the Constitution

or under our system of laws,

to judge the whole nation.

They don't have that authority.

The Supreme Court doesbut the various circuits

are in charge of a specificgeographical region

and district court judges

are in charge of that district.

For a district court judge,

one of the little, little,little lower judges,

to start issuing these rulings

it means that the decisions

are run up to the Supreme Court

where they have to be decided

before they're properly vetted,

before the cases are ripe,

if I could use that term,

and they're forced into the Supreme Court

when the normal procedure,

you'd have the case in the district court,

then it goes to the circuit court,

then there's a decision,or if there's a split

between the circuits or, you know,

difference in the circuits

then the Supreme Court'll answer it

but then you've gotthe cases in a position

where the Supreme Court can judge it

but to force them to haveto deal with multiple

district court decisions is absurd

and something's gotta be done.

Congress has got to pass a law

or the Supreme Court themselves

has got to rule and shut thesedistrict court judges down.

They have no authorityunder the Constitution

to do what they've been doing.

But the press just seems to applaud that.

Oh well, there was a judge

that put the kibosh on Trump'spolicy about immigrants

and their families.

Well, they have no authority to do that.

They have no authorityto order the president

to do anything and so I think it's time

we get this thing under control

and an out of control judiciary

is one of the greatestdangers to our democracy.

Now we're gonna see something interesting

that's happening in Virginia.

John, tell us about it.

- That's right, Pat.

A Virginia school districtnow allows teachers

to carry guns in the classroom.

The school board of ruralLee County, Virginia

approved the plan this week.

It requires armed teachersto pass a psychological test

and undergo training.

Over a dozen states currentlyallow teachers to carry guns.

Well, homeschooling across America

has seen tremendous growthover the last 20 years.

Now the sad trend of school shootings

could cause those numbersto go even higher.

Charlene Aaron brings us that story.

- School shootings havebecome much too common

with more than 20 in 2018 alone.

Following each event,the heated debate erupts

of how to best protectschools and those inside.

Still no answer.

After 17 died in theValentine's Day shooting

at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida,

thousands of young peoplemarched on Washington

demanding tougher federal gun laws.

Organizers here at theVirginia Homeschool Convention

say in light of recent school shootings

they're hearing from more parents

who are consideringteaching their kids at home.

- Any time there has been a tragedy

like the school shooting thatwe all have seen on the news,

we get lots and lots of phone calls,

more than ever before.

- [Charlene] For thatreason, Latoya Daniel

says she's already decidedher three year old daughter

won't be attending publicschool when the time comes.

- I'm very concernedbecause I have cousins

that their moms and them tellme that they're coming home

talking about guns in school

and they're also talkingabout, little kids,

they're talking about theywant to do things with them

that are very inappropriate.

- [Charlene] For parents who don't know

if they can homeschool,

Jim Mason of the HomeschoolLegal Defense Association

says it's become more accessible.

- Homeschooling today is available

in a way that it hadn'tbeen in years past,

even to people who may notbe able to do it themselves.

So for example, you know,retired grandparents

can homeschool your children.

There are a lot of online options.

- [Charlene] Cristina Truazteaches her four boys at home

because she says her top priority

is protecting them bothphysically and spiritually.

- I am thankful thatwe're able to stay home

and that they are safe in my care.

My school is always armed (laughs)

and I do appreciate that.

I'm thankful that I'm ableto have a good eye on them

and that it's not justabout their physical safety

but their spiritual safety.

I'm able to guard what isgoing inside their minds

and inside their hearts.

- [Charlene] CharleneAaron, CBN News, Richmond.

- Thanks, Charlene.

Pat, it is a sad reality for parents

and their school age children.

- Well, you know, when Iwent to school as a kid

I never thought about anybody shooting me.

I did think about them big boys

that wanted to fight after school

and I was engaged in several fistfights

but nobody was shooting at me (laughs).

- You were engaged.

Well, I hope you won.

- Of course I won.- Of course (laughs).

Silly question.

- If I didn't, I had somebig guys who were on my side

who were protecting me (laughs).

- It's a new day.

- It's part of school.

I mean, you know, you have fistfights

and that's, well, the way it is.

I mean, we used toplay, you know, football

and, you know, in ourbreak times and stuff.

I mean, that, we try to protect children

and we take away all the, you know,

the break time was so important

to let kids get out

and now they've started to limit that

because of, quote, lawsuits,

that they might getinjured on the playground.

That's tough luck.

I mean, that's part of life.

You get your nose broken?

Too bad.

That was part of growing up.

- Yeah, now everythingis about being protected.

- Yeah, it's ridiculous.

All right.

- Up next, Your Questions, Honest Answers.

Tina says, my 30 yearold daughter is bipolar

and unable to hold a job.

Would the money I spendto help support her

be considered a form of tithing?

Pat answers this question

and more of your emails when we come back.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back.

It's time for your questions

and some honest answers from Pat.

Tina writes in, mydaughter is 30 years old,

suffers from bipolardisorder and depression,

and is unable to hold a job.

I help to support her by payingsome of her medical bills,

and I bought her a carto get to appointments.

I do give to a local charityas well as The 700 Club.

Would the money I spend tohelp support my adult daughter

be considered a form of tithing?

- You ask me a question.

I've got to tell you, technicallyit's not a form of tithing

but at the same time you dohave to look after your children

and God doesn't want us to give

if we don't have money available

and you do have to lookafter your bipolar child

and that's a good thing.

To consider it a tithe isnot technically correct

but, does the Lord want you to be forced

to give and to deny your child?

The answer is no.

You've got to look after your kids.

So that's where yourpriority has to be first

and then you do what the Lord gives you

out of your surpluses, all right?

- Amen.

Connie says, why was it unlawful for Herod

to have a relationship with Herodias

if she was married him?

- Well, Herodias was his brother's wife

and he took her away from his brother.

I mean, she was a married woman

and Herodias was, Herod said, you know,

you're gonna be my wife

so he's married to her

but he stole her away from his brother.

That's why it's unlawful.

- So it was kind of like adultery.

- It's his brother's wife, that's right.

- Okay, this viewer says,my sister is not a Christian

but believes and would like to become one.

She divorced her husbandover marital issues

and then remarried.

After her second husband drank

and was talking to otherwomen on the internet,

she divorced him too.

She's now remarried to her first husband.

She isn't sure what to do,

as some see beingremarried, as living in sin,

especially since she couldn'tprove her first husband

had cheated on her.

I've told her Jesus washes away all sin

and makes her new.

What should she do moving forward?

- Well, the Lord says he'llforgive all manner of sins

and blasphemy, you'll beforgiven out of the sins of man.

If you look at the Old Testament,

a man was told, all right,you divorced your wife.

You can't go back to her.

You've humiliated her, you know.

You get married and thenyou go back and remarry her

and it was forbidden becauseit would humiliate her

but that is the wife andshe wants to get married

back to her first husband

and, you know, do they wantto have another ceremony?

They could if they want to

since they were technically divorced.

It'd probably be a good thing to do it.

I would recommend that.

They can have another ceremony

and recommit their vow.

They don't have to go anywhere,

just commit 'em beforethe Lord, all right?

- Grass isn't always greeneron the other side, I guess.

- What's that?

- Grass isn't always greener.

- Exactly (chuckles).

- All right, this viewer says,

is the Son of God also God?

- Absolutely.

Well, you know, the wholedoctrine, the Trinity,

it's the Father, theSon, and the Holy Spirit.

The Father's God, the Son is God,

and the Holy Spirit is God.

This is my Son, My belovedin whom I am well pleased

but, you know, when youlook at doubting Thomas,

you remember Thomas who was a devout Jew,

looked at Jesus after the resurrection

and he said my Lord and my God.

So Jesus is considered to beGod as well as the Father.

God the Father, God theSon, God the Holy Spirit.

- Here's one from Amy.

I was talking with acouple of friends recently,

and we were all wondering.

What happens after the Rapture?

- Well, what I want to tell you,

there's a false doctrineof this so-called Rapture.

When Jesus comes back to earth again,

He says I will send out My angels

to the four corners of the earth

and I would gather My elect, you know,

and they will be calledup to be with the Lord.

That's the Rapture

and at the end it,

that's the end of the age.

The idea that there're gonnabe a whole bunch of people

who will get called up andthey'll be driving trains

and flying airplanes andriding along the road

and all the sudden allthat'll be left is their suits

and they'll be off to be with the Lord

and their car will crash,trains will run off the tracks,

the airplanes will fall out of the sky,

that's nonsense.

That isn't what the Bible says.

At the end of the age, afterthe Tribulation of those days,

then will appear the sightof the Son of Man in Heaven

and so forth and so on.

The so-called Rapturewill be at the end of time

when Jesus comes back

and at that point everythingwill be incorporated

in a new kingdom that He willbring to earth, all right.

- All right, Rose saysI have a family member

who is always convincedshe's going to hell.

She went to many psychiatristsfor help over the years,

and the only advice they giveis that hell doesn't exist.

The whole family hasbeen praying for years

seeking anything that will ease her doubt.

The current issue stems from the fact

that she left the faith for a few years

and now thinks that shecan never have salvation.

What can we do to convince her otherwise,

and what can we do to help her find peace?

- You know, great peacehave they that love thy law

and nothing shall offend them.

You need to show her the Word of God

and she needs to readsomething like John, 1 John,

first, second, and third John,

to see the love of God.

God is love and sheneeds to understand love

and she needs to understand forgiveness.

I recommend that sheread over and over again

the gospels and she sees the love of God

and she, if she wants to confesswhat she thinks she's done

let her confess it and then put it away

because all manner of sins and blasphemies

will be forgiven the sons of man.

God will forgive

and she needs to understand that

and then get on with her life.

You know, the Bible says that he wants us

to be free, our consciencefreed from dead works

that we might serve the living God.

He does not want people in constant fear

of torment and fear of going to hell.

I don't know who teaches that

but she's got to understand

that she's not one of them, all right?

One last question.

- Okay, this viewer saysI truly believe in God.

I know He is a healer.

I have prayed for healing in my body

so that I am able to conceive a child.

He has blessed both ofmy sisters with children

and between them they have seven girls.

I know He is able, I just don't understand

why He hasn't done it for me.

Please help me understand.

- (chuckles) I don'tknow what to tell you.

You look at people in the Old Testament

who were praying and, youknow, God answered their prayer

and brought children and the children

were considered a blessing of God

but given the medicaladvances we have today,

I really think that you'd be wise,

in addition to praying,to seek some medical help.

There may be some reasonthat you can't conceive.

It may be your husband isn't fertile.

There are a lot of things

that you have to decide and determine

and all that can be taken care of

in the medical field that we have today.

Go to somebody who's a specialist in that.

We've got 'em here in Tidewater.

The Jones Clinic is into allthat reproductive health.

I think you might find there's something

that's scientific that'llshow you the reason

why you're not conceiving

and I think that'swhere you start, really,

and, you know, one of the funny things

is, you know, over and over again people

who can't have children decide

they're gonna go ahead and adopt a child.

The minute they adopt achild, they kinda get relaxed

and the next thing you knowthe woman gets pregnant

and they have their own child.

- You hear that over and over, don't you?

- Over and over again.

I don't know what it is, but--

- Let go and let God, right?

- Thank you for your questions.

I appreciate 'em.

- Still ahead, scientificresearch that shows

praying in tongues boostsyour immune system.

Catch the fire as Patricia Bootsma shares

how prayer, prophecy,

and the Word promotedivine health and healing.

That's coming up lateron today's 700 Club.

(pleasant music)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

Those young boys rescuedfrom a flood cave in Thailand

are out of the hospital today.

They spoke about theirordeal at a press conference.

The team explored the cave on June 23rd

and was quickly trapped by flood waters.

10 days later, divers rescued the boys

and their coach.

Rescuers extracted themone by one over three days

in a mission described as miraculous.

Well, a wild and dangerous chase

through the streets of LasVegas caught on camera.

The officer pursuingtwo suspects in an SUV

comes under fire and responds,

firing his gun while driving.

(sirens wailing)(gunshots bang)

The chase continued untilthe vehicle collided

into the wall of an elementary school.

The two suspects tried to flee on foot

but one was shot and killed on the scene.

The other man ran onto school grounds

but was caught by policeand taken into custody.

Well, you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website,

Pat and Wendy will be backwith more of The 700 Club

right after this.

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- Brain specialist Dr. CarlPeterson conducted a study

researching the brains ofpeople who prayed in tongues.

He made a stunning discovery

that comes as no surpriseto our next guest

who understands the power of prayer,

prophecy, and the Word.

Take a look.

- [Reporter] PatriciaBootsma and her husband John

are senior leaders ofCatch The Fire in Canada.

For more than 20 years theyhave been teaching others

about the power of prayer.

- In the name of Jesus,straighten this spine.

- [Reporter] Patricia sayspraying is our connection

to the heart and power of God

but many won't take the time to do it.

In her book, A Lifestyleof Divine Encounters,

Patricia offers practical tips on praying

and inspires us toexperience God's presence

on a whole new level.

- And please welcome to The700 Club, Patricia Bootsma.

I love your last name.

It's fun to say.- So good to be here.

Thank you.- You look beautiful.

Let's start with that study

about the effects of prayingin tongues on the brain.

This is fascinating.

Is this true?

- It really is true.

It's amazing.

There's two secretionssecreted in the human brain

by no other human activity,

only by (speaking foreign language),

or speaking on tongues.

It actually boosts ourimmune system 35% to 40%.

We're healthier and wefeel better as well.

And there's other studies aswell that have proven that.

There was one in the UK, for example,

of a thousand people studied

and those who spoke in tongues

or prayed in tongues weremuch more joyful with life

and enjoyed their life so much better.

- I guess that's what theapostle Paul says in the Bible,

that praying in tonguesedifies your own spirit, right?

- Absolutely.

- You've been experiencing the benefits

of praying in tongues sinceyou were 19 years old.

Tell us about that.

- Well, you know, this might be helpful

for anyone who thinksthis gift isn't for me.

I had prayer when I was17 and nothing happened,

like, in feeling the Holy Spirit.

I was thinking, oh no,it's only for a select few.

Not for me.

But that was really a lie that I believed

and then God began tojust really speak to me

as well as I had theseencounters in the night

that were very frightful.

I felt like it was sort of demonic stuff,

really, was going on.

When I was 19,

I was home for universityfor three weeks in a row.

I could not sleep.

And I realized I didn't have any power.

I didn't have any authorityto really, you know,

get rid of this stuff andso I cried out to the Lord

and said Lord, I really needwhat I read in the Bible

about the baptism of the Spirit,

about the infilling of Your power,

and I want speaking in tongues too.

I'm ready to be a fool for Jesus.

So anyways, I got prayer.

I felt fire in my body.

And you know what,

I just started to speak intongues then after that.

I went and said in the name of Jesus

whatever's tormenting me, go,

and it was the first timeI slept in three weeks.

- But you didn't get praying in tongues

the first time you asked for it.

You had to wait.- That's true.

- And I didn't either.

I really wanted it.

Yeah, I had to wait on the Lord.

I even heard the HolySpirit say, you know,

wait on the Lord and thenit came at the right time

so that is encouraging, I'msure, to a lot of people.

Patricia, what are the three things

that will bring us into

an intimate relationshipwith God on a daily basis?

- Yeah, you know, about living

a lifestyle of divine encounters.

This isn't just for aone off here or there.

This is for us to positionyourself before the Lord,

to have regular encounters with Him.

So prayer, our positioningourself to pray.

I love what Corrie ten Boom said.

She said have yourappointment with the King

and keep your appointment with the King.

In other words, schedule it in your day.

I'm gonna seek God's face.

I'm gonna come before Himin the place of prayer.

Which is really two way dialogue,

not just, like, I'm comingwith my laundry list

but also coming to listento what He's saying to me.

The most important way He speaksto us is through the Word.

Now I don't have a theology degree

but I love the Bible.

Now I do.

It was just so revolutionaryfor me years ago.

I actually smuggled Biblesinto a closed country

and I realized that these people were,

their lives were atrisk to receive a Bible

and I'm thinking, how manyBibles do I have at home?

Like five or six?

And they're collecting dust.

I was, like, determinedto say I'm gonna be

a woman of the Word

and I'm so grateful.

That was decades ago thatI made that decision.

I'm so grateful becausethat's the main way

that God wants to speak to us

and we want to be grounded in the Bible

and encounters come in the Bible

and in the prophetic, byhearing the voice of God,

dreams, visions, encounters, you know,

can see it in the spirit realm.

All these sorts of things.

Again, grounded in the Word.

We don't want anythingthat's extra Biblical

'cause then it's not God.

But these are things I believe

that should be normal life for all of us.

- Let's talk about prophecy.

Why should we desire that gift?

Is it for everyone?

- Absolutely.

You know, it says in 1 Corinthians 14:1

says to pursue love butto desire spiritual gifts,

especially prophecy.

Now that word desire's really,

it's (speaking foreignlanguage) in the Greek.

It's eager, it's intense,it's like, go after ardently.

So God's saying this about prophecy.


I believe that He knows the benefits

of leading a prophetic life.

Number one, relationship.

You know, it says in Song of Solomon 5:6,

it says my heart leaped up when he spoke.

You know, the greatestthing is passion for Jesus.

That's the great commandment.

- You really defined whatprophecy is in your book.

You said it's basicallyhearing the Word of God,

hearing his heart, andthen relaying the message.

- Yeah, as well as many of the things

that we receive prophetically

are not even supposed to be spoken.

It's about our relationship.

It's also our prayer life

because it also says in Jeremiah

that if there's a prophet among you,

let him make intercession.

So there's a call of prayer onthe prophetic mantel as well

but it is for all of us.

I just want to say that.

Demystify this.

It's not just for a select few.

All of us can hear God.

All of us can, you know,live a life in the Word.

- Yeah, and Patricia, ALifestyle of Divine Encounters,

you also have,

you talk about the power

of decreeing blessings over your life

and I was reading some ofthose out loud last night

when I was reading your book

and that's so powerful, isn't it?

Why should we do that?

- Well, it's really livingthe lifestyle of blessings

because we want to remindourselves of who God says we are.

There'll be competing voices, isn't there?

There's negativity thatcan come in our minds

that ourselves or maybe people say or--

- What would a decree be thatwe would pray of ourselves?

- Like, some of it can be pure Scripture.

It's no longer I lives orit's Christ lives in me.

Or I am loved by God, I am a lover of God,

to Him who was able tokeep me from stumbling.

Those can be some of the decrees

but also it's like, whathas God spoken over you

or over those in your sphere of influence?

Like, I have decrees Isay every day over my kids

and my husband that they would live out

the fullness of their calling and destiny,

so a form of prayer.

- Well, we know that youare seeing so many miracles

up in Toronto and you talkabout those in your book.

I wish we had more time,but Patricia's book

is called A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters

and it's available wherever books are sold

and I really recommend this book.

You need to get it.

You can hear more from Patricia

in our social interview on Facebook

just go to

Patricia, thank you so much.

God bless you.- Thank you for having me.

- Well Pat and I will be back to pray

for you right after this so don't go away.

(pleasant music)

(pleasant music)

- Once again we're sodelighted to have you with us

as members of theaudience of our 700 Club,

and we have, highlight of this broadcast

is the time we get to pray for you.

Your needs, your hurts,your joys, your triumphs,

whatever you want to do,

and we're going to pray

but I want to share a coupleof things with you first

and then we'll pray for you

and, Wendy, you got something that's good.

- Pat, Jacalyn from WestHazelton, Pennsylvania,

had been suffering witha growth on the inside

of her right knee for almost 30 years.

Jacalyn heard you give aword of knowledge, Pat,

saying you've got a cystunderneath your knee.

It's your right leg andthe cyst is down there.

It's very painful and inflamed.

Just reach down and touchyour leg wherever it is,

and in the name ofJesus, receive an answer.

Jacalyn was instantly healed.

- Isn't that fantastic?- Amazing.

- Wonderful.- Love it.

- Here's Amanda.

She lives in Hobart, Oklahoma.

She suffered for years with pain

from a deteriorating knee.

That's the second knee thing.

She heard you say last month

there are so many people,you have knee problems,

have just been healed.

You're putting your handson your knees right now

and you're crying out to the Lord

and the Lord is hearing you

and Amanda placed herhands on her swollen knees

and the knee was healed immediately.

- Amen.- You know, the spoken Word.

Now we're gonna pray right now.

We've only got a short while

but Father, I join with Wendy

and we pray together right now.

Let the anointing ofthe Holy Spirit be here.

Touch people's lives,we pray in Jesus' name.

Wendy, what do you--

- There's someone with,your neck, your neck's

been very painful and it's been cracking

and God's touching you right now

so someone with chronicmigraines being healed

in the name of Jesus.

- Somebody has had a terribledisappointment in your life.

You've been so disappointed

and you're grieving right now.

God is just reaching out to you

and embracing you and that disappointment

is going to turn into joy.

Let the Spirit of God work in your life

and He will heal you of the disappointment

and bring you joy and peace.

Thank you, Lord.

And for others in thisaudience, whoever you are,

may the power and theanointing of the Holy Spirit

come upon you, may the blessingof the Lord be upon you.

In Jesus' name, receive an answer.

Amen.- Amen.

- And Amen.

Well, we're so glad to be with you.

We want your telephone calls if you want

to give us prayer requests.

The number's 800-700-7000.

Easy to remember.

Well, today's Power Minute

is from Psalm 90.

So teach us to number our days

that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Tomorrow, you wannasee how a group of kids

called The Good News Gang ishelping Motown make a comeback.

And for Wendy and all ofus, this is Pat Robertson.

Thank you so much for being with us.

Remember, even though we're not on the air

the telephone numbers are available.

People are at the phones right now.


We'll see you tomorrow.

Bye bye.

(pleasant music)


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