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The Homeschool Solution: More Families Staying Home as Public School Shootings Rise

The Homeschool Solution: More Families Staying Home as Public School Shootings Rise Read Transcript

- School shootings have become

much too common, with morethan 20 in 2018 alone.

Following each of event,a heated debate erupts

of how to best protectschools and those inside.

Still no answer.

After 17 died in theValentine's Day shooting

at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in Florida,

thousands of young peoplemarched on Washington,

demanding tougher federal gun laws.

Organizers here at theVirginia homeschool convention

say in light of recent school shootings,

they're hearing from moreparents who are considering

teaching their kids at home.

- Anytime there has been a tragedy,

like the school shootings

that we're all have seen on the news,

we get lots and lots of phone calls,

more than ever before.

- [Charlene] For thatreason, Latoya Daniels says

she's already decided herthree year old daughter

won't be attending publicschool when the time comes.

- I'm very concernedbecause I have cousins

that their moms and them tell me that

they're coming home, talkingabout guns in school,

and they're also talking about little kids

that are talking about theywanna do things with them

that are very inappropriate.

- [Charlene] For parents who don't know

if they can homeschool,Jim Mason of the homeschool

legal defense association saysit's become more accessible.

- Homeschooling todayis available in a way

that it hadn't been in years past,

even to people who may notbe able to do it themselves.

So for example, retiredgrandparents can homeschool

your children, there area lot of online options.

- [Charlene] Christina Truazteaches her four boys at home

because she says her top priority

is protecting them bothphysically and spiritually.

- I am thankful thatwe're able to stay home

and that they are safe in my care.

My school is always armed (laughing)

and I do appreciate that,I'm thankful that I'm able

to have a good eye on them,

and that it's not justabout their physical safety

but their spiritual safety.

I'm able to guard what Igoing inside their minds

and inside their hearts.

- [Charlene] CharleneAaron, CBN News, Richmond.


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