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Studio 5: First Looks

Studio 5 takes you behind-the-scenes of three soon-to-be released films: Unbroken: Path to Redemption, Christopher Robin and Indivisible. You will meet the stars, the filmmakers and learn more about the real life heroes. Read Transcript


- [Efrem] Seconds away on Studio 5

- If you're gonna train for running

you have to do it right.

- [Efrem] From Unbroken:Path to Redemption

- [Pooh] What to do indeed.

- Pooh?

- [Efrem] To Christopher Robin.

- Divorces filed in the last three months.

Soldiers losing familiesand having nothing

to go home to is not thestabilizing force we need around.

- [Efrem] And Indivisible, it's a show of

first looks in Studio 5 and it starts now.

(upbeat music)

- Welcome to Studio 5, your Studio 5

exclusive behind the scenes look at

Unbroken: Path to Redemptionis just moments away.

So let's fire up thisweek's countdown clock and

begin our look at thefive best headlines in the

world of uplifting entertainmentnews, at number five.

Encouraging news keeps coming in the story

of those 12 young soccer players trapped

in a flooded cave in Thailandfor more than two weeks.

- The world is certainlyfascinated with this story.

With that in mind,Pureflix CEO Michael Scott

is in Thailand eyeing movierights to the cave rescue story.

He witnessed it first hand, joins us now.

Where do you stand in terms of beginning

a production of the filmand securing those rights?

- We're just meeting withdifferent people that

we know that were involvedin the rescue operation,

from people that coordinatedit to divers that were involved

to a little bit of everybodyin getting those rights.

We're also in the process right now,

bringing on a really great screen writer.

I can't say who right now but I think

we'll have some good news on that shortly.

- [Efrem] At number four.

The largest and longestrunning music festival

in the country, the Vans Warped Tour,

comes to an end this summer.

- Being able to play infront of so many new people

and it's just been honestly a blessing.

I always just try tospread a message of love.

- [Efrem] Studio 5 joinedthe tour on its stop

in Virginia Beach to measureit's impact on musicians and

fans from across the worldsince its start in 1995.

(rock music)

- The camaraderie isamazing, making this many

friends is amazing, watching bands

support each other is amazing.

- Number three in thecountdown is still to come.

Unbroken: Path toRedemption picks up where

Angelina Jolie's Unbrokenleft off in 2014,

and we were on set forthe film's production.

- You think you can run afour to seven a mile again?

- I wouldn't be doin' this if I didn't.

I don't run to run, I run to win.

- You will never escape me.

Wherever you go, I will find you.

- [Efrem] Louis Zamperini's real life

is made for the movies, he was a

World War II veteran, asurviving Prisoner of War,

and an Olympic distance runner.

His story returns to the big screen in

Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

- Are you sleeping well?

Are you having any nightsweats or nightmares?

- I just thought I'd beable to forget everything.

I wanna go home.

- There is no home.

- It's just an incrediblestory of perseverance.

A man that was savagelybeaten and then just

tortured with PTSD and then tofind grace after all of that.

- [Efrem] Harold Cronk directs the film,

alongside Matthew Baer, who worked with

Angelina Jolie on the first one.

- I've always knownthat the second half of

Lou's life was equally as powerful,

so I feel very fortunate to have the

opportunity to tell thesecond half of Lou's story.

And fortunately to havea partner in Harold,

as a director who is able to physically

make the film in a way that is

going to move audiences and understand

why the second half of Lou'slife was so valuable to make.

- You're Louis Zamperini, aren't you?

Thank you.

- For what?

- For preserving the freeworld for silly girls like me.

- [Efrem] Samuel Huntplays Louis Zamperini and

Merritt Patterson plays his wife, Cynthia.

- We were able to seetheir honeymoon footage,

which was incredible, there was no audio.

But that was great to seejust them interacting,

and she was so full oflife, she was so young.

- This is a man who got up to this point

in his life by resisting,not by giving in.

So, whether it wasresisting the status quo or

resisting his parentsor resisting the police,

and then he came down to resisting,

I mean the things that he learned

resisting the kids at school helped him

actually later when hewas resisting in the camp.

You know, so there'sjust this fight in him.

- With vintage cars likethis pretty red Ford,

the stage is set for the 1940's.

A young Louis Zamperiniand his wife Cynthia

are coming here to the tentyou see in the distance

to hear from a young evangelist

who has not quite made a name for himself

on the national scene,evangelist Billy Graham.

- I do not believe that any man,

that any man can solvethe problems of life

without Jesus Christ.

- [Efrem] And playing the role of

Billy Graham in this film ishis grandson, Will Graham.

- [Efrem] What has it been like to walk in

those shoes and they'resome big shoes to portray.

- Well one is I'm not tryingto fill his shoes, per se,

I want to be pleasin' to the Lord.

That's my first and foremost, just like my

granddad did back in '49 and he wasn't

tryin' to do anything, he was just

tryin' to be obedientand pleasing to the Lord.

And so I figured the best way to prepare

is just to do the sameway, this has gotta be

a Lord thing 'cause I'm not an actor.

It is humbling and I wantto do my granddad justice,

but I figured if I just please the Lord,

the Lord will take care of the rest,

and I hope that will take place.

Why is God silent while good men suffer?

Why doesn't he stop the pestilence?

Why doesn't he stop the wars?

- You need help.

- Here tonight there's a drowning man,

just looking for some typeof hope for the future.

But there's a lifeline, just reach out.

(intense orchestral music)

- October 16, 1949, he told me that when

he got up off his knees aftersaying the sinner's prayer,

that he knew he was done getting drunk,

and he was done fighting and that

he'd forgiven his prisonguards, including the bird.

- [Efrem] That California crusade

marked the start of Zamperini's

relationship with Christ and the

start of his friendship withevangelist Billy Graham.

How would you describe the relationship

between your grandfather and Louis?

- Well, they were always friends.

They became friends there in 1949,

and they've been friends ever since.

Matter of fact, Louis would often

go back to some of theCalifornia crusades and

give his testimony years later.

- Here's a bit of goodnews, filmmakers have

moved up the release date forUnbroken: Path to Redemption.

It is now scheduled tohit American theaters

beginning September 14, 2018.

- Well, I don't see anycrack, a few wrinkles maybe.

- [Efrem] Our favorite teddy bear

comes to life on the big screen in your

Studio 5 first look atChristopher Robin, next.

(upbeat music)

- And welcome back, the countdown of the

best uplifting entertainmentheadlines continues now.

At number three.

♪ In West Philadelphia born and raised ♪

♪ On the playground is whereI spent most of my days ♪

- [Efrem] And West Philadelphia

showers some brotherly love on

native son, Will Smithwith a 65 foot tall tribute

on the side of this building across the

street from the Global Leadership Academy.

- The idea that there would be

a mural of me on the side of a school in

West Philadelphia just wrecked me.

- [Efrem] London bornartist, Richard Wilson,

painted the mural that givesnew meaning to Big Willy style.

- I just typed in WestPhilly on my laptop,

and just plus, plus, plus until it

zoomed in right on the map where

it says West Philadelphia and then

I turned it to the virtual street view

and I'm just drivingup and down the street,

looking for the tallestbuilding I could find.

'Cause by that point I knew I wanted to

do him sitting in the chair.

If you're a kid here growing up now and

you see this every day, it can give you

a real understanding that this guy is me.

- [Efrem] It's meant to inspire,

and Will Smith is takingit a step further,

now selling mural merchandise to

raise money for the school.

- To see my mother's facewhen she looked at the mural,

that was profoundly moving for me.

- [Efrem] At number two.

♪ That's how he keeps you in cycles ♪

♪ Cycles ♪

- [Efrem] A surprising blog from

gospel recording artist,Jonathan McReynolds,

who shares 10 reasons not tobe a gospel recording artist.

They include things likethe industry is small and

it's slow to change, things he

hinted at in the sit down with Studio 5.

- It's been coming apoint every generation

of the body of Christ to express

their feelings, to pursueGod in their own way,

with their own language, with their own

cultural pot that they are eating from.

And that is what is gonna easily and

naturally invite people of my generation.

I think people eitherdon't try hard enough or

they just try way too hardinstead of just being you.

♪ Jesus take from me ♪

♪ All the pressure ♪

♪ Pressure ♪

♪ Pressure ♪

- [Efrem] Jonathan also warns,

you will be copied and pressured to copy.

- People have always equatedR&B and soul music and

country I guess with humanity.

And Christianity, that's some kind of

super hero thing that we can't attain.

Either we have it or we don't,and that's not the truth.

- Be sure to stick around for this week's

number one headline, nextup is Christopher Robin.

The little boy from theWinnie the Pooh series

is all grown up and he's losthis sense of imagination.

So Pooh and his friendsreturn to help him find it.

Here's your Studio 5 first look at

Disney's latest installmentof Christopher Robin.

- [Pooh] Hoo, hoo, I do like a party.

- Come on, Pooh.

- [Pooh] What should happenif you forget about me?

- Silly old bear, I won't ever

forget about you Pooh, I promise.

- [Man] We should beworking this weekend, Robin.

- But, I promised my wife and daughter

I'd take them away this weekend.

- All hands on deck.

- [Woman] So you won'tbe coming to the cottage?

- Well, it can't be helped.

- Your life is happeningnow, right in front of you.

- What to do, what to do, what to do.

- [Pooh] What to do indeed.

- Pooh?

- Christopher Robin.- No!

Everybody knows Winnie the Pooh,

whether you know him fromA. A. Milne's books or

from Disney's cartoons, he's really

alive as a character inpeople's imaginations.

However did you recognize me?

- You haven't changed a bit.

- These are the characters that

my generation, my parent's generation,

and now this generationare growing up with.

- You're the bear of my father's drawings.

- Winnie the Pooh becamea dear friend of mine

when Walt gave us the assignment to

write songs for the firstWinnie the Pooh short film,

and here so many years later, it is

very special to be backin the Hundred Acre Wood.

- Well, I didn't expect to be here today.

Disney are doing a great job of

bringing some of their archive characters

to life and it's exciting to be

involved in Christopher Robin.

Hello everyone.

- [Group] It's Christopher Robin!

- Winnie the Pooh comes back to him and

at a difficult time in his life.

- Christopher Robinalways comes to save us.

Now it's our turn to save him.

- He sort of speaks a lot of truth, Pooh.

It would appear that I am stuck.

- Have you just eaten honey?

- A whole new generation is being

introduced to this beloved character

is something very exciting.

- [Christopher] Hello everyone.

- Oh, hello.

- This is a charming story of a man

finding his home again andfinding that inner child.

- Silly old bear.

It really is a lovely, funny adventure.

We'll come out the better for it,

having seen it I think.

I wonder which way.

- I always get to where I'm going

by walking away from where I've been.

- [Christopher] Do you?

- [Pooh] That's the way I do it.

- [Christopher] Hello Eeyore.

- [Eeyore] Christopher Robin,it's you playin' again.

- Let's go and see ifwe can't find Piglet.

I've already stayed far too long.

Hello everyone.

- [Group] Christopher Robin!

- [Christopher] It's sonice to see you all again.

- Why thank you.

- [Christopher] Silly old bear.

I was wrong about work, Iwas wrong about everything.

I've got to get back to my family.

- Farewell, Christopher Robin.

- Christopher Robin isin American theaters

beginning August third, right now

take a good listen to that music

you're hearing in the background.

There's a bit of a story behind

why it's what's playing in my ear.

In one of my Studio 5 interviews with

hip hop artist Lil Cray,I asked him who he was

listening to and heintroduced me to Snarky Puppy.

I've recently discoveredthe Brooklyn based

fusion influenced jazz band has

teamed up with one of myfavorite artists, Layla Hathaway.

It's a few years old but it's new to me,

and that's why Snarky Puppy and

Layla Hathaway's "Something"is what's playing in my ear.

(upbeat music)

♪ You and I ♪

♪ Got somethin' ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa ♪

(woman singing scat music)

♪ Somethin' ♪

♪ You and I ♪

♪ Got somethin' ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa ♪

(woman singing scat music)

♪ Somethin' ♪

♪ You and I ♪

♪ Got somethin' ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa ♪

(woman singing scat music)

- [Efrem] A champion has a heart to help.

- Messin' with other people's lives

just part of your jobdescription or something?

- Um, kinda.

- Yeah well, my marriageis none of your business.

- But what happens whenhe's the one who needs it?

Your Studio 5 first lookat Indivisible is next.

(upbeat music)

- And welcome back to Studio 5.

We have made it to this week's

number one headline in our countdown

of the five best headlinesin uplifting entertainment.

At number one.

♪ I need you ♪

♪ I need you ♪

- [Efrem] The Showers family group story

of rising from the ashes.

- [Cameraman] Everything is lost.

Nobody lost everything.

- [Efrem] Is getting even sweeter.

A year after losingeverything in a house fire,

the group's manager and oldest sibling,

Regina Showers Gordon, is launching

a new radio station, Faith Star Radio and

venturing into televisionwith Good Soul TV.

- It's just a testament of who God is.

If you are faithful to God,God'll be faithful to you.

If you walk in obedience, he promises

all of these blessings.

- That wraps our countdown in a show of

first looks at what's comingto a theater near you.

Actress Sarah Drewheadlines this next one.

You've seen her in Grey's Anatomy and

Mom's Night Out, now shestars in Indivisible.

And Studio 5 was on set just outside

Memphis, Tennessee for the production.

- Well I signed up for the duty, sir.

15 months without this face.

The major thing about Darren's story

that attracted me was, he is sent over to

Iraq to help people and in the end,

he's the one who needs the help.

So it kind of shows that PTSD,

the brokenness and all of that can

affect even the personwho's supposed to help.

- [Man] We've got to move.

- You're gonna be okay.

- They can call it afamily readiness group

but nobody's ever really ready.

- Throughout the yearsof doing our passion play

in our church for aperiod of like 15 years,

one of my favoritestories was the story of

a chaplain and hisassistant and we blended

that story in with thestory of Jesus's life and

made some powerful comparisons.

A few months after I began working on the

script for this project, I came across

the story of an army chaplain who's

own marriage was torn apart by the

realities he faced during deployment.

He believes, duringthe time he's deployed,

that his job is to be focused on the

lives of his troops not so much on the

lives that he's left behind,his children, his wife.

And the wife feels like she's alone,

that she's getting no support from him,

so there begins this divide between

Darren and Heather Turner in our story.

(intense music)

- Divorces filed in the last three months.

The soldiers losing families and

having nothing to go home to is not the

stabilizing force we need around here.

- Really?

- Just let me in.

Messin' with other people's lives

just part of your jobdescription or something?

- Um, kinda.

- Yeah well, my marriageis none of your business.

You don't know anythingabout me or my family.

- [Man] Hey, who's gonnatake his (mumbles)?

- There needs to be two RPG's.

- I couldn't save her, chaplain.

So I guess, do whatever it is you do.

- I just feel like there's something

more that's happening between us.

- It's not between you two, it's between

you two and that war.

- It's something that hit very,very close to home for me.

I'm not a military family but just

from the marriage perspective,

going through a very dark time and

coming out into thelight, into a much more

brilliant light, a redemption story.

That just, these are thekind of stories I wanna tell.

- Hello, we got two on the rooftop.

- [Man] Get us outta here, take them out.

- I'm trusting in God toprotect those men and he didn't!

- No, you trusted in God to do

what you thought he ought to do.

- I want to know why, I want to know why

you somehow have it in youto show up for those men

when you refuse to do itfor your own wife and kids.

- 'Cause those men need me.

- I need you!

Heather is, she is a fierceand protective mother.

She is deeply rooted andgrounded in her faith,

she is committed to her marriage.

When she said I do she meant it,

but things really start to fall apart

as the distance growsstronger and stronger.

And when Darren comes home and

gets angrier and more distant and

meaner and she discovers she can't

be the only one holdingthe family together.

- Crowd laid their snares along the path

they have set traps to catch me.

You are my strong deliverer, you shield

my head in the day of battle, amen.

- [Men] Amen.

- Being an eye doctor is certainly

a passion of mine but years ago

when I sat in a theater watching

Fireproof and my mentorswho I consider to be,

the Kendrick brothers, watching a movie

that touched me in ways I'd never

experienced before in a movie theater.

And after 15 years ofdoing this passion play,

I realize that that's whatGod had been training me for.

- Indivisible is in Americantheaters October 26th.

You know, sometimes a picture says it all,

and that just may the case for

this week's Studio 5 Snapshot.

It's the story the worldcan't get enough of watching.

These are the images of 12 soccer players

and their coach walking out of a

hospital just one week after emerging from

a flooded cave in Thailand after being

trapped underground for 18 days.

And together they're thisweek's Studio 5 Snapshot.

Still ahead.

- Hello, we got two on the rooftops.

- [Man] Get us outta here.

- [Efrem] We're heading back to the

set of Indivisible for a word from

a real life veteran who'salso an actress in the film.

(upbeat music)

- And welcome back, it's time now to

look ahead at what you can expect

next week here on Studio 5.

Movie maker, John Singleton is comfortable

behind the camera bringingbig stories to the big screen.

But his latest projectis for the small screen.

- I want 'em out.

- Gonna need 10% down.

- [Efrem] Singleton brings us a look at

his epic series Snowfall asit returns for season two.

- We head up to Oakland, visit Swim,

get enough rock to tide us over,

maybe even talk ourway into they connects,

set up a pipeline south,that's what we're gonna do.

- I'm down.

- Same.

- Good, get some rest man.

- Be sure to catch that next week.

As for the final word for this show,

we're giving that toa veteran and actress,

Skye P. Marshall.

- It's not hard to act in Hollywood.

I will not repeat that,I will not receive that,

and I tell people all the time,

you have to mindful of your mind.

And you have to be careful of the

story you tell because if you believe

that it's hard to pursue your dreams,

then it's gonna be hard, it's gonna

give you exactly what you think it is.

If I looked at the big pictureI'd be frightened to death.

If I looked at, these are all the

actors in Hollywood, I'dbe frightened to death.

But as soon as I arrived to L.A. I said,

okay well I have to go on auditions to

get roles, who am I gonna be in the

room with on these auditions?

Okay, let's take away all the men,

so here's all the women, okay.

Let's take away all the women that

are not black, cool, all right.

Now, let's take away the women

that are not between theage of 25 to 35, amazing.

All right, now let's take away the

women that are not physicallyfit or sexy, you know.

And then I start addingmy special skills and

it gets so small that I'm like,

there's my competition, there it is.

That's adorable, that's nothin',I could do that, you know.

And you just have to find a way to

make yourself feel morecomfortable in the process,

and you can't just look at the big picture

'cause any job would be scary.

- Thank you Skye for that great word.

And by the way, you cancatch her in the film

Indivisible when it hitstheaters in October.

That's a wrap for thisedition of Studio 5.

The show though continues on Facebook and

Instagram with upliftingentertainment news

you won't find anywhere else.

You can also reach out and touch me at

Efram Graham on Instagram, Facebook,

Twitter and Snapchat and then

come on back and see where Studio 5

takes you next week, bye bye everybody.


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