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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - July 19, 2018


- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

It's time for your e-mail questions

and some honest answers from Pat.

We'll start with this one from Kevin.

He says I'm finding myselfconfused about President Trump.

So many people even Christiansput down the president.

Am I missing something?

He's against abortion.

He's trying to protect Americans from harm

and is trying to help Israel.

Nobody's perfect but he is trying

to live by Christian values.

Shouldn't we pray for ourleaders, not curse them?

- Well absolutely.

I tell ya in my lifetime,

I don't think there'sever been a president

who has embraced evangelical values

any more than Donald Trump has.

And his judicialselections have been superb

and his tax law and so forth.

He made a mistake in thatpress conference with Putin

and I think the jump onhim is a big mistake.

But you know he did correct what he said.

So let's face it, he corrected it.

So let's say okay he misspoke one time.

But other than that,

his record in terms ofevangelical initiatives

is as good as anypresident in my lifetime.

- And establishing the embassy in Israel

almost right away.

- Oh fabulous.

He moves boldly.

That's the way it is.

But some of the stuff about tariffs,

I mean we've got questions about him.

You don't have to embraceeverything that somebody believes

all of their policies.

I mean only Jesus was perfect.

And so he's a human being.

Let's realize that.

But he's as I said in termsof evangelical initiative,

we have never had apresident in my lifetime

and that spans a few decades

that's anywhere close to him

in giving evangels what they need okay.

- So true.

All right Belinda says whatdoes God say in the Bible

about capital punishment?

- Well what it says it theyused to stone people to death.

I mean they killed peoplefor almost anything.

They found somebody pickingup food on the Sabbath day

and they executed him.

This went on all the time.

It was part of the lifeof the early Israelites.

What does the Bible sayabout capital punishment,

that's what it says.

Then as far the military,

the apostle Paul says thathe that wields the sword

doesn't wield it in vain.

He's a minister of God to bring judgment.

You know you have to have a society

in which you put down malefactors.

You put down kidnappersand rapists and murders

and thieves and things like that.

And it's just one of those things.

You can either put 'em in prison,

but in Israel I didn't seea whole lot of prisons.

They just executed people.

- Whoa.

- They did.

I mean in the Old Testamentthat's what happened

they got executed.

I don't see any prisonor any penitentiary.

I think the idea of penitentiary is you're

supposed to go and be penitent.

But all they are rightnow are breeding grounds

for criminals.

And I don't know thatmuch rehabs that goes in

in a quote penitentiary all right.

- All right Patrick says my sister in law

is a Christian.

She has seven kids andright now she's pregnant.

We asked her to tie her tubes

but she says it's a sin.

Is it Pat?

- I'm sure that they're arepeople who our dear friends

in the Catholic churchwho would say it's a sin

to interfere,

it's a sin to use birth control.

They have what theycall Catholic Roulette.

Time when a woman's

- The rhythm method.

- Is coming near the rhythm.

But I for one see nothingwrong with family planning.

I think to be able lookafter children responsibly

is a good thing.

Having a huge number of children,

it's your choice.

I mean if you wanna have alot of children God bless you.

But If you wanna manage 'em,

I don't think there'sanything sinful about it.

That's my opinion all right.

- If you live on a farmyou need a lot of kids.

- That's right.

You need 'em out therebringing in the crops.

I mean the more childrenthe better you are.

- Amen

- And then their environment'sa different matter.

- Kerry says I need adviceon how to handle my wife.

I think she's going to divorce me.

She's not spirit filledand is a weak Christian.

I'm devastated.

I never committed adultery butI think God is punishing me

for my inability to break free from porn.

I lost my job.

I am financially strapped

but my wife is financially secure.

My church of 17 years has shunned me.

What can I do?

- I think there's somethingbeyond what you're telling

me in that question.

Why does a church shun me?

What have you done?

I think the church doesn'tknow your life's in porn

so that's a secret thing.

What else have you done?

And what's going on with that wife.

You wanna know how to handle your wife.

I tell ya, you wanna havea long happy marriage

I'll give you a quick phrase.

Whatever makes you happy dear.

That's the easiest one okay.

- And you know he's notproviding right now.

- Well he's not providing.

- The provider.

- She has some money.

I don't.

There's not enough inthat question to give you

an honest answer butthe biggest thing we do

in marriage is to love each other

and put up with each other's feelings

because we are human beings.

You know the Bible says beat peace with your wife,

lest your prayers be hindered.

That's a real strong thing okay.

- All right that's good.

All right this viewersays I saw a testimony

of a man who previouslyworshiped the devil

before he came to Christ.

Would the Lord actuallyforgive someone who made Satan

their Lord?

- Well of course he would.

Again all manner of sins andblasphemy will be forgiven

the sons of man.

If you were worshiping Satan,

and you switched allegiancefrom Satan to Jesus,

that's a good thing.

And why would the Lord not accept you?

God is very forgiving.

He's also righteous and he has a standards

and we cannot impose on those standards

but if we come to the Lord and say God

I'm guilty.

I have sinned please forgive me.

And the Lord will sayof course I forgive you.

You remember when Jesus said the man

that had beat his breast and said

God be merciful to me a sinner.

He's gonna go away justified.

The man that stands beforeGod and says look at me Lord

I give tithes,

everything I've got.

I'm such a good person.

I help old ladies across the street

and I'm a deacon of the church

and Gods says come off it.

I'm not buying that.

I want humility not pride all right.


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