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'A Cesspool of Political Bias': Nikki Haley on Leaving UN Human Rights Council

'A Cesspool of Political Bias': Nikki Haley on Leaving UN Human Rights Council Read Transcript

- The Human Rights Councilis the United Nations

greatest failure.

It has taken the idea of human dignity,

the idea that's at thecenter of our national creed,

and the birth rite of every human being

and has reduced it tojust another instrument

of international politics

and that is a great tragedy.

I don't come to thisconclusion happily or lightly.

The Obama administrationdecided to join the supposedly

reformed Human Rights Council in 2009.

Then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

vowed that the United Statescould improve the council

by working from the inside.

By the time I became the US Ambassador,

eight years later,

it was clear that thisstrategy had failed.

There are lots of problemswith the Human Rights Council,

but two stuck out for mewhen I came to the UN.

The first was the council's membership.

When I arrived and still today,

its members included some of the worst

human rights violators.

The dictatorships ofCuba, China, and Venezuela

all have seats on the council.

Not only was Venezuela a member,

but in 2015 the councilinvited its dictator

Nicholas Maduro to speakto a special assembly.

He got a standing ovationwhich was not surprising

given that 62% of the HumanRights Council's members

were not democracies.

The other major sign thatthe Unites States presence

had failed to improve the council,

was the continuingexistence of the notorious

agenda item seven.

This is the permanent partof the Human Rights Council

agenda that is devotedexclusively to Israel.


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