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Jerusalem Prayer Summit Seeks to Unite Jewish, Arab and American Believers

Jerusalem Prayer Summit Seeks to Unite Jewish, Arab and American Believers Read Transcript

- [Host] Author and MiddleEast expert, Joe Rosenberg,

organized this conferencewith a major theme in mind.

- We were trying to focus on prayer

and on unity between Israeli,Jewish, and Arab believers

and between the Messianic body of Israel

and the Palestinian believers.

- [Host] Rosenberg wantsto connect believers

in the west to the Holy Landby bringing Middle America

to the Middle East.

- What we could do uniquelywas focus people on,

how do you pray, what does it mean to pray

for the peace of Jerusalem?

We say that but, what does that mean?

How can we pray scriptureand how can we pray

with the faces of Jewish and Arab,

Israeli and Palestinianbelievers right in front of us?

Stories we never knewbefore that would give us

a chance to say, nowwhen I go back to Wichita

or to San Diego, wherever,now I have a sense of

who I'm praying for.

- [Host] Two U.S. evangelical leaders

saw those faces andexperienced that unity.

- It's the body of Christ, you know?

We're not divided, so there'sneither Jew nor Greek,

there's neither slave nor free,

there's neither male nor female,

so we're one in Christand so, to come together,

which they're doing here at this summit,

is just ya know, it's a revelation of what

the body of Christ isand as it was pointed out

this morning, that's a testimony

to who Jesus is.

It's a testimony to the world

that we can be one.

- That is really enlighteningto be able to come

and to see the two brought to one

through Jesus Christ andI think that's the real

testimony of being here this week.

- [Host] Ronnie Floyd, the Director of the

National Day of Prayer, talkedabout the power of prayer.

- So, I talked aboutthe undeniable reality

and connectivity betweenprayer and the Holy Spirit

and boldness, and the samething that is needed here

in courage in the MiddleEast for believers

is the very same thingthat's needed in America.

- [Host] Rosenberg hopes thesummit can shine a wider light

on the body of Christ in the holy land.

- And we forget to everthink about the fact that

there are Palestinianswho do know the lord

and there are Palestinianswho need to know the Lord.

So, when we get excited about one side

to the exclusion of the other,

this is not really God's heart.

He does love Israel.

He does love the Jewish peopleand he's got a plan for them,

but he also loves the Arabs.

In Christ and Christ alone,God is bringing the very peace

that all the rest of theworld wants for this region.

It's tough to find outside of Christ.

- [Host] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

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