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The Global Lane - July 20, 2018

This week: Nepal: Christian couple deported. Daring Christian foils sinister plans of child traffickers; FBI bias against Trump. fireworks you may have missed; Incredible stories of Christians stepping up; & left's reaction to Trump & Putin. Read Transcript

- [Gary] Today from the Global Lane,

a Christian couple deported.

Is a new wave of persecution underway

at the top of the world?

Also from Nepal, childrenrescued from human trafficking.

A daring Christian foils thesinister plans for these kids

and frees them from bondage.

On the home from, biasagainst Trump at the FBI,

the fireworks you may have missed

from Peter Strzok'sCongressional testimony.

Reporter George Thomasshares incredible stories

of Christians rising up.

And I'll drive it homeon the left's reaction

to Trumps meeting with Putin.

And it's all right here, rightnow, from the Global Lane.

A Pilipino Christian couple

has just been kicked out of Nepal.

They were accused of evangelizing Hindus

and their deportationis the latest example

of how a new anti-conversion law

is being used againstChristians in what is

supposed to be a secular country.

Joining us from Kathmanduwith more is B.P. Khanal.

He's an Nepali human rightsand religious freedom advocate.

B.P., what can you tell usabout this Pilipino couple?

I know you can't say alot, but what happened?

- A problem with thegovernment and the people

in that agency, particularlyin the immigration bureau.

They just depend on the report of media.

Particularly when they were reported

that they were having business visa

and were misusing that to proselytization

and preaching the gospel,and being involved in church.

But in our perspective, when we saw this,

though it was late, we heard after

the incident already occurred.

So we tried to dig out theproblem what was the fact

and then what we found out isthat they we're more biased

because in the ground of human right,

and particularly freedomof religion or belief,

we should know that theymust have the right to

practice their own faith.

- [Gary] Nepal is supposedto be a secular country now.

I know years ago it was a Hindu kingdom,

and Christians are very concerned

about this new anti-conversionlaw that went into effect.

Tell us about that law, whysuch a law in a secular society?

- We are still in transitionphase, politically-speaking.

So when we were trying topromote the constitution

there were so many voicesfor the political ground

even unnecessary voices thatthe country should go back

and remain a Hindu nation,so now also they have

even more focus toprohibit any conversion,

and that would be penalizedas criminal offense.

So this is the developmentin our perspective

on the ground of freedomof religion or belief.

What we believe is thisis not a secular state.

Still this is Hindu state.

- And despite that law and those efforts

against people becoming Christian,

you have about half a millionChristians now in Nepal,

many more are coming to Christ every day,

so what is happening and why?

- Particularly when we talkabout conversion ratio,

it is not only theChristians are increasing.

There are Muslims, even thereare other ethnical animism,

what you call this traditionalkind of religious acts

are here, they are also increasing,

so it is not just the church increasing.

There are Muslims,particularly the Nepalis

who are working in the Gulf countries.

There are many converse to Muslim also,

but somehow I think thegovernment officials

are more targeting Christians now.

In that ground they are tryingto harass any Christians

to penalize that they areinvolved in conversion business.

- [Gary] Many of ourviewers are Christian,

so what should they do about this,

and how can they pray for Nepaland the new believers there?

- For us, the work of God,

the mission when we seeit is not our effort.

This is God working through many ways

many miracles and healingsand so many wonderful things

are being happened heresince several years,

several decades in that.

So church is still active in evangelism,

and that's the responsibilitytowards things.

So everybody's involved here.

In that sense, we just ask for prayer

that the Lord would workthrough the local churches.

Believers, every people thatthey might be able to witness

that's demanded for every Christians.

We believe that we are notto be called Christian,

but we are the witness of Christ.

- On July 30th, the world will recognize

a day against human trafficking.

That's because globally,more than 21 million people

are subjected to forced labor.

Many of them are traffickedfor sexual exploitation

and over the years CBNNews has brought you

stories of some of the victims.

We've reported how Christian groups

are trying to make a difference.

TellAsia one such group helping to rescue

human trafficking victims in Nepal.

And joining us fromKathmandu is Brother Amar.

He's just returned from the field

following a recent rescue effort.

Amar, tell us about your recent rescue.

So what did you do to help save children?

- It's the off road, andit's really difficult for us

because we don't have the police,

even we don't have security.

And when we are going to enter,

and we almost risked in there.

This is like a mountain.

And when we were going to there

and our (speaking foreignlanguage) came to there.

And I'm also scared in myself

and when I'm going to inside

and the childrens, theyare living in one bed.

The childrens are sleeping,

10 childrens are sleeping in one beds.

And when I'm going to inside,and I'm asking the childrens,

I'm trying to call them, please come here.

I'm trying to talking with Nepal language,

and I'm just saying I'mtrying to rescue you.

Let's go with me.

But childrens said they arenot ready to come with me.

Even they are crying, crying, crying.

It's still six hour, I'm inside,

and after that they alldecided to camp with me.

We camp at the restaurantand they are talking

and they are dancing.

They knows actually I am a Nepali guy

and when we rescue thechildrens, we arrest the owner.

Owner now they are in jail.

And when we back to Nepaland we can go to a hometown.

And everybody parents are came.

They are welcoming us, andhere is the big news also.

There is two childrens arethey believe in Jesus Christ.

- Amar, what were they doing

with the children there that you rescued?

- You know the ownerguys, they already send

the lots of kids in the different country.

To the girls and boys.

But when we rescue thekids and we'll hand over

their parents and noware going to the school,

and TellAsia are providingthe boarding schools.

TellAsia are helping uson the boarding schools,

and now they have a goodeducation and now they are okay.

- [Gary] So how extensiveis sex trafficking in Nepal?

Using children and women for sex.

- [Amar] It's lots, lots, lots of,

because lots of girlsthey are going to India.

Because it's easy to go to India

because we don't need to passport,

we don't need to any ID.

We can go easily.

- Finally, what can our viewersdo to make a difference?

How can they help?

- [Amar] Please pray for ournation and this remote area,

because there is the lack of education,

lack transportation, lack of road,

and we need to just to, just pray for me.

We need to a good schoolin this remote area.

- [Gary] So if they get into school,

there's less likelihood thatthey will be trafficked?

- [Amar] Yeah, becausethey're need the education.

They need the education,because there is no school.

- So Christians in ourcountry can support schools

and education in Nepal andthat will go a long way.

So Brother Amar from Kathmandu in Nepal,

thanks so much for joining us.

- Thank you very much.

- In a 10 hour marathon hearing

members of Congress peppered and battled

FBI Agent Peter Strzok withquestions of potential bias.

Strzok was the lead investigatorin the Hilary Clinton

email investigation, andthe alleged collusion

between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Strzok's been in the spotlightfor his derogatory texts

about Donald Trump during the2016 presidential campaign.

Republicans are convincedthat his behavior

taints those investigations.

Jennifer Wishon brings us a look

at his testimony from Washington.

- [Jennifer] Peter Strzokbegan his testimony on offense.

- I strong believe today's hearing

is just another victorynotch in Putin's belt.

- The senior FBI agent playedmajor roles in investigations

of both Hilary Clinton'sprivate email server

and suspected collusion between Russia

and the Trump campaign.

At the center of suspicion surrounding him

a series of text messages between him

and his then lover,FBI attorney Lisa Page.

- On August 26, 2016 youtexted Ms. Page quote,

"Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart.

"I could smell the Trump support."

And smell is in capitalletters, all capital letters.

What does Trump supportsmell like, Mr. Strzok?

- Sir, that's a expression of speech.

I clearly wasn't smellingone thing or the other.

- [Jennifer] Strzok told the joint hearing

of the House judiciaryand oversight committees

that he separated his political opinions

from his investigations.

At one point he refusedto answer questions,

citing a directive FBIattorneys leading the chairman

to threaten him with contempt of congress.

- And potential criminal liability--

- Point of order.

- Do you understand that?

- [Jennifer] During the 10 hour hearing,

democrats staunchly supported Strzok.

- If I could give you aPurple Heart, I would.

- [Jennifer] Republicanspeppered him with questions,

showing outrage that'sbeen building for months.

- I don't appreciate having an FBI agent

with an unprecedented level of animus

working on two majorinvestigations during 2016.

- [Jennifer] Texascongressman Louie Gohmert

even questioned Strzok's character.

- I've talked to FBIagents around the country.

You've embarrassed them,you've embarrassed yourself,

and I can't help but wonderwhen I see you looking there

with a little smirk, howmany times did you look

so innocent into your wife's eye

and lie to her about Lisa Page.

- [Peter] Mr. Chairman this is outrageous!

- [Woman] You need your medication!

- Today Lisa Page will bequestioned by members of congress

in a closed door session,having had the benefit

of watching Strzok testimony Thursday.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News Washington.

- And now a portion of the Strzok hearing

that you may have missed.

Some big fireworks from Texasrepresentative Louie Gohmert

when he questioned Strzokabout text messages

he sent to former girlfriend,former FBI attorney Lisa Page.

We pick up the testimonyas Gohmert mentions

receiving informationabout those text messages

from Department of Justice

Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

- He had 500 pages of bias that he gave us

and then he threw a bone to the democrats

and said, "but we can't find bias."

And let me tell ya, whenyou have text messages,

Mr. Strzok, the way you do,saying the things you did,

you'd been better offcoming in here and saying,

"Look, that was my bias."

And you kinda get aroundto that a little bit

when you say, "Hey, uh,everybody's got political views."

Those are called biases,and we all have them,

and you have come in hereand said, "I have no bias!"

And you do it with a straight face,

and I watched you in theprivate testimony you gave

and I told some of the otherguys, he is really good.

He's lying, he knows we know he's lying,

and he could probably pass a polygraph.

It's amazing--

- [Woman] Mr. Chairman.

- No, this is my time,and it needs to be paused.

- [Woman] This, point of order.

- [Man] The generalstate is point of order.

- [Woman] A member of thiscommittee just asserted

that this witness was under oath

and a former agent of the FBI lied.

There is no evidence of that,I ask him to withdraw it.

- I do not withdraw it, heis not a member of congress.

It's not a violation of the rule,

and just as you have been expressing bias

through your members about what a hero--

- [Woman] There is not asingle person on this committee

who has ever characterizedas witness as lying--

- [Chairman] Gentleman fromRhode Island, gentleman.

- It's my time.

- [Chairman] Gentleman fromRhode Island will suspend.

- No the disgrace iswhat this man has done--

- [Chairman] The Gentleman from Texas

will suspend for a moment.

- There is the disgrace,and it won't be recaptured

any time soon because of the damage

you've done to the justice system.

And I've talked to FBIagents around the country.

You've embarrassed them,you've embarrassed yourself,

and I can't help but wonder,when I see you looking there

with a little smirk, howmany times did you look

so innocent into your wife's eye

and lie to her about Lisa Page?

- [Man] Mr. Chairman this is outrageous!

- Credibility of a witnessis always an issue and you--

- [Man] Mr. Chairman, this is

an intolerable harassment of a witness.

- [Woman] What's wrong withthat, you need your medication!

- [Chairman] The gentlemancontrols the time.

- [Man] I ask that the witnessbe permitted to respond--

- Did you ever talk to Hilary Clinton

during your investigation,besides the one question

you mentioned, before thator after that to this.

- Sir, first, I assure you under oath,

as I spoke also during myinterview a week or two ago,

I have always told the truth.

The fact that you wouldaccuse me otherwise,

the fact that you wouldquestion whether or not

that was the sort oflook I would engage with

and a family member who Ihave acknowledged hurting

goes more to a discussionabout your character

and what you stand for, andwhat is going inside you--

- [Louie] It's to your credibility

and you lost your credibility.

- Lisa Page appeared twice before

members of congress inclosed door testimony.

Here's what some congressmenhad to say about her.

- Credible witness with indeeda willingness to cooperate

with all the of thecongressional investigations.

We've certainly learnedadditional things today,

but I can tell you that the last thing

anybody wants to be is falsely accused,

and her willingness to cooperatetoday speaks well for her.

- I found Lisa Page to be far

more credible than Peter Strzok.

I didn't agree with her characterization

of every text message andevery piece of evidence,

but we did not see the smugattitude from Lisa Page

that we saw from Peter Strzok.

- Where is God when yourworld is falling apart?

Do you feel like he's not listening

or doesn't care about yoursituation or circumstance?

In CBN's newest book, "Rise Up: Stories

of Remarkable Faith andRelentless Courage",

you'll read about ordinarypeople whose circumstances

cause them to fall into God's hands.

And who are given the faith and courage

to rise above their trials.

Well joining me to talk more about this

is one of the editors of the book,

CBN Senior InternationalCorrespondent, George Thomas.

George, thanks for being with us.

What was the inspiration behind this book?

- Well you know Gary, you andI have the enormous privilege

to travel around this beautifulcountry, around the world.

Not just you, but somany of us here at CBN,

whether it's in the newsdepartment, or the 700 Club,

or features, we travel literally

to the four corners of this world,

and we're scouring theearth for inspiring stories.

Stories of ordinary peoplewho face incredible situation,

life-changing,life-altering circumstances,

yet in the moment of crisisthey have this moment,

they say, "Am I going tocompletely give up on life?"

"Do I take my life, do Igo into a drug overdose?

"Do I drink myself todeath, do I shoot myself?"

But then they have thismoment, this epiphany moment.

In those epiphany momentsit's God revealing himself

to an individual andsaying "Listen, hold on."

- Who are some of thepeople you're referring to?

- I mean, we go around the world.

We've got the story of Majid Alshafi,

this Egyptian young man whowas persecuted for his faith.

He came from a Muslim background.

You know of his story in Egypt.

Originally from Egypt,to ended up languishing

in an Egyptian cell because of his faith,

and through a dramaticset of circumstances

was able to escape from the prison.

We've got the story of Cody Haff,

a gentleman from the streets of Las Vegas

who found himself out onthe streets of Las Vegas

eating out of garbage cans, had no...

Was completely hopelessfound himself going down

the road of drugs and alcohol,

and in the process he went to church.

And this young lady decided he was dirty,

he was smelly, hadn't takena bath in such a long time.

And this lady who had compassionwalked up to him, Gary,

and said, "Cody, you need a hug."

And he was taken aback by this and said,

"No, I'm dirty, I'm smelly,

"I haven't eaten, I haven't taken a bath."

She says, "No, that's okay.

"I'm gonna hug you."

And that hug changed his life.

- [Gary] One hug.

- One hug!

And we have the story of Reifca Barri,

who many, many years agohere in the United States

was originally from Pakistan,

had an encounter with Jesus Christ.

She was from a Muslim background

and she was here in the United States,

and she decided to giveher life to Jesus Christ.

And in the process she was ostracized.

You know, you hear these stories

of persecution in otherparts of the world,

but here in the United States, in Florida,

a father and mother decide

to disown their beautiful daughter.

Why, because she decided to abandon Islam

and to accept Jesus Christ.

And she faced tremendous persecution.

We have her story.

We have a story of aDallas, a well-know Dallas

district attorney who seemedto have the perfect life.

She had the perfect life, perfect career,

perfect house, everything was going well.

Until one day she has this dramatic fall.

Hits her head on the pavement,

and she's in a coma for several weeks.

She paralyzed, there was no hope.

But the church came around.

Her friends came around, prayed for her,

and today she is well, completely healed.

- Now was there ever atime when you saw God work

in the middle of an overwhelmingcrisis in your own life?

- Yeah, how much timedo we have on this show?

I mean, how much timecan you give me, Gary?

It's countless, I cannotcount on my fingers.

- Well, give us one.- No, I mean.

I've faced down the barrelof an AK-47 put to my temple.

About a year ago I was in South Sudan,

surrounded by Espial soldiers.

One of whom who had just massacred,

murdered two individuals,innocent farmers.

We witnessed it, and they realized

that there were a journalist

in their midst who had documented it.

Came and surrounded about70, 75 Espial soldiers

with another missionary coupleout in the middle of nowhere.

And, you know, we're a liability.

And in the process, I called back to CBN,

called our boss, asked for prayer.

Called my family, asked for prayer.

Whether it's in Afghanistan,Iraq, Syria, Somalia.

I mean, there have been numerous occasions

where I would not besitting at this table,

and I'm sure, Gary, youcould testify to this,

I would not be sitting at this table

if it had not been for theprayers of my colleagues,

my family, friends around the world

who have interceded atdifferent, critical moments

traveling overseas and facing the enemy

in different situations and circumstances,

I know for certain thatprayer was a key in that,

and it helped to providethe way out in a situation.

- [Gary] So what inspired you, George,

to be a part of his project?

- Well this is exciting, because we get to

every day we tell these amazing stories

from around the world, andwe thought what a better way

to put this in a book form so that people

can be constantly reminded.

Okay, sure, you can go to your app.

You can watch the stories,incredible testimonies

from the 700 Club, from CBN News,

from interactive features and so forth,

but we thought that, you know,

what a great way, almostas a coffee table reminder.

You know, here's thisbook, stories of faith

in the midst of tremendoustrial and tribulation.

I hope that when you read thisyou will find inspiration.

You will see in the pages ofthese ordinary men and women

who exercised courage in theface of death, sometimes.

Who exercised faithwhen they had to faith.

They took a mustard seed and said,

"Christ, Lord Jesus,would you take my faith,

"which seems so insignificant,

"it does not seem completely sold out.

"I have a little mustard grain of faith,

"will you take it and do what you can?"

And so that's what I hope.

I hope that people willsee that through the eyes

and to the testimony of theseincredible men and women.

That whatever circumstanceyou face today in life

that you would give Jesus a chance,

and you would put him to thetest and watch him show up.

- And I've had so many people say,

"Well, I have to clean up my act first."

And you know what I say to them?

The only Mr. Clean is Jesus.

He's the only that canclean you up enough,

because you can never do enough.

- And it's like that famoussong that Billy Graham

would close his crusades around the world,

the song Just as I Am.

- The pundits and tabloids went crazy

when President Trump refused to denounce

Vladimir Putin to his face in Helsinki.

It's almost like loose nukesfloating around the world,

millions suffering inSyria, Iranian aggression,

and other foreign policymatters don't matter.

Only Russia.

Well here's the line putout by some tabloids.

First, the New York Post.

"Prez gives bear hug to wicked BBB Vlad."

And the Daily News calledTrump's response open treason.

But I didn't hear much of the same

from liberals or the mainstream media,

when Barack Obama fondly pattedthe hands of Dmitry Medvedev

and assured him he'd have more flexibility

after the election, remember that one?

- Nice love pat there, wasn't it?

And remember former Secretaryof State Hilary Clinton's

reset button with the Russians?

- We want to reset our relationship.

- Let's do it together.

- So we will do it together, okay?

- After that, Secretary Clinton

moved classified government emails

to a private home computer server

and left it vulnerable to Russian hacking.

Obama and Clinton'sactions sure sound like

Russian collusion to me, how about you?

And after that reset, Russia seized Crimea

and supported pro-Russianrebels in western Ukraine.

The left has criticizedTrump for cozying up

to murderous dictatorPutin, but I don't remember

hearing much criticism ofObama when he made nice

with murderous dictator Raoul Castro,

and then normalizedrelations with Cuba, did you?

Don't you find it interestingthat Robert Mueller

announced his indictmentsagainst 12 alleged

Russian military hackers just two days

before Trump's meeting with Putin?

I say alleged because in this country

we believe someone is guiltyuntil proven innocent.

And I'm sure many Americanswonder how Mueller

and the FBI know for certain that Russians

hacked into those DNC computers

when they actually don't have possession

of the computers or the servers.

Trump treason, no, but PresidentTrump didn't appear strong

at that Helsinki press conference.

His statement did not reflect

his tough policy against Russia.

Beefing up defenses inEurope, here at home,

maintaining strong economic sanctions

against the country those things.

Well the presidentbacktracked and he corrected

some of his Helsinkipress conference mistakes

but he needs to be careful not to play

into the hands of his enemies.

Those who want to impeach himand destroy his presidency.

This includes members of the deep state.

High-ranking current andformer intelligence officers.

The president hesitated to say he trusted

their assessment on Russia,but no wonder folks.

Many like Peter Strzokare out to stop him.

And remember their botchedassessment of Saddam Hussein?

That he possessed weaponsof mass destruction?

So why does the left suddenly trust

US intelligence assessments?

I'm still trying to figure that one out.

And why didn't President Obama act

when he knew about Russian meddling

at least two months beforethe presidential election?

Unanswered questions.

In the mean time, Mr. President,

don't let this mistakeprevent you from advancing

a foreign policy that continues

to take strong actionagainst Russian aggression.

Despite the loud voices against you,

most Americans want their president

to pursue improved relations with our foes

in order to avoid warand nuclear annihilation.

That doesn't mean we have to be cozy

and all friendly and cuddly and feely.

Remember, peace through strength.

Well that's it from the Global Lane.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, YouTube,

Soundcloud, iTunes, and Twitter.

And until next time, be blessed.


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