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Christian World News - July 20, 2018

An American pastor is still fighting for his freedom. See why Turkey refuses to release an innocent man who could spend the rest of his life behind bars. And, we take you to the poorest country in the world to meet the Christians and Jews ... Read Transcript

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- This week on Christian World News.

An American Pastor stillfighting for his freedom.

See why Turkey refuses torelease an innocent man

who could spend the restof his life behind bars.

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And we take you to thepoorest country in the world.

Meet the Christians andJews coming together

to bring healing and hope.

Plus, science and faithintersect in the Holy Land.

Watch the Bible come aliveas archeologists unearth

ancient discoveries in Israel.

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Welcome to Christian World News everyone.

I'm Wendy Griffith.

George Thomas is on assignment.

A Turkish court hassent an American Pastor

accused of spying back to prison.

Andrew Brunson's family, friends,

and even President Trumphoped he would be released.

But their hopes were dashedafter this week's hearing.

Gary Lane brings us details.

- It was the third hearingfor the 50 year old

North Carolina Pastor.

And it ended in another disappointment.

That's because many peoplethought Andrew Brunson

would be freed from prison.

He has spent 20 months behind Turkish bars

on accusations that hespied on the government

and plotted with rebels

to overthrow President RecepTayyip Erdogan in July 2016.

For nearly two hours during the hearing,

former church members testifiedagainst Pastor Brunson,

making vague, unsubstantiated accusations.

When the Judge asked Brunsonto reply to the witnesses,

he said, quote, "My faithteaches me to forgive,

"so I forgive those whotestified against me."

"Only one witness from thedefense was allowed to testify."

The US Government expressed concern

about the court's decision.

- I have read the indictment.

I have attended three hearings.

I don't believe thatthere is any indication

that Pastor Brunson is guilty of any sort

of criminal or terrorist activity.

- [Gary] The Trump administrationand members of Congress

have been pressuring Turkeyto release the Pastor.

On Wednesday, PresidentTrump expressed displeasure,

tweeting, "A total disgracethat Turkey will not release

"a respected US Pastor,Andrew Brunson, from prison."

"He's been held hostage far too long."

"Erdogan should do something to free

"this wonderful Christianhusband and father."

"He has done nothing wrongand his family needs him."

Cece Heil of the AmericanCenter for Law and Justice says,

immediately after the court decision,

the Trump administrationand members of Congress

began working again diplomaticallyto help free Brunson.

- It's a devastating blow,

so I would just pray for encouragement

for Pastor Brunson and for his family,

because they suffer the same.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Senior InternationalCorrespondent Gary Lane

is now with us.

Gary, you've spent quitea bit of time in Turkey--

- Yes.- Over the years.

Why in the world don't you think

they release Pastor Brunson?

- Well, everyone thought theywere going to release him,

didn't they?

Well, look, he's still a bargaining chip.

He's of great value to them and what

the Trump administration is saying is no,

we will not let this manthat you believe was involved

in the coup attemptagainst President Erdogan.

His name is Fethullah Gulen,,and he lives in Pennsylvania.

We will not extradite him to Turkey,

because we think he'll probably be killed

or in prison for a long time.

We believe he's innocent,

but obviously Erdogan thinks he's guilty.

He wants him extradited to Turkey.

So he's using Pastor Brunsonas a bargaining chip.

So he's still of great value,

so it's not surprise they'restill hanging on to him.

- Well, what can PresidentTrump and the US do?

Can we put the heat, howcan we put the heat on?

- Well, we have said, look,if he isn't released soon,

there's a possibility ofsanctions against Turkey.

And that may work because that's

the last thing Erdogan wants to see.

He's trying to build his economy up.

It's been going verywell in parts of Turkey,

so he doesn't wanna see economic sanctions

against his country.

- What do you think the next move'll be?

What's next?

- Well, I think what's next,

is if he is not released in the meantime,

he has another hearingscheduled for mid October,

but these are really show trials.

There's no evidence against him.

They did not allow a defensewitness, more than one--

- Yeah.- To testify.

What kind of trial is that?

It's a show trial andit's not a fair thing.

There's no evidence, really, against him,

so he should be set free.

But again, Wendy--

- Yeah.- He's a bargaining trip.

But what we need to doas Christians is to pray

for him, to pray for his encouragement,

that he will not be discouraged--

- [Wendy] Right.

- We also need to pray for this family

because they werediscouraged tremendously--

- [Wendy] Of course.

- By this disappointment, himnot being reunited with them.

- And it's interesting whenthere looks to be no way,

there is always a way, with God.

And when we're on ourknees, God can do it.

- God finds a way, doesn't he?

So let's pray for that.

- Amen.

Thank you so much, Gary.

Well, new attacks againstChristians in Nigeria

are leading to demandsthat a special envoy

investigate the outbreak ofviolence in the African country.

One man whose relativeswere killed calls Nigeria

the deadliest place inthe world for Christians.

Efram Graham has the story.

- [Efram] The Boko Horamterror group is still a threat,

but recent attacks againstChristians in Nigeria

are coming from Muslim tribalherdsman, known as Fulanis.

- What we have is a genocide.

They are trying todisplace the Christians.

They're trying to possess their lands,

and they're trying toimpose their religion

on the so-called infidels and pagans,

who they consider Christians to be.

- [Efram] InternationalHuman Rights Attorney,

Emmanuel Ogebe, recentlylost family members,

including a pregnant mother,her husband and their children.

- They went into theirhome and they killed

their four year old son andtheir six year old daughter,

who were asleep in their beds.

- [Efram] The Fulanis weapon of choice,

AK-47 automatic weapons, tooexpensive for most herdsmen.

CBN Nigerian Director, Felix Oisamoje.

- Given how much an AK-47 will go for,

a Fulani henchman willprobably need to sell

all his cattle to be able to buy an AK-47.

Ogebe says there's a sinister side

to those behind the attacks.

- A lot of this cattle areowned by very rich Fulani

who are in governmentand who are in power.

So there is a strongbelief that the Fulani,

the ruling elite are actuallyfunding these herdsmen

to conduct this attacks.

- According to the global terrorism index,

Fulani herdsmen have killed as many

as 60,000 people since 2001,

and church leaders in PlateauState so far this year,

the herdsmen have killed60,000 Christians.

Ogebe says by eliminating Christians,

the group can dominate theNorth and Central Nigeria

politically and economically.

Thousands of Christians needhelp to escape the violence.

- I know that CBN some(mumbles) in Nigeria,

so if people support CBN, weknow that CBN will deliver

to the people who are afflicted.

- [Gary] Oisamoje says,

CBN is dispatching humanitarian teams

to the affected regions.

They recently provided free medical care

in North Central Nigeria,

while sharing muchneeded spiritual comfort.

- I think one of the thingswe need the most is prayers

because after all the Bibletells us that we do not war

against flesh and blood.

So we know that thereare spiritual issues,

so we need to pray.

- [Efram] Efram Graham, CBN News.

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- [Wendy] Coming up,

missionary doctors leave everything behind

to serve the poorest country in the world.

What they bring with themis worth more than gold.

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- [Male] Angels were created to serve God.

These magnificent beingshave awesome power

beyond our comprehension.

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life-changing encounters.

- [Female] As he startedpulling me through,

it was just a burst of white light.

- [Male] My thought is,

the angels were there to hold me together.

- I knew that this wassomething that was happening

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- Angels, their power,purpose and presence.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million?

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activities ofthe Ukrainian orphanage,

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to joinwith me and become family

to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now,

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- For our next story,we travel 7,000 miles

to the tiny African nation of Burundi.

Its people are poor and hungryand it was recently declared

the world's unhappiest country.

As my colleague, George Thomas, shows us,

now there is hope and helpfor this suffering nation.

(somber music)

- [George] It's easy to miss on a map.

Roughly the size of Maryland,

Burundi is one of Africa'ssmallest countries.

It used to be the thirdpoorest in the world,

now it's number one.

- The average person here lives on less

than a dollar a day.

- [George] In 2013, American Jason Fader,

moved his wife Heather andtheir two kids to Burundi,

to serve as a missionarydoctor in this remote valley.

- Kibuye Hospital's about three hours

outside the capital city.

Between here and there,there is no surgeon.

The majority, all except for me,

of the surgeons in Burundi,work in the capital city.

- [George] For a populationof 10 million people,

there are only 13 surgeons,

with Fader becoming number 14.

On a typical day, how manysurgeries are you doing?

- I schedule one or two,and you end up doing 10.

- [George] Like manyother missionaries here,

he raises his own support.

- It would be difficultto find a place in the US

where I could have evena smidgen of the impact

that one surgeon can havehere in the middle of Africa.

There's two million peopleout there that have no surgeon

and I'm happy to be hereto help care for them.

- Half of Burundi has noaccess to portable water.

Some 70% of the nation livesbelow the poverty line.

There's no health care to speakof, so as you can imagine,

this small Christian hospital,

here in a remote corner of Burundi,

acts as a lifeline to tensof thousands of people.

Rachel and EricMcLaughlin, Alyssa Pfister,

and John and JessicaCropsey joined the Faders

in Burundi as missionary doctors.

(speaking in foreign language)

John Cropsey is one of onlythree ophthalmologists here.

- The work we do is stressful.

Got cross cultural conflict going on.

You've got stressfulwork, limited resources.

During dry season, we canhave as little as two hours

or even sometimes nowpower during the day.

- We're good.

I thank you for thischance to be here today.

I pray that you would bewith this woman and her baby.

I pray for a safe delivery.

In your name, we pray, Amen.

- [George] Rachel McLaughlinis one of just 20 OB/GYNs.

Faith in Christ and the opportunity

to help the less fortunate

(baby crying)

are just some of the reasonsthat compel these doctors

to serve in less than ideal conditions.

- God has called us to this place,

so he's called us to hard work,

but he's called us to good work,

and I think that we cansee his redeeming story

when we have the eyes to look for it.

(lively music)

- [George] In addition to meeting physical

and spiritual needs,

Fader's team also trains anew generation to serve here.

- We thought theopportunity was really great

to come to Burundi to discipleand train medical students

and hopefully residentsin the future in order

to be physicians whocan care compassionately

for their people in Jesus' name

and provide excellent health care.

- So here's an interestingangle to the story.

Thousands of miles from the hospital,

all the way in downtown New York city,

Mark Gerson, a Jewish business man,

has decided to personally get involved

in helping these Christianmedical missionaries,

change the destinies ofsome of Africa's poorest.

- The Torah, the Bible, tells us 36 times,

more than it tells us anythingelse, to love the stranger.

And who in the world is more the stranger

than the African poorin need of medical care?

- [George] For severalyears, Gerson and his wife,

have given millions of dollars

to support missionarydoctors across Africa.

- It's been an honor anda privilege for my wife,

who's a Rabbi, and I,to partner with these,

and I choose this term carefully,

these sacred people, theseChristian medical missionaries,

who are sacrificing everythingto go into environments

that are completelyforbidding, give up everything

that we in the West considernecessities a lot of time,

in order to fulfill theirreligious obligation

to serve the poor.

- [George] Gerson and longtime friend, Dr. John Fielder,

an American medicalmissionary serving in Kenya,

co-founded African MissionHealthcare Foundation.

Fielder says through his friendship,

Gerson has seen first-hand the dedication

of these missionary doctors.

- Medical missionaries tendto come for years or decades

and stay and learn thelanguage and learn the culture

and develop deeper relationshipsin their communities.

- [George] Last month, Gersonpresented the first ever

L'Chaim Prize foroutstanding Christian Medical

Missionary Service to Dr.Jason Fader and his team.

- So when I first saw that this prize

was from a Jewish entrepreneur,

I certainly did a double take.

- [George] But Fader knewthere was more to Gerson

than just his generosity.

- He sees the care for the poor,

the care for the stranger aspart of his faith tradition

and I have a lot of respect for that.

- [George] Fielder saysa prize of this magnitude

to one African hospital is far reaching.

- The L'Cheim Prize willprovide a half a million dollars

to Kabuye Hope Hospital in Burundi,

which will help to completea new surgical building,

start an internship,

the first in the countryfor medical school graduates

to renovate a laboratoryand to help about 350 people

walk again with orthopedic supplies.

- [George] Gerson insiststhere's no one better

who delivers a higher return on investment

than medical missionariesserving in Africa.

As an example, he points towhat Dr. Fader and his team

did at the hospital in 2015.

- He enabled 35,000 inpatientand inpatient visits.

He enabled 12,000 surgeries

and he enabled 800 cataract operations,

all for half million dollars.

- [George] Fader saysGersen's generous gift

will continue to touch and heal the lives

of countless people across this nation.

- It's amazing how muchyou can do with so little.

You know, we're not doinglaparoscopic esophogectomies,

but we are helping peoplewalk, we are saving lives,

at the rate of sometimesthousands per year.

- [George] George Thomas,CBN News, Burhundi.

(lively music)

- [Wendy] Thanks, George.

Up next, the Bible comesto life through archeology.

Watch as the hidden relicsof the first capital

of ancient Israel areuncovered, after this.

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Live it fully.

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- 911, what's your emergency?

- [Female] We have a vehicle that

is upside down and on fire.

These people are trapped andwe need the jaws of life.

- [Female] My feet were on fire.

The car was filling up with smoke.

- [Male] There was fire comingin through my left door.

The steering wheel was stuck in my chest.

I couldn't move.

- [Female] The seatbelt, Ikept trying to release it,

but it wouldn't release.

- [Female] I just screamedGod, send your angels now.

- [Female] I saw a set of white hands.

It was just a burst of white light.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back.

Well, some say science andthe Bible don't go together.

They should take a trip toIsrael where archeologists

are verifying Biblical history every day.

Chris Mitchell takes us toone dig that's uncovering

one of The Old Testamentsmost important sites.

- You're looking at theheart of Biblical Israel,

along the route known asthe Way of the Patriarchs.

This is ancient Shiloh,

the place where theBible says Joshua divided

the promised land between the 12 tribes.

And where the tabernacle of the Lord stood

for more than 300 years.

- Welcome to ancient Shiloh.

This is the firstcapital of ancient Israel

and it's a sacred spotbecause the Mishcan was here,

the tabernacle, where peoplecame to connect with God.

- [Chris] Scott Striplingdirects the excavation here

and along with dozens of volunteers,

they're digging into history.

- We're dealing with realpeople, real places, real events.

This is not mythology.

The coins that we excavated today,

we're talking aboutcoins of Herod the Great,

Ponius Pilate, Festus,Felix, Agrippa I, Agrippa II.

The Bible talks about these people.

We've got the image right there.

- [Chris] That imageincludes a fortified wall

built by the Canaanites.

They're finding a treasuretrove of artifacts,

including coins and 2,000pieces of pottery a day.

- Now this one was from yesterday.

It's been washed already,so you seem the same form

right out of the ground, and yesterday,

these are those handlesfrom the stone vessels.

Remember Jesus' first miracle at Cana,

they were stone jars full of water.

That's that ritual purityculture of the first century.

- [Chris] An archeologistlooks at these sherds

as a fine time piece.

- Just like your greatgrandmother's pottery

is different from your potterythat you're using today,

and once we learn the pottery,

then we can use it as ourprimary means of dating.

- [Chris] Stripling says,

literally digging into theBible can change your life.

- You can read the Bible,you can walk the Bible,

but the ultimate is to dig the Bible.

When we actually get into the soil,

like these students from Lee University,

they're literally, it'sunder their fingernails,

and in their nose and intheir mouth and their ears.

And they're exposing this ancient culture.

It becomes one with you.

It's sort of like we came out of the soil,

and as we dig into the soil,

we connect with God and with each other,

I think, in a very important way.

- I love gettin' my hands dirty.

I love diggin' in the dirt.

It's my favorite thing.

- [Chris] People from all ages man the dig

with the main drivers beingstudents like Abigail.

- It's tiring and exhausting,but it's really rewarding.

It's exciting to find ancient things,

things that have been laying in the dirt,

just waiting for us,for thousands of years.

- [Chris] She says the Biblecomes alive in the dirt.

- I read the Bible totallydifferently than I did

before I came here.

When I read the Bible, I know the places.

I know what's going on.

I understand it more deeply,

especially where previousarcheologists have claimed

that the archeology disproves the Bible.

But when we dig here, wefind that everything matches.

You read it in the Bible,you dig in the dirt,

and there it is.

- Archeology doesn't set outto prove or disprove the Bible.

What we wanna do is toilluminate the Biblical text,

the background of the text.

So to set it in a real world culture,

to what we call verisimilitude.

So we get an ancient literary description.

Now we have materialculture that matches that.

Chris, you're sitting whereSamuel and Eli and Hannah

and these people that we have read about,

came just like us, needing answers,

needing to connect withGod, needing forgiveness.

- [Chris] He says they dig into the past

and find lessons from the present.

- One of the faith lessons forus is that God is the potter

and we're the clay, evenif our lives are broken,

like these vessels are, God told Jeremiah,

after he told him to go toShiloh and see what he had done,

he told him to go to the potter's house

and look at a flawed vesseland see how the potter

puts it back on the wheel andworks out the imperfections.

My faith lesson is this,that yes, we're imperfect,

but if we'll allow God,

he wants to put us on his potter's wheel

and he wants to make us a vessel of honor.

- [Chris] Stripling oftensites Psalm 102 that says,

O Zion, your servantstake delight in its stones

and favor its dust.

- Ultimately, Chris, if the Bible is true,

then the God of the Bible hasa moral claim in our lives.

As we establish the veracityof the Biblical text,

I hope that everyone watchingwill just think about that,

that God loves us and he hasa moral claim on our lives.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

Shiloh, Biblical Samaria.

- [Wendy] A, thanks Chris.

For more stories from the HolyLand and how God is at work

in that part of the world,

check out the Jerusalem Dateline show

on our website,

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection andthe overwhelming desire

to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries world wide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

they're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to joinwith me and become family

to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now,

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

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- [Male] When you give,smiles grow bigger.

When you care, homes are happier.

Where you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come togetherto love, miracles happen.

(lively music)

- When God freed a Pastor living

in Easter Europe from addiction,

he had no idea he wouldone day help hundreds

of others dealing with the same struggle.

Our Miranda Leah has the story from Serbia

as she embarks on the world raised,

an 11 month trip to 11 countries.

- This month, my teamis in Novi Sad, Serbia,

working with a local Protestant church.

Now just 10 years ago, thischurch actually founded

the first drug rehab centerin the entire nation.

- I was healed from addiction.

After (mumbles) I was free.

- [Miranda] Pastor Dusan Beredji, or Bera,

is one of the founders

of Rainbow RehabilitationCenter for Addicts.

It's a place that helpsmen overcome addiction

free of charge.

Bera says Serbia experienceda huge spike in drug addiction

after its may years of war.

- [Miranda] Milos Dozicand his wife, Helena,

are both former addicts.

- I was searching for someway out of that kind of life

and that's how if found this place.

In Serbia, at that time, thiswas something totally new.

- [Miranda] Milosgraduated from the program

almost 10 years ago.

Now, he helps lead worship at the church.

(congregation singing)

Would you say that your life is a miracle?

- Of course.

- That is somethingwith miracle, really is.

- As of this year, the programaccepts 30 men at a time,

and so far, over 300 have graduated.

In Novi Sad, Miranda Leah, CBN News.

- Thanks, Miranda.

With God, all things are possible.

Thanks so much for joining us this week

on Christian World News.

Until next week, from all of us here,

good bye and God bless you.

(lively music)


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