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Is God Bringing a Great Awakening to America?

Is God Bringing a Great Awakening to America? Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to this editionof CBN News Showcase.

I'm Mark Martin.

A revival started a fewmonths back in Tennessee,

and it's still going strong.

Is it a sign of Godbringing spiritual renewal

much longed for and prayed forby believers to our nation?

I recently spoke with theevangelist God is using

to lead the movement abouthow he's seen the Lord

move among the people attending.

Tell us how all of this started.

- Pastor Roger Stockton,

he pastors Greystone Free WillBaptist Church in Greenville.

He contacted me several,several months ago

and wanted to do a revival.

It was starting on April the 15th.

It was only scheduledfor just a few nights,

but we started the revivaland God began to move,

people began to trust Christ,prayers were answered.

The pastor asked me topray about coming back

and starting up weeknumber two, and we did.

The Lord gave us the green light to do so,

and we started back on week number two.

And from week number two,it just began to explode.

People coming from all over the county

and several different areas of the state.

The word began to spread.

From there on, the Lordput fuel to the fire.

- And you're entering your 12th week now.

Eventually the revival hadto move into a big tent.

How did all of that come about?

- It started at Greystone,as I stated earlier.

It's a small building.

It seats about 200 people,225 people packed out.

The crowds became solarge they were standing

down the steps, and we justhad nowhere else to put people.

The pastor and I began to pray.

We looked at auditoriums,we looked at larger churches

to maybe move to, butGod never would give us

the green light to do that.

And then five weeks ago,out of the clear blue,

God gave me an 80 by 140 tent.

It seats between 1250 and 1500 people.

We began to pray and seek God's face.

One thing after another,lights and sound, chairs,

trailers, shave-ins,everything that goes along

with a tent, God beganto give to the ministry.

God used people fromseveral different states

to provide what we needed.

- What's the message thatGod is giving you, D.R.,

in this revival for timeslike the ones we're in now?

- It's all about Jesus.

You don't have to give upyour drugs, your drinking.

You don't have to give upanything for Jesus to accept you.

Jesus will take you just as you are.

It's a whoseoever will salvation.

No matter how bad you've been,

no matter where you've been,no matter what you've done,

Jesus loves you, and that'sthe message for this day

and this hour that needs to be preached

all over the world, thatJesus loves you no matter

where you've been, whatsocial status you are,

what color of your skin,denomination, it doesn't matter.

Jesus is the only answer forthis day and for this hour.

- And when people acceptJesus, he takes all

of those addictions away, right?

He can, talk about that, he can.

- Yes, when God savedme, I was an alcoholic.

I spent my life in nightclubs.

My wife, I'll just behonest, my wife was a dancer.

She worked in nightclubs her life.

She was, to most people outside

and to most Christians today,

she was the bottom ofthe barrel, if you will.

Some people would look at her and say,

"There's no way she could be saved,

"not somebody that dances.

"Not somebody that doeswhat she does for a living."

But God came to us, wherewe are, God came to us.

He saved me, He saved her.

And when He saved us, Godtook her out of that lifestyle

and God took alcohol awayfrom us and God took all

the drugs away and Godtook all of that away.

- Tell our viewers where theycan find the revival services,

D.R., and when they're being held.

- Every night, Mondaythrough Friday at 7 p.m.

The address is 1005

Quaker Knob Road in Chuckey, Tennessee.

You can find the revival services.

Some nights we're able to livestream,

some nights we're not able to,

but you can find them on my Facebook page.

You can also go to the GreenvilleAwakening Facebook page.

We're just (claps)

Mark, we're excited aboutwhat God's doing here,

we really are.

- Amen, and you should be, definitely.

Well, evangelist D.R. Harrison,

thank you so much for your time today.

We commend what you andyour wife are doing there,

leading these revival services.

Thank you for being obedient.

- God bless you Mark, and wesure appreciate you and CBN.

- Thank you.

Despite the good news out of Tennessee,

many Christians believethey've lost the culture war

and America is slipping away.

Yet others believe that more revival,

and even a third great awakening,

could rescue it andthey're praying for it.

Christians are told to leadindividual souls to Christ,

but the Bible also tellsus to disciple nations.

Well, how do you do that?

That might take a littlemore than revival,

and that's where reformation comes in.

In Psalm 2, God the Fathers says to Jesus,

"I will make the nationsyour inheritance."

- People are very important.

Salvation, evangelism is important.

- [Narrator] But Pastor MarioBramnick says salvations

one by one won't turn a whole nation,

and revivals don't last long enough.

Reformation, though,can fundamentally change

or reform a country.

- Reformation is really the Kingdom of God

coming into every aspect of society.

- We've gotta think big.

We've gotta think beyond justthe person in front of us.

It's real important forthe church to really shift

into reformation, whichto me, is longterm.

It's sustained.

Revival is short-term.

- [Narrator] Johnson shared that message

at an Orlando conference put together

by Christian leader Lance Wallnau.

Wallnau agrees, saying,"If millions can capture

"the high points of societythat influence culture,

"they can then reform it."

- I am holding out for end time-able God,

that we always think of interms of a harvest of souls,

'cause we play shallow.

We should be looking fora harvest of nations.

- [Narrator] Wallnow pointsout if you don't occupy

the territory God gives you,

it becomes worse when you lose it.

He says, "Christian leaders love to talk

"about the wondrous Welsh revival."

- We get all sentimental andteary of the Welsh revival.

We talk about what happened.

But if you go to Wales today,

only 2% of the population goes to church.

98% is secular.

- [Narrator] Both Wallnow andJohnson said Christians need

to go out and change theworld where they can,

like at work and in their neighborhoods.

- They're being impactedinside of the church,

but we're not empowering them to reach out

in their various spheres of influence.

- We get together andpray, and then we think,

"Well, that's done."

it's like, actually, no.

That's the starting point.

- [Narrator] And Wallnowand Bramnick believe

the 2016 election couldbe that starting point.

- When we realized we wereabout to lose our nation

in the last election, but we united.

We began to cry out to God, repent, fast,

and mobilize 25,000,000spiritually-active,

governmentally-engagedconservatives, SAGE Cons,

Christians, showed up 92% in alignment

with the fact that it wouldn't be Hillary,

it would be Donald Trump.

- [Narrator] Bramnick nowregularly counsels and prays

in Washington and the White House,

where he remembers whatPresident Trump told

evangelical leaders from the start.

- "And you've been denied.

"You are now freely welcomed here."

And then he said to the faith community,

"I am restoring yourvoice and I'm restoring it

"at the highest level."

- [Narrator] Bramnick has seenwhat he considered miracles

at the White House,like when he met to pray

with fellow Christianleaders across the street.

- Someone gave RamiroPena a word and said,

"Pastor Pena, I want youto look out the window,"

the window oversaw the White House,

"and I want you to seeyourself in the Oval Office

"and decree and declarethe fatherhood of God

"over President Trump."

- [Narrator] Just a few minutes later,

Bramnick got a phonecall from the White House

to come right over.

- We get called to the Oval Office.

Pastor Ramiro Penaspeaks to the President,

decrees and declaresthe fatherhood of God,

what we prayed and visualizedan hour and a half ago.

We got to speak to the President.

- [Narrator] Wallnow believes this favor

in the highest places can be accelerated

into worldwide reformation.

- What we get is a global movement.

It's not just about America.

America is a key to keeping the door open

on the experiment ofself-governing, self-controlled

liberty and religious freedom.

- [Mark] It'll be a real fight, though.

- Do not think that thedoor cannot be closed.

It is a massive battle.

We cannot let our guards down.

There is a war for the soul of our nation.

- [Narrator] Johnson says victory

will take every believer stepping up.

- Whether you have influenceof five people or 500,000,

be faithful to where God hasstrategically positioned you.

The Lord said to me,"If you'll be faithful

"in the small things,

"I'll give you access to the big things."

- We've already seen themove of God starting.

If we can just stayengaged in the process.

(dramatic music)

- [Mark] Coming up, moreof Paul Strand's report

on why many Christiansbelieve this generation

is about to witness the greatestrevival in all of history.

(upbeat music)

Another Christian ministry's group

has the same passion for revival.

They believe if theyunite, they can help launch

one of history's greatest revivals.

Again, CBN'S Paul Strandhas their story from Canada.

- Toronto has seen someof the flames reigniting

that burned so powerfullyduring the Toronto

Blessing Revival that started in 1994

and touched millions around the world.


It's a gathering of some ofthe most powerful streams

of ministry that have been used in revival

across the past three decades.

They've gathered inToronto because all believe

God wants to light the fireagain and hit the world

with possibly the greatest awakening

and harvest of all time.

Daniel Kolenda, a successorof Reinhard Bonnke,

whose Christ for All Nationssays it has seen more

than 70,000,000 salvations.

He says, "Christians needto focus on Jesus himself."

- It actually makes our jobs quite easy.

We just present Jesus topeople and the Holy Spirit

comes in and does the rest.

- [Paul] Lou Engle has beenleading intercessors crying out

for this for more than 30 years.

- Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away

the sins of the world.

I'm believing for a massbeholding of the Lamb of God.

So many people are gettingsaved, and secondly,

and He shall baptize you withthe Holy Spirit and fire.

- [Paul] John Kilpatrick'schurch was the headquarters

for the BrownsvilleRevival that began in 1995.

He says he heard aboutthis much larger revival

that was yet to come,

the day Al Qaeda broughtdown the Twin Towers.

- I watched the towers come down,

and I said to the Lord, I said,

"Lord, does this mean the revival's over?"

The Lord responded to me immediately.

He said, "Oh, no."

He said, "Revival's not over."

He said, "I'm gonna pourout my spirit again,

"but it'll be in conjunctionwithin the time events."

- [Paul] Rick Joyner ofMorningStar Ministries believes

it's crucial that allof these various streams

of ministry work in unison.

- Because there is amultiplication of authority

and spiritual authoritywhen you come together.

One can put 1,000 to flight,

but two can put 10,000 to flight.

- [Paul] He believes it'sthe best kind of witness

to a fragmenting world.

- They're starting to loveeach other, come together,

have unity, have peace, have joy,

all these things that the world has become

increasingly devoid of.

- I do believe in a billion-soul harvest

that's been prophesied about.

- [Paul] Global Awakening'sRandy Clark was preaching here

when the Toronto Blessingbegan in the 1990's.

He points out some have saidthis will be a faceless,

nameless revival because God wants

to use every willing personin the entire church,

not just evangelical superstars.

- It didn't mean thatthere weren't leaders,

but it meant that he leadersunderstood their role

was to release the others, the laity.

- [Paul] Engle calledthe crowed in Toronto

to become those disciples,asking them to take off

their shoes and say, "God, send me."

- How beautiful are the feet of them

that bring good news.

How shall they hearunless there's a preacher?

- He's just looking forpeople that are hungry

and open and will say, "God,whatever you want to do,

"here am I."

- [Paul] Paul Strand, CBN News,

at the Light the Fire Againconference in Toronto.

- Another sign of revivalrumbling just under the surface

in America is happening in New York.

CBN's Charlene Aaron recentlyspoke with one pastor

who says he and otherChristian leaders are praying

for revival to come toNew York and the nation.

- First of all, this is acall for prayer over New York

for revival.

How did it all come about?

- This is the week whereNew York City comes together

and we bring in to the cityaround $6,000,000 worth

of resources and we dividethem up between thousands

of churches and we hit the streets.

We've been hitting thestreets back to back every day

for the last seven days.

I just preach the Gospelon Macy's right there

at the most well-known storein the world, they say,

the Miracle on 34th Streetbecame the real miracle

on 34th street as NicoleC. Mullin led worship

and we all gathered there in thousands

to preach the Gospel.

People got saved.

So then we're culminatingtonight with prayer for revival

because we're seeing Godmove in such powerful ways

and on the most influentialisland in the world,

which is Manhattan.

And we're seeing that alsopour through the five boroughs.

- What are the main prayerpoints for the event tonight?

- We wanna see unityin the body of Christ.

New York City, because it'ssuch a tough place to minister,

it's one of the toughest in the country.

You have to be extremely well-read

as a Christian communicator.

You have to be studied.

You have to know theculture extremely well

so that you can highlight thebeautiful things about Jesus.

So we work together tirelesslybecause it's so tough.

But we know the enemy cantry to get in and divide,

and we wanna see a newrevival happen in this city

where it's consistent, longterm prayer,

where relationships arecontinuing to come together,

and more and more peoplesee the attractiveness

of following Jesus Christ wholeheartedly,

without holding anything back.

- And you mentioned unity.

I understand that there willbe a diverse group of people

that will be attending tonight.

Talk about why that is soimportant in the church

as a whole right now?

- One of the big thingsthat's constantly rising

to the surface of a lot ofissues is the race issue

and the diversity issue.

So we just feel like it'simportant as the Chinese church,

the Korean church, the blackchurch, the white church,

the Latino church, andNative American church,

that we all show great signs of unity

by showing up together,by worshiping together,

by praying together, by planningand strategizing together.

And I'm telling you, you'll be blown away.

We are often blown away by howunique our differences are.

As a African-American and half Latino,

we bring a lot of passion and excitement.

Some of our Asian brothers,

they love to see the stats and the figures

and how this is all gonna work.

And then we have some of ourwhite audience that's like,

"Okay, how can we organize and make sure

"that this is working?"

When you just see thebeautiful diversity of the body

lending its hand andunderstanding that we're one

in the blood of Jesus, butsometimes a little different,

it's just so beautiful to see.

- Thank you so much for your time, sir.

God bless you.

- Oh, thank you.

I love the work that you're doing

and continue the great work.

Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

(dramatic music)

- Still ahead, thousandsof Christians believing

for revival, praying for it,

and also calling onfellow believers like you

to help usher it in and be a part of it.

(upbeat music)

Earlier we told you aboutgroups of Christians hoping

for a third great awakening.

CBN's Paul Strand brings usmore on how they're preparing

by faith to be a part of it.

And he says they'reinviting other believers

to take part too.

- If a massive harvest is on the way,

how can believers getready to do their part?

Some of the most well-knowncharismatic leaders

were just answering such questions

at the location where the revival known

as the Toronto Blessing started in 1994.

Questions such as, whatshould Christians expect?

Some say this next revivalwill be like a huge wave

that washes over the whole world.

Heidi Baker has helpedstart thousands of churches

and fellowships in Mozambiqueand around the world.

She says she's had avision of such a wave,

and she says it's a glory wave.

- I saw the wave and it's full of faces.

I thought, "Lord, what is that?

"Are those the ones cominghome or the ones going out?"

And I saw they were thefaces of these radical lovers

of God, every tribe, tongue, and nation,

who are gonna go to the ends of the Earth

carrying the glory.

- [Paul] John Arnott headed up the church

where the Toronto Blessing began.

He, too, has had a visionof a glory wave so big

he called it a tsunami in thebook, Preparing for the Glory.

- And all these littleboats on the top of it,

and then this wave crestedand came crashing to shore.

It was just a sudden,wonderful outpouring of God

that was just sweeping.

- [Paul] Some may feel thatsuch a revival isn't possible

in this dark, immoral age.

But theology professor Michael Brown says

he's studied severaltimes in American history

where the most learnedmen thought Christianity

was dying out in the land.

- Everybody counted thechurch out, counted God out,

and then awakening came.

So I truly believe, as much asmy mind says it's impossible,

I truly believe that thegreatest awakening for America,

and certainly outpouringfor the world, is yet ahead.

- [Paul] Brown has oftenencountered controversy

for insisting on biblical truth,

no matter how politicallyincorrect it may be,

like on gay marriage.

But he insists Christianscan stand for such truth

and still win over the worldlywho may despise that truth.

- But we need a fresh baptismof love for a sinful world

and a fresh baptism ofthe image of Jesus in us

so that we can really belike Him to this world.

If we really care, theright words will follow.

But we also have torecognize that the darkness

always hates the light.

We have to quit trying toplease people and be accepted.

We must speak the truth in love.

It's not either/or, it's both/and.

- Revivals are known for burning brightly,

but then always burning out.

Well, there are thosesaying that if the next one

will put Jesus Christ right at the center,

it never has to die.

So that's a part of preparing for revival.

- If we can up our prayerlives, we can reprioritize

how we spend our day,how we spend our money,

He needs to be number one.

- He's our Lord, our Savior,our King, our bridegroom king.

We wanna lift Him up andlift Him up and lift Him up.

As He be lifted up, allmen will be drawn to him.

- [Paul] Jeri Hill isthe widow of Steve Hill,

the evangelist at the center

of the 1995 Brownsville revival.

- At one point he wasgonna put on TIME Magazine,

and he said, "You know what?

"I think you need to put God.

"Put a picture of God, becauseit's really all about Him.

"I am only a vessel that He fixed."

- [Paul] She points out,he preached a revival

couldn't supersaturate the whole world

till every believer becomes an evangelist

to those around him.

- When Steve and I would goout, we would talk to people

about Jesus in the supermarket,in an antique store,

in a restaurant.

You take it out.

- You keep your heartright, keep short accounts

with people that have offendedyou or hurt you or whatever,

and you just get rooted andgrounded in the love of God

and get ready for more.

- Have little gatherings at your company.

Have little gatherings at your school.

Just come together andlove Jesus and then shine.

Don't be afraid to share your testimony.

- [Paul] Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting

from the Light the FireAgain conference in Toronto.

- Up next, it's time topray here on Showcase.

Stay with us.

(upbeat music)

Won't you pray with us?

Dear Lord, we thankYou for Your great love

and faithfulness to every generation.

We thank You for Yourgoodness and Your kindness.

You are faithful andtrue above all others.

There is no God like You, dear Lord.

We praise You for signsof revival in our land,

from New York to Tennessee and elsewhere.

You desire that none perish.

We thank You for movingYour Spirit across the land.

May Your kingdom come onEarth as it is in Heaven.

Dear Lord, we know that Your word says,

"For God so loved the world that He gave

"His only begotten Son,that whosoever believes

"in Him should not perish,but have eternal life."

We pray for the truth ofthis scripture from John 3:16

to go across the globe toall nations that men, women,

and children may knowyour great love for them.

We pray for the nations.

You say, if we ask You for the nations,

You will give them to us.

We ask for America and allthe nations of the world

to be Yours, and we pray,believing that You will answer

according to the marvelous promises,

the marvelous promises of Your word.

And we ask all of this now,

in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Thanks for praying with me.

That's all for this editionof the CBN News Showcase.

Catch all of the news of theday anytime at

Have a great day, God bless you.

(dramatic music)


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