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Trump to Strip Security Clearances from Ex-Officials Like Brennan, Who Called Trump 'Treasonous'

Trump to Strip Security Clearances from Ex-Officials Like Brennan, Who Called Trump 'Treasonous' Read Transcript

- [Heather] The idea apparently came

from Republican Senator Rand Paul,

who met with the President onMonday to discuss the plan.

The President

is considering stripping highlevel security clearances

from six former Obama andBush Administration Officials.

All who have been vocal criticsof the Trump Administration.

Former CIA director JohnBrennan went all out last week

after the President met withRussian President Putin.

He tweeted that Trump'spress conference was,

"nothing short of treasonous.

"Not only were Trump's comments imbecilic,

"he is wholly in the pocket of Putin."

- I think anyone who's calling basically

the President treasonous,

which would require the death penalty,

is someone that is over the top

and not showing the proper judgment.

- [Heather] The WhiteHouse says that Brennan

and the others are usingtheir security clearances

for political and personal gain.

- They've politicized,

and in some cases actuallymonetized their public service

and their security clearances

and making baseless accusations

of improper contact with Russia

or being influenced by Russia

against the President isextremely inappropriate.

- [Heather] Two peopleon the President's list,

former FBI Director James Comey

and his Deputy Andrew McCabe

have actually already lost their clearance

after being fired.

Another official on the list,

James Clapper,

called the possible move anabuse of the clearance system.

- [James] This is a kind ofpetty way of retribution,

I suppose for speakingout against the President.

- [Heather] Former ActingCIA Director Mike Morrell

told CBS News that the purpose

of extending securityclearances is to benefit

the U.S. Government and notthe people who have them.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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