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'Renaissance Redneck' Serves Up Food, Fun, and Faith on the Pungo Prairie

'Renaissance Redneck' Serves Up Food, Fun, and Faith on the Pungo Prairie Read Transcript

- Hey y'all! Welcome to The Pungo Prairie!

Now we gon' be huntin'some of these legendary,

Saskatchewan trophy white tail bucks.

So don't go nowhere! 'Causeyou don't wanna miss this!

[Upbeat Bluegrass Music]

- [Wendy] For more thanfive years, Bill Dixon

has been serving up adelicious medley of recipes...

outdoor adventures...

and camping tips, sprinkledwith a good dose of faith that

has delighted fans of his video blogs.

- Now I'm gonna showy'all how to set up camp

the Pungo Prairie way.

- [Wendy] Pungo is a ruralarea of Eastern Virginia,

and the last place Dixonthought he would end up

after his marriage ended.

- She was the love ofmy life, we were married

almost 20 years, and... uh,she just decided she wanted

to do something different,and I always thought

I was gonna be in the mountainsat this stage of my life.

God finally told me,"Dixon... you're not gonna

be in the mountains. Youcan go to the mountains,

but I'll give you the PungoPrairie, so you gotta learn

to bloom where you're planted."

- [Wendy] Some of that planting happened

after Dixon flunked the fifthgrade, and had to repeat it

at a Christian school.

- My mother, she kindagot worried about me.

One day I was out in the yard,and she was out watching me.

And I came in the house, and she said,

"Billy, are you okay?"

And I said, "Yeah, Mom, I'm fine. Why?"

She said, "Who you talkin' to out there?"

I said, "What do you mean?"

She said, "I'm a little bitworried about you, every time

I look out, you're liketalking, your lips are moving."

"Oh, Mom, I'm just prayin'."She said, "You're prayin'?"

I said, "Yeah, Miss Blazebrook told me

the Bible says to pray without ceasin'."

[Wendy Laughs]

- See now, the firstthing we're gonna do..."

- [Wendy] For years, friendsbegged Dixon to share

his delicious recipes in a cookbook.

But Dixon thought he couldreach more people by video.

- I've made a, uh, "WhatchagotChili," just out of

what I had in therefrigerator and the pantry.

Wasn't planned at all.And I shot a real quick,

impromptu video of that, andI said, "That'll shut 'em up,

once they see that, I won'thave to worry about it anymore."

- [Wendy] And they loved it?

- And then they were..."You gotta do another one,

you gotta do another one."

- Bill, you always say ablessing over the food, and...

Why do you do that?

- I thought, "Okay, if I'mgoing to be doing this...

Let me... Let me do it so that...

Maybe... people can see

that you can have fun, youcan hunt, you can fish,

you can love the greatoutdoors, you can party,

you can have a great time...You still love the Lord,

and it's even better!

And the subtleties of theBible, or "God's Minute"

sittin' there in a sceneand a clip, and the blessing

at the end... Maybe, justmaybe that will, you know,

grab the attention of somebody.

- [Wendy] Dixon says one of his videos

did more than that: It helped save a life.

- And he said, "I justwant to let you know,

that you really kept me going

for the last year

while I was laid up ahundred and some odd days

in the hospital battlingtwo forms of leukemia."

- And him and his six-year-oldson, they watched the video

"Good Camp," which is a timelapse thing of me setting

my hunting camp up in themountains of Virginia.

And they just watched-He said, I just wanted

to let you know how muchI appreciated being able

to go to watch your videoswhile I was spending that time

in the hospital.

And that really just blew me away.

- [Wendy] So Bill, rightnow as I'm interviewing you,

we are surrounded by severaldeer that I'm assuming

that you shot and killed andate, and a very large buffalo.

Can you tell us about this?

- Each one of these animalsyou see, um, I took...

and my daddy taught me early on...

If you're gonna kill something,

make sure you're gonna eat it.

And I like knowing wheremy food comes from,

and one way I knowwhere my food comes from

is where I go out and harvest it myself.

- [Wendy] Today, the manaffectionately known as

"The Renaissance Redneck,"entertains his many followers

on Facebook and YouTube,and has no plans to stop.

- To me, there's twoverses in the Bible that

is almost all you need.

In 1 John 3:16, we know what that is.

- Yeah.

- And the other one is Psalm 23.

"The Lord is my shepherd,

I shall not want." So if you accept Jesus,

and you act on that faith,

and then you believe Psalm 23 verse one,

"The Lord is my shepherd,I shall not want,"

everything else comes together.

- And that, girls andboys, is what's cookin'

on the Pungo Prairie!

- [Wendy] Wendy Griffith, CBN News,

somewhere on the Pungo Prairie.

[Light Hearted Chime Music]


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