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Ministerial Summit For Religious Freedom Brings Countries Together

Ministerial Summit For Religious Freedom Brings Countries Together Read Transcript

- America's Ambassador-at-Large

for International ReligiousFreedom, Sam Brownback,

opened the first ever ministerial summit

at the State Department Tuesday.

He urged leaders from a range of faiths

to work together to help thepersecuted across the globe.

CBN's National SecurityCorrespondent Erik Rosales has more.

- One by one, persecutedbelievers shared their stories

at the first ever Ministerial Summit here

at the State Department.

But the first persecutedChristian couldn't share

his story in person, that's because he's

still imprisoned in China.

- Many people know my husbandJohn is a pastor living

a simple life in pursuit ofspreading the word of God.

- [Erik] Jamie Powell, thewife of Pastor John Cao,

says the Chinese governmentsees him as a criminal.

Last year, Chinese borderpolice arrested John

for what she calls his faith-driven work,

helping poor people.

He's now serving aseven-year prison sentence.

- Since his detainment,my husband has suffered

a rapid decline in his health.

He has lost 50 pounds.

He's not been able to communicatewith me and my children.

- Prayer is the start,

but as human beings,

as we can see through aconference such as this,

really having this open conversation

and bringing awareness to these issues

is the most important thing.

- Religious freedom really,truly is for everyone.

It's a right given by God.

- [Erik] Former KansasGovernor Sam Brownback is

America's Ambassador-at-Large for

International Religious Freedom.

He urged the representativesfrom 80 countries

at this summit to helpmake the world a place

where people genuinelycare and love one another.

- Together,

an alliance of government,civil society and faith,

we can and will advance religious freedom.

- [Erik] Brownback sitedthe ethnic cleansing

of Muslims in Myanmar andthe Islamic States' genocide

against Yazidis and Christians in Iraq.

He also highlighted U.S.Pastor Andrew Brunson,

who he says remains wrongly imprisoned

on false charges in Turkey.

- For us, I think the laststatistic I saw was 79%

of Christians around theworld are persecuted.

And I think it's very important,

especially we as the church in America,

begin to understand what our sisters

and brothers go through worldwide.

- [Erik] Brownback says thissummit is just the beginning,

and the Trump Administration will continue

to make religious liberty a top priority.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- When God.


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