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News on The 700 Club: July 25, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” July 25.: American Pastor Put Under House Arrest in Turkey; 'Renaissance Redneck' Serves Up Food, Fun, and Faith on the Pungo Prairie; GOP Incredulous as Dems Demand Release of Kavanaugh Docs, and more. Read Transcript

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

Tensions remain high onIsrael's northern border

after its military shotdown a Syrian fighter jet

that entered its airspace yesterday.

Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu has made it clear

it's a line that won't be crossed.

- Israeli forces remain on high alert

as Syrian soldiers retaketerritory from rebels

and inch closer to the Golan Heights.

John Waage has more from Jerusalem.

- [John] Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

has made sure that RussianPresident Vladimir Putin

knows where Israel'sred lines are in Syria

and one of them is the Golan Heights,

where Syrian jets are moving way too close

for Israel's comfort.

(in foreign language)

- Our air defense systemidentified a Syrian air force jet

that took off from theT-4 Syrian air force base

and penetrated Israeli air space.

This is a gross violation of

the 1974 Separation ofForces Agreement with Syria.

I have reiterated and made clear

that we will not acceptany such violation.

- [John] Israel is concerned about

Iranian backed forces in Syria

and wants Russia to keepboth Syria and Iran,

two clear enemies of Israel,

far away from the Golan border.

Russia sent its top generalto Jerusalem this week

for still more negotiations.

The Syrian pilot was reportedkilled in Tuesday's incident.

A casualty of Syria's move

to oust rebel Sunnis from the Golan.

All this week Israeli's havebeen shaken by rocket sirens

from the northern border with Syria

to the southern border near Gaza.

Now it appears the government is ready

to spend billions of dollars to bolster

the country's air andmissile defense systems.

The Syrian jet pilot may have strayed

into Israeli territory by accident,

but Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon

explained Israel can't take chances.

- When we see a fightercrossing the border

and we try to contact fewtimes and get no response,

the only thing we can do isto protect our civilians.

We cannot wait to see what are

the real intentions of the fighter.

That's what would anyother country will do.

We will not allow anyoneto breach our sovereignty.

We will not allow theIranians to build their bases

next to our borders in the Golan Heights.

- [John] Both Israel and Syria say

they're not in a hurry for war.

But if Syrian President Bashar Assad

doesn't heed Israel's many warnings

to stay away from the border,

the situation could escalate quickly.

John Waage, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- It could escalate very quickly.

And what's going on,

these are Sunni rebelssupported by the nation of Iran.

Iran's trying to create a land bridge

from its borders to the border of Israel

and there's no peaceful intention in that.

They've been fundingHezbollah for some time

in southern Lebanon.

They want to expand that into Syria.

They want to attack Israeland that's what's going on.

They also want to overthrowthe Assad government in Syria.

So it's a three prong problem.

If Assad strikes back at the rebels

who are trying to oust him,

they violate the 1974 agreement

which ended the Yom Kippur War

and these are veryserious terms for Israel.

They can't have the Syrian army assembling

on its northern border.

It's just intolerable for Israel.

And the rebels know that

and so they're actuallyusing that territory

to shelter while they marshal strength

to either attack Israel or attack Assad.

This could get very serious very quickly

'cause Israel could make the decision

well let's go into Syria,

wipe out these rebel camps on our own

and bring peace there and then withdraw.

That would be very serious

and would Russia get involved?

Would Syria respond?

Could we have full scale war?

This is a time absolutely

to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Well in other news,

Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu blasted

Turkey's President forcalling Israel a racist state.

John Jessup has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureauin Washington, John.

- Thanks Gordon.

Turkey's Recep Erdogancriticized Israel's new law

defining the country as the nation state

for the Jewish people.

In a speech before Turkey's parliament,

Erdogan said the description shows Israel

as the most Zionist,racist, and fascist country.

He also compared Israel'sleaders to Nazis, saying,

"the soul of Hitler who led the world

"to a great catastrophe has risen again

"within some of Israel's officials."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

shot back saying Turkeyunder Erdogan's leadership

has become a dark dictatorship

and imprisons tens ofthousands of its own citizens

and murders Syrians and Kurds.

American pastor AndrewBrunson has been moved

out of a Turkish prison andplaced under house arrest.

A court in Turkey made that decision.

Brunson has been imprisonedfor nearly two years.

He faces a long sentenceon charges of committing

crimes on behalf of terror groups.

The 50 year old evangelical pastor

strongly denies the accusations.

He wrote a letter earlier this year

that he's in prison not foranything he's done wrong,

but because he's a Christian pastor.

President Trump has repeatedlydemanded Brunson's release.

You stay up to date withthis story on

Well Pastor Brunson will beone of the major subjects

at the first ever MinisterialSummit on Religious Freedom

happening at the state department.

Hundreds of leaders from around the world

are assembled here in Washington.

As CBN's National Security Correspondent

Erik Rosales reports,

US Religious FreedomAmbassador Sam Brownback

is calling on them to help the persecuted.

- One by one, persecutedbelievers shared their stories

at the first ever Ministerial Summit here

at the State Department.

But the first persecuted Christian

couldn't share his story in person.

That's because he's stillimprisoned in China.

- Many people know myhusband, John, is a pastor

living a simple life in pursuit

of spreading the word of God.

- [Erik] Jamie Powell, thewife of Pastor John Cao

says the Chinese governmentsees him as a criminal.

Last year, Chinese BorderPolice arrested John

for what she calls his faith driven work,

helping poor people.

He's now serving a sevenyear prison sentence.

- Since his detainment,

my husband has suffered arapid decline in his health.

He has lost 50 pounds.

He's not been able to communicatewith me and my children.

- Prayer is the start.

But as human beings, as wecan see through a conference

such as this, really havingthis open conversation

and bringing awareness to these issues

is the most important thing.

- Religious freedom reallytruly is for everyone.

It's a right given by God.

- [Erik] Former KansasGovernor Sam Brownback

is America's Ambassador-at-Large

for International Religious Freedom.

He urged the representativesfrom 80 countries

at this summit to helpmake the world a place

where people genuinelycare and love one another.

- Together an alliance of government,

civil society, and faith,

we can and will advance religious freedom.

- [Erik] Brownback citedthe ethnic cleansing

of Muslims in Myanmar

and the Islamic statesgenocide against Yazidis

and Christians in Iraq.

He also highlighted U.S.pastor Andrew Brunson

who he says remains wrongly imprisoned

on false charges in Turkey.

- I think the last statistic that I saw

was 79% of Christians aroundthe world are persecuted.

And I think it's very important

especially we as the Church in America

begin to understand whator sister and brothers

go through worldwide.

- [Erik] Brownback says thissummit is just the beginning.

And the Trump administration will continue

to make religious liberty a top priority.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- Thanks Erik.

Turning to weather, heavyrain is wreaking havoc

and causing floodingacross the United States.

In Maryland, rescuers werecalled to save children

stranded on a school bus.

And here in Washington D.C.,

a woman died after a treecrashed into her home.

Showers are also flooding out west

as drivers in Santa Fe, New Mexico

had to be rescued from their cars

and mudslides forced the closure

of Colorado highways.

Forecasters say to expect more rain

and dangerous floodingin the next few days.

Well Senate JudiciaryChairman Chuck Grassley

plans to be in confirmation hearings

for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

after Labor Day.

Grassley tells CBN News whilethe hearings could get ugly,

Judge Kavanaugh has theopportunity to show the country

why he's qualified for the Court.

Abigail Robertson has more.

- Many Senate Democratsare refusing to even meet

with Judge Kavanaugh

unless Republicansrelease close to a million

pages of documents relatedto Kavanaugh's tenure

in the Bush White House.

- Our Republican colleaguesare dragging their feet

and that begs a serious question.

What are Judge Kavanaughand the Republicans hiding?

- [Abigail] Majority leaderMitch McConnell responded to

the tactic by threateningto keep senators in session

as long as needed toget a vote on Kavanaugh.

- Let there be no misunderstanding

that there would be anykind of delaying tactic

that would take us past thefirst Tuesday in November.

[Abigail] - SenateJudiciary Committee Chairman

Chuck Grassley tells CBN Newshe believes these documents

wouldn't change a thing.

- How much more do theyneed to know to vote no?

And yet, they're reallypushing hard for everything.

[Abigail] - Grassley wouldlike the Senate to go back

to when they simply looked ata nominee's qualifications,

not their politics or ideology.

- Now you have it youcan barely get somebody

with 51 or 52 votes toget on the Supreme Court

because some people like, take the view.

Well, it doesn't matterwho Trump appoints,

I'm going to be against them.

[Abigail] - He believesKavanaugh is a strong pick.

- If you're a personbefore him, you would feel

that you're getting equaljustice before the law.

[Abigail] - And Grassleyfeels if Kavanaugh can prove

that during the hearing, he'll be fine.

- Judge Kavanaugh, satisfying people

that he's going to be a independent person

that's going to leave hispersonal views out of it,

that he's going to lookat the law and looks at

the facts of the case.

- Republicans are racing toget Kavanaugh on the bench

by October 1st, the start ofthe next Supreme Court session.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks Abigail.

Gordon, with such a smallmargin in the Senate,

this no doubt will be anugly confirmation battle.

- We can anticipate it,but at the same time,

you can also anticipatewhat the final vote will be

and it depends on John McCain's health.

Will it be 50 to 49 with theVice President casting a vote?

Will it be 51 to 40 ...

You already know the vote total.

So, what Senator Grassleysaid is just remarkable.

How much more informationdo you need to vote no?

We already know how thevotes are going to be divided

and so, why don't we just get on with it?

Well, you can be involved.

You can show your supportfor Judge Kavanaugh.

CBN has an online petitioncalling on Congress

to confirm him to the Supreme Court.

You can find the link at


- Did you see when PresidentTrump first announced him,

and he came up with his little girls

and he kept talkingabout how he was a coach

and he was just solikable and so friendly?

I don't see how anybody couldvote against him, but ...

- Well, you don't have a vote.

- But I don't have a vote,but I've got a prayer.

I'm praying.- You can sign a petition.


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