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'The Lord Turned My Night Into Day': Nicole C. Mullen Talks to CBN News about Her Album

'The Lord Turned My Night Into Day': Nicole C. Mullen Talks to CBN News about Her Album Read Transcript

- Recording artist, Nicole CMullen has established herself

as a chart-toppingcontemporary Christian singer.

We sat down with her recentlyto talk about her life, loss

and finding love again.

You could say she is someonewho needs no introduction.

We'll simply let her voice do that.

♪ Words alone can catch a falling star ♪

♪ Well I know ♪

♪ my Redeemer lives ♪

♪ I know ♪

Joined right now here in studiofive with Nicole C Mullen.

So good to have you back.

- It's so good to be back.

- Last time I talked to you,you were embarking on a tour

to encourage young women.

- Yes.- And now

you've released new music.- Yes.

- That we've been waiting seven years for?

- Yeah, I mean I had a hymnsalbum in between, but--

Okay, all original materialexcept one in this one.

- Seven years, wow.

- A year of completion.

- Indeed, I like it.

Now the project iscalled, Like Never Before,

and we know that you said inthe past that much of your

music is based on life experiences.

- Yes.- So what happened

to give birth to Like Never Before?

- A lot of love, a lot ofloss, and a lot of redemption.

And so, you know, goingthrough a night season.

Havin' a marital status change.

Becoming a single mom.

Learning how to continueto implement forgiveness,

and to receive healing,

and to allow other people intoyour pain and to minister.

And to see the Lord beginto turn my night into day.

And so the album has songson there about that journey.

I mean really, ultimately,about how even when it's

all said and done, the loveof Christ is greater than

anything we could go through.

You know, this suffering,like it says in Romans eight.

I'm not gonna preach, I promise.

- You're fine.

- But the sufferings of this present time

are not worthy to becompared with the glory

that shall be revealed in us.

And so his love again is greater still.

- How would you compare thisproject to previous works?

- It's a continuation, but it's also,

it's a new chapter.

Well, not even just a newchapter, it's a new book.

You know, so it's--

It has variety of styles, of course,

you're gonna have theupbeat you can dance to,

and you have the worshipyou can worship to,

and you can cry to it, love songs on it.

It has the whole gambit.

It is Nicole C Mullen.

But at the same time, it's on the cusp

of the morning.

Everything you've heard from me prior to,

has been out of my night season.

This is the first fruits of my day.

- Do you have a favorite inall those that are fruits?

- You know that's hard.

- I know it's hard.

- It's like picking a favorite child.

That can get you in trouble.

But they're all likepages out of my journey,

or my journal, I should say.

So on different days,different songs speak to me

in another way.

And so, like I was sayingearlier, today the song that's

probably speaking the clearestto me is "Greater Still."

Because at the end of it,it has the celebration

of I will rejoice.

I choose to rejoice.

And I found that is not justsomething that we fall into,

but it's a choice that we make.

And when we choose tohave joy again, rejoice,

then in that we findstrength and we find grace

and we find help and we find joy.

- Now you are a mom, asyou said, a single mom now.

Are your children musical?

You seeing any of that in them?

- Yes, my daughter actually, she's 24,

and of course, for thelongest she always said,

I'm not gonna sing, I'm gonnabe an actress, you know.

Now she's the lead singer of aband called The New Respects.

They're on tour all the time.

They were on the cover ofRolling Stone's magazine.

They are Christians in the mainstream.

And so she does music.

My son, who's 20, he plays piano.

He sings as well.

And my 15 year old son,he thinks he's just like

the coolest thing ever.

He programs and he's just like, you know,

he thinks he's little Chance the rapper.

I'm like, you are not Chance.

But he's a good kid.

But they're all musically inclined.

- You, growing up, knew earlythat you wanted to sing.

But some of those around you advised you

that you should probably--

- And they hadn't even heard me.


You know, let me clarify,what happened was,

see, when I was a teenager,you know, they send you

to, you know, you spend aweek with somebody, you know,

that's in the field that you wanna be in.

And so I went to the guidancecounselor and she said,

well, what do you wanna be.

And I said, well, I wanna be a singer.

And she said, well,

you know people don'tmake a living at that.

So let's pick a real job.

And so I said, well Iwanna be a lawyer as well.

And so she said, okay.

So she put me with alawyer for a whole week.

I hung out with him, filedpapers, and did this and that.

At the end of the week, he was like,

so, kid, what do you really wanna be?

(laughs)I guess you'd stink at this.

I said, well, I wanna sing.

And he said, then go home and do that.

And from that moment on,I had the mindset of,

okay, there may be only3% of the people who try

that will actually succeed in it,

but my God is big enough tomake me a part of the three.

And I don't know how he's going to do it,

but he has given me a word,

even when I was about 12 years old,

he said that he was gonnagive me songs in the night,

and that he was gonnatake me around the world

singing for him.

And if he is able to do,

if he was able to do Cinderellastories on the Esthers,

who were orphan girls,and they became a queen,

and the David who became a king,

and you know, Rahab who became part

of the lineage of Christ,

and he can still do a Cinderellastory in Nicole C Mullen,

and I don't know how he's gonna do it,

when he's gonna do it, butI trust him that he will.

I sit here today, notbecause I'm qualified,

but because he reallydoes qualify the called.

- I hate to be nosy, but I'm going to be.

You've been linked witha gentleman in ministry,

and he's single, you're single.

Is there somethinghappening you can share?

- Well, yes, we are in a relationship.

And you know, he hasreally been a God-send.

Donnie McClurkin is who I'm speaking of.

Years ago, after I'd gonethrough a night season,

I had gotten to a point of, okay, Lord,

I'm not really gushing withblood anymore over the wound

of what happened.

It's more of a scar.

But I'm definitely not interested in being

in another relationship.

That was my mindset.

I'm good, me and Jesus, we're good.

Like, to death do we part,you know what I'm saying.

And then I found myself on a flight,

sitting next to DonnieMcClurkin for nine hours.

Both of us were going to the Ivory Coast,

singing on the same, at the same concert.

And we wind up havinga great conversation,

and my heart began to crack open.

And afterwards a couple of months later,

he invited me to accompanyhim to the Stellar Awards.

We got to know each othera little bit better.

And we've been on a journey ever since.

And, yeah.

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