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Build a Better Gut — Gut Flora

Join Pat Robertson and CBN News Health correspondent Lorie Johnson for a CBN Health special, "Build a Better Gut" Discover the latest scientific research surrounding gut health-and the astounding ways it effects your overall health and wellbeing. Read Transcript

- Scientists say the key to good health

lies hidden in our gut microbiome.

We all have trillions of bacterialiving in our intestines,

hundreds of different species

all performing different functions.

Scientists call it our gut flora.

- Neurologist David Perlmutteris one of many physicians

warning against disruptingthis fragile ecosystem.

- We all carry good andbad bugs, if you will.

It's the imbalance that seemsto be the biggest trigger

for our illnesses.

- [Lorie] Dr. Vincent Pedre agrees.

Adding a healthy gutprotects us from everything

from the common cold to cancer.

- So, the connection between the gut

and the immune system is quite significant

because 80% of ourimmune system is located

all along the boundary of the gut.

- [Lorie] Unfortunately, whenit comes to good gut bacteria,

many of us are sorely lacking.

- We're seeing a epidemic of disruption

of the microbiome in thegut bacteria worldwide.

The reason for that isbecause of such widespread use

and prescribing of antibiotics.

- [Lorie] After all,antibiotics kill bacteria,

bad and good.

- You've got to understandthat taking an antibiotic

will change the complexityof your gut bacteria

and the diversity of the gut bacteria

for the rest of your life.

Just one course of antibiotics.

- [Lorie] Processed foodcan also be a culprit.

- There's way too much sugar in our diet.

Sugar breeds bad organisms.

When I say sugar, I'm also talking

about artificial sweetenersbecause they've been shown

that artificial sweetenerscause a dysbiosis

and promote the growth ofnot very favorable bacteria,

bacteria that can causeinflammation and disease.

- We've got to welcomefat back to the table,

but only the good fats,not the modified fats.

So, be very liberal with your use

of extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil,

grass-fed meat, if you can find it,

wild fish, nuts and seeds.

- So, while our lifestylechoices can really do a number

on our intestinal flora, the good news

is we can make our gut healthy again

and keep it that way withprobiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotics equal good bacteria.

You can find these microscopic organisms

in supplements as well as in cultured

and fermented foodslike kimchi, sauerkraut,

yogurt, kefir, and kombucha.

Your good bacteria live off prebiotics.

Just like good soil, theycreate a nurturing environment

so your bacteria can thrive.

You can get prebiotics in supplement form

as well as in foods like asparagus, onion,

leeks, garlic, and dandelion greens.

- When people start increasingtheir prebiotic fiber,

the changes in their health is,

the changes are remarkable.

Weight loss, immediate.

Improvement of mood by addingprebiotic fiber to your diet.

- [Lorie] Not only mood.

Perlmutter says evenserious brain disorders

like ADHD, autism, evenAlzheimer's can improve

by increasing good bacteria

because they makeneurotransmitters and vitamins

while reducing inflammation.

- I lost my dad, just lastyear, to Alzheimer's disease

so, I really get it.

And I want to stand up and be heard

that it's great that wetry to develop a cure

for this disease, but we know right now,

as we have this discussion,that it is preventable.

When we eat a diet that nurtures the gut,

it will nurture the brain.

- [Lorie] So, if you wantto boost your health,

doctors say improve your gut flora.

That means avoiding processed foods

even antibacterial cleansersand antibiotics when advisable.

Then, add good bacteria with probiotics

and boost them with prebiotics,

available in supplements,certain foods, or both.

Lorie Johnson, CBN News.



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