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Pompeo Emphatic: Trump Has Not Gone Soft, Accepts that Russia Meddled in the Election

Pompeo Emphatic: Trump Has Not Gone Soft, Accepts that Russia Meddled in the Election Read Transcript

- Secretary of State MikePompeo faced hostile questions

from senators Wednesdayover the president's summit

with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Meanwhile, at the White House,

President Trump wascelebrating an agreement

with the European Union to pull back

from potential trade war.

Dale Hurd has this story.

- So we had a big day, very big.

- [Dale] In a hastily calledRose Garden appearance,

President Trump and EuropeanCommission President

Jean-Claude Juncker said theUS and the EU have agreed

to hold off on new tariffsthat could have led

to a trade war over autos.

And they agreed to worktoward the same goal

on non-automotive goods.

- We agreed today, first of all,

to work together towards zero tariffs,

zero non-tariff barriers,and zero subsidies

on non-auto industrial goods.

Thank you.

We will also work to reduce barriers

and increase trade in services, chemicals,

pharmaceuticals, medicalproducts, as well as soybeans.

Soybeans is a big deal.

- [Dale] The president also said a deal

to sell American liquifiednatural gas to Europe was coming.

- The European Union wantsto import more liquified

natural gas, LNG, from the United States

and they're going to bea very, very big buyer.

- [Dale] Over on Capitol Hill,Trump's Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo was on the hot seat

over the president's statementsat the Helsinki Summit

with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

- You come before agroup of senators today

who are filled with serious doubts

about this White House and its conduct

of American foreign policy.

- [Dale] Senators were upsetthat President Trump said

he did not believe USintelligence agencies

who said Russia meddledin the 2016 election.

Pompeo reassured them.

- I want you to know,President Trump has stated

that he accepts our intelligentcommunity's conclusion

that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

He has complete and properunderstanding of what happened.

I know, I briefed himon it for over a year.

- [Dale] And he saidthe White House has not

gone soft on Russia.

- I personally made clear to the Russians

there will be severe consequences

for interference in ourdemocratic processes.

- Dale Hurd, CBN News.


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