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700 Club Interactive - July 27, 2018

Can you imagine a world without orphans? A new movement hopes to put children in safe, stable, and nurturing families. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] Imagine aworld without orphans.

- [Terry] Let's help them find wholeness

so that we're creating aworld of healthy families.

- [Gordon] A new movementhopes to make that a reality.

Plus, she was captivated bylove in the pages of fiction.

Find out how a dream openedher eyes to a true love.

- That was the story myheart was hungry for.

- That and more, on today's700 Club Interactive.

Well welcome to the show.

An estimated eight million children

are living in orphanages,and Christians are leading

a movement to change that.

- It's an ambitious visionof a world without orphans.

CBN's George Thomas has that story.

(melancholy violin music)

- [George] GennadiyMokhnenko is on a mission.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] Thestatistics show that if

one or two Christian familieswill take one orphan,

we will have a world without orphans.

- Mokhnenko is a pastorfrom Eastern Ukraine.

Back in 1998, he saw firsthandthe plight of children

living on the streets and inorphanages in his hometown

of Mariupol.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] I justdidn't know how I could

have left them on the streets.

When I saw their eyes, Iunderstood the Father's

heart of God.

It was a crazy idea, but Iknew we had to do something.

- [George] What he and hiswife Lena did was remarkable.

Over 18 years, they've becomeparents to 32 children.

That's right, 32.

Most are adopted.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] My adopted children

were living on the streets.

Some of them were asyoung as four and five,

some as young as two.

But we knew if we didn'ttake them off the streets,

most of them would be dead, or in prison.

- [George] Today, theMokhnenkos run the largest

rehabilitation program forstreet youth in Ukraine.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] Nobodyneeds to adopt 32 children

like we did.

My family's not the norm.

But I strongly believethere are enough Christian

families in the world whocan adopt one, maybe two,

and then, there will not beany orphans left in this world.

(presenter speaking)

- [George] Mokhnenko took that message to

Chiang Mai, Thailand, where450 key orphan care leaders

met for the first ever Global Forum

For a World Without Orphans.

- This is serious.

- [George] Ruslan Maliutaorganize the gathering.

- Our purpose is very simple.

It's to activate, connect,and equip the body of Christ

toward this vision of everychild having a permanent,

nurturing, and safe families.

- [George] Maliuta believes churches

and Christian organizationshave to change their approach

from investing in orphanages,to investing in families.

- It's not easy, you cannotjust close an orphanage.

The message is not let'sclose all institutions.

That would actually be a wrong idea.

We need to change theway people think first.

(somber music)

- [George] Craig Greenfieldworks among vulnerable

children in Asia.

He says, "The change has tostart with faith-based groups."

- Unfortunately, it isstill Christian missions,

and Christian organizations

that are perpetuatingthis model of orphanages.

In large, secular,development organizations,

they have not supported or done orphanages

for many, many years.

- [George] "The change ishappening, albeit slowly",

(Rebecca speaking)

says Rebecca Nhep, whoworks with a network

of Australian churches, helpingstrengthen children's rights

to a family.

- There is a growingawareness taking place

within the Church that,this actually isn't the best

way to care for children.

And that a lot of thechildren being cared for

in orphanages, or othertypes of residential care,

aren't actually orphans.

They're children with families.

They're children with parents.

They're there for reasons such as poverty,

disability, or access to education.

- But this paradigm shiftis not without its critics.

Here in Chiang Mai, thenorthern part of Thailand,

home to roughly about 1.6 million people,

there are 600 private orphanages.

And many of them, like this one,

are run by Christians.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] I grew upin an orphanage as well,

so my desire is to takecare of orphaned children.

- [George] Manop Chaochareon runs

Ban Dek Dee Children's Home.

His family was too poor,so they sent him away.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] Since therewas no school in my village,

my parents sent me to an orphanage

where I was able to get an education.

- [George] He admits it wasn't ideal.

(children speaking in foreign language)

Now he and his wife tryto create a family-like

atmosphere for the 30children they care for.

He says, "They only takethose who are truly orphaned."

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] The truthis, children should live

with their family, butif that can't happen

for whatever reason, therehas to be places like this

that can be another choice for them.

- [George] Back at the forum, participants

from 60 countries attended workshops

and seminars on raisingawareness of family

and community-based care.

(audience applauding)

Several speakers addressed the forum,

including our very own 700Club Co-host, Terry Meeuwsen,

a mother of seven, fiveof who are adopted.

- One.

- Thank you.- You're welcome.

That was good English.

- [George] Meeuwsen startedOrphan's Promise in 2005.

She learned early onthat building and filling

an orphanage wasn't alwaysthe best thing to do.

- People, I think, stillcome me sometimes and say,

"Well, I'd like to build an orphanage,

"can we do that through Orphan's Promise?"

And we say, "Well you canhelp us build families,

"and you can help us help children,

"but we're not really building orphanages.

"And the orphanages that exist,

"we're helping to changehow they think and feel,

"into that family pod mode."

- [George] Orphan's Promiseworks in 60 countries.

- So Alyona, how many wayscan we prepare potatoes?

(speaking in foreign language)

I told you she was resourceful.

(speaking in foreign language)

(women laughing)

- [George] Meeuwsen says,"While this new shift

"doesn't always guarantee that children

"will have healthy families to go back to,

"it's important that the Body of Christ

"steps in to fill the gaps."

- Let's step up as the people of God,

in whatever culture we're in,and let's take those children

into a family setting.

Let's help them find wholeness so that

we're creating a worldof healthy families.

♪ Hallelujah ♪

- [George] Maluita isexcited to see more and more

people embrace this newmindset of orphan care.

♪ Hallelujah ♪

- Here is the greatpart about this vision,

that not everyone can adopt,not everyone can foster,

not everyone can evenengage in a substantial way

in some sort of program, buteveryone can do something.

Everyone can be advocate,everyone can pray,

everyone can champion.

And anyone who spend evensometime in this field

knows that it's a longand complicated process,

but we have to start somewhere.

- [George] The forum,he says, is a new phase

of that long and difficult journey

toward a world without orphans.

♪ Almighty ♪

George Thomas, CBN News,Chiang Mai, Thailand.

♪ Worthy is the Lamb ♪

- That's a wonderful story,

and just a call for all Christians

to stand in the gap,to step up when you see

these kinds of problems,look for solutions.

And look for solutions that actually work.

In the United States, wehaven't had orphanages

for a very long time.

We have a well-developedfoster care system.

Is that system perfect?

No, it's not.

And when incentivize bypaying foster parents,

are you going to perhaps incentivize

the wrong kind of behavior?

And the answer is yes.

But if Christians get involved and say,

"Well how do we do this God's way?"

Well then you're going to getsome very wonderful solutions.

And Terry, hats off to youbecause you did that (chuckles).

You said, "How can we get involved?

"How can I make a difference?

"How can I make a difference,not just with my family,

"not with my own example, buthow do I do it for the world?"

- Well, hats off to youbecause you said yes,

and said, "Come underthe umbrella of CBN."

And it has flourished.

And the message that we bring is that

God puts the lonely in families.

It is the best place for children.

But it is a long, complicated process

just to figure our who's truly orphaned?

Are they double orphans,or are they single orphans?

It's complicated, but thatdoesn't mean we don't start.

So let's jump in thepool and swim together,

and make a differenceas we figure it all out.

- Something that's sustainedme through the years,

nobody ever said itwould be easy (laughing).

- If it was, everybody'ddo it, right (laughs)?

- Right, and

I just realized,

take up your cross and follow Him.

What was Christ's example,and how do we follow that?

And that can get hard.

It's a tough call on all of us.

And then you think you've done it.

That's been the check for me recently.

You've think you've done it.

You think you've made the decision.

You think you made the sacrifice.

Well, wait a minute.

Well, what about today?

Have you done it today?




What worthier thing to do

than to take care of widows and orphans?

It is pure and undefiled religion.

- Amen.

And amen.

Well up next, a woman suffers from

a crippling heart condition.

(inspirational music)

- The A-fib would lastanywhere from four hours to 24.

And I'd get very lightheaded,and I feel so very, very weak.

It was downright, bottomline, very miserable

and very debilitating.

- See how she receives a miracle

in an instant, after10 years of suffering.

(inspirational music)

Pamela needed a miracle.

Her racing heartbeat lefther exhausted and dizzy.

Some days, she couldn'teven summon the strength

to pray for relief.

But her husband, Jamie, prayedfaithfully for her healing.

And together, they alsowatch the 700 Club.

- [Narrator] For 10 years,Pamela suffered daily

from atrial fibrillation, a condition

that brings on sudden, rapid heart rate.

- A-fib would last anywherefrom four hours to 24.

But on 24 hour day,

I would bout be able to do

not much more than sit on the sofa.

And it would make me flushedand sweaty, or really chilled.

And I'd get very lightheaded

and I'd feel so very, very weak.

It was downright, bottomline, very miserable

and very debilitating.

- [Narrator] Mostmedications brought on severe

allergic reactions or side effects.

So doctors performed aprocedure known as an ablation,

but it failed.

During this time, Pamelaand her husband, Jamie,

would pray together.

- Praying because she was

very uncomfortable all the time.

She didn't have thepresence of mind to even

ask me to pray for her, but I would.

I don't know if shereally heard me or not,

but God heard me.

- [Narrator] They alsowatched the 700 Club everyday.

On July 30th, 2015, TerryMeeuwsen had a word of knowledge.

- There's someone,

you've been diagnosed withsome kind of a defective

problem with your heart,and it's affecting

the rhythm of your heart.

It's affecting yourenergy, your breathing.

God's healing that for you right now.

- She said, "Just receive it now.

"Lift up your hands and receive it now."

And I sure didn't wannapass that up, so I did.

I knew the Lord was doingsomething, and He really did.

He was repairing me.

- [Narrator] At her next doctor's visit,

Pamela's heart rate haddropped from 150 to 70.

Today, she still shows nosigns of her condition.

- It's months and months later now.

I have had no A-fib since, nothing.

This was absolutely a miracle,

but a recreative miracle

because I was born with

the problem, it was in my DNA.

The Lord did a recreativemiracle on the inside

of my heart, to repairit to the point where

I feel like a normal human being.

You think the Lord isnot constantly knowing

exactly where you are,and where your heart is,

and where mind is,

and knowing what your needs are?

And I think we need condition ourselves

and program ourselves

so that we can take from Himwhat he's wanting to give us.

- You know, God's so wants to give us,

he wants to give us whatever we need.

He wants to give it tous in the perfect time,

in the perfect way, andin the most effective

way for us as His children.

He knows so much about us.

Sometimes if you'vebeen in an waiting room

for an answer to prayer,

you're almost afraid to believe for it.

But today, I hope Pamela'sstory encouraged you.

God's never late.

He's always on time.

He knows your name, heknows where you live,

he knows your need.

We wanna take some timeto pray for you today.

I know many of you watchthis program with that

need in mind, and waitingfor prayer to happen,

so let's do that.

- I love what Pamela said atthe very end of that piece.

Program yourself.

Program yourself.

That's a computer term.

Program yourself to believeall that God has for you.

Well, what was Jesus's first sermon?

His first sermon was,"The time is at hand.

"The kingdom of God is at hand.

"The time is fulfilled.

"Change your thinking andbelieve the good news."

And how often our thinking is, you know,

God's far away, God's not here.

The promises of God aren't for me.

I've done too many bad things.

Or, then we start to go the other way.

I've done all these good things,

God ought to have compassion on me.

Or we get into the bargain with God.

God if you do this, then I'll do that.

All of that denies the promise.

All of that thinking is just a confession

that you don't believe it.

So break through to thepoint where you believe it,

and you say, "Daddy hasspoken, that settles it."

Reprogram yourself

to believe

the good news.

And when those promises come in,

those promises of God, hold onto them.

Don't believe the symptom.

Don't believe the surrounding.

Believe the eternal


All of these things thatwe see are all going

to pass away,

but His Word endures


So His promises, they'relaws in the kingdom of God.

Terry and I are going to pray,

and here's the prayerwe're going to ask for,

that God's Will would be doneon Earth as it is in Heaven.

Start thinking about Heaven.

And Heaven, it's easy to believe.

There's nobody lonely, nobody with A-fib.

There's nobody in disease.

There aren't anymore tears,

so we believe that.

And now, Jesus has said,"Well let's command that,

"let's ask that.

"That His Will would be doneon Earth as it is in Heaven."

Let's pray.

Lord, we just bring the needs

of the audience to You right now.

And as faith is rising to You,

faith in You,

faith in Your sacrifice,

faith and by Your stripes, we are healed.

Faith in Your Will being done in Heaven.

And now we ask that Your Will

would be done on Earth.

And we believe

for our bodies now,

that everything would be knittogether and made whole again.

There would be no morepain, no more infirmity,

no more cancer,

no more suffering.

And we ask it now

in Jesus' name.

There's someone, you'vehad a severe right shoulder

injury as a result of a fall,

and it causes deep pain inmultiple places in that shoulder,

from the back to deep into the joint.

You've had a lot of various diagnosis for

torn tendons, rotator cuff,damage to the scapula.

All of that is being healedright now in Jesus' name.

Just lift that right arm.

I know it's difficult for you,

but just say, "I believein the Cross of Christ.

"I believe in his sacrifice for me.

"I lift my arms in rejoicing."

And He is healing you right now

in Jesus' name.


- Yeah, there's someone, it's a woman.

You have a condition with your hands.

Well actually, it's a number of things.

You have arthritis in your joints.

It's so painful foryou to move your hands.

But you also havesomething with you nails,

that's very unsightly.

And you are so ashamed of your hands,

you don't even take them out and use them

openly very much.

God's healing thoseconditions for you right now,

in Jesus' name.

The pain is gone, and you'regonna see that condition

with your nails just begin to fade away

in Jesus' name.

- Someone, you've haddetached retinas in both eyes,

but it's a primaryproblem in your left eye.

And you see light flashes,

and you're worried about blindness.

God's able to heal that.

He's able to reattach what was detached.

He's able to

restore, and in Jesus'name, let your eyes be made


Let them be made whole

in the name of Jesus.

- Somebody else with adeviated septum problem,

but it's even more than that.

You can't breath through your nose,

and so you don't tastefood well, all of that.

Right now, in Jesus'name, take a deep breath,

you've been healed.

- Lord we thank You.

We thank You, for You are our healer.

It is Your very essence,

and You desire to heal us,

and set us free.

We receive all that youhave for us in Jesus' name.


And amen.

If you've been touched byGod, share your good report,

let us know.

Call us, 1-800-700-7000.

And if you need prayer,we're here for you,

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We believe in prevailing prayer.

That's the prayer that gets an answer,

where we fight the good fight of faith.

If you need prayer, allyou have to do is call us.


Well up next, a love story better than any

work of fiction.

And how a dream changedher life, right after this.

Well Tessa loves to read.

Her favorite storiesare the romance novels

from classic literature.

She dreamed that one day, her prince would

come to sweep her off her sweet.

Then one night, Tessa foundthe man she was looking for

while she was asleep.

(peaceful music)

- I was born Iran.

I was a very thoughtful, serious child,

and I grew up believing that all faiths

were more or less the same.

It was a manmade thing,it answered our needs.

And I just wasn't one ofthose people who needed it.

I adored my dad.

I felt my dad reallyfelt the same about me.

But at the same time, mydad was a very busy man.

He wasn't home very often.

I knew he loved me, therewas never a doubt in my mind,

but I wasn't quite sure that I was enough.

And so, I learned tostrive, to be lovable.

By the time I was teenager,

there was a profound sense ofloneliness that had settled

in my heart.

Because of my parents' divorce,

my mom, my sister, and I went to England.

My father remained

in Iran.

Our communication was very limited.

With the Revolution and everything,

it almost became impossible,I couldn't go back.

And so, the world came between us,

but my heart

didn't fully understand that,

didn't grasp that.

What I grasped was

my daddy's not here.

If my daddy wanted to behere, he would make a way.

So I lost my family.

I lost my home.

I lost my language.

I made this vow, that Imyself, would never divorce

because I saw the price of it in my heart.

(hopeful music)

I started attending a boardingschool for young ladies.

We had to attend church.

They told those of us whowere from a different faith

background that we couldsit on the balcony,

and we could read our own faith books.

And I used to sneak romancenovels under my uniform.

The Harlequin Romance level,but also more literary kind,

like the Jane Austen andthe Charlotte Brontes.

That ultimate

story about

a person

who's rejected from childhood,for no fault of her own,

and someone admired by everybody else,

someone recognized as mighty and good,

finally looks at her and sees her worth.

That was the story myheart was hungry for.

It was all responding to this need,

to this core need for someoneto see me exactly as I was,

and still love me.

And absolutely and utterly find me worthy,

worthy of pursuit, worthy of love.

(mellow piano music)

I met a young man and we fell in love.

Some 21-year-olds are quite mature,

that wasn't us.

Within a few years, youcould see the cracks

in our maturity reflected in our marriage.

When that marriage essentially ended,

I came into a very dark place.

My formula for life proved faulty.

If I was good enough,if I was smart enough,

if I worked hard enough, if I was enough,

then I could be happy.

And that hadn't worked.

(stream babbling)

I had a dream about Jesus one night.

And what's really amazingabout that dream is

the only time I went tochurch really was those years

when I was in boarding school.

I never heard the Gospel.

I never read the Bible.

But this is the thing, Iknew He was the Son of God,

I knew it absolutely.

And when He came closer,I looked into his eyes.

And in those eyes I saw something

I will never see in this world.

The measure of love thatput Him on the cross,

and the depth of powerthat made the stars.

They shown through those eyes,and I almost fell on my knees

because I

couldn't stand anymore.

And he just went like this to me,

and I knew what he meant was, "Follow me."

And he wasn't just sayingfollow me a few steps,

he was saying, "Follow me."

And I would've done anything.

(mellow piano music)

I woke up from the dream,

not a Christian.

I still didn't reallyknow what the Gospel was.

Jesus, Himself, hadn't told me the Gospel.

But I woke up with an unshakable peace.

Very quickly after that,

the Lord surrounded me with Christians.

They all invited me to church.

They invited me to Bible study.

And for the first time in my life,

I began to hear the Gospel,

read the Bible.

And I thought, "What's all this?"

Give me a list of dos and don'ts

that will fix my life.

That's what I was looking for.

So I didn't fully understand,but the people around me

I understood.

They were different.

There was an old priest,and he came to me.

Then he said, "When are yougoing to come to Christ, Tessa?"

All the thoughts in my head were

some kind of answer to justswat away that question.

So I opened my mouthto do that very thing,

and do you know what came out of my mouth?

What came out of my mouthwas, "I already did."

And as the words came outof my mouth, I realized

I do believe.

He asked me to follow Him Himself,

and I do with all my heart.

(peaceful violin music)


He is someone greater than other men.

He is

the king of kings.

He pursues


He was the one who saw me,

this faulty, average, fallen young girl,

and he

set his affections on me.

My worth isn't in what I do.

My worth is that Jesuscalls me His beloved.

- And you can have that same intimacy,

where He will call you His beloved.

Let me ask you the same question.

When will you

follow Jesus?

When will you

say, "I want to be withHim for all of eternity"?

If you'd like to do that right now,

all you have to do is pick up a phone,

call someone who's made thatsame decision to follow Jesus.

If you have things thatyou need to confess,

to get rid of, we're here for you.

We're not here to judge you.

We're here to tell you God loves you,

and you can have a wonderfulrelationship with Him.

Call us now.


Here's the Word.

The Lord your God is in your midst.

The Might One will save,

He will rejoice over you with gladness.

(cheery music)

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