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After Facebook Stock Plunge, Calls for Zuckerberg's Job

After Facebook Stock Plunge, Calls for Zuckerberg's Job Read Transcript

(people clapping)


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- [Jennifer] In one day,the social media giant

lost nearly 120 billionof its market share.

This after the company revealed

its user base and revenuegrew slower than expected

as it grapples with privacyand censorship concerns.


Some blame the CambridgeAnalytica scandal,

where a political datacompany gained access

to 50 million users' information,

resulting in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

testifying before Congress.

Meanwhile, some Christiansand conservatives

argue Facebook is targetingtheir messages for censorship.

- People that believes in God.

People that believes in our constitution.

People that even creates patriotic songs.

They wanna get rid of that stuff.

- Believe that, yeah.

- But if somebody waswalkin' around nekked,

and beatin' up somebody, that kind of -

or disparaging our president,- President.

- That kinda stuff gota millions of views.

- Millions.

- [Jennifer] National religiousbroadcasters president,

Jerry Johnson, says Facebook should apply

the first amendment toquestions of speech.

Otherwise he fears Christianand conservative voices

will be silenced.

- Silicon Valley does notwant conservative talk

and Christian talk.

They want to push progressiveand leftist values.

It's just a fact.

- [Jennifer] Zuckerberg lost16 billion in personal wealth.

And some believe it's time the34 year old lost even more:

his job.

- (Eberhard) The problem is we don't learn

in computer science thetechniques of managing

a global company thatinvolves governments,

that involves diverse shareholders,

that involves diverse political interests.

- [Jennifer] Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

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