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News on The 700 Club: July 27, 2018

As seen on "The 700 Club", Read Transcript

- Welcome to the 700Club, let's go over to

the CBN newsdesk for today's top stories.

- Gordon, Turkey says it won'tgive in to President Trump's

threat of economic sanctionsif imprisoned U.S. pastor

Andrew Brunson isn't released.

The Turks say their courtshould decide his case.

Vice President Mike Pencemade the warning clear

at a global summit on persecution.

Eric Rosales has the story.

- It's the strongest message so far from

the current administration.

President Trump demands Turkey to release

Pastor Andrew Brunson now.

Vice President MikePence echoed the demand

at the first every ministerial summit

to advance religious freedom.

- To President Erdoğan andthe Turkish government,

I have a message onbehalf of the president of

the United States of America:release Pastor Andrew Brunson

now, or be prepared toface the consequences.

- [Eric] President Trumpspelled out the consequences

in his recent tweet: "TheUnited States will impose

"large sanctions onTurkey for their long term

"detainment of Pastor AndrewBrunson, a great Christian,

"family man and wonderful human being."

Turkish authoritiesarrested Brunson in 2016

on charges he helped plan a failed coup.

The 50 year old pastor facesup to 35 years in prison.

(crowd yelling)

Wednesday, a court orderedBrunson taken from prison

and placed on house arrest.

The Vice President saysthat's not good enough.

- Pastor Andrew Brunsonin an innocent man.

There is no credible evidence against him.

I know that his faith will sustain him,

but it shouldn't have to.

Pastor Andrew Brunson deserves to be free.

- [Eric] Pence told the leadersof more than 80 countries

the list of religiousfreedom violators is long:

China, Iraq and North Koreatop the list, and even though

President Trump isseeking better relations

with North Korea, theadministration continues

to press the issue of religious freedom.

- North Korea's persecutionof Christians has no rival

on the earth.

It is unforgiving, systematic,unyielding, and often fatal.

The mere possession of a Christian Bible

is a capital offense.

- [Eric] At the Holocaustmuseum, U.S. ambassador

to the United Nations,Nikki Haley, spoke about

the U.S.'s commitment toprotecting religious liberty.

- We will continue to forcefully advocate

for religious tolerance inthe international arena,

not just because so many peopleare being denied this right,

but because defendingreligious freedom makes for

a safer and more peacefulworld for all of us.

- Secretary Pompeo says,"The ministerial summit

"will not be a one timeevent, but an annual event

"under the Trump administration."

Eric Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- The ministerialproduced a plan of action

to promote global religious freedom.

The Potomac Declarationsays, "People should

"be allowed to changetheir religious beliefs."

It also calls for a repealof blasphemy laws and more,

and you can see the full declaration

at our website,

Clashes between Muslimworshipers and Israeli

security forces rockedthe Temple Mount today.

The Jerusalem Post reportsthe IDF used stun grenades

to control the arrest.

Thursday, a Palestinianterrorist stabbed an Israeli

man to death and wounded two others

in a Jewish community outside Jerusalem.

One of the victims fromthe settlement of Adam

shot and killed the 17 year old attacker.

Stay with forupdates on this story.

Here at home, Facebookstock plunged 20% Thursday,

marking the biggest dollarloss by any company in history.

As Jennifer Wishamreports, "In the past year,

"the social media gianthas come under fire

"for failing to protect user information

"and charges that it's censoringconservative viewpoints."

(bell dings)

- [Jennifer] In one day,the social media giant

lost nearly 120 billionof its market share.

This after the companyrevealed its user base

and revenue grew slower then expected.

As it grapples with privacyand censorship concerns.


Some blame the CambridgeAnalytica scandal,

where a political datacompany gained access

to 50 million users' information,resulting in Facebook CEO

Mark Zuckerberg testifyingbefore Congress.

Meanwhile, some Christiansand conservatives

argue Facebook is targetingtheir messages for censorship.

- People that believes inGod, people that believes

in our constitution,people that even create

patriotic songs, they wantto get rid of that stuff,

but if somebody was walking around nekkit

and beating up somebody ordisparaging our president,

that kind of stuff got millions of views!

- [Jennifer] National ReligiousBroadcasters president

Jerry Johnson says,"Facebook should've applied

the first amendment toquestions of speech;"

otherwise, he fears Christianand conservative voices

will be silenced.

- Silicon Valley does notwant conservative talk

and Christian talk.

They want to push progressiveand leftist values.

It's just the fact.

- [Jennifer] Zuckerberg lost16 billion in personal wealth,

and some believe it'stime the 34 year old lost

even more: his job.

Jennifer Wishan, CBN News.


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