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Tony Perkins Touts GDP Growth, Rebukes Media: 'This President Could Cure Cancer and They Would Complain'

Tony Perkins Touts GDP Growth, Rebukes Media: 'This President Could Cure Cancer and They Would Complain' Read Transcript

- Well, Tony Perkinsis the president of the

Family Research Council, andhe joins David Brody and I,

now here on the Faith Nation set.

Tony, thanks so muchfor being here with us.

- Good to be with you.

- Tony, a lot going on.Don't we say that every week?


- I think every hour,there's something new

happening here in Washington.

- We will tape every hour on the hour.

The Ministerial Conference.Really, the first of its kind.

You were there.- Yes.

- Tell us what you experiencedand, really, I think people

really wanna know, okay,great, a lot of speeches,

the Vice President, butwhat's the tangible outcome

going forward?

- Well, very significant.

A ministerial is what happenswhen the Secretary of State

calls his counterpartsfrom around the world

to come together to talk about something.

It could be, you know,it could be the economy,

it could be human rights,any number of issues.

This is the first time we'veever had a Secretary of State

that has called his peers,the Foreign Ministers,

together to talk about religious freedom.

They would advance religious freedom.

So, yes, there were a numberof discussions that took place,

speeches, there was testimoniesof those who have been

abused, those who've lost their freedoms.

But then it came down toyesterday, I was there as

the Vice President spoke,pledging specific actions

on behalf of the United States.

One is a couple of new funds.One for genocide recovery

One is a couple of new funds.One for genocide recovery

to help those areas that'vebeen targeted for genocide,

and this is money going directly,

not through the United Nations,

not through difficult hoops.

And then the InternationalReligious Freedom fund.

That was one of the pledges,

and prior to that theSecretary of State said,

"This is going to be an annual event."

So every year there'sgoing to be a summons

to foreign leaders, and therewere 84 there this week,

to come together to talkabout religious freedom.

And then many of thosenations yesterday pledged

their own actions toadvance religious freedom,

so very, very significant.

- Quick follow-up. Mick Mulvaney.

Tell us about this story,the budget director,

something that you weresurprised at that happened.

- Well, I've known Mick,and he's a policy-walk

when it comes to numbers,and he's been great at the

Office of Budget and Management.

But he actually kickedoff the session on Monday,

or on Tuesday rather, talkingabout religious freedom

and how this administrationhas committed to it,

and sharing a personal story of

a situation he became awareof when he was in Rome

of what something happenedin Iraq about how people,

getting a knock at theirdoor and if they can't pay

a half million dollar tax,they either have to convert

or they're killed,

and their children, one by one,starting with the youngest,

will be shot and killed in front of them.

And he said, "I've gotta do something."

So, this administration,you know they're committed

when the President, the VicePresident, Secretary of State,

Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom,

and the budget directoris committed to advancing

religious freedom.

It says a lot and itcannot be lost on people.

What would have happened hadthe election gone another way?

I know people haveissues with Donald Trump,

but let me tell you what.

He is keeping his promisewhen it comes to the issue

of defending and advancingreligious freedom.

It's happening, it's tangible,and persecuted Christians

and other religiousminorities around the globe,

for the first time in a long time,

have hope that help is on the way.

- Yeah.

You know, right now,hope's pretty high for

Pastor Andrew Brunson,

- Yes

- Who's imprisoned in Turkey.

The Vice Presidentsaying yesterday, really,

"We're ready to impose sanctions on Turkey

if you don't free this man."

Now what were you thoughtson that, but also just the

administration's take onwhat they're doing with this?

- Jenna, I have known the VicePresident for over 20 years,

in fact going back to whenhe was a radio talk show host

and I was in office.

- [David] That's a while back, Tony.

- It goes back a ways.

Let me tell you what, Ican't recall a time where

I've seen the Vice Presidentmore forceful in his comments

than yesterday, as Iwas there in the room.

And I know that he does notget out ahead of the President,

so he was not speaking forhimself, he was speaking for

the President and for this administration,

and it was a clear, unequivocal message

to the tyrants in Turkey.

to the tyrants in Turkey.

Let Pastor Brunson go.

Let Pastor Brunson go.

And they're not out there on their own.

You've got a bipartisanletter from the Senate,

66 senators led by Senator Lankford,

and a Democratic member,I forget which one,

was leading on that sayingthat we're going to push

for sanctions.

And the NDAA, the NationalDefense Authorization Act,

has some restrictions on thesale of military hardware.

That's gonna be signed tothe law probably next week.

You've got a measure this weekpassing a Senate committee

that would restrict banking institutions

that would restrict banking institutions

making international loans to Turkey.

You've got restrictionsbeing proposed on VISAs

of Turkey officialscoming into the country.

So there's quite a fewsanctions that the Senate

has already said, "Wewould like to see happen."

So, the President has thebipartisan backing to take

some of these steps.

- We can talk to you foreverabout that, but I want

to move onto shadow banning.

We've heard about this,the President weighing in

Twitter, Facebook, social media.

I mean it's no shock thatconservatives clearly seemed

to have been censored insome way shape or form.

Shadow banning is nowseems to be part of this.

What is your take on theoverall concept of what's

going on to conservatives,to maybe folks like FRC,

or just Christian groups in general?

And, specifically, there wasthis one incident, apparently,

with a pastor who was not for Trump,

with a pastor who was not for Trump,

then came out for Trumpand now all of a sudden

he's been a bit shadowbanned around on the iTunes,

and no one could find hispodcast supporting Trump.

- Yeah. Yeah, very interestingwhat is happening on

- Yeah. Yeah, very interestingwhat is happening on

social media. Of coursethis is an ongoing saga of

the social media beingunveiled for being apart

of the opposition party,which is the mainstream media.

Look, the public is losingconfidence in the media,

because they are just constantagainst this President,

trying to stop his conservative agenda.

And social media has joined that,

they've hooked up tothat effort and are seen

as a part of that.

And the shadow banning,you know where people think

their message is getting outthere but they're actually not.

Not surprising, I mean lookat what Facebook's stock is,

I mean they've taken a nosedive this week,

Twitter losing significantly as well.

People are tired of thisleft-wing initiative effort

People are tired of thisleft-wing initiative effort

to silence conservatives, andI think that's why you see

more and more people coming to,

more and more evangelicals in particular,

coming to CBN and otheroutlets that they can trust

who know they're gonnatell them the truth.

- One story getting a lot ofattention right now, Tony,

yeah, it seems to be leadingmost of the mainstream media

newscast is Michael Cohen, thePresident's former attorney,

personal attorney, who is now speaking

against the President.

What do you of his comments,and is there a point that

you think evangelicals wouldturn against this President.

Is there something MichaelCohen could say, is there a line

that evangelicals would justsay, "Enough is enough"?

- I think there is a line inwhich the evangelicals support

for the President would begin to turn,

and I think that line is ifthe President were to engage

in behavior that is allegedto have occurred prior

in behavior that is allegedto have occurred prior

to him being president,

if that type of behaviorwere to occur now.

The President, look, peopleknew this President had some

skeletons in his closet,okay? Or a warehouse of them.

I mean, they knew thatthere were issues, okay?

But they had a choice betweenHilary Clinton and him.

He made specific promises to,

He made specific promises to,

as we talked earlier, religious freedom.

He put out 25 names of judicialcandidates, making clear

He put out 25 names of judicialcandidates, making clear

the type of judges he would appoint.

He has pledged to work tostrengthen the economy,

He has pledged to work tostrengthen the economy,

help the American worker.

Has he kept his promises? Yes, he has.

Unlike any politicianI've seen at that level,

he's kept his promises.

Now, does that somehow give him,

make evangelicals say, "Wedon't care about that behavior"?

No, they care about it, butthey're also tired of the media

doing everything they canto dredge up everything

they can find to stop thisPresident and to keep him

from keeping his political promises.

And, quite frankly, I thinkwho's being hurt by this,

more than the President, is the media.

Conservatives have lost completeconfidence in the media,

and the polling backs it up,

half the people don't believe the media.

They see this as a constantdrumbeat against this President.

The only thing, the onlytwo things that I see

that could cause evangelicalconservative support

to turn from this President,

and has remained consistentby the way, is, one,

this behavior were to occur now,

- Mmm-hmm.

- And, two, he were to stopkeeping his political promises.

One of those two could causesupport for this President

to begin to diminish.

Other than that, I will say this,

the mainstream media isnot going to be the source

that evangelicals andconservatives use to make up

their mind about this President.

They detest, increasingly,the mainstream media.

- Quick follow-up on themedia and the GDP growth

- Quick follow-up on themedia and the GDP growth

that came out today.

Over four percent, andthe media headlines,

staying away from Fox andsome of the other ones,

but typically the media headlines are

"GDP grows by a record 4.1 percent"

and then there's the but, but, but--

- Right- And "Trump is this horrible

- It's not Trump.- This President,

- This President could curecancer and they would complain,

because they're emptying out hospitals.

Look, this President gets nocredit for what he is doing,

except among his basesupporters who see through the

except among his basesupporters who see through the

partisanship and the left-wing commitment

partisanship and the left-wing commitment

of the mainstream mediathat is trying to stop

this President, because, what,this is significant, okay?

This is bigger than theTrump administration.

This is about wrestling controlfrom the political elite

This is about wrestling controlfrom the political elite

and the cultural elite backto the American people.

That's what this Presidenthas, and is, doing.

That scares I would saythe devil out of the left,

but I'm not sure,

it scares 'em.

- Tony Perkins, thank youso much for coming in.

It's always great to have you

and get your thoughts on these- Good to be with you.

- These hot button topics.- Have a great weekend.

- You too.

- Thanks, Tony.


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