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The 700 Club - July 30, 2018

A suffocating woman inhales the power of an Almighty God. Plus, the health discovery that’s blowing conventional medicine out of the water. Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Lorie] Coming up the health discovery

that's blowing conventionalmedicine out of the water.

- The gut microbiome canbe linked to everything.

- [Lorie] As your gut goes

so goes the rest of your body.

- Cancer to heart diseaseto diabetes to dementia

to autism to autoimmune diseaseto depression and much more.

- [Lorie] Learn how to build a better gut.

- The more different kinds of bacteria

that's generally consideredto be good for us.

- [Lorie] This week on The 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- It's a fabulous discovery of health.

Recent studies concerningwhat is called the microbiome

have led to remarkablebreakthroughs in health.

Terry, can you believe that you've got

the secret to weight loss,the secret to mood shifts,

the secret to autoimmune diseases,

the secret, perhaps, toParkinson's and Alzheimer's

and you can go down thelist where is it located?

- The gut.- The gut.

- Yes.

- I mean, you've got trillionsof these little rascals

down in there and if you make them happy

they will make you healthy and vibrant,

and all the other good stuff.

- It's hard to believe thatwhile we've been looking

for answers to all ofthese different maladies

it's been sitting right within us.

- But, anyhow, in the nextfour days we'll be having this,

and Lorie will be here to talk about it.

- That's exactly right we'regonna take a close look

at some of the new discoveriesabout gut bacteria.

CBN medical correspondent, you know her,

Lorie Johnson is gonnatell us what they are,

and how you can controlthem to fight disease,

and then live a healthier life.

- [Lorie] The ClevelandClinics, Dr. Mark Hyman,

is one of a growing number of physicians

who believe the path towellness lies in our intestines,

specifically, the relationship

between the good and bad bacteria there

something called gut flora or microbiome.

- Many of the thingsfloating around in your blood

are informational moleculesproduced by bacteria

that control your biology,

so that's how the gutmicrobiome can be linked to

everything that's going on with us

in terms of chronic diseasefrom cancer to heart disease

to diabetes to dementia toautism to autoimmune disease

to depression and much more.

- Scientists at America'stop medical institutions

are churning out moundsof data on the microbiome.

The bottom line

as the gut goes so goesthe rest of the body.

This is the Mayo Clinics Microbiome Lab.

Scientists here examine human feces.

Sounds a little gross,

but it tells them exactly whichbacteria are in the patient,

how much of it and whatbacteria might be missing.

Dr. Purna Kashyap and his team

found more than 1,000 different species

in the intestines ofthe healthiest people.

Very important,

considering 80% of ourimmune system resides there.

- All of our guts havedifferent kinds of bacteria,

and the more differentkinds of bacteria we have

it's more diverse,

and the less differentkinds of bacteria we have

it's less diverse.

As you can imagine if you have more

different kinds of bacteria

that's generally consideredto be good for us

because they will be able totackle intruders much better

than if you have lessdifferent kinds of bacteria.

- [Lorie] In addition to the variety

the healthiest peoplealso measure high amounts,

trillions of good bacteria and some bad

all total three pounds worth

10 times more bacteria than regular cells.

Dr. Heidi Nelson sees this as a complex,

and delicate ecosystemthat demands balance.

- We think of the microbiome in the gut

a little bit like a garden.

You have to tend to it,you have to weed it,

you have to put seedsin, you have to water it.

There's a lot of things you do.

It's not usually one thing.

- [Lorie] Since like all living creatures

bacteria eat and expel certain things.

Dr. Nelson explains whyhaving too many or too few

can lead to disaster.

- If you have a buildupof certain bad nutrients

let's take, for example, hydrogen sulfide.

We know that some bacteriaproduce hydrogen sulfide

and others remove it and use it,

but if you have too much hydrogen sulfide

that could in some people bethe cause of the break of DNA

that starts the chain reactionof colon cancer developing.

- [Lorie] Not enough goodbacteria or too many bad

can make us sick and overweight.

According to Johns Hopkinsgastroenterologist,

Dr. Gerard Mullin, author ofthe Gut Balance Revolution,

certain bacteria increase ghrelin,

the hormone that causes hunger.

- When the gut microbiomeis in a state of disruption

then we actually have a higher appetite,

and we crave more food.

- [Lorie] Certain bad bacteriacan also cause the body

to crave particular foodslike sugar or bread.

Similarly, gut dysbiosis suppresses leptin

the hormone that tells us tostop eating and it gets worse.

- The gut microbiome also changes

the way we metabolize fiber in foods,

and can make us absorb moreof our calories in foods

in an unhealthy gut environment.

- [Lorie] A newly discoveredbacteria can possibly determine

whether someone is either slim or obese.

In fact, research proves thin people

carry more diverse gut bacteriathan overweight people.

Scientists found peoplein developing countries

have more of this bacteria than Americans.

- There's inflammation that occurs

when we have an unhealthybalance of gut bacteria.

It could really lead to injury in the gut,

a more permeable gut whichsome people call leaky gut.

Therefore, when that inflammationbecomes more systemic

then we get insulin resistance,

and we accumulate fat more readily.

- [Lorie] In a landmark development

researchers at WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis

studied gut microbiomes from human twins.

While they had identicalDNA one was obese,

and the other thin.

Scientists took bacteria from each twin,

and put it into germ free mice.

The animals with theobese twins microbiome

also became obese,

while the other mice became thinner.

Researchers noted the thin human and mice

carried more diverse bacteria

than their heavier counterparts.

- There's a lot of associationswith the microbiome

in children and the increasedincidence of obesity,

and metabolic syndrome amongstthe pediatric population.

- So childhood obesity,

weight problems among adults directly tied

to not having enough goodbacteria in our intestines.

Pat, this would explain whyI know we know some people

who don't seem to eat very muchfood and yet they're heavy.

This would explain it.

Their gut is causing them to hold onto

every single one of thosecalories and store them.

- Did you know about thisbefore you started this study?

This is revolutionary isn't it?

- You are forgetting thatit was you who prompted me

a few years ago you don't even remember

you called me on the phone and you said,

Lorie, the Lord spoke to me,

and I want you to do a story on gut flora.

Remember that's what it used to be called.

Now we call it the gut microbiome,

but it was at that time

that I started my first investigation,

and we've done a few stories on it,

but, yes, it was you whoprompted me to do the stories.

- Well, I tell you it's revolutionary

that we have how many trillionsof these little bacteria?

- We have 10 times morebacteria living bacteria

in our bodies than actual cells.

- 10 times more of these

than we do cells in our entire body.

- We do and the key isto have the right kind,

and enough of the right kind.

We don't want anovergrowth of the bad kind.

We want lots of the good kind.

- You got some stuff here in front of us.

Do you want to tell uswhat all these things are?

- A lot of people arelacking the good bacteria

as we just mentioned.

There are ways to put thatgood bacteria back in your gut,

and these things the goodbacteria are called probiotics.

Probiotics are in somefoods not very many,

but some such as yogurt.

Yogurt is a great way toget those good bacteria.

Then this one over herenext to it is called kefir

which is sort of like a drinkable yogurt.

This is kombucha.

These are all available atthe grocery store, kombucha.

Then, of course, theseare probiotic supplements

which you can actually take in pill form.

Then here is another wonderfulfood that you can eat

called kimchee also has good probiotics.

- It sounds like the Koreanswere ahead of us on this.

- Yes, the South Koreanseat kimchee every day,

morning, noon and night,

and then Indian people love plain yogurt.

They eat that all day every day,

so you really can't eattoo many probiotics.

- Let's talk about thosetwins and those mice.

You got twins one is a fat twinand the other a skinny twin.

I mean, human beings sameDNA from both of them,

and then you take cellsfrom the skinny one,

and give it to a mouseand one from the fat one,

and give it to the mouse what happens?

- Then the one who got thefat person's microbiome

that mouse became obese.

Then the mouse that got the microbiome

from the skinny person became skinny.

Remember, they didn'tchange their diet at all.

The researchers didn'tgive the fat one more food.

It was the microbiome.

It was those bad gutbacteria that were causing

that mouse and that personto hold on to the food.

This is why humanssometimes gain more weight

than they should it'sbecause of their microbiome.

- How do they get that stuff out, I mean,

do they just withdraw some?

Do they operate, how dothey get those cells?

- Well, think about it, your ...

You go through the intestines,

and then it comes out the intestine

so we're talking about fecesthat's where the bacteria are.

- So doctors actuallyimplanted that in these mice?

- Right, they take the feces,

and they actually put itback up in the intestine

sort of like with a colonoscopy

they anesthetize them andput it in there in a way

it's just similar to like what humans have

when we have a colonoscopy.

There are little instruments

that put it back up into the intestines,

and then they plant the bacteriaall along the intestines,

and it repopulates the intestines

with the new bacteriait's fascinating really.

- It is fascinating, okay, Lorie.

Ladies and gentlemen,this can change your life.

Let's talk about a couple of things

that are caused by thisimproper balance of the colon.

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's,

mood shifts,

fear, irrational fear.

- That's right, well, actuallyeverything is caused by

our gut with the bacteria doing their ...

There are like 1,500 different types,

and they all have different jobs,

and there's what's calledthe gut-brain axis,

so everything that goes on in our brain

from being in a bad mood, depression,

to even things like youwere saying Alzheimer,

autism, which so manychildren are struggling with.

- Things like Crohn's disease,

and some of these things same thing.

- We're gonna talk aboutthis at length tomorrow,

but, yes, so many differentautoimmune diseases,

and one of the researchersI spoke to said,

we have to look back at all thedifferent diagnosis we made,

and said why was this happeningand say, you know what?

It was probably the gutmicrobiome being out of whack,

so you did bring up a good point.

We're covering a lot of ground,

so we understand that thisis a lot of information

that's difficult to digest,

so we have a little booklet for you,

and the price is right it's free.

Just go to and we'll give you

this wonderful little bookletcalled Build a Better Gut.

We're gonna be talking aboutit today through Thursday,

and as you mentioned, Pat,

tomorrow we're gonna be talking ...

Today we talked abouthow the gut microbiome

influences our weight whichis just an enormous subject,

and then tomorrow we're gonna talk about

all the other diseasesthat a gut dysbiosis,

a gut that's out of whack can cause.

- I'm a very happy personand my gut is happy.

I want my gut to be happy and I thank you.

We'll be happy together.

Lorie, you're doing a fabulous job.

Ladies and gentlemen, nowwe got a four part series.

You don't want to miss any ofit because this can determine

your next health crisis whatever is there,

and it can put you on theroad to vibrant health,

weight loss and all the other good things

you've been striving for.

Lorie's got it and we'llhave it here on this program.

We've got three more of these features

that some of the top medicalprofessionals in the world

will be featured on Lorie's program.

So, Terry, look after your gut.

- I will do that.

You have to have one of

the healthiest guts in theworld, congratulations.

Well, up next you know thosewild fires out in California

well, they continue to blazeclaiming six lives so far,

and destroying more than800 homes and buildings.

We're gonna have more on thisstory and it's coming up.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

Firefighters are working 24 hour shifts

to gain control overthose massive wildfires

sweeping across northern California.

It's destroyed hundreds of homes,

and forced tens of thousandsof people to evacuate.

Those fires across the statehave claimed at least six lives

including two firefighters and a family.

Amber Strong has the story.

- [Amber] The imagesfrom the massive blaze

near Redding, California terrify

with more than 800 homesand structures destroyed.

- I've never seen it like this before.

It's just here we go again.

- Among the latest victims Melody Bledsoe,

and her two great-grandchildren.

The 70-year-old reportedlycovered the children

with a wet blanket in a last attempt

to protect them from the flames.

About seven people are missing.

Survivors are saying

they're just thankful tohave make it out alive.

- We lost stuff, well, it's not so much

we still have our healthand other people here don't.

- [Amber] Across Californiafirefighters are battling

17 wildfires in 100 degree temperatures,

but out of the ashes the best of humanity

like these firefighterswho ended their shift,

and bought toys for childrenwho'd lost everything.

- Kids started coming back to their homes,

and it was all burnt so wegave them some stickers,

but we didn't have anylike teddy bears and stuff.

- Sunday, Redding officials said

they're seeing progress

with firefighters getting the upper hand

saying they're switchingfrom defense to offense

in battling to extinguish the flames.

Meanwhile, President Trump

declared an emergency over the weekend

providing FEMA assistanceto the victims of the fire.

Amber Strong, CBN News.

- President Trump is threateningto shut down the government

if Congress won't pay for a border wall.

He took to Twitter Sundayshowing frustration

over everything from theMueller investigation

to a stalled immigration policies.

The tweet reads in part,

I would be willing toshut down the government

if the Democrats do not give us the votes

for border securitywhich includes the wall.

The House failed to pass twoimmigration bills last month.

Some Republican leaderscall talk of a shutdown

before the midterm elections a bad idea.

Congress has until September 30th

to pass a budget for the next fiscal year.

Well, Friday's news that the economy grew

at a fast 4.1% in the second quarter

has Republicans tryingto keep up that momentum.

They see another round of tax cuts

as one way to stimulate more growth,

and Republicans believe getting support

from just a few Democrats

could help to pass legislationsooner rather than later.

CBN's White House correspondent,

Ben Kennedy explains one way

they're trying to get thehelp from the other side.

- Not one Democrat voted for tax reform

the first time around.

Republicans plan to use this

as either a way to drum upsupport across party lines,

or as ammo against Democratsin the upcoming midterms.

- We're here to talk to you

about making permanent this tax relief.

- [Ben] It's clear tax cut 2.0will be priority number one

for House Ways and Meanschair, Kevin Brady,

who plans to focus onhelping the middle class,

and small business.

- One, so they can continue to grow.

Two, so we can add amillion and a half new jobs.

- [Ben] The overall goal combines making

the individual tax cut permanent

while growing the incentive for savings.

- If you've got a goodthing keep it rolling along.

- [Ben] Economist StephenMoore believes that momentum

will lead to more moneyin people's pockets.

Moore served as one of the top advisors

to President Trump during the campaign.

The key to getting this outof the gate is Democrats,

and with the midterm electionjust around the corner

it could help sway a couple votes.

- What about some of those Democrats

who are up for reelection in the Senate?

People like HeidiHeitkamp of North Dakota,

or the senator in WestVirginia or Donnelly in Indiana

they are facing tough races.

Do they want to vote against a tax cut,

you know, a month or twobefore the elections?

- Do you feel like their constituents

are telling them to get onboard?

- I think, well, those are states

where Trump is very popular,

and the tax cuts are very popular,

so, yeah, I'm sure that thosethree senators in particular

including, you know,Manchin of West Virginia,

are hearing from their constituency

this is working let's make it permanent.

- We can protect themagainst a future Washington

trying to steal backthose hard-earned dollars.

- [Ben] Brady wants togive voters assurance

that the tax relief they have now

will continue years down the road.

- The time of submittal

what would you think that would be, Kevin?

- So we anticipate the Housevoting on this in September.

- Do you see it happeningpossibly in September?

- I hope so, I think there'sno question a tax bill

that would make the tax cuts permanent

would pass the House bya fairly good margin.

The question is, of course, the Senate.

- In the Senate Republicansonly have a razor thin majority

so they need a united front

unless they can tempt aDemocrat to come to their ranks.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks, Ben.

Pat, do you have a prediction?

Do you think Congress

will be able to passanother tax reform bill?

- Can you imagine aDemocrat selling through

in a state where Trump won overwhelmingly

voting against the taxrelief for the people?

Can you imagine anybodyrunning on a program

of higher taxes in this economy?

Not in your life and ifthey do they'll be gone,

I mean, I think Joe Manchinis a terrific guy by the way.

I just wish he'd switchto being a Republican

because he's under pressure.

The one guy over in West Virginia

the coach who owns the Greenbrier

ran as a Democrat and thenhe switched to Republican.

I think that state is trending

more and more toward Republican,

and Manchin would be, well,certainly the vote for this.

I think Heidi Heitkamp is the same way,

Donnelly in Indiana and others.

I mean, what's to lose?

I mean, what's to gain byvoting for higher taxes?

I mean, in a crucialelection not a chance,

so will it go through?

I think so and I think the Republicans

will hold steady on this one.

Chairman Brady is a terrific guy.

He's chairman of theWays and Means Committee,

and he wants to do somethingfor the American people,

really wonderful.

Now we're gonna switch to a guy

whose become public enemy number one.


- Pat, turning overseasTurkey's president says

he won't release an American pastor

even in the face of economic sanctions.

President Trump threatened large sanctions

against the NATO ally

if it doesn't free Pastor Andrew Brunson.

President Erdogandelivered a strong response

telling Turkish media,quote, we will not step back.

Last week Turkish authorities

transferred Brunson fromjail to house arrest.

While his trial continues

he's facing a possible 35 year sentence

on espionage related charges.

The Trump administrationsays he's innocent.

Meanwhile, U.S. pastorsare warning their churches

not to travel to Turkey.

In a statement to NPRReverend Johnnie Moore said,

"If Turkey isn't safe forBrunson, it isn't safe for us."

Well, the growth of Muslim immigration

is driving a wedge in the European Union.

The EU wants to punish nations

who refuse to take Muslim refugees,

but as Dale Hurd reports from Stockholm

those who are letting them in

appear to be paying a stiff price.

- 800 Africans stormed the border wall

around a Spanish enclave inNorthern Africa last week.

The migrants threw Molotovcocktails and feces

at border guards and usedhomemade flame throwers.

Once inside Spanish territorythey threw rocks at cars.

The European Union continuesto try to force member states

to take in the mostly Muslim migrants

from Africa and the Middle East,

but those who have nowface soaring welfare cost,

crime and terrorism.

Most of the time

Sweden looks like it'sfunctioning normally,

but intelligence reportsindicate the nation

is sitting on a ticking timebomb of Muslim terrorism.

A new report says Muslimradicalism in Sweden

has increased by 900%.

Swedish terrorism expert Magnus Norell

says the chickens have come home to roost

on Sweden's open door immigration policy.

- My forecast is that unless,

unless we deal with thisfairly soon, you know,

head-on it's gonna getfrom bad to worse I think.

- [Dale] A report last year

compared crime in Sweden to Mexico,

and the new study by theEuropean think tank Gefira says

the native white Swedishpopulation will be a minority

within a maximum of 40 years.

This exchange on Britain's Channel Four

underscores the EUs divide over migrants

between politicallycorrect Western Europe,

and nations like Poland and Hungary

who do not accept Muslim migrants.

- How many refugees has Poland taken?

- Zero.

- [Reporter] And you're proud of that?

- If you are asking me about

Muslims illegal immigration none.

Not even one will come to Poland,

not even one if it's illegal.

- [Reporter] You sound proud of the fact

that you haven't taken any refugees.

- This is why Poland is so safe.

This is the reason we havenot even one terrorist attack.

- [Dale] The EuropeanUnion says it will pay

each of its member states 6,000 euros

for every migrant they take in.

It's a lot of money but still not enough.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

- Thanks, Dale.

Pat, back to you.

- Ladies and gentlemen, he's talking about

the chickens coming hometo roost they really are.

You know, these Muslim radicals,

and there are a number of them

it's not just ordinary,quote, peace-loving Muslims,

but those who believe the Quran.

If you read it carefully,

read it carefully what is in the Quran.

I mean, it's a book of war.

It is a book that proclaims war,

and they have the worlddivided into two parts.

It's the house of peaceand the house of war,

and everything that isnot under Islam is in,

you know, the war party

so there's a war going onagainst every single nation,

every culture that is notunder the domination of Islam.

That's the fundamental teaching

so when these people comein they're gonna be at peace

until they gain ascendancy,

but the whole premiseis this Daraa, Islam,

which is the world of Islam.

In Levi, if you're not under Islam

you're in the world of war.

That's what's happening,

so Poland, God bless themis on the right course.

It's a tough stand in thispolitical correct environment,

but they're doing the right thing, Terry.

- Well, coming up next amanager of a shoe store

who struggled to take a simple step.

- I had to stop halfway and take a break,

and then continue back down.

The heaviness and the shallowness,

and the breathing was getting worse.

- Hear how she was instantlyhealed right in her own home

plus we're gonna be praying for you,

so don't go away we'llbe back in a moment.

(dramatic music)

As the manager of a shoe store Judy Shimko

is on her feet all day long,

so the morning she wokeup struggling to breathe,

Judy was glad she had the day off,

and whenever she's off shealways watches The 700 Club.

- [Narrator] In mid March of 2018,

Judy Shimko began experiencinga heaviness in her lungs.

She had no idea what brought it on,

and especially noticed it ather job managing a shoe store.

- I was thinking aboutmaybe going to the doctors,

and finding out what was going on.

For what I do for workI'm standing all the time,

and I'm walking so I'mvery active at work,

and it was challenging.

- [Narrator] Several days lateron the morning of March 19th

she woke up barely able to breathe.

- I sat up in bed andthe feeling that I had

was I could hardly takelike a shallow breath.

It was a really intense heaviness,

but not a pain.

It was like real shortshallow breaths at that point.

After I left my bedroomI was having difficulty

going up and down the steps.

I had to stop halfway down the steps,

and I only have 12 steps,

and I had to stophalfway and take a break,

and then continue back down.

I was getting a little bit concerned

because I knew that theheaviness and the shallowness,

and the breathing was getting worse.

- [Narrator] Since it wasJudy's day off from work

she spent the morning in prayer.

- I wanted to know what was going on,

and I was just prayingand asking God, you know,

speaking the scriptures byyour stripes I am healed,

and just going throughthe promises in the Bible,

and just seeking God and prayingalmost the entire morning.

- [Narrator] Just likeevery day she has off

Judy sat down to watch The 700 Club.

- Welcome ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of The 700 Club.

- [Narrator] Pat andTerry started praying.

- Pat said that there was somebody

that had shortness of breath,

somebody that had aheaviness in their chest.

- There's somebody whose got pleurisy

your lungs have just been filling up,

and right now God is justcompletely cleansing those lungs,

you are are completely healed.


- Immediately, I said that's me,

and I started thanking God

for showing me and tellingme what was going on

that I just knew thathe was talking about me

that God showed him that that was me,

and I was getting healed.

I immediately stood up and Ijust started taking breaths

because prior to that Icould not take a breath,

and I was maybe just a littleleery of taking a breath,

but when I stood up

I was able to take a completeinhale and out exhale breath.

I went over to the steps,

started up the steps slowly.

Then I just started runningup and down the steps

just thanking God and I was healed.

God immediately healed me.

- [Narrator] Judy's had no more problems

with her lungs since.

She is always quick totell friends and family

about what God did for her.

- God does still heal,

and he cares about everydetail in your life.

He will be there for youyou just have to trust,

and you have to believe and have faith

that he will be with you, he is with you,

and he will never leave you.

- That's a great word fromJudy to all of us really.

Many, many of you I knoware seeking God's healing,

his provision for needs in your life,

and you have something.

- Yes, Terry, all right.

Since 2006, a guy named Frankfrom Independence, Missouri,

that's Harry Truman's old town.

Frank has been sufferingexcruciating nerve pain

which made walking painfuland limited to 15 minutes.

A doctor said, "You've gotsmall fiber nerve neuropathy,"

and he was told it was incurable.

One day he was watching this program,

and you Terry said,

"Someone else, you havea condition in your feet.

"I do not know what it is,but it is very painful,

"and it has changed the way you walk.

"God is healing you right now."

Frank claimed the healingand said instantly, instantly

the next day he walked straight,

and was completely healed.

What do you have?

- [Terry] Well, this is Maryshe lives in Hammond, Indiana.

She was watching this programon July 18th of this year.

She heard her name called out.

Pat you said, "In the name of Jesus

"somebody right now as we'respeaking I think it's Mary.

"You've got arthritis of the spine,

"and God has just healed that arthritis.

"All the build-up ofcalcium is going away.

"The vertebrae are completelywhole in the name of Jesus.

"Just stretch, walk,receive your healing now.

"Bend over and say, it's me.

"Bend back and take thehealing that God's given you."

Mary said, "That's me," andas soon as she said that

she said she feltsomething pop in her back,

and in her right hip and knee.

She had been unable to walk,

and when she receivedthe word of knowledge

she was able to bend over with no pain,

and now Mary is walkingagain, praise the Lord.

- God bless her.

I don't know Mary but God knows her,

and God saw the condition,

saw the terrible arthritisof the spine and healed her.

Just like Terry didn'tknow Frank in Missouri,

in Independence, Missouri,

but, folks, God knowsyou, knows who you are,

where you live and what your name is,

and we want to pray together,

so Terry and I will join hands,

and we're gonna pray for you right now.

So whatever your need iswe're gonna pray together.

Father, I join with my sister in Christ,

and we pray together right nowfor people in this audience

all over the world wherever they may be.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, Jesus.

You've got irritable bowel syndrome,

and you are being healed rightnow in the name of Jesus.

Just receive it and begin to eat normally,

and you will be completelyfree of that problem.


- There's someone else you havea raspiness in your throat.

It's not just in yourthroat you talk with a rasp,

and it's because of some other condition,

but God is not only healing the rasp,

he's healing the othercondition just receive that.

You'll be able to clearyour throat right now

in Jesus' name and begin to speak clearly

for the first time in a long time.

- I believe it's Charles youhave a swelling in the feet,

and you've been quite concerned about it

because it makes it painful to walk,

but there has been swelling and that means

that all throughout yourbody there's a problem.

Your circulation is now being increased.

God is making your heart pumpthe way it is supposed to.

In the name of Jesus

he's doing a complete medicalmiracle in you, touch.


- Someone else you have likea swelling in your glands

down here along your neckand into your shoulders,

and you're so afraid to see the doctor.

God is healing that for you right now.

It's just going to beginto go down and disappear

the soreness will be gone andyou're fine in Jesus' name.

- Lord, may the blessing of God

tend those in this audience who pray.

You know the prayer.

The people are crying out to you, Lord.

Hear and answer their prayersfor whatever the problem

in Jesus' name receivean answer, Amen and Amen.


- Well, still aheadwe've got your questions,

and some honest answers.

Julie says I'm 36 and my parents refuse

to accept my relationshipwith my boyfriend who is 62.

I don't know what to do.

Stay tuned for Pat's advicethat's later on today's show.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

The Greeneville Awakening,

a spiritual revival inNortheastern Tennessee

is now in its 16th week,

and the evangelist leadingthe services told CBN news

there are no signs of it slowing down.

More than 400 people have puttheir faith in Jesus Christ

under the big tent near Greeneville.

Evangelist D.R. Harrison says

people from 178 churches and 17 states

have come to the services.

The Greystone FreewillBaptist Church Revival

was supposed to last for just one week.

Well, CBN International

led a six day medical campaign in Nigeria.

The area is commonlyattacked by Fulani herdsmen

resulting in deaths, injuries,

and millions of dollarsworth of destroyed property.

CBNs medical campaignoffered free medical care

for more than 3,500 people.

The teams provided medication,

dental and eye care services,surgical interventions,

and gave vitamins tochildren and pregnant women.

The campaign also ledto more that 190 people

praying to receive Christ,

and over 30 people rededicatedtheir lives to the Lord.

Well, you can find out more about

what CBN is doing around the world

by going to

Pat and Terry will beback right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Elena has sufferedmore in her eight years

than most people do in a lifetime.

She has a crippling kidneydisease and it could be fatal.

Even worse she urgentlyneeds an expensive surgery

that her single mom simply can't afford.

Elena watches and waits

outside the door of her school bathroom.

She won't go inside until sheknows the bathroom is vacant.

- I don't want all the studentsto hear me cry in pain.

I don't want to be embarrassed.

- [Terry] Elena suffersfrom a kidney disease

that causes cripplingpain and can be fatal.

- I only have one dream in life,

and that is for my child to be healthy.

- [Terry] Elena's condition was diagnosed

during an acute episode thatoccurred several years earlier.

- She was screaming in pain,

and no matter what we didthe pain wouldn't stop.

We rushed her to the hospital.

- Hydronephrosis is a severe disease.

The kidneys swell to anenormous size from blockage.

If the blockage isn'ttreated the patient will die.

- I would sacrificeanything for my daughter,

but I have three children,

and we live on $100 a month.

I have no money for this surgery.

- I hear my mother cryingbecause she cannot pay

for the surgery that I need.

- [Terry] Then Yulia heard thatCBN helps families in need,

so she applied for assistance.

We agreed to pay the full costof Elena's medical treatment.

One year later after multiple surgeries

Elena is strong and healthy.

- Elena is doing well now.

Huge blockages were removedand the damage was repaired.

- I'm so happy my child has no more pain.

She can run and play and go to school.

- I can walk, run, jump,and I can even dance.

- She can almost run faster than me.

- Without your help mychild would have died.

I just have no words toexpress my gratitude and love.

Thank you.

- Thank you for helpingme get well and healthy.

- Pat and I were just talkingabout the power of hope,

and the amazing negativepower of hopelessness.

Can you imagine being a single mom

your child has a conditionthat's life threatening?

There is an answer youjust can't afford it.

700 Club members

you came right into themiddle of this mom's need,

of this little girl'slife challenging need,

and you provided the surgery

that was needed for her to flourish.

She is healthy, she is whole.

God willing she'll have a long life,

and they are rememberingyour generosity and kindness.

We want to say thank you.

How do you put a measure on that?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

but when hope comes there is such joy,

there is such revelationof the goodness of God,

so thank you for making that possible.

For those of you whoaren't 700 Club members

it's 65 cents a day, $20 a month,

and you can join right nowif you haven't joined before.

Here's how you do it.

You call our toll freeline it's 1-800-700-7000.

Just say I want to join The 700 Club.

When you do we want to sendyou a gift to say thank you

for caring about the needs of others.

The gift is Pat's latestteaching on Angels:

Their Power, Their Purposeand Their Presence.

We'll send this out to you right away.

Sharon already watched thisshe's an online viewer,

and she says, "Thankyou for the Angels DVD.

"Such a blessing to receive Pat's DVDs

"on so many different subjects

"that are important for our time.

"As the world spins, CBNis an anchor to cling to."

Boy, that's a wonderfulstatement isn't it?

- [Pat] That's where we wantto be we want to be anchored.

- Absolutely.- Amen.

- Well, up next he's anall-star first baseman

who hits for power and runs for speed.

Now San Diego Padre, Wil Myers

tells where he gets those gifts.

- You live your life you live it for him,

and that's what you need in this game.

- [Terry] Hear more from the Padre called

the face of the franchisethat's after this.

(dramatic music)

- Well, the city of San Diegois home to perfect weather,

and pristine beaches.

It's also home to one ofbaseballs young stars,

first baseman, Wil Myers.

The former rookie of the year

has become the face ofthe Padres franchise,

but as he told sportsreporter Tom Buehring

he uses his platform topoint people not to him,

but to somebody else.

- [Tom] San Diego Padresfirst baseman Wil Myers

is hitting his stride asbaseballs next big achiever

surging from can't miss prospectto all-star first baseman

with that players covetedmix of speed and power.

Brother, that's a rare commodity.

How much of that do you think is gifting?

- Growing up it alwayskind of came easy to me.

You know, training isdefinitely a huge factor,

especially, once you get to this level

where everyone else is just as talented,

so it comes down to justbeing able to work hard,

and just improve your game.

- [Tom] It took timeand opportunity for Wil.

Three years following hisrookie of the year season

with Tampa Bay his career took off

after arriving in San Diego.

You have your breakout season.

What do you attribute that to?

- Just being healthy again.

I've had good years leadingup to my rookie year,

and was hurt two years in a row.

Last year was one of those things

where I was just finally healthy again,

and healthy for our firstfull big league season,

so the most important thingfor me is playing 162 games

because once I can do that

I know I can put up good numbers.

- For the city of San Diegoone is the loneliest number

after losing their onlyother sports franchise

to an NFL relocation.

The Chargers leave town.

You're now the facenot just of the Padres,

but of San Diego sports.

How does that strike you?

- That was pretty cool.

It kind of came to me pretty randomly,

but I'm very excited about it,

very excited about the opportunity.

I think the biggest thingis just don't let it

kind of get emotional, you know,keep the emotions out of it

just go out every day and play your game.

Don't think of it as theface of San Diego sports,

or whatever, but it's still the same game

I played when I was five years old,

and it's still the same gameI'll play 'til I retire.

- Humility that could get tested in this.

Where is humility for you?

- Yeah, it's a big dealespecially in baseball,

especially with a game of failure.

As soon as you get prettycocky you're gonna struggle.

I've seen it over the years.

I've seen how it works,

but the other thing is, too,

along those lines you neverwant to doubt yourself.

You want to be one of thoseguys that is confident.

When you're on the field

you got to think you're the best player

because that's what ittakes to put yourself

in the best mindset to succeed.

- You're the veteran.

What advantage do yougain by that opportunity?

- I'm not sure yet but I'mvery excited about this team.

It's not gonna be one of those things

where I go out and try totell everybody what to do,

try to force leadership.

If I can share some thingsalong the way I will,

but I think for them whatwould be best for their career

is to learn from experience.

- [Tom] Wil has and along the way

he also confronted hisfaith with authenticity.

You go to your Twitter page.

The name of Jesus of all namesis there standing by yours.

Why do you include him?

- Yeah, you know, I've beena real believer since 2012.

I grew up in the church,

but didn't really take my faith seriously.

I was able to be roommates in Triple-A

with a guy named Terry Evans

who's now the chaplain for the Braves.

He took me under his wing,

and showed me what it waslike to be a true believer,

and not one of those guysthat kind of just claims it,

and doesn't live for it.

It's a lifestyle now,

and you go out every singleday and live for him.

- [Tom] Who has he become for you?

- Well, Jesus is your Lord and savior.

He's the one who died for your sins,

so he's the guide to makedisciples of all nations for him.

You go out there andevery time you get that

voice in your head to talk about him

you just got to do it.

It is tough to be a believer

because you go through those times

God's asking you to do something,

and you're very hesitant to do it,

but it's one of those things

where you just got to suck it up and do it

because that's what you're called to do.

- [Tom] Devoted and thriving,

Wil Myers rises to the game he loves,

and to the Christ he follows.

In his role in yourbaseball career practically

how does that play out Wil?

- I don't get on the line and take a knee,

and pray before the game andstuff like that for the show,

but I really started toread the Bible every night,

and I like to kind of keep it to myself,

especially when I want tolearn and dive into the word.

We don't have a chance

to be able to go to church every Sunday,

so we have to make our ownchurch in the clubhouse,

so we have a group of five or six guys

that hold people accountable.

You live your life you live it for him,

and that's what you need in this game.

- Tremendous, it's interestingto see stars, all-stars

that say, well, my Lord is more important

than the baseball or the football,

or the hockey or whatever, nice to see.

Okay, some questions.

- Okay, you ready?- I guess.

- [Terry] This first onecomes from Julie who says,

Pat, I'm 36, and myparents refuse to accept

my relationship withmy boyfriend who is 62.

They're in denial aboutit and make comments like,

I hope you find a nice guy.

How can I get them to realize that

my relationship is serious?

We want to get married.

I feel controlled bymy parents as an adult,

and it makes me depressed to the point

where I don't want to be around them.

I don't know what to do.

- Well, first of all Ithink you need to recognize

your parents love you and theyhave looked down the road.

So you've got a boyfriend he's 62.

In 30 years he's gonna be?

- [Terry] 92.- 92.

As a matter of fact,he may be dead by then,

he may be dead in a few more years.

He may have an illness.

He may get in a nursing home.

He may have a lot of problems,

and your parents are trying to keep you

from having that trouble,

but on the same token

if he really loves youand you really love him

then it's your life not your parents.

You are old enough to be emancipated,

and you need to love them,recognize they love you,

and then get on live yourlife because it's your life.

This may be the one thatGod has intended for you,

and it may be a wonderful marriage,

and you'll cherish every minute of it,

so all I can say is at thispoint I think you're emancipated

you're not living at home at36 or however old you are.

You're old enough tomake your own decisions,

and they should respect that.

They just love you and theydon't want you to get hurt,

but they still got torespect the decision,

and it's your decision, okay?

- This is Jamie who says about a year ago

I had an online affair.

Then about six months ago

I had an affair with a coworker.

My husband knows everythingabout the affairs.

I live with regret every day

because of what I've done to my marriage.

We both agreed to stay together,

and we would make it through this,

but every time we have a disagreement

he brings up the affair.

He says he forgives me for what I've done,

but he's still holding it against me.

He's distant from me,

and until he forgives me wecan't fix our relationship.

I don't want to get a divorce.

I love my husband,

but if we can't getalong what should I do?

- I think, obviously, youdid something that was wrong.

You had two affairs, not one, but two.

Obviously, your husband was hurt,

but, you know, the Bible says that

we're to get over these things.

We're to forgive one another.

There's this wonderful thing that

having your consciencecleansed from dead works

that you might serve the living God,

and to keep bringing thisup God doesn't bring it up.

In the sea of his forgetfulness

the things that you've done are gone,

and he's forgiven you.

Your husband isn't God.

It's a difficult situation.

I don't know if he's ever gonna get right,

and your relationshipwill be sour and bitter,

but you see you broke it you did it.

You brought it on yourself,

so I think what you need to do

is to ask God to forgive you,

and live your life as if you're forgiven,

and hope and pray thatyour husband one day

will acknowledge that.

All right, what about you?

- I'll try to read this quickly.

The other day you mentionedfailure of the power grid

due to an EMP attack, asolar flare, et cetera.

Recently, I've been reading Ezekiel,

and chapter nine verses three to six

impressed me to my core.

Do you think judgmentis coming to America?

- You know, I really do.

I think that we have ledthe world into hideous sin,

and we're living rightnow on borrowed time,

and we just pray thatfor the grace of God,

but that's the only thingthat's gonna spare us

is God's mercy and love.

We leave you with Today's PowerMinute from first Timothy.

For bodily exercise profits a little,

but Godliness isprofitable for all things,

having promise of life thatis now and which is to come.

We'll see you tomorrow.

More exciting things about the gut biome.


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