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Feces and Flamethrowers: Migrants Storm Gates of Europe as Muslim Radicalism Spikes 900% in Sweden

Feces and Flamethrowers: Migrants Storm Gates of Europe as Muslim Radicalism Spikes 900% in Sweden Read Transcript

- [Dale Hurd] 800 Africansstormed the border

wall around a Spanish enclavein Northern Africa last week.

The migrants threw Molotov cocktails and

feces at border guards andused homemade flame throwers.

Once inside Spanish territory,they threw rocks at cars.

The European Union continuesto try to force member states

to take in the mostly Muslimmigrants from Africa and

the Middle East.

But those who have nowface soaring welfare cost,

crime and terrorism.

Most of the time Sweden lookslike it's functioning normally

but intelligence reportsindicate the nation is sitting

on a ticking time bombof Muslim terrorism.

A new report says Muslimradicalism in Sweden has increased

by 900%. Swedish terrorismexpert Magnus Norell,

says the chickens havecome home to roost on

Sweden's open door immigration policy.

- [Magnus] The forecast isthat unless we deal with this

fairly soon, head on, it'sgonna get from bad to worse,

I think.

- [Dale] A report last yearcompared crime in Sweden

to Mexico. And a new studyby the European think tank

Gefira says that the nativewhite Swedish population

will be a minority withinin a maximum of 40 years.

This exchange on Britain'sChannel Four underscores the EU's

divide over migrantsbetween politically correct

Western Europe and nationslike Poland and Hungary,

who do not accept Muslim migrants.

- How many refugees has Poland taken?

- Zero.

- [Woman interviewer] Andyou are proud of that?

- If you are asking me aboutMuslim's illegal immigration,

none, not even one will come to Poland.

Not even one if it's illegal.

- You sound proud of thefact that you haven't

taken any refugees.

- This is why Poland is so safe,

this is why we have not evenhad one terrorist attack.

- [Dale] The European Unionsays it will pay each of it's

member states 6000 euros forevery migrant they take in.

It's a lot of money, but still not enough.

Dale Hurd CBN News.


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