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'Invincible Man' Encounters a More Powerful God

An addict and drug dealer thinks he's invincible until an attack in prison leaves him fighting for his life. Read Transcript

- I started to feelinvincible like I could

take on the world.

- [Announcer] Kevin Smithwas never one to walk

away from a fight, at18 he was six, seven,

a coke addict, a dealerand sitting in jail

awaiting sentencing.

It was then that Kevin mettwo Christian volunteers

that led him to a decisionto follow Jesus Christ.

- I wanted to know who God was,

I wanted to know all about him.

- [Announcer] But headinginto a four year sentence

at the state pen, Kevin feared his faith

would make him look weak, vulnerable.

- I thought I can't let this happen,

this isn't the place for it.

Survival was numberone, God was secondary.

I was Kevin Smith, I wasn'tgonna be messed with.

- [Announcer] Again Kevin used his size

to intimidate, control and traffic drugs.

But when he was released he was ready

for a new start without God.

- God takes a back seat.

Honestly what I thought was that later,

I'll do it later.

I told myself, no I'm gonnawalk the straight and narrow.

I don't wanna come back to prison.

I felt like I knew thesteps to take to do that,

to find a good woman, settledown, live a normal life.

- [Announcer] He was workingin a bar when he met Angie,

a Christian so somehow sawa softer side of Kevin.

- He was like this larger than life guy

and I was his side-kick.

- She's always so happy and so positive.

I mean she's perfect in my eyes you know.

- [Announcer] The twomarried, and things were

going well, they opened a towing company

and had a baby girl.

But three years into the marriage

the business was strugglingand they were in debt

with a new home, cars and hospital billls.

- The debt world was crashing in on us

and I didn't like that feeling.

- [Announcer] Desperate for a quick fix

Kevin decided to do whathad always worked before,

making and selling meth.

- It was a horrible idea.

We were talking about me and I thought

I was further than everybody else.

- It was scary, it waslike he was another person.

There was just no reasoning,it was his way and that was it.

- [Announcer] Beforelong he was also using

and seeing another woman.

Then one morning justtwo weeks before Angie

announced she was pregnant,Kevin walked out on her

and their one-year-old daughter

and moved in with his girlfriend.

- It felt like the heartwas literally being ripped

out of my chest watchinghim make this new life

with this other personand it was horrible,

it was horrific.

- I was so stupid and selfish.

- [Announcer] Then in2006 Kevin was arrested

for dealing meth and sentencedto a minimum of 15 years.

For protection, he joinedthe Aryan Brotherhood

and rose quickly through the ranks

to become chapter president.

- I liked the power that came with it.

I lived a comfortable life in prison.

I had anything I wanted.

- [Announcer] Anythingexcept a clear conscience.

By then Angie had divorced him

and he knew it was his fault.

- I basically dragged her through hell.

I felt horrible about that.

I wanted to make it right.

- I kept praying for him because again

he was the kid's father.

I felt like they neededto know who their dad was

and bottom line, he needed the Lord.

I mean he needed the prayer.

- [Announcer] In 2009 Kevin would need

those prayers even more.

He was attacked and stabbed 17 times

by the Brotherhood when he refused to kill

a child molester.

After slipping into a comahe encountered a power

that brought him to his knees.

- I remember it being black.

There was something inthere in that blackness

that meant me great harm andI remember being terrified

of it and I remember cowing down.

And then off in adistance I see this light.

Whatever's in this darknessis afraid of the light

and as the light gets closer and closer

I can see that it's Angie.

She picks my head up andshe starts stroking my hair

and telling me thatthings are gonna be okay.

- [Announcer] Kevin came out of the coma

but the vision continued to haunt him.

It wasn't until he receiveda letter from Angie

that it all made sense.

- She had been praying,she'd been talking about

down on my face,fervently praying for you.

Then a light clicked.

She prayed and it happened.

Here's God showing up, at mylowest point, God shows up.

- [Announcer] It was thenKevin began to understand

that love he felt when he was 18 year old

sitting in a jail cell.

- Love was just a word tome, it wasn't an action,

it wasn't a feeling, it was just a word.

And it wasn't until Ireally wrapped my head

around what Jesus did onthe cross, what love meant,

what love was all about.

And that was a pivotal point in my life.

I remember there being a softening in me.

- [Announcer] When Angie came for a visit

she saw the change in him immediately.

- He was loving and sweet and kind

and he kept saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry,

and I never meant forthings to happen like this.

It's just, how can someonechange that drastically?

- [Announcer] Becauseof his physical health

and change of character Kevin was released

to home confinementwith his mother in 2011.

Soon after he and Angie re-married.

Then in December 2012 he received

early parole and returned home.

Now the man with the heart for God

would share his heart withanyone who will listen.

- I really, really lovethat he can minister

to other people through his experiences

and he's soft now, he didn'tused to be soft like that.

His exterior and hisinterior have both softened.

There's no other explanationfor this than it's God.

- God has taken me, this guy that caused

horrible things to happen to people.

He's using it for the good.

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