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The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party: Moderates Aim to Walk Back Party Socialists

The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party: Moderates Aim to Walk Back Party Socialists Read Transcript

- [Crowd] Trump, traitor, treason!

- [Jenna] Treason.

- The penalty that weare all paying right now

for the president's treasonis we are losing our allies.

- [Jenna] Impeachment.

- We believe that PresidentTrump has violated

the constitution and we've introduced

five articles of impeachment.

- [Jenna] And getting rid of ICE,

the US Immigrations andCustoms Enforcement.

- You think you shouldget rid of the agency?

- I believe that it hasbecome a deportation force.

- All ideas pushed by left leaning members

of the Democratic party.

But are they too extreme?

More moderate Democrats sayyes and want to reign them in.

- Impeaching a president is not a message

that will resonate beyondthe base of the party.

We need to have a message that resonates

beyond the base, to themiddle, the Independents

and others who will make a difference

in this election cycle.

- [Jenna] And recent pollingseems to back up this approach.

According to andHarris-X American Barometer,

64% of Democrat voters say they would not

vote for a socialist candidate.

Moderate Democrat Matt Bennett agrees,

he and his team A Third Way just hosted

Opportunity 2020, bringingtogether middle of the road

Democrats to voice their concerns.

They disagree with Senator Bernie Sanders

view on the economy.

- Guaranteeing a federal jobto everyone in the work force

is not a good idea.

That might have been a good idea in 1932

when we had 28% unemployment,the height of the

Great Depression, but it'snot a particularly good idea

now when we have 3.8% unemployment.

- [Jenna] And when itcomes to abolishing ICE.

- Reuniting families wethink should be the focus

for the Democratic attack on

the Trump administration and immigration.

- [Jenna] The one thingnearly all Democrats agree on

is their dislike of President Trump.

- Without a doubt, there has never been

a unifier like Trump.

- [Jenna] Bennett's messageheading into November

is to win and wait.

- We can have these debatesabout exactly which direction

the party ought to move after November

when we start to kind ofround the bend towards 2020

and we choose a nominee.

And ultimately, we're gonnahave a leader for our party,

that nominee, who'sgonna make those choices.

But for now, our messageis focus on winning

and set aside the things thatare tremendously divisive.

- That's important becausepolls show GOP voters

agree on one thing, theirsupport for President Trump.

And if that translates intoa big Republican turnout

this fall, it could spelltrouble for the Democrats.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.


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