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CBN NewsWatch: August 1, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 1, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Narrator] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much forjoining us, I'm Efrem Graham.

The United States is facingunprecedented cyber attacks

that could cripplecritical infrastructure.

So the Department ofHomeland Security announced

Tuesday a new initiativeto guard the nations banks,

energy companies, and other industries.

National security officials say not only

are the nations power grid andeconomic systems vulnerable,

but our very democracy is at risk.

Our national securitycorrespondent, Eric Rosales,

has more from the Departmentof Homeland Security

cyber security summit in New York City.

- [Eric] With nearly 90% ofour critical infrastructure

in private hands, mostof it interconnected,

intelligence top brass saythere is a growing crisis

that requires government and

private companies work together.

- We are in a crisis mode.

The CAT five hurricane has been forecast,

and now we must prepare.

- If their weak link is a smaller business

and that in turn connectsinto one of our bigger

supply chains, then nomatter how much work we do,

we would not have createdthe right defenses.

- The launch of the nationalrisk management center

was unveiled by the departmentof homeland security

secretary, a dedicatedhub, to help private

companies to bettercoordinate, reducing risks,

and responding to cyber attacks.

- This will provide that focal point.

We will work with ourpartners in government,

who will be on stage today, and others

to provide you what youneed to help propel,

to help mitigate, to helprude out the adversary

from your systems.

- [Eric] Last year, a global attack blamed

on North Korea infectedhundreds of thousands

of computers in over 150 countries.

Damaging multiple critical industries,

from health care to telecommunications.

Cyber security expertssay the energy industry

in particular is notprepared to fend off attacks.

Recently DHS officials briefedenergy industry officials

on targeted attacks by Russia hackers

who got so deep intosystems that they could

have flipped a switch andcut off power to customers.

Vice President Mike Pence echoed the need

for a new information sharing partnership.

- The President and Ineed you to continue to be

advocates in your industryand among your peers

for greater cyber security collaboration.

- [Eric] During hisspeech, the vice president

also called out Russiafor launching a brazen

multi-faceted cyber campaign to

undermine our democratic process.

- The United States ofAmerica will not tolerate

any foreign interference in our

elections from any nation state.

Not from Russia, China, Iran,North Korea, or anyone else.

As President Trump said,we're not gonna have it.

- Pence ended his speechsaying the Trump administration

will continue to protect our liberties

and bring these cyber hackers to justice.

Eric Rosales, CBN News, New York.

- Eric, thank you, another online

cyber concern has been exposed.

Facebook announcedTuesday it had uncovered

sophisticated efforts tomanipulate US politics.

The company said it foundabout 32 fake accounts

that were involved in"inauthentic political behavior",

while Facebook did notexplicitly blame Russia,

a spokesperson said, "Itis clear that whoever

"set up these accounts wentto much greater lengths

"to obscure their trueidentities than the Russian-based

"internet researchagency has in the past."

The House IntelligenceCommittee is meeting

with Facebook officials in September.

Here now is a look at some of the other

major headlines we're following for

you today inside the CBN Newsroom.

A federal judge in Seattlehas issued a temporary

restraining order to stopthe release of blueprints

to make 3D printed plastic guns.

Defense distributedthe Texas based company

behind the plans reacheda settlement in June

that allowed the plans forthe guns to be available

for download starting today.

The restraining order puts that on hold.

Democrats are urgingPresident Trump to reverse

the decision to allow thecompany to publish the plans.

President Trump says"he is looking into it"

and said making 3D plasticguns available to the public

doesn't seem to make much sense.

Hundreds of doctors inArgentina have staged

anti-abortion protestsas a bill to legalize it

heads to the Senate next week.

Officials there say thereare about 300 private

hospitals and medicalfacilities that have denounced

the legislation whichhas already been passed

by the lower house of congress.

Proponents of the bill saylegalizing elective abortions

would help to reduce deaths among women.

Argentina currently onlyallows abortion in cases

of rape or risk to a woman's health.

Non citizens across theUnited States are finding

it easy to register votein government elections.

Research by the publicinterest legal foundation

shows voter laws inPennsylvania, California,

New Jersey, and Virginia are turning

up with non-citizens registered to vote.

The foundation found alarge percentage of those

noncitizens also wereable to cast ballots.

And for more on these storiesand others throughout the day,

you can always check out

Turning now to a miraculousstory out of Mexico

after a plane crashedTuesday, everyone on board

the plane survived and somewere even able to walk away.

Our Sharlene Herring is on this story.

- [Sharlene] On its way toMexico City, Arrow Mexico

flight 2431 crashed in afield shortly after takeoff.

Video from the crashsite looked devastating.

The aircraft ripped open, wings crumbled

and firefighters trying to control flames.

Survivors say the plane burst into flames

after it hit the groundbut stayed mostly intact.

While 49 people are in the hospital,

no one was killed, some on the ground

are calling it a miracle.

This woman says she and her son jumped

out of a hole in the plane's fuselage.

I unbuckled my sons seat belt and we

got out that way, we jumped.

Other passengers managedto escape the wreckage

as firefighters raced to thescene to put out the fire.

A Catholic priest from Chicagobroke his arm in the crash.

He called his church totell them he survived.

- He asked us, is he more or less okay?

That he's being checkedout, he's doing just fine,

his body probably has some broken bones.

- [Sharlene] The planecarrying 97 passengers

and four crew members had just taken off

in a blustery storm from anairport in Durango State,

when it went down and skidded to a stop.

The state's governor saysthe pilots were attempting

to abort just after takeoff,but it was too late.

Meanwhile, the plane's pilot is

in critical but stable condition.

Joy replacing sorrow for what could

have been a tragic ending.

- Let me tell you one thing, Sunday,

there's gonna be a lot of people's praying

and asking for Him.

Sharlene Herring, CBN News.

- Coming up, President Trump pulled

the United States outof Iran's Nuclear Deal.

And the US is imposing new sanctions

on that Middle Eastern nation.

We're going to show you how Iran's economy

is spiraling down into hard times.

We've got this story comingup when we come back.

(light music)

Hundreds of protestors took to the streets

of central Iran chanting"death to the dictator"

as people's anger against the

regime's Islamic rulers intensifies.

The first sanctions onIran under President Trump

are due to go into effect next Monday,

and the economy in the Persian country

has already been hit.

Another round of sanctions are scheduled

to go into effect November 4th.

Including sanctions on oil purchases,

which are so important to Iran's economy.

Our George Thomas is on this story.

- [George] Iran'seconomy is in a free fall

and pressure on Arabiccitizens to make ends meet

is growing by the day.

- Iran at the moment, isin a difficult condition,

especially economic conditions.

- [George] Thousands of protestors angry

about soaring inflationand sky rocketing prices

took to the streets ofIsfahan in central Iran

on Tuesday chanting "where is our money?",

"shame on you", and"death to high prices".

- Its currency iscollapsing quite rapidly,

in turn on the percent is growing.

- Nearly 40 years afterthe Islamic uprising,

many in Iran, and in the Westsay the regime's campaign

to spread its revolutionaryversion of Islam

has yielded only heartache and suffering.

- The 40 years of fruit fromthe revolution has been bitter.

40 years of Kleptocracy,40 years of the people's

wealth squandered on supporting terrorism.

40 years of ordinaryIranist thrown in jail

for peaceful expression of their rights.

- [George] Months afterthe US withdrew from

the nuclear deal, Iran is about to get hit

with even more crippling sanctions.

Further damaging the economy, and exerting

more pressure on the regime.

- It was the Obamapolicies that emboldened

the Iranians to finance terror.

Trump by placing newsanctions and reversing

the Nuclear Deal has made it so that the

Iranian economy is in big trouble.

And the Iranian peopleare protesting saying,

why are you giving ourmoney to the Palestinian's

when we are in economicdesperate straights at home?

And this could bring about the downfall

of the regime, which wouldbe good for the Iranian's

and good for the world.

- [George] President Trump on Monday said

he'd meet with IraniPresident Hassan Rouhani

any time if the Iranianleader was willing.

- Iranian officials are trying to find out

what President Trump's real motive is.

And to learn whether he is really seeking

a deal or if his administration has rented

out its foreign policy to a few countries

to create chaos and stability

and economic collapse in Iran.

- [George] In the meantime,Washington and Jerusalem

are using the crisis to appeal directly

to the Iranian people tostand up to the regime.

- While it is ultimatelyup to the Iranian people

to determine the directionof their country,

the United States in thespirit of our own freedoms

will support the long ignoredvoice of the Iranian people.

Our hope is thatultimately the regime will

make meaningful changesin its behavior both

inside of Iran and globally,

George Thomas, CBN News.

- Still ahead, how youcould be hurting your health

and not even knowing, that is the focus

of part three in our seriesabout your gut and your health.

We've got this story coming up next.

(light music)

We're continuing our series about your gut

and your health andexposing the worst things

you can do to your gut.

Here again, is Lorie Johnson.

- C-sections, babyformula, lifesaving drugs,

and convenience foods, we tend to think

these things make our livesbetter starting from birth.

But turns out, they can seriously mess up

the balance of good andbad bacteria in our bodies.

- So we want to keep thosenumbers and the compositions

on the microbiome right where it

oughta be in perfect harmony.

- [Lorie] Nearly a centuryago, the world rejoiced

when Alexander Flemmingdeveloped the first antibiotic.

Penicillin would targetbacterial infections

that wiped out millions.

Since then, many doctors frequently turn

to these so called miracle drugs,

often not considering the down side.

- We know that almostall cases of bronchitis,

where you cough, basicallywhere the large air ways

get inflamed with viruses.

Almost always it's just a virus,

that's not to mean it's trivial disease.

But we don't haveantibiotics for 99% of them.

And yet, 70% of physicians prescribe

antibiotics for bronchitis.

- [Lorie] And those antibiotics target

all bacteria in our body, even the kind

we need to keep us healthy.

- Antibiotics are equal opportunity drugs,

they'll kill the good guysas well as the bad guys.

- [Lorie] Gastroenterologist Gerard Mullin

author of The Gut Balance Revolution,

says children, in particular, often lack

the good bacteria they need.

Thanks to well meaning pediatricians,

protective parents, andover prescribed antibiotics.

- They're overused anddiscriminally in children

with ear aches, and sort throats.

Because there's been linkages into obesity

but also autoimmune diseases such as

inflammatory bowel disease, where they can

directly link the numberof doses of antibiotics

as a child to the probabilities developing

IBD later in life.

- [Lorie] Studies show just one course

of antibiotics can disruptthe gut microbiome for years.

What's worse, antibioticsoften enter our bodies

without a prescription,because of what we eat.

A majority of the antibiotics used

in our country go into animal feed.

- Just in conventional red meat,

there's enough antibiotics in those

cows that are raised with hormones

and lot of antibiotics, those are enough

if you eat enough red meat within a week

or so, that's enough to changethe microbiome unfavorably.

- And science proves it.

New York Universityresearchers were able to make

lab mice obese anddiabetic by proportionately

giving them the same amount of antibiotics

found in our meat supply.

So in trying to build a better gut,

remember antibiotics are enemy number one.

Running a close second is the standard

American diet, what's known as sad.

It's this kind of stuff, what we typically

eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

plus the good that'smissing from these meals.

- You've gotta figure out first,

what's trash in the gut, you gotta

shut off the faucet, stop hurting the gut.

The gut'll heal itself over a long time,

but you gotta stop hurting it.

- [Lorie] Consider processedfoods a triple threat.

They're too sweet, contain no fiber,

and are chalk full of strange chemicals.

The Mayo Clinic's Dr Purna Kashyap

says the culprits tend to hide in

the small writing onthe listed ingredients.

- It's good to read the fine print,

because there's usually a small line

at the end of it,emulsifiers, or additives.

- [Lorie] Dr Gail Cresciof the Cleveland Clinic

agrees that digestingthings not found in nature,

can cause dangerous inflammation.

- And you think about processed foods,

there's a lot foreign chemicals

that are in the processed foods,

and these are what's called xenobiotics

so it means that's it a foreign chemical,

like it's a cow pound, and the microbiota

has to be able to deal with that.

- [Lorie] And watch outfor words ending in -ose.

Such as dextrose, maltrose, and fructose.

They're added sugars,which believe it or not,

make us fat and starveus at the same time.

They robbed a bacteria's food supply

because our body absorbs sugar before

it even gets to our intestines.

- Our body is very efficient in using it.

Which means we're goingto slurp it up right away.

And as a result, the bacteria then has to

try to get food from ourlining or other places

so it can harm us, becausethe bacteria are starving.

And they'll have torely on our duct lining

to get drinks which havehigh amounts of glucose,

fructose, these are theones which are going

to feed artificial state of starvation,

not for you, but for the bacteria.

It'll definitely give you energy,

but it's not going to begood for your bacteria.

- [Lorie] But don't think you can replace

sugar with artificial sweeteners,

they're just as bad if not worse.

- Different bacteria are able to take

these artificial sweeteners and then

they actually are able to extract

more calories from the diet and

this is linked with insulinresistance, and weight gain.

- So it's rhetorical that we're taking

zero calorie artificial sweeteners

which harm the gutmicrobiome and ultimately

cause us to gain weight, when the purpose

was to not gain weight.

- When it comes to gut microbiome,

the first two years set thestage for the rest of life.

Believe it or not, the way a baby is born,

the type of deliverymakes a big difference.

So does the kind ofnutrition the baby receives.

Dr Heidi Nelson saysC-sections and formula

provide inferior bacteria compared with

their more natural counterparts.

- There is a differencebetween the vaginal

birth and the cesarean birth.

Because the child is moreor less sterile inside

the womb, and as they deliver through

the vaginal canal, it's understood

that they get the microbial population

from their mom that exposure from

the mother at that time and the same type

of experience will hold true for

breast milk versus a bottle.

You want to try to get theright bugs set up in the child.

- And you can check out

to learn exactly how you can get more

of this information in writing.

And of course this seriescontinues tomorrow,

be sure to join us for that.

There's much more CBN Newswatch coming up,

and it's coming up right after this.

(light music)

Operation Blessing is helping a mother

in Guatemala to start a new business.

Martina was left to provide for her three

children after their father died and she

was not always to feed her family.

That is when OperationBlessing stepped in,

teams supplied her witha new chicken coop,

and broiler chickens to sell for profit.

Now Martina and her childrenno longer are going hungry.

Right now it is time foryour Wednesday's word

and today's word is reset.

"This is a great day to begin again.

"Forget the failures andthe falls of the past

"get back up, and start again."

Scripture clearly tells us that Godly may

trip seven times, butthey will get up again.

One disaster is enoughto overthrow the wicked.

With that truth in mind, besure to rise up and reset.

It is indeed the perfectday for you to begin again.

Hold fast to the promises of God,

He promises He'll be therewhen you do just that.

Well that is going to do it

for this edition of CBN Newswatch.

Thank you so much for your company

and remember this, youcan always find more

of our exclusive coverage of the issues

you care most about at

And we'd love to hear what you think about

the stories you have seen here today,

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Of course, you can alwaysreach out and touch us

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The news continues 24/7 at,

certainly hope you will join us again,

right here next time.

Thank you so much for your company,

goodbye everybody and God bless,

we'll see you right back here tomorrow.

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