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MIRACLE: No One Killed as Passengers Escape Flaming Wreckage of Plane Crash

MIRACLE: No One Killed as Passengers Escape Flaming Wreckage of Plane Crash Read Transcript

- Story out of Mexico.

A Mexican passenger jet withabout 100 people on board

went down in high winds, buteveryone on board survived.

As Charlene Aaron reports, somewere even able to walk away.

- On its way to Mexico City,

Aeromexico flight 2431 crashed in a field

shortly after takeoff.

Video from the crashsite looked devastating,

the aircraft ripped open, wings crumpled,

and firefighters trying to control flames.

Survivors say the plane burst into flames

after it hit the ground,but stayed mostly intact.

While 49 people are in thehospital, no one was killed.

Some on the ground arecalling it a miracle.

This woman says she and her son

jumped out of a holein the planes fuselage.

"I unbuckled my sons seatbeltand we got out that way."

"We jumped."

Other passengers managedto escape the wreckage

as firefighters race to thescene to put out the fire.

A Catholic priest from Chicagobroke his arm in the crash.

He called his church totell them he survived.

- He tell us that he'sseem more or less okay.

That he's been checkinghow he's doing his body.

Probably has some broken bones.

- [Charlene] The planecarrying 97 passengers

and four crew members, had just taken off

in a blustery storm froman airport in Durango State

when it went down and skidded to a stop.

The state's governor says the pilots

were attempting to abortjust after take off.

But it was too late.

Meanwhile, the planes pilot

is in critical but stable condition.

Joy replacing sorrow,

for what could have been a tragic ending.

- Let me tell you one thing.

Sunday gonna be a lot of peoples

praying and asking for heal.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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