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Praying For Your Needs: August 1, 2018

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

- And you've got some praise reports

- I do, this is Sheila, shelive in Pueblo, Colorado.

She prayed fervently forher brother's healing

from pancreatic cancer.

In addition to calling our prayer center,

she was watching our program,

hoping one of the hostswould mention that disease.

On his birthday, Wendy, yougave a word of knowledge,

quote, "somebody was beinghealed from pancreatic cancer."

Stella's brother was totally healed.

The doctors are completely awestruck.

Took place on his birthday!

- His birthday, I love that, God is good.

- What you got?

- Alfred, from Pineville North Carolina,

was crippled for 10 years andspent much time going back

and forth to medical appointments.

One day he was watching TV, andhe overheard you give a word

of knowledge, Pat,saying there was a person

with back problems whom God was healing.

Alfred immediately raised his hands,

and the Holy Spirit took over.

The next day, his back washealed, and he could bend over

and touch the floor withthe palm of his hands.

After 10 years, wow, praise God.

- Well you know, we don't know them.

We live in an atmosphere of miracles

because God is God, heis the author of life.

He's the creator of all things.

And the God we serve is an awesome God.

So when we pray, we're asking him

to speak through us to you.

And when we declare it,we do it in his name

because the glory belongs to Jesus.

He is the author andfinisher of our faith.

So Wendy and I are gonnajoin hands right now.

We're gonna pray for you,whatever the need is.

There's nothing impossible with God.

- [Wendy] Amen.

- Father, I join with my sister in Christ.

We believe God, nothingis impossible with you.

In the name of Jesus,

there's a throat inflammation,

there's a swelling and athickening in your throat.

You're hardly able to swallow,it's almost like diphtheria.

You're being healed inthe name of Jesus, Wendy?

- There's a man, andyou are extremely obese.

And you are just cryingout to God for deliverance.

You've been saying what's the use?

I'm not that young anymore.

But God is saying, you are young.

You have your whole lifeis still ahead of you.

And God is going to deliver you.

You are going to be healedof this in Jesus' name.

- You've got swollen, it's aman, I think your right leg.

You've got swollen varicoseveins, and it's very serious,

and you're concerned about blood clots.

And you're concerned about a stroke,

and you're concerned about those things.

God is flushing out those veins right now.

The swelling is going down,

and the clots aredissolving at this moment.

You won't have that problem anymore.

- There's someone with a liver condition,

and you've been crying outto God for deliverance.

And you are being healed in Jesus' name.

Thank you Lord.

- Father, whoever is watchingat this time around the world

wherever they are,

Lord, hear and answer their prayer.

In the name of Jesus, receive and answer.

May the touch of Godbe upon you now, touch!

Thank you Lord, amen.

- [Wendy] Amen.

- And amen.

- Hey listen, call us,

and tell us what God's done.

We'd love to have a chance to pray for you

if you need prayer.

People at the phonesright now, they love God,

they love you, and all youhave to do is just call.

And we're here for you ifyou have an answer to prayer,

we'd love to hear that too.

So it's just an easy number,its an 800, 1-800-700-7000.

1-800-700-7000, easy to remember.

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