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Studio 5: Cuba Gooding Jr

Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr sits down to talk about his faith, family and films. Studio 5 tags along for the final run of the Vans Warped Tour. And we meet the real life people behind the film Miracle Season. Read Transcript

- [Efrem] Seconds away on Studio 5.

- Show me the money.

- [Efrem] From Jerry Maguire,

- Who's your supplier?

- [Efrem] To Life of a King,

Academy Award-winning actor,Cuba Gooding, Jr. is here.

- [Efrem] Plus(rock music)

We're on the final tour of the largest

and longest running musicfestival in the country.

And then,

- As a coach, when did yourealize you had a big story here?

- [Efrem] The miracle story

behind the making of The Miracle Season.

- You strong women got us here.

- [Efrem] Studio Five starts now.

(upbeat music)

- You're in Studio Fiveand it's time to fire up

the countdown clock and begin our look

at the world of upliftingentertainment news.

Here are the first two.

At number five.

♪ If the sky that we look upon ♪

♪ Should tumble and fall ♪

Big news from The Kingdom Choir,

the gospel group who performed

at Prince Harry andMeghan Markle's wedding.

- We're about to go into the studio

to record an album called, Stand By Me.

- [Efrem] The record deal with Sony Music

will bring a full albumto fans in November.

♪ Darling stand by me ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

This wedding performancereached number one

on the Billboard Gospel Charts,

and has been viewed morethan 10 million times.

- Completely unexpected.

A little bit surreal.

I'm still trying to process itall but it's lovely, really.

At number four,

the extraordinary lifeof Madame C.J. Walker.

- You're welcome to walk for 16 miles.

- [Efrem] Hidden Figuresstar, Octavia Spencer,

will play another real-lifepioneer in Madame C.J. Walker.

A new Netflix series about America's

first black self-made female millionaire.

Spencer will also co-executive produce

with NBA star, Lebron James.

- When Madame Walker died,

it was almost as if thereaction to Mandela.

People lined up all alongBroadway in Irvington, NY

just to get a glimpse of the casket.

- With that, we're off to a great start,

and it gets even better.

Academy award-winner Cuba Gooding Jr.

is here for the Studio 5 sit down.

- Jerry!

- Yeah, what, what can I do for you?

- Show me the money.

Ha, ha, ha!

- [Efrem] Acting in the film Jerry Maguire

earned Cuba Gooding Jr. an Academy Award.

- You're a colored manin the white man's army.

It's a miracle you'reflying fighters in Italy.

- [Efrem] But here in roles

in real-life American hero stories,

like Red Tails, TuskegeeAirmen, and The Butler

are Gooding's signature performances.

- Any of you wanna wash yourselves out?

Oh negro, please do so.

But I'll have you on thenext thing smoking back home

to make room for the menwho want to stand and fight.

- You gotta remember.

I grew up in the '80s and'90s and my schooling,

we didn't have a lot of these stories

about African-Americans'participation in American history.

We didn't have The Tuskegee Airmen,

the Red Tails, the Men of Honors.

You know, I didn't know aboutDorie Miller in Pearl Harbor.

- Ah yes, the pawns.

They are the front line.

- [Efrem] Here, Cuba plays Eugene Brown,

a real-life modern day herowho went from serving time

in prison to saving livesthrough the game of chess.

- These stories can't be ignored anymore.

And I think when I readthe fact that this was just

a very normal man who'sincarcerated comes out

and does good like Lean on Meor even Remember the Titans.

This had the same essence ofnobility in that this man,

not only was he doing somethinggreat for the community,

there's an epidemic ofblack-on-black crime still today

and gang violence that is destroying

the family nucleus intoday's society in America,

and I think part ofthat is due to the fact

that these young black menfeel like they have no choice

but to pick up a gun,and represent their hood.

Where's the father figurein these men's lives?

And it's not just white America

telling black America, "Do better."

We as black Americansshould be telling ourselves

we come from royalty, you know?

We come from a royal lineageand it's these stories

that when those kids have the decision

to take a gun and be athug or to get an education

and do something great likethe past shows we have done,

then maybe these kids willmake a different decision

and it's a story like this, you know?

I never played chess growing up.

I knew nothing about chess butto have those chess masters

on the set talking us throughthe mentality behind the game,

it is like that, you know?

It's a great metaphor for our youth today.

- Do you think the game itself

has a rehabilitating power,I know Eugene Brown--

- I think it does.

I think a lot of times,

I mean, even if you think of that scene

in Boyz n the Hood,

Tre goes with Doughboy andhis father says "Think, Tre",

you know, and he gets out of the car.

'Cause I think in all thatanger and frustration,

he's willing to push past it and picture

what it'll be like ifhe does get retribution.

And then make a decisionnot to go down that road,

and it's just like ifyou're on a chess board

and you say, "Well, if I make this move,

I could make that one, that'd be great,

but if they make these, I'm done.

So I can't make that move.

I have to make a move that protects

the king and goes after their pieces."

- [Efrem] Seeing the end game.

- That's right, gotta see the end game.

- You mentioned Boyz n the Hood,

it's my favorite movie of all time.

- Oh, wow!

- And here's the reason why.

Anyway, I was young when I saw it.

- Yeah, I was young and stupid.

- Yeah, I was younger but it's the scene

where you are stopped by the police.

- Oh yeah, yeah.

- Your character, and then you Tre goes

to his girlfriend's house andit's this level of frustration

just like, you know,"I'm doing all the things

"I'm supposed to be doing but here it is,

"I get stopped."

As I tell my family,

I was like, "You know, Cuba Gooding Jr.

"is there boxing the air.

"This is what I feel like.

"I'm on the dean's listin college and I come home

"and I got stopped by the police."

I'm like, that's what I felt!

It was like the frustration like,

"Okay, you still only see,

"that's all you see isthe color of my skin

"and you stop me for no blatant reason."

Did you know the power of thisfilm when you were making it?

- I'm sorry about your friend.

My heart goes out to hismother and his family

but that's their problem, Tre.

You my son, you my problem.

(siren blaring)

I want you to give me the gun.

Oh, I see.

You wanna end up like LittleChris in the wheelchair, huh?


No, no, you gonna endup like Doughboy, huh?

- Well, there was a lot ofthings that were happening

that were reflective ofthe story we're telling.

There was a fistfight on set,

there was a couple ofgunshots in South Central

while we were shooting,

and we would all look ateach other like "Whoa!"

'Cause it was happening around us.

I'm telling you, I couldn't make this up.

At the time I lived in a realurban area outside of the city

in a predominately white neighborhood

and the day after shootingthat scene, I was pulled over,

and I wasn't harassed like that

but I'll never forget this cop.

He was like, "What are youdoing in this neighborhood?"

I was like, "I live here."

You know, it was like that type thing.


I think there was just a real connection

to society and what we were dealing with

as a nation of people.

And I think that's whyit still resonates today.

(dramatic music)

- What continues to drive you

I mean you're in an industrywhere it's really, really hard?

- Yeah.

- But you've won an Academy Award.

- Yeah.

- You've had some greatroles and continue.

What is it that drivesyou to stick this out?

- You know, just the fact thatI'm not gonna live forever.

You're not gonna liveforever and I think the work,

if the work is representativeof what I want my sons

to become, then that's a good thing.

You know, I have a daughter now

and she'll always be the daughter

of Cuba Gooding Jr. nomatter what I do about it.

So why not ensure myselfthat that'll be a good thing?

- As we go to break,

here's a fun snapshot of Cuba Gooding Jr.

sporting a bleached Mohawkand picking up a few things

before the Fourth of July celebrations.

(rock music)

That's the sound of the country's largest

and longest running musicfestival coming to an end.

- The comradery is amazing,

making this many friends is amazing

watching bands supporteach other is amazing.

- [Efrem] See the legacy

The Vans Warped Tour is leaving behind.

- And welcome back to Studio 5.

Let's get back to thecountdown of the best headlines

in uplifting entertainment news.

- [Efrem] At number three,

we told you LebronJames is making a movie,

but the happy filmmaker andNBA star has even bigger news.

- [Female Anchor] Now,he wants to make kids

in his hometown of Akron, Ohio happy too.

This week, The LebronJames Family Foundation

is opening a publicschool for at-risk youth.

- I know exactly what these kids today

are going through being a part of this.

In the fourth grade, Imissed 80 days of school

we didn't have a car,the city bus didn't come

to where I was living,

but any time I would showup to school, it's weird,

the teachers would always tell my mom

that when he shows up he is one

of the best students that we have,

we just hope that he can show up more.

I can sit here and be at a loss of words,

which I am now, but weliterally have a school,

it's a real-life school, in my home town,

and this is, this is pretty cool.

- [Efrem] At number two.

Relevant Magazine reportsNetflix is looking to create

more faith and family-focused content.

- Okay.

First question, very important for job.

Do you go to church?

- Umma, you can't ask that.

- no, it's okay, I don't mind.

Yes, I do go to church,

that's where I saw your ad.- Me too.

- What ad?- Good.

Good, Christian, Korean.

- [Efrem] Original ProgrammingExecutive, Cindy Holland,

broke the news at this weekend's

Television Critic AssociationSummer Press Tour, saying,

"It's a very important audience to us,

"and represents a significant percent

of the population, not only in the US,

but around the world.

- Mrs. Park, I think youcollect most clothes.

- You're welcome, Pastor Choi.

- Until Mrs. Kim walkin with twice as many.

Two times more.- It's nothing.

You're welcome.

- Stay tuned for numberone in the countdown.

The largest and longest-runningmusical festival

in the country, the Vans Warped Tour,

comes to an end this summer.

Studio 5 joined the tourto look at its impact

on the musicians and theirfans from across the world.

(rock music)

This is the Vans Warped Tour.

(rock music)

Founded by Kevin Lyman in 1995,

it is the biggest and longest running

travelling musicalfestival in the country,

and it attracts artistsfrom all over the world.

including Australia heavymetal band, In Harm's Way.

- We're seeing ademographic here in America,

it's of all walks of life.

So Warped Tour has enabled us to really

meet those people faceto face, and that's cool.

- [Efrem] And Tatiana Demaria from London.

(rock music)

- Every day we'll do a show,

but then we'll have a signing.

And I like to take time at the signing

to just get to know people,

'cause I think the mostimportant thing for me

as a musician is connecting with people.

- [Efrem] This year also featuressome Warped Tour veterans,

We The Kings.

- As a kid, I fell in love with music

by going to Warped Tour,

and fast forward to now,

you know getting to stand on the stage.

Same stage as my favorite bands stood on.

Warped Tour, I mean I don't know

where we would be without it.

- [Efrem] And Senses Fail.

- I started doing it when I was, like, 20,

and I'm 34 now, so prettymuch my entire adult life

has been on Warped Tour.

- [Efrem] My Children, MyBride is one of the bands

using the festival as an opportunity

to share their faith withmusic fans around the country.

- We're being able to play infront of so many new people,

and it's just been honestly a blessing.

I always just try tospread a message of love.

As a Christian, my job is to spread love.

It's just my personal thing,

to try to love and hug and be there

and listen to as many people as I can.

- [Efrem] Lyman announced this would

be the final National Warped Tour,

but the iconic music festival

will leave a lasting positive impact

for bands and their fans.

- I've fallen, gottenback up, fallen back down,

got back up.

Went to the substance and addiction site

on this tour, which kind of hurt me a lot.

was homeless on this tour.

It's been a life-changing thing for me.

I would be, I don't know whereI'd be without this tour.

- The camaraderie is amazing,

making this many friends is amazing,

watching bands supporteach other is amazing.

- [Efrem] Beyond the music,the tour encourages others

to live positively, inspiringbands to pursue causes

close to their heart.

- Right now, we're doing Fin,

which is to prevent opioid abuse.

- We do marine debris clean-ups.

So we just walk the beaches for an hour,

and we get all kinds of stuff cleaning up.

- every day we're reminded and encouraged

to clean up our trash,to be good to each other,

to support each other, to work hard.

- And because of your politic beliefs,

I think you can be human enough to treat

people with decency.

- Any time that we can useour success and celebrity

to help better the world,we'll always say yes.

- [Efrem] And it also tourswith non-profit organizations,

like To Write Love On Our Arms

with a mission to givehope to people struggling

with addiction and depression.

- To Write Love On OurArms started 12 years ago,

since then we grown, and weraise awareness for depression

and drug addiction and self injury.

There's been just a huge growth

of the conversation going on,

and kids getting thehelp that they needed.

- [Efrem] And Can You Hear Me?,

an organization that providesa forum for those struggling

with mental health issues.

- We see so many kids each day

from I've dealt withcutting and I no longer cut

to I was addicted toheroin, and I'm not anymore.

- [Efrem] With WarpedTour coming to an end

after more than two decades

of leaving a positivefootprint across the country,

it will no doubt be missedby all it's musicians

and supporters.

- All in all, I wouldsay that the Warped Tour

has taught a lot of bandsto take care of each other.

- The cross country tour,

Warped Tour that I've done so many times,

won't be there, but I'mlucky to have experienced it.

- Eminem has been on WarpedTour, like Katy Perry,

Paramore, and all of these huge bands,

and to see it come fullcircle, and come to an end,

like it's been amazing.

- [Efrem] But Lyman hashinted at a possible future

for Warped Tour.

- The person behind it, Kevin Lyman,

as a visionary is a personwhose put a lot of his emotion

into this tour.

- [Efrem] We know the samepassion will be behind

whatever Lyman has planned.

- It's gonna be bittersweet to see it go,

but I'm excited to seewhat they're gonna do next.

- This maybe the last year ofthe travelling Warped Tour,

but I believe a lot of us,

we're still gonna bringingthat world that Kevin created

out in our own worlds in our own ways,

so I'm blessed to be a part of it.

- [Efrem] It's a music festival

that will definitely be missed.

Be sure to stick with Studio 5 for more

from this season's Warped Tour

with artists in the upcoming episodes.

- [Efrem] Still ahead.

- You strong women got us here.

you did this.

I have never been prouder to be a coach.

- [Efrem] Meet the real life coach.

As a coach when did you realizeyou had a big story here?

behind the movie and themiracle story in Iowa.

- And welcome back.

here's the final headlinein this week's look

at the best in upliftingentertainment news stories.

At number one,

our favorite teddy bearmoves from the pages of books

to the big screen, and Studio5 is behind the scenes.

- [Winnie] Christopher Robinsaid we should go north.

- [Efrem] Chatting with the furry stars.

So how much fun did youhave making this movie?

- Well, I was allowed to do my own stunts,

and sometimes, even on purpose.

Before we keep going,um, you wouldn't happen

to have any honey, would you?

- [Efrem] Oh, I'm fresh out, so sorry.

- What to do?

What to do?

What to do?

- [Winnie] What to do, indeed?

- Pooh?

- Christopher Robin.

- [Efrem] With an allgrown up Christopher Robin,

the Disney film reunites Winnie the Pooh

and all of our furry friendsin the 100 Acre Woods,

and hits Americantheaters on August third.

So Eeyore, what drew you to this project?

- well, it's not likeI'm that busy anyway.

- [Efrem] How much fun didyou have making the movie?

- Define fun.

- [Efrem] With our countdown now wrapped,

it is time for this look at a great film,

now available actually on DVD.

In case you missed it, The Miracle Season

is based on the true storyof an Iowa high school

volleyball team who rises up

following the sudden deathof the team's young leader

and biggest champion.

There is one student onIowa City West High School's

Wall of Fame who really stands out.

- Hi, I'm Caroline Found, I'm a setter.

- [Efrem] Caroline Foundwas the heart and soul

of the Girl's VolleyballChampionship win in 2010.

So loved, her memory pushed the Trojans

to an unexpected secondchampionship in 2011.

Caroline died that yearin a bike accident,

on her way home from church,

making it a painful and trying season

for the girls to even play.

I notice you're holding a picture there.

- Sure, that's a pictureof Ellen and Caroline

that I just kind of hangon that special moments.

- [Efrem] We sat down withCaroline's dad, Ernie Found,

and her coach, Kathy Bresnahan.

As a coach, when did you realizeyou had a big story here?

- Of you, it's just cathartic to write,

'cause I was so proud of my players,

it was the first time I felt

like I could really let my emotions out.

- [Efrem] And now a major motion picture.

- I heard this annoying voice in my head,

Caroline's voice.

Do work today, son.

With everything going on in her life,

she played volleyball.

- What were you thinkingfor the volleyball team

after your daughter's death,what were you hoping to see?

- I just wanted them to hangtogether and keep on going.

I think that's what Carolinewould have wanted them to do

is to keep on going.

- If we run the board,

we've got a shot at state.

- You mean to win?

- I mean to win.

We could win.

- For Line.

- For Caroline.

- [Efrem] Danika Yaroshplays the role of Caroline,

Erin Moriarty plays her teammate and best friend, Kelley.

Either of you volleyball fans before this?

- I mean I definitely likedthe sport and respected it,

but I hadn't watched much of it at all.

- To be completely honest,

I really didn't knowmuch about volleyball.

I mean I grew up playing multiple sports,

I ama a fan of sports and athletics,

but I had no idea whatwent into volleyball,

how intense this game was.

- No, no idea.

- You strong women got us here.

(crowd cheering)

You did this.

I love all of you so much.

- [Efrem] What do you thinkthis would mean to Caroline,

both of you?

'Cause she seems so much larger than life

in terms of how she was portrayed.

- I mean every 20 years as a teacher,

or every decade you findthat one really special

unique person, and that was Caroline.

- Love conquers all,

and there is nothing moreimportant in life than

relationships and family.

- Such an incredible story,

The Miracle Season isnow available on DVD,

and it is certainly worth checking out,

in case you missed it.

Right now, it is time forthe Studio 5 Snapshot.

This Oprah Winfrey photo shoot

(upbeat music)

produced this August coverof British Vogue Magazine,

and our Studio 5 Snapshot this week,

and since we know, here is a sneak peek

at who's gracing the cover next month.

- Every time I get to work with you,

I feel like it's wonderful butdefinitely for British Vogue.

- I know, it's my first September issue.

(upbeat music)

- Well, then let's call this king, Perry.

King Perry it is.

- [Efrem] Actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

returns with a finalthought to change your life.

(upbeat music)

- [Efrem] Now, we are almostout of time for this episode,

so let's take a minute to look ahead

to see what's brewingfor next week's show.

♪ Let the clouds fillwith thunderous applause ♪

- [Efrem] That powerhousevoice has a hit song

that's quickly become a gospel anthem.

Well, we're now enjoying a new project

from you, Unstoppable.- Yes.

- Why Unstoppable?

Koryn Hawthorne shares herBehind The Music story.

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ Fight your battles for you ♪

♪ They gon' wonder howyou sleep at night ♪

- [Efrem] And renders aStudio 5 Sessions performance.

♪ Don't let anybody tellyou something different ♪

♪ You know that's a lie ♪

- [Efrem] Well, that's next week,

and that brings us to thefinal word for this show.

for that, we return toAcademy Award-winner,

Cuba Gooding Jr.

- I don't say that in any way,

I make mistakes, and I sin constantly,

but it's my relationshipthat I have in the world.

I believe if it wasn'tfor the color of our skin,

if we all were blind people,

we would still find waysto alienate ourselves.

"Oh that person lives over there,

"I can't walk over there,

"and I know this person closer",

so it doesn't haveanything to do with color,

but I think we are as mechanism,

in the human race we're all one.

I truly believe that,

and I think that because of that,

it's part of my goal to tell stories

that continually remindpeople of that theme,

that connected theme.

You know, when people saw Boyz n the Hood,

it was easy for them to say,

"Oh, yeah, those were just blackpeople killing each other",

until they saw themselves inthose characters, you know.

We learn about people doinggreat things like this,

who have been incarcerated,

it is easy to say, "He'san felon, he's an ex-con",

but this is an ex-conwho made a difference

in the lives of these kids.

Who are now considered intellectuals,

and that connected tissueof society and life

is what intrigues me.

- A great final word forthis edition of Studio 5,

and that wraps the show,

but join us on Facebook,

as well as Instagram for ongoing updates

and behind the scenes looks at the show.

you can also reach out andtouch me, @EfremGraham,

on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, and Snapchat,

and then you come on back,

and see where Studio5 takes you next week.

Bye-bye everybody.


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