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700 Club Interactive - August 2, 2018

With a pistol at his temple, Jay Lowder considered suicide; but his attempt came to an abrupt halt. See what stopped him and how his life was forever changed. Read Transcript

- [Jay] I hated who I was.

- [Gordon] A young manon the brink of suicide.

- I took the .22 caliber pistoland loaded all nine shells.

I cocked back the hammer.

- [Gordon] See how his despair turned

into a journey of healing.

- [Jay] There's gotta be another way.

- [Gordon] And a TV show.

- [Jay] I really do believeyour pain is your platform.

- Plus, Efrem Grahamshares what's happening

in the world of entertainment.

All on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Well welcome to the show.

Here's Efrem Graham with this week's

top five stories from Studio 5.

(lasers firing)

[Efrem] At number five.

♪ The sky that we look upon ♪

♪ Should tumble and fall ♪

Big news from the Kingdom Choir,

the gospel group who performed

at Prince Harry andMeghan Markle's wedding.

- We're about to go intothe studio to record

an album called Stand By Me.

- [Efrem] The record deal with Sony Music

will bring a full albumto fans in November.

♪ Darling stand by me ♪

♪ Oh stand by me ♪

This wedding performancereached number one

on the Billboard gospel charts

and has been viewed morethan 10 million times.

- Completely unexpected,a little bit surreal.

I'm still trying to process it all,

but it's lovely, really.

(lasers firing)

- [Efrem] At number four,the extraordinary life

of Madame C.J. Walker.

- Welcome to walk the 16 miles.

- [Efrem] Hidden Figuresstar Octavia Spencer

will play another real-lifepioneer in Madame C.J. Walker,

a new Netflix series aboutAmerica's first black

self-made female millionaire.

Spencer will also co-executive produce

with NBA star Lebron James.

- When Madame Walkerdied it was almost as if

the reaction to Mandel.

People lined up all alongBroadway in Irvington, New York

just to get a glimpse of the casket.

(lasers firing)

- [Efrem] At number three,

we've told you LebronJames is making a movie,

but the happy filmmaker andNBA star has even bigger news.

- [Reporter] Now he wantsto make kids in his hometown

of Akron, Ohio happy, too.

This week the LebronJames Family Foundation

is opening a publicschool for at-risk youth.

- I know exactly what thesekids today are going through

being a part of this.

In the fourth grade Imissed 80 days of school.

We didn't have a car.

The city bus didn't cometo where I was living.

But anytime I would showup to school, it was weird,

the teachers would always tell my mom

that when he shows up he's one

of the best students that we have;

we just hope that he can show up more.

I can sit here and be at aloss of words, which I am now,

that we literally have a school.

It's a real live school in my hometown,

and this is pretty cool.

- [Efrem] At number two,(Netflix theme music)

Relevant Magazine reportsNetflix is looking to create

more faith and family-focused content.

- Okay, first question,very important for job,

do you go to church?

- Oma, you can't ask that.

- No, it's okay, I don't mind.

Yes, I do go to church.

That's where I saw your ad.- Me too.

- What ad?

- Good, cool. Christian Korean.

- [Efrem] Original programmingexecutive Cindy Holland

broke the news at this weekend's

Television Critics Associationsummer press tour, saying,

"It's a very important audience to us

"and represents a significantpercent of the population

"not only in the U.S.,but around the world."

- Sister Park, I think youcollect the most clothes.

- (giggling) You're welcome, Pastor Choy.

- Until Mrs. Kim walkin with twice as many.

Two times more.

- It's nothing.- You're welcome.

- [Efrem] At number one,

our favorite teddy bearmoves from the pages of books

to the big screen,

and Studio 5 is behind the scenes.

- [Pooh] Christopher Robinsaid we should go north.

- [Efrem] Chatting with the furry stars.

- So how much fun did youhave making this movie?

- Well I was allowed to do my own stunts,

and sometimes even on purpose.

(stomach growling)

Oh, before we keep going,you wouldn't happen to have

any honey would you?

- Oh I'm fresh out, so sorry.

- What to do, what to do, what to do.

- What to do indeed.

- Pooh?- Christopher Robin.

- [Efrem] With an allgrown up Christopher Robin

the Disney film reunites Winnie the Pooh

and all our furry friendsin the Hundred Acre Wood

and hits American theaters on August 3rd.

- So, Eyeore, what drewyou to this project?

- Well, um, it's not likeI'm that busy anyway.

(Efrem laughs)

- How much fun did youhave making the movie?

(Eyeore hesitates)

- Define fun.

- All right, I'm not abear but I'm with Efrem.

(Efrem laughs)

Well maybe I am a bear.- No.

- What was that like?

- The film is so good.

I can't wait to takemy daughter to see it.

She's 10, she will love it.

She to this day has aPooh Bear in her room

after all these years,

and I grew up lovingWinnie the Pooh as well.

- She will have a PoohBear for a long time.

- Yes, for a long, long time.

- Once you become attachedit's very difficult

to separate from.- She still does.

- Pooh Bear.- She has one won't let it go.

- The film very welldone, very well written,

very well cast, and it just seems so real.

I think people will enjoy it.

I laughed the entire time.

Eyeore is my favorite character

'cause I think he's sometimes

my approach to life.- Why is that?

- He's kinda like how I feel.(laughing)

He says the things I feel.- I'm not that busy anyway.

- [Efrem] Oh whatever, here we go again.

So he's my favorite,but it was a great film.

Great film, enjoyed it.- You liked it?

- And you'll love it.- Okay.

- Netflix going into faith and family.

- Absolutely.- Why?

- I think part of it is the executive

who has made the decision.

In 2018 they plan to have atleast 700 new original programs

available on the site.

They won't say specificallyhow much of a commitment

they're going to give tofaith and family products,

but they are committed to that.

And the executive who'smade the decision said

this is what she actually grew up with.

So she grew up in a family of faith,

and she wants to see more of that.

And we're seeing the demand.

The show that you saw in thereis called Kim's Convenience,

and it really is about aKorean Christian family

living in Canada and the travails of them

navigating their faith,raising two young children.

You saw their mom tryingto find a Christian boy

for her daughter to marry, and it's funny,

and it's doing well.

It's actually trendingamong the top programs

right now on Netflix.

So they're seeing, oh,

people want this, the demand is there,

let's provide it.- It's a big shift for them

because you know to date it'sbeen sort of edgy content,

maybe to a degree trying toimitate HBO and Showtime.

- Absolutely.- And then a lot of

superhero content and documentary content.

So now faith and family.

- It's nice to seebecause we have seen a lot

of content creatorsleaving the regular network

because they can be more edgy on Netflix

and coming out with deals for that,

and now we're going to see some more

faith and family friendlyproduct on there as well.

- Is this going to bea broad industry thing?

- I think so.

I think people are,

we're seeing it seems like week after week

more and more realizing,

yes, people of faith want good content,

yes, we want good stories,

and we're providing you the audience,

and they're responding.

- I think the biggestthing is we want content

that you can watch as a family.

- Absolutely!- That you don't have to say,

let me explain this part.- Yeah, yes, yes.

- Skip this part orwhere's the fast forward.

- Yeah, you've got to watch it twice

because you've got to watch it alone first

and say, can we do this?

And then we can actually sit down

and go okay this is one we can handle.

So it's nice to see thatthey're recognizing that.

- All right, let's talkabout Madame C.J. Walker.

That's also gonna be on Netflix.

- That is going to be on Netflix.

It's a deal with OctaviaSpencer and Lebron James.

They talked about this last year.

Madame C.J. Walker is thefirst self-made millionaire

among African Americans.

She died in 1919.

This is a woman who created

beauty and hair care products for women.

She was orphaned at age seven,

married at age 14,

and then widowed at age 20.

She literally went frombeing a washer woman

as you're seeing in the video there

to actually becoming a millionaire

selling products that shesort of accidentally developed

just trying to take care of her own hair.

She would go to the women and say,

I'll sell you the product,

I'll do the service for free,

in terms of putting thechemical in your hair,

all I need you to is buy the product.

You buy the product.

And what the product did was actually

help to improve their scalp,

which then helped toimprove their hair growth.

So she called it a miraclehair formula when she began,

but it really was to takebetter care for their scalp.

Madame C.J. Walker, I thinkI first learned of her

when I was in college.

I still don't know the full story.

This will be an eight-episodeseries on Netflix

and I will certainly watch it.- Well it's an incredible

story just from what I know.- It is.

- She started out orphanedpicking cotton in the South.

- Yes, absolutely.- In the segregated South.

- Goes from there to shegraduates from the cotton field

to washing clothes.- Yes.

- Graduates from that toworking in the kitchen.

That gives her the idea,well, I can make things

for women.- Yeah.

- I can make hair products for women,

and it goes from there.

She built her own factory, which is--

- She was amazing, amazing.

The series is based onher great-granddaughters.

Her great-granddaughters have written

several books about her,

but it's based on one of those books

so it'll be interesting to see.

- All right, Lebron James has a shool.

- Yes!- And he seems to be

really proud of it.

- It is, he said despite allthe many things he has done

in the NBA, this iswhat he's most proud of,

and it's called I Promise School

because it's a promise that he made

even as a young kid growing up in Akron

that if I ever make it

I will give back to this city.

He said in his speech at the school,

it doesn't matter thatI'm going to Los Angeles,

Akron will always be home to me.

They're starting out with 240 kids.

I believe it's third and fourth grade.

They're going to expand year after year.

It will be K-8.

And he has promised that2300 kids, at least 2300,

will receive a collegescholarship from him

to the University of Akron

over the course of this development.

So they've got to meet some criteria.

- High school to the pros.- Yes, yes, and he wants, yes.

- And now, kay.- He wants to educate

and send them to college.- Now is this a private school

or is this part of the school system?

- This is part of the school system.

It's a charter school,

but it is part of theAkron Public School System.

It's a partnership withAkron Public Schools

and the Lebron James Family Foundation.

He and his mom, as you heard,grew up in Akron, Ohio.

She could hardly affordto get him to school

half of the time.- Yeah.

- I think he said 80 daysin fourth grade he missed.

- I can't image notbeing on the bus route.

- You know, that's, yeah,

that's really, reallyamazing all that he's

managed to accomplish.

- Well, it's amazing that he made it.

- Yes, he knows that therebut for the grace of God

there go I, and he is literally,

they, in terms of choosing the240 students for this school,

all of them are testing below,at least two grades below,

their reading level.

So they're looking forthe most needy children

to give them an opportunityand leg up here.

- Yeah.- Yeah, yay Lebron.

- My son's a big fan of Lebron James.

I'm a fan of Steph Curry.

- Really?- But I have to give him--

- So you're not gonna root for the Lakers?

- No. No.(laughs)

- Not happening.- Not happening, no.

- Not now, not ever.

- What happens when yourson comes in with a hat?

And the banner and theposter and everything?

- He's already got the Lebron shirts.

- He's got it.- That he's sporting around

the house giving me a hard time as it is.

I'm like yes, yes, yes, we'll see.

- Okay. All right.- We'll see.

- Will he make the finals again?

- [Efrem] We'll see.

- Well they tell me I have to wrap,

so for all the latestin entertainment news

check out Efrem's weekly show, Studio 5.

You can watch it onlineat,

and Efrem once againthanks for being here.

- Thank you, good to be here.

- Well coming up, a boyon the verge of suicide.

- I took the .22 caliber pistoland loaded all nine shells.

I pulled the gun up andI lowered my head down

between my legs and beganto squeeze on the trigger.

- You won't believe what happens next.

Stay with us to see a miracle unfold.

(inspirational music)

Jay Lowder struggled withdepression and anxiety.

He hated life and hated himself even more.

Jay thought there wasonly one way out, suicide.

- 21 years of age Idecided to end my life.

I dropped out of college

and lost my girlfriendand my job and my car.

A lot of depression.

A lot of anxiety.

I'd contemplated taking mylife for quite some time.

I hated who I was.

One afternoon I woke up about 12:30

and I decided this is it, lifeis no longer worth living,

I'm gonna end my life.

I took the .22 caliber pistol

that I kept underneath my sofa,

we were in a pretty rough part of town,

and took it out andloaded all nine shells.

I cocked back the hammer.

I pulled the gun up.

I can still remember the barrel,

because my hand was shaking,

tapping the right side of my temple.

And I lowered my head down between my legs

and began to squeeze on the trigger.

As I'm squeezing the trigger

I hear somebody pull up onthe gravel driveway outside.

I had a roommate whoworked for his father,

and he never came home on lunch break.

So I rushed back over thesofa, disengaged the hammer,

turned on the television,wiped the tears off my eyes,

and just tried to pretendlike everything was okay.

And he walked in the door and I said,

"Man, what are you doing home?"

My buddy said, "Man, mydad came up to me and said,

"'Why don't you take thesecond half of the day off,

"'and I'll pay you anyway.

"'You've been working really hard.'"

And I'm thinking this isthe biggest coincidence.

A few weeks later he camehome one night and he said,

"I gave my life to Christ tonight."

Oh come on, man, really?

You're from California.

I've known you my whole life.

I've been to church.

I've been there, done that, it's not real,

and I know you, and I'mtelling you within two weeks

we'll be back at the bar,

if you make it that long.

But, man, I'm telling youwhat, there was a change.

I've never seen somebody socompletely turned around.

So later my mother had seen a commercial

where there was a guy thatwas gonna be visiting our city

doing a multi-church event,

and the end of the commercial was this guy

talking about a suicide attempt.

A few weeks later aroundcame this big event.

Well, I walked in, I decided to go in,

I walked in the balcony.

I grew up in church so I'veheard Jesus died on the cross

and rose from the grave,

and, honestly, big deal.

But he went into great detail.

It was unlike, I mean, evensitting here talking about it

it was unlike anything I'd ever heard

because it was so, it was so detailed,

it was so crisp, it was so real,

that when he told the story

it was like I was watching the story.

Spitting in his face andripping off his beard

and beating him up and drivingsix inch spikes in his hand

and nine inch spikes in his feet,

and he got to the end and he said,

he quoted this verse in John 3:36:

he that has the Son has life;

he who does not have theSon does not have life,

but the wrath of God is on him.

I'm like, that's me.(thunder rolling)

I mean, I'm living, but I'm dying.

I don't have a life, I have an existence.

I mean it was like I'dbeen hit with a javelin.

I just know at that moment I realized

that I was guilty of themurder of Jesus Christ.

You know, it was methat had crucified him.

It was me that hit himwith a cat o' nine tails.

It was me that had cleared mythroat and spit in his face

and said, "You're a phony."

At that moment, more thananything in my life to this day,

I've never wanted anythingthe way I wanted to know him.

I've had religion, but I'venever had relationship.

I've had stories, but I've never had,

I've never really had the Son.

Nothing tonight is gonnakeep me away from Christ.

When I finished praying there was peace.

Peace was a big deal whenyou sit there day after day

thinking about blowing your brains out

and out of nowhere you experience peace,

it's worth everything.

I wanted immediately to take this healing,

this forgiveness, this rescue,

and provide it as anoption to other people.

I was walking the streets an unknown guy

talking to prostitutes and homeless people

and addicts and winos.

The local Salvation Army,they gave me a slot.

I was preaching there all the time.

But in the midst of all of that

we always realize thatthere's gotta be another way.

The message doesn'tchange, but methods do.

We launched a late night television show

on secular programming.

The Darkest Hour is a backdoorapproach to the gospel,

and we have people ofever race, color, creed.

We have people, literally,former strippers,

gang bangers, people that haebeen in prison for murder.

We've got white collar,blue collar, no collar.

People from every walkof life that have just

they've been stuck in the ditch,

but in the midst of their pain

were rescued by God.

My mother once told me, "Godcan never fully use a man

"until he's first fully broken him."

Without a doubt, we've seen thousands

upon thousands of peoplegenuinely born again.

I mean, I'm not talking aboutjust made some commitment,

but people that have trulybeen radically transformed

by the grace of Christ.

And we've all heard David and Goliath,

but to me the cool part of the story is

is David ends up cuttingoff Goliath's head

with the very sword that Goliathbrought to cut off David's.

And I believe that's how God works.

He wants to take the weapons

that the enemy brings against us

and put those in our hands asa tool to combat the enemy.

I really do believe yourpain is your platform.

- But what does it taketo get to that platform?

What does it take to finallyhave the reversal that you need

so that you can look backon your life and realize

your pain is actually nowa weapon in your hands

where you can go out anddo wonderful things for God

based on your history?

What does it take to have that turnaround?

Well, Jay says it very clear.

It takes that surrenderwhere it's not your will,

it's not your way, but it's God's way.

Where you finallysurrender to Jesus Christ.

You surrender to his love.

You surrender to his sacrifice.

You surrender to his forgiveness.

You surrender all.

That's why his grandmother said

God can't use somebody untilthey're first fully broken.

There's another way to look at it,

until you first fully surrender.

That it's not your willanymore, but it's his will.

Jesus shows us the way,

and he shows us the way inthe Garden of Gethsemane

where here he is, he'slived a sinless life.

There's nothing he has ever done wrong,

and yet God requires him tooffer himself as a sacrifice.

At first Jesus says,"Is there another way?

"Can this cup pass from me?"

But then he surrenders and says,

"Not my will, but your will be done."

And it's that point thatall of us as Christians

need to reach where we'rewilling to surrender all,

we're willing to go the extra mile

to do whatever is necessary,

because that's what Jesus wants from us.

He wants us to be fullysurrendered to him.

Nothing left back.

Now if this is for you,

if you want this turnaround,

where you're not livinglife on your terms,

but you're living life on his terms,

well then pray with me

and the answers you're seeking will come.

You'll have that identificationwith him just as Jay did.

He identified with the cross.

He identified that he wasthe one that put Jesus there.

That the sacrifice was for him,

not in some general way,but in a very personal way.

And when you have that identification,

well then all thingsbecome possible for you

not based on your will oryour wants or your desires,

but the things that God wants,

the thing that God desires

will then become possible for you.

Pray with me and receive it.

It's a wonderful gift,it's a wonderful adventure,

but it starts with surrender.

Let's pray now.

Jesus, that's right just sayhis name, say it out loud.

Jesus, I come to you

and there's nothing Ihave to offer but myself.

So I bow down right now before you

and I say I surrender all.

All my dreams, all my ambition,

all my desire, I surrender it all to you,

and I ask that you would come in,

that you would be the ruler of my heart,

that you would forgive me

of all the things that I've done wrong,

and set me free from every bondage,

every sin,

break every chain.

And Jesus if you do this,

I want to follow you

all the days of my life.

Hear my prayer,

for I pray it now in your name, amen.

Father, for those who just prayed,

fill them with your love.

Fill them to overflowing

for I ask it in Jesus' name, amen.

If you prayed with me,

there's one more thing I want you to do.

I want you to let somebody else know.

We've made it easy for you.

All you have to do is pick up the phone

and call us, 1-800-700-7000.

When you call I've gota free packet for you.

It's called A New Day:

What do you do now?

How do you live the Christian life?

What do Christians believe?

It's all free, all youhave to do is call us.

Well still to come a mother fears

for her and her children's lives.

See how she's finally able to break free

from her abusive husbandwhen we come back.

(exciting music)

At CBN we help people all aroundthe world start new lives,

including one desperate mother in Georgia

who had to flee her abusive husband.

(somber music)

- [Narrator] 43-year-old Irma

lived with an abusivehusband for 13 years.

Her worst memories are notof the violence she endured,

but of the sufferingof her three children.

- [Translator] It was like death for me

when he would beat our small children.

When my Tamara was only two years old

I heard her cries as he beat her.

I rushed in to save herand then he beat me.

- [Narrator] Irma's greatestfear was that one day

her husband would kill them all.

So after years of abuse, she left him

and took all her children.

- [Translator] I explainedthat I wouldn't have

proper house, food or money.

They all said, "Yes, we willstarve rather than stay here."

- [Narrator] As a singlemother with three children,

Irma received $45 a monthin government support.

It was only enough for two weeks of food.

- [Translator] They werestarving together with me.

They got sick too, and almost died

because we had no medicine.

I said to myself, "Irma,you have to do something."

- [Narrator] Irma hadknitting and sewing skills,

so she began to take yarnfrom existing clothing

to make new ones to sell.

But with no money for supplies,

she could only knit and sell a few items.

- [Translator] I began to pray to God,

"Please provide me with yarn and fabric

"so that I can make moremoney to feed my family."

- [Narrator] A church that partners

with CBN's Orphan's Promise

heard about Irma and her children.

We brought food, and a special invitation

to the Orphan's Promise training center

hosted by the church.

- [Translator] I enjoybeing in the center.

I have many friends there.

- [Translator] The kids alwayscome home full from there.

They say, "Mom, we have already eaten."

- [Narrator] But we wantedto do more to help Irma

so we bought her a sewing machine

and all the supplies she needsto start a small business.

- [Translator] It is a joyful day for me.

I will be able to sew bedding and towels

and knit sweaters and hatswith the help of your gift.

- [Translator] I am very happy.

Please accept a very bigthank you from all of us.

- [Translator] My kidsno longer go hungry.

Everything is fine with us now.

Thank you so much for that!

- If you're a member of the 700 Club,

thank you, you're part of that blessing.

If you're not a member, Iinvite you to join with us.

All you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000.

Just say, "I want to be amember of the 700 Club."

When you call and join,I've got something for you.

It's a wonderful premiumby my father about angels,

and if you want to know more about angels,

their purpose, their power,

what their assignments are,

it's yours when you join the 700 Club

for a pledge of $20 a month or more.

And if you want to designate your giving

into Orphan's Promise andreally help the people

who are struggling tokeep families together,

children who are desperatelyat-need, at-risk,

you can do it by saying,

"I want to give to Orphan's Promise."

All you have to do is call and say,

"I want to designate mygift to Orphan's Promise,"

or you can go to,

there's a place online whereyou can designate your giving.

Do it now, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's a word from Isaiah 43:

"For I am about to do something new.

"See, I have already begun!

"Do you not see it?

"I will make a pathwaythrough the wilderness.

"I will create riversin the dry wasteland."

(exciting music)

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