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CBN NewsWatch: August 2, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 2, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much for joining us.

I'm Efram Graham.

As the investigation drags on into Russia,

President Trump says enough is enough.

On Twitter, he urged attorneygeneral Jeff Sessions

to end it, prompting democrats to accuse

him of obstructing justice.

All of this as we learn special counselor

Robert Muller wants toquestion President Trump

about obstruction of justice.

CBN's Jenna Browder is on the story.

She's following it from Washington.

- [Jenna] A presidential tweet calling

on Attorney General Jeff Sessions

to end the Russiainvestigation led to reaction

ranging from support tocries of obstruction.

- The president's in chargeof the Justice Department.

He has a right to have input and direct

how the justice department has operated

and his complaints aboutthe Muller operation

are not only well withinhis rights as president,

but is certainly well withinhis right as a citizen.

- [Jenna] Tom Fiddon,president of the Watch Dog

Judicial Watch, says thePresident did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, democrats on Capitol Hill,

- This tweet strikes me was very close to

obstruction of justice if itisn't a criminal act itself.

It's certainly evidence ofintent to obstruct justice.

- [Jenna] The President sentthe tweet Wednesday morning.

Attorney General JeffSessions should stop this

rigged witch hunt rightnow because it continues

to stain our country any further.

It reportedly came after helearned the special counsel

wants to question him aboutobstruction of justice.

- He used the word should,he didn't use the word must

and there was no presidentialdirective that followed it.

He didn't direct him to do it and he's

not gonna direct him to do it.

- Oh, it's well past timefor the special counsel

to be shut down.

It's unconstitutional.

It was corruptly formed.

We now have informationabout bias of some of its key

officials, such as PeterStrzok, who had to be removed.

- [Jenna] Judicial Watchjust uncovered new emails

written by Strozk, theFBI agent who worked

on the Russia investigationand his derogatory text

messages about Trumpled to claims of bias.

The emails show he wasdesperate to keep his security

clearance as a senior counterintelligence official.

- So the question isgiven his dishonesty and

record of misconduct, should we trust what

he was doing with thesespecial authorities

while he was in the Mullerspecial counsel operations.

- [Jenna] White House PressSecretary Sarah Sanders

also commented on the President's tweet,

saying it was an opinion, not an order.

And one more thing,Attorney General Sessions

can't actually end theinvestigation because

he recused himself from the case.

It would have to be DeputyAttorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- President Trump isfollowing through on threats

to sanction Turkey forthe arrest and trial

of American Pastor Andrew Brunson.

- At the President's direction,the Director of Treasury

is sanctioning Turkey'sMinister of Justice and

Minister of Interior, bothof whom played leading

roles in the arrest anddetention of Pastor Brunson.

- [Efram] Brunson was arrestedback in 2016 and charged

with links to a failed plot to overthrow

the Turkish government,an accusation he denies.

President Trump saidBrunson is suffering greatly

and that he needs to bereleased immediately.

Inner city faith leaders sat down with

President Donald Trump atthe White House Wednesday

to talk about prison reformand helping Americans

get back to work.

The White House is workingto push the First Step Act

through the Senate.

It is aimed to improve criminal justice

reform and rehabilitation.

President Trump thanked pastors,bishops and faith leaders

who are on the front lines helping those

in their communities.

- Throughout our historyAmerica's churches

and religious leadershave called for change

and have inspired us to care for and bring

hope back to those in need.

- Ohio pastor DarrellScott, a Trump supporter,

says he believes PresidentTrump will be quote

the most pro-black President,unquote in his lifetime.

You can learn more about this meeting

and watch the pastor'sprayer with the President

at our website, that is

Here now is a look of someof the other major headlines

we are following for you todayinside the CBN News Room.

The US military is beginning the process

of identifying the remainsof Korean war service members

handed over by North Korea last week.

Vice-President Mike Penceformally received the remains

during a ceremony in Hawaii yesterday.

Scientist plan to compareDNA with samples collected

from families of troopsstill missing from the war.

The agency usually alsorelies on any items

that may have been found with remains,

like uniforms, dog tags and wedding rings.

But North Korea only provided one dog tag

out of all 55 remains.

At least 20 people are deadafter another Ebola outbreak

in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This comes just one weekafter officials announced

what they thought wasthe end of the outbreak

that killed 33 people back in April.

Health officials continueto work to stop the virus

in its early phases after a catastrophic

Ebola epidemic in WestAfrica three years ago

that killed more than 11,000 people.

The 103 passengers fromthe Aeromexico jetliner

are resuming travels today,

some even boarding newflights from the same airport

in western Mexico just oneday after the heroic escape.

Video of a passenger tookinside the plane shows

it descending abruptly asit attempted that takeoff.

Mexican officials say thecrash was possibly due

to a severe wind gust.

Now for more on thesestories and others throughout

the day, you can check out

The Trump White House isworking on its Peace plan

between Israel and thePalestinians, so when

President Trump ally MikeHuckabee showed up this

week to celebrate at aJewish building project

on the West Bank, quitea few people took notice.

Our John Waage brings us this story now

from Efrat, south of Jerusalem.

- I'm building becauseI may want to one day

purchase a holiday home in Effat.

- [John] Former ArkansasGovernor Mike Huckabee

is a veteran visitor toIsrael, and this week

he was invited to takepart in a building ceremony

in Efrat, capitol ofJudea, one of the largest

clusters of Jewish communities in what the

world calls the West Bank.

To much of the world,this Jewish neighborhood

under construction inEfrat, is just another

West Bank settlement, anda target to be boycotted.

But for the thousandsof Jews that live here,

this is the heart of Judea,

very much a part of Biblical Israel.

As he put down some mortaron one of the 900 new homes

in Efrat, Huckabee madethe case that what's being

built here is a bridge for peace.

- Everyday, thirteenhundred Palestinian workers

come to job sites here.

They earn money for their families.

And they don't just earn pocket change,

they earn significantly better money

than they would anywhere else.

- [John] Efrat is locatedsouth of Jerusalem,

and north of the Arab city of Hebron,

where Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob were buried.

Efrat's mayor, Oded Revivi,thanked President Trump

for his support of Israel,

and invited him to comeand see for himself,

how Jews and Arabs livetogether in Judea and Sumeria,

despite the global boycott, divestment,

and sanctions movement.

- One visit here tells you the essence of

the Jewish people.

The essence of the Jewish history.

The essence of the importance of the

Jewish people building their lives here.

- [John] Before he leftEfrat, a reporter asked

Huckabee how his faithshaped his views on the

West Bank, the land promisedto Israel in the Bible.

- I'm a Christian, so I'm not a Jew.

But I also believe thatif those promises that

were made to the Jewishpeople are no longer valid,

then why would I believeany promise that I

would believe God wouldmake to me would be valid.

- [John] John Waage, CBN News, Efrat.

- Non stop monsoon rainshave caused massive

flooding in severalprovinces in the Philippines.

In the central islandof Luzon, rice fields

are submerged in flood waters.

Many towns are isolated,but CBN disaster relief

teams are gettingthrough, delivering aid to

stranded families.

Lucille Talusan is with ourCBN disaster relief team,

and she brings us this story.

- [Lucille] Armandodemonstrated to CBN News

how he stacked up chairs, and sat on them

to save himself fromthe rising flood waters

in his house.

- I asked rescuers to evacuate my son to a

safe place, but I stayed behind.

Because I don't want tobe a burden to anyone.

I was not afraid, becauseI believe whatever

happens, Jesus is with me.

- [Lucille] Armando is blind.

Several years ago his wife abandoned him

and their only son.

But despite the hardships in his life,

Armando still continues to have hope.

- This is just a trial, and I believe God

will help me overcome.

I thank God for my son,

because I can see through him.

His eyes have become my eyes.

- Some kids bully mebecause my daddy's blind.

Daddy said don't mind them.

I hug my dad so I will feel strong again.

- [Lucille] Because Armando cannot work,

they rely on government support.

However, the calamitythat struck their town

has made it more difficultfor father and son

to have sufficient food.

And this is why Armandowas so thankful when

his ten year old sonArmand, brought home a pail

of relief goods from CBN disaster relief.

CN disaster relief teamsbraved flood waters on small

boats, to bring aid to stranded families.

And it's really very challenging.

You have to keep your balance.

And they are delivering the relief goods,

such as rice, water,canned goods, and noodles.

And including Bibles, tothe residents in this town

who have been isolatedby these flood waters.

Marcella is so thankfulthat CBN disaster relief

team came right on time,

because her family wasrunning out of food.

All she had left to eat wassoy sauce and shrimp paste.

She was also relieved thatthe CBN disaster relief

nurse was able to checkon her granddaughter,

who was ill with a fever,and was given medicines.

CBN disaster relief teamsare bringing additional

help to more floodvictims in the provinces

under the state of calamity.

In addition to material aid,

workers bring spiritual relief.

- Thank you Lord, and thankyou CBN for coming to help us,

despite very difficult conditions.

Thank you for the Bible.

My son reads it to me.

- The milk is myfavorite, because we don't

have money to buy milk.

Thank you CBN.

If you did not come, wewould not have food to eat.

- [Lucille] Lucille Tulizon, CBN news,

Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

- And you can learn more about what CBN

is doing around the world by visiting

Coming up, it's a divisivepolitical issue here,

in the U.S, and in Europeas well, immigration.

We're going to show youhow the European Union

is trying to crack downon countries who won't

take in Muslim refugees,and what's happening

in the countries that are letting them in.

We've got that story coming up next.

The immigration issue has become a wedge,

dividing the European union.

It is still trying to punish countries who

refuse to take in Muslim refugees.

But those who areallowing them in are also

paying a stiff price.

Dale Hurd reports now from Stockholm.

- [Dale] 800 Africansstormed the border wall

around a Spanish enclave inNorthern Africa last week.

Migrants threw Molotovcocktails and feces at

border guards, and usedhomemade flame throwers.

Once inside Spanish territory,they threw rocks at cars.

The European Union continuesto try to force member

states to take in themostly Muslim migrants from

Africa and the Middle East.

Those that have now facesoaring welfare costs,

crime, and terrorism.

Most of the time Sweden looks like it's

functioning normally.

But intelligence reportsindicate the nation

is sitting on a ticking timebomb of Muslim terrorism.

A new report says Muslimradicalism in Sweden

has increased by 900 percent.

Swedish terrorism expertMagnus Norell says

the chickens have come home to roost on

Sweden's open door immigration policy.

- My forecast is thatunless we deal with this,

fairly soon, and headon, it's going to get

from bad to worse, I think.

- [Dale] A report lastyear compared crime in

Sweden to Mexico.

And a new study by theEuropean think tank, Gefira,

says the native whiteSwedish population will be

a minority, within amaximum of forty years.

This exchange on Britain'schannel 4 underscores

the EU's divide over migrants

between politicallycorrect Western Europe,

and nations like Poland and Hungary,

who do not accept Muslim migrants.

- How many refugees have Poland taken?

- Zero.

- [Interviewer] And you're proud of that?

- If you're asking meabout Muslim's illegal

immigration, none, not evenone, will come to Poland.

Not even one if it's illegal.

- You sound proud of thefact that you haven't

taken any refugees?

- This is why Poland is so safe.

This is the reason why we have not even

one terrorist attack.

- [Dale] The EuropeanUnion says it will pay each

of its member states 6000euros for every migrant

they take in.

It's a lot of money, but still not enough.

Dale Hurd, CBN news.

- [Efram] Still ahead,part four of our series on

just how important thebacteria in your gut

is to your health.

And what you can do to helpthem work to keep you healthy.

You don't want to miss it.

We'll have the storycoming up right after this.

(dramatic piano music)

- All this week we'veshown you medical evidence

bacteria in your gut affectsall aspects of your health.

The key is making sureyou have the right kind

of these little creatures in your body.

Today CBN medical reporterLorie Johnson shows

you what you need to doto make these bacteria

work best for you.

- The good news is wecan turn things around

and build a better gutin three easy steps.

Get rid of the bad stuff,

put good bacteria in our gut,

then feed it right so it grows.

Microbio researcher Dr. Jasmohan Bajaj,

recommends making a direct deposit,

by eating foods that containthese living healthy bugs.

- The thing that can helpgrow healthy gut microbes

are diet that have fermented products,

and by fermented productsI do not mean beer.

- [Lorie] Fermented foodcontains good bacteria,

called probiotics.

You can find it throughoutyour grocery store,

if you know where to look.

Kim Chee and otherfermented vegetables are

in the produce department.

There's also Kombucha, a fermented tea.

And in the dairy department, Kafir drinks

and yogurt, the right kind of yogurt.

- You have to be verycareful when you look

at the nutritional information,

that you do not takeyogurt that is so high

in sugar, that it actuallynegates the beneficial

effects of the microbes in it.

- [Lorie] In addition tofood, probiotic supplements

can also build levels of good bacteria.

According to Dr. GerardMullin, author of the

Gut Balance Revolution,you must choose carefully,

because all supplementsaren't always the real deal.

- If I'm in the store,I would go more towards

where there's a refrigerator.

To some people, 10 billion a day is fine.

For others, 30 billion is the sweet spot.

Yet if some people arereally sick, and they

need it as a therapeutic rescue,

like you have people with what they call

ulcerative colitis, who are quite ill,

and they found if thosewho took a trillion

or more bacteria a day, of a very highly

purified brand calledVSL3, they were actually

able to induce remission,when they failed to

even heavy doses of medication.

- [Lorie] Researcher Dr.Gail Cresci says the next

step is to take care of the good bacteria

living in our body.

- I like to think of thegut micro bium, you have

trillions of pets livinginside your intestinal tract.

And just like you wouldfeed your cat or your dog,

you wanna give them goodfood, you also need to

think that when you'reeating you're not just

fueling yourself, you'refueling those little pets

living inside of you.

So you need to feed themwhat they want to be fed.

And if you do, then they'llbehave properly for you.


- [Lorie] And that'swhere prebiotics come in.

Namely fiber.

- All of these have differentforms of fiber, right?

And then you consume different vegetables,

each of them will havepredominance of one fiber

versus the other.

- [Lorie] Same with fruit.

But instead of reachingfor old reliables like

bananas, which contain high sugar,

try berries instead.

And the list goes on.

Radishes, jicama, dandelion greens,

whole gran oatmeal, flax seed, and beans.

All will give you fiber.

- Often I'm asked how doyou recommend people eat?

And is say it's reallysimple, you can ask yourself

a question, did God makethis, or did man make this?

Did God make a Twinkie?


Did God make an avocado?


- [Lorie] And one of thebest things we can do for

our kids is start themoff on the right road

to a healthy gut.

- [Gail] Really aboutthe age two to three,

is where that child's microbium is more reflective

of what you'll see as an adult.

Primarily, the colonizationof the gut micro biota

occurs through the delivery process.

- The factor is whetheryou're born through

the vaginal canal, natural child birth

and we acquire the maternal flora,

or a C-section which has skin microbes,

which can be more harmful for us.

And it's harder and slower to develop the

micro bium when you're born by C-section.

- Breast milk actually has probiotics,

and has prebiotics in it as well.

And formula companiesrealized it and tried to

mimic breast milk as much as possible.

And they may have someformulations that have

added prebiotics and probiotics,

but it's not enough.

It's not like the entire composition that

you get, what you find in breast milk.

- [Lorie] Then as kidsget older, keep them

on the straight andnarrow by exposing them to

diverse good bacteria insolid food, and nature.

- [Dr. Nelson] Our bodygets exposed to bacteria,

and our immune systemdevelops around that.

And that sets yourlifetime immune system up.

So the more exposure youhave early on, the easier

it is for you to gothrough and get exposure to

those things later in life, and not have a

bad reaction to them.

We all grew up playing indirt, and it didn't hurt us.

And it probably kept ushealthy, and having a

strong immune system.

- We've given you a lotof information over the

course of the last fewdays, and the good news is

this is available in writing.

Check out for more information.

We'll be right back.

The Greenville Awakening,a spiritual revival

in northeastern Tennesseeis now in its sixteenth

week, and the evangelistleading the services

told CBN news, there are nosigns of it slowing down.

More than 400 people have put their faith

in Jesus Christ under the big tent near

Greenville, Tennessee.

Evangelist D.R. Harrisonsays people from 178

churches and 17 stateshave come to the services.

The revival at GraystoneFree Will Baptist Church

was supposed to last just one week.

Well, if you're breathing,now is the time to

use that breath to give thanks.

That said, it is time foryour Thursday Thankful,

and today I share thisprayer of gratitude.

God, I am grateful that you are good.

Even when my situation isn't good.

You remain a great God.

And You are a great Godworthy of all praise.

With that word, I hope you will join me

in making this a very Thankful Thursday.

That's gonna do it for this edition of

CBN Newswatch.

Thank you so much for watching.

Remember, you can findmore of our exclusive

coverage of the issues you care most about


And we love to hear whatyou think about the stories

you've seen here today.

You can do that byemailing

And of course, you canalways reach out and

touch us on FaceBook,Twitter, and Instagram.

Remember, the news continues24/7 at

Be sure to join us righthere again tomorrow,

the same time.

We look forward to your company.

Thanks again for watching.

Make this a Thankful Thursday.

We'll see you right back here tomorrow.

Good bye everybody, and God bless you.

(dramatic music)


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