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The 700 Club - August 2, 2018

A dramatic reversal of sciatic nerve pain changes one grandmother’s life. Plus, our series on building a better gut concludes with a look at the trillions of bacteria working inside of you. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Lorie] Coming up, take care of yourself

by taking care of what's inside you.

- [Gail] You need to feedthem what they wanna be fed.

- [Lorie] There are trillions of bacteria

working inside your body.

- [Gail] When you're eating,

you're not just fueling yourself.

- [Lorie] So get them working for you.

- And, if you do, then they'llbehave properly for you.

- [Lorie] Our series onbuilding a better gut

concludes on today's 700 Club.

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(moves to dramatic music)

- Well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of The 700 Club.

If you're like me, youwonder how'd it all start.

We act like that there'ssome sacrosanct thing

surrounding RobertMueller, that he is some

great saint who is untouchable.

Well, the truth is that isn't the case.

But nevertheless he is being held up now.

If anybody touches him, it will be

the third rail of politics.

But how did he get there,and it makes you wonder.

There's a fella named Rosenstein,

who was in charge ofthe Justice Department

because Jeff Sessions had recused himself.

So Rosenstein appointsthis special prosecutor,

which everybody knew would be a dagger

pointed at the heart of his boss, Trump.

And now the President tweets and says

you've gotta stop this thing.

It's a disgrace and astain on our country.

And they are the harshwords President Trump has

for the ongoing Russian investigation.

During a tweet storm, in which he called

for the Attorney Generalto end what he called,

quote, the rigged witch hunt.

- Well, Trump's statementshave led to a chorus

of democrats accusing himof obstructing justice.

Meanwhile, it appears thatSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller

wants to question the Presidentabout that very same topic.

Jenna Browder has more.

(dramatic beats)

- A presidential tweetcalling on Attorney General

Jeff Sessions to endthe Russia investigation

led to a range of reaction,

ranging from support tocries of obstruction.

- The President's in chargeof the Justice Department.

He has a right to have input and direct

how the Justice Department is operated,

and his complaints aboutthe Mueller operation

are not only well withinhis rights as President

but certainly well withinhis rights as a citizen.

- [Jenna] Tom Fitton,President of the watchdog,

Judicial Watch, says thePresident did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, democrats on Capitol Hill.

- This tweet strikes me as very close to

obstruction of justice.

If it isn't a criminal act itself,

it's certainly evidence ofintent to obstruct justice.

- [Jenna] The President sentthe tweet Wednesday morning.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop

this rigged witch hunt right now,

before it continues to stainour country any further.

It reportedly came after he learned

the Special Counsel wants to question him

about obstruction of justice.

- He used the word should.

He didn't use the word must,

and there was no presidentialdirective to follow it.

He didn't direct 'em.

He didn't direct 'em to do it,

and he's not gonna direct 'em to do it.

- Oh, it's well past time for the

Special Counsel to be shut down.

It's unconstitutional.

It was corruptly formed.

We now have informationabout bias of some of

its key officials, such PeterStrzok, who had to be removed.

- [Jenna] Judicial Watchjust uncovered new emails

written by Strzok, theFBI agent who worked on

the Russia investigationand whose derogatory

text messages about Trumpled to claims of bias.

The emails show he was desperate

to keep his security clearance

as a senior counter-intelligence official.

- So the question is, given his dishonesty

and record of misconduct, should we trust

what he was doing withthese special authorities

while he was in the MuellerSpecial Counsel Operation.

- Well, White House PressSecretary, Sarah Sanders,

also commented on the President's tweet,

saying it was an opinion, not an order.

And one more thing,Attorney General Sessions

can't actually end the probe because

he recused himself from the case.

It would have to be DeputyAttorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks, Jenna.

You know, it's so wrong.

I just cannot imagine a corporation

where a Vice President would hire somebody

who was an avowed enemy of thePresident of the corporation,

and that that VicePresident would be allowed

to continue in his office.

And so Rosenstein has got tobe fired sooner and later.

But right now he's sort of untouchable.

And the democrats are acting like

that this is some thingset into the Constitution.

It's not, and it's wrong.

And the participants, so many of them,

are hardcore supportersof Hillary Clinton,

and you ask yourself, whatis wrong with this picture?

Well, what is wrong is that Jeff Sessions

recused himself when he shouldn't have.

He got out of the line of fire

and left the JusticeDepartment in the hands

of somebody who I think should've been

fired a long time ago, sowe'll see what happens.

If there is another electionand Trump is reelected,

which he probably will be,

he should clean house, and it'dbe no problem at that point.

He can fire a whole lot of people,

but in my opinion the JusticeDepartment is arrogant.

It is running out of control,

and the statement of someof these FBI officials

before Congress is simply appalling,

and I think it should be stopped.

They are not a law unto themselves.

They are supposed to reportto the Attorney General,

who in turn is supposed toreport to the President.

The President is theChief Executive Officer

of our nation, and let's not forget it.

It is not Robert Mueller.

It is certainly not PeterStrzok, and it's not Lisa Page.

It is not these other people at the FBI.

He is the Chief Executive,

and as such he deserves the deference

as President of the United States.

Well, in other news, ISIS and Russia

are active on Israel's border with Syria.

That's the Golan Heights, remember?

Efrem Graham has that story.

(dramatic beats)

- Pat, Israeli forceskilled seven ISIS terrorists

in a Syrian-held area of theGolan Heights Wednesday night.

An Israeli army spokesman says the cell

was fleeing Syrian forces and came within

about 200 yards of Israel's border.

The terrorists were carrying firearms

and several explosive belts.

Meanwhile, Russian forcesare joining UN peacekeepers

to patrol the Golan borderarea between Syria and Israel.

That is according toRussia's Defense Ministry.

Russia also says Iranian forces have

pulled back about 50 milesfrom the Golan border.

Protestors are taking to thestreets of Iran this week,

some chanting, "death to the dictator,"

as their anger grows againstthe regime's Islamic rulers.

The first sanctions onIran under President Trump

are due to go into effect Monday

on top of an already crippled economy.

As George Thomas reports,leaders in Washington

and Jerusalem believe the regime's hold

on the Iranian people is weakening.

(dramatic beats)

- [George] Iran's economyis in a free fall,

and pressure on average citizens to

make ends meet is growing by the day.

- Iran, at the moment, isin a difficult condition,

especially economic condition.

- [George] Thousands ofprotestors angry about

soaring inflation and skyrocketing prices

took to the streets ofIsfahan in Central Iran,

chanting, "where is our money,"

"shame on you," and"death to high prices."

- Its currency iscollapsing quite rapidly.

Internal dissent is growing.

- Nearly 40 years afterthe Islamic uprising,

many in Iran and in the West say

the regime's campaign to spread its

revolutionary version of Islam

has yielded only heartache and suffering.

- The 40 years of fruitfrom the revolution

has been bitter, 40 years of kleptocracy,

40 years of the people's wealth

squandered on supporting terrorism,

40 years of ordinaryIranians thrown in jail

for peaceful expression of their rights.

- [George] Months after the U.S. withdrew

from the nuclear deal,Iran is about to get hit

with even more crippling sanctions,

further damaging the economy and exerting

more pressure on the regime.

- It was the Obamapolicies that emboldened

the Iranian's to finance terror.

Trump, by placing new sanctions

and reversing the nuclear deal,

has made it so that the Iranianeconomy is in big trouble,

and the Iranian peopleare protesting, saying,

"Why are you giving ourmoney to the Palestinians

"when we are in economicdesperate straights at home?"

And this could bring aboutthe downfall of the regime,

which would be good for the Iranians

and good for the world.

- [George] President Trumpon Monday said he'd meet

with Iranian PresidentHassan Rouhani anytime

if the Iranian leader was willing.

(speaks in foreign language)

- Iranian officials are trying to find out

what President Trump's real motive is

and to learn whether heis really seeking a deal

or if his administration has rented out

its foreign policy to afew countries to create

chaos, instability, andeconomic collapse in Iran.

In the meantime, Washington and Jerusalem

are using the crisis to appeal directly

to the Iranian people tostand up to the regime.

- While it is ultimatelyup to the Iranian people

to determine the directionof their country,

the United States, in thespirit of our own freedoms,

will support the long ignoredvoice of the Iranian people.

Our hope is that ultimately the regime

will make meaningfulchanges in its behavior,

both inside of Iran and globally.

- [George] George Thomas, CBN News.

- What do you see happening here, Pat?

- Well, I think it's timefor the United States to act.

You know, Obama was so standoffish when

those people were rioting before.

There was a tremendousmovement in that election

to overturn the government,and he did nothing

to support the dissonance,nothing, nothing,

I mean absolutely nothing.

And now President Trump is saying, yes,

we're going to do something, and I think

we oughta do everything we can

to support some dissidentgroup that is able

to setup an alternate government.

But when the Shah fell,

we went along with bringingin a religious leader

who established a theocracy,

and those mullahs ruled the country,

and the people can't stand them.

They don't like thelaws they put in effect.

They don't like the stringent rules.

But now the rial, the Iranian currency,

is worth maybe a fraction ofwhat it did a few years ago,

and so therefore the people'scurrency is worthless,

and they can't buy anything.

And there's runaway inflation,

and the people are suffering,

and it's time for us to get involved,

especially with the studentsand the labor movement.

They want a change, and I think if we do

something to support it, it'll be in

the best interest of our nation.

Let's hope so.

All right, Efrem.

- Pat, President Trumpis following through

on threats to sanctionTurkey for the arrest

and trial of AmericanPastor Andrew Brunson.

(dramatic beats)

- At the President's direction,the Department of Treasury

is sanctioning Turkey'sMinister of Justice

and Minister of Interior,both of whom played

leading roles in the arrest anddetention of Pastor Brunson.

- [Efrem] Turkish policearrested Brunson in 2016

and charged him withlinks to a failed plot

to overthrow the government,accusations he denies.

President Trump saidBrunson is suffering greatly

and he needs to bereleased immediately, Pat.

- Well, here again,Turkey used to be called

the sick man of Europe.

It was the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

There was a group of,

well, these so-called Young Turks,

who overthrew the old Ottoman Empire

and setup what amounted toa participatory democracy.

And it was a good thing, and they were

welcomed into NATO later on,

and they fought side-by-side with us,

for example, in Korea and other places.

And Turkish economy was starting to move.

Now they have a man who wants to take,

he talks about the mosque and the cross

as being set for a clash.

He wants to establish aMuslim theocracy in Turkey.

And this case againstthis pastor is outrageous.

We at CBN have had a very,very robust ministry in Turkey,

and many of those Turkishpeople are coming to the Lord.

If you look at the map and you read,

for example, Revelationabout the churches of Asia,

all of that's inside of Turkey.

Turkey has a very importantrole to play prophetically.

But what's happening now isby them turning to Islam,

and you read the 38th chapter of Ezekiel

and you see this coalition that will

move against Israel in the latter days,

it includes Persia, that's Iran.

It includes what's calledGomer, but that's Turkey.

And then you've got, well,

the Muslim states in southern Russia,

which make up a whole lot of that Rosh.

Rosh is in Russia, butrosh means head in Hebrew.

Those states will all come together,

and along with it will be included in it.

It will be Sudan, which isinteresting and maybe Libya.

So that's the coalition in the Bible

that will come againstIsrael in the latter days.

So Turkey is setting up for that clash,

and I'm interested to see it.

I don't like it, but it's happening

right according to the scripture, Terry.

- Well, we've beentalking about gut health,

and up next a simple rule to follow

when picking what foods to eat.

- Very simple, you canask yourself a question.

Did God make this or did man make this?

Did God make a Twinkie, no.

Did God make an avocado, yeah.

- [Terry] You'll see the best ways

you can build a bettergut when we come back.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Well, throughout thisweek we've shown you

how the bacteria in your gut

effects every aspect of your health.

Fortunately, there's a way to get those

little creatures in yourbody working for you,

and CBN Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson

explains where you can findgood bacteria for your gut.

- The good news is wecan turn things around

and build a better gutin three easy steps.

Get rid of the bad stuff.

Put good bacteria in our gut.

Then feed it right so it grows.

Microbiome researcher, Dr. J. Bajaj,

recommends making a direct deposit

by eating foods that containthese living, healthy bugs.

- The things that canhelp healthy gut microbes

are diets that have fermented products,

and by fermented productsI do not mean beer.

- [Lorie] Fermented food contains

good bacteria called probiotics.

You can find it throughoutyour grocery store

if you know where to look.

Kim Chee and other fermented vegetables

are in the produce department.

There's also kombucha, a fermented tea.

And in the dairy department, kefir drinks

and yogurt, the right kind of yogurt.

- You have to be verycareful when you look

at the nutritionalinformation that you do not

take yogurt that is so high in sugar

that it actually negates the beneficial

effect of the microbes in it.

- [Lorie] In addition to food,

probiotic supplements can also help build

levels of good bacteria.

According to Dr. Gerard Mullin,

author of "The Gut Balance Revolution,"

you must choose carefully because

all supplements aren'talways the real deal.

- If I'm in the storeI would go more towards

where there's a refrigerator.

For some people, 10 billion a day is fine.

For others, 30 billion is the sweet spot.

Yet, if some people are really sick

and they need it as a therapeutic rescue,

like you have people with what they call

ulcerative colitis who are quite ill,

and they found thatthose who took a trillion

or more bacteria a dayoff a very highly purified

brand called VSL3, they actually were able

to induce remission when they failed

even heavy doses of medications.

- [Lorie] Researcher Dr. Gail Cresci says

the next step is to take care of

the good bacteria living in our body.

- I like to think of the gut microbiome,

you have trillions of pets living inside

your intestinal tract,and just like you would

feed your cat or your dog,you wanna give them good food,

you also need to thinkthat when you're eating

you're not just fueling yourself,

you're fueling those littlepets living inside of you.

So you need to feed themwhat they wanna be fed.

And if you do, then they'llbehave properly for you, right?

- [Lorie] And that's where prebiotics

come in, namely fiber.

- All of these havedifferent forms of fiber,

and then you consume different vegetables.

Each of them will have predominance of

one fiber versus the other.

- [Lorie] Same with fruit.

But instead of reaching forold reliables like bananas,

which contain high sugar,try berries instead.

And the list goes on, radishes, jicama,

dandelion greens, whole grain oatmeal,

flax seed, and beans all give you fiber.

- Often I'm asked how doyou recommend people eat,

and I say it's really simple.

You can ask yourself a question.

Did God make this or did man make this?

Did God make a Twinkie, no.

Did God make an avocado, yeah.

- [Lorie] And one of thebest things we can do

for our kids is start them off

on the right road to a healthy gut.

- Really about the age of two to three

is where the child'smicrobiome is more reflective

of what you'll see as an adult.

Primarily the colonizationof the gut microbiota

occurs through the delivery process.

- The factor is whether you're born

through the vaginalcanal, natural childbirth,

and we acquire the maternal flora.

For a C-section, which has skin microbes

which can be more harmful for us,

and it's harder and slower to develop

the microbiome whenyou're born by C-section.

- Breast milk actually has probiotics

and has prebiotics in it as well.

And formula companies realize this

and try to mimic breastmilk as much as possible.

And they may have some formulations

that have added prebiotic and probiotic,

but it's not enough.

It's not like that entire composition

that you get, what youfind in breast milk.

- [Lorie] Then as kids get older,

keep them on the straight and narrow

by exposing them to diverse good bacteria

in solid food and nature.

- Our body gets exposed to bacteria

and our immune systemdevelops around that,

and that sets yourlifetime immune system up.

So the more exposure you have early on

the easier it is for you to go through,

and you get exposure to those things

later in life and not havea bad reaction to them.

We all grew up playing indirt and it didn't hurt us.

And it probably kept us healthy

and having a strong immune system.

- Well, Lorie's gonnajoin us now with our,

well, the last in our four-part series,

which has been enormously successful.

61,000 people have alreadyasked for this little booklet,

and many, many, many more arecopying it on the internet.

- Praise the Lord.

He, I believe, is tryingto heal our viewers

and his people and reallywants this information out.

- Let's start out.

I was talking before we went on the air.

Tell me the differencebetween a prebiotic,

what does it do, and aprobiotic, what does it do.

- Great question, a lot ofpeople are wondering that.

A probiotic is the actual bacteria.

These are the living creaturesthat are in our intestines.

The prebiotics are what they eat.

Prebiotics are inanimate,

and prebiotics are, one word, fiber.

- [Pat] Fiber?

- Fiber is what prebiotics are,

and fiber is the chosen fuel for bacteria.

So you gotta get that bacteriain there with the probiotics,

whether it's food orsupplement, preferably both,

and then you have to feed those bacteria

so that they grow, justlike with a garden.

If you just put probiotics inthere and you don't feed them,

just like if you put seed in your soil

and you don't ever fertilizeit, it'll die, yeah.

- So, you gotta, fiber is vegetables?

- That's the number one fiber, vegetables.

And get a wide variety of vegetables

because different vegetableshave different types of fiber.

So give your little crittersa variety of different food.

Even though broccoli is fantastic,

don't eat just broccoli every single day.

Mix it up a little,

red peppers, and the list goes on and on.

Other forms of fiber are psyllium husk,

which is my new favorite.

Beans are a great source of fiber.

Also fruit but you do have to be careful

because some fruitsare very high in sugar.

The lowest sugar fruits are berries,

and I know you eat blueberries every day.

And other forms of fiberinclude whole grains,

whole grains, not theprocessed grains, but like,

for instance, whole grainoatmeal like we talked yesterday,

the kind that takes alittle while to cook.

- And that's what I atefor breakfast today.

All right. (laughs)- All right.

- What do you got in front of you here?

You've got all these wonderful things.

- Well, I did wanna get to the prebiotic.

These are all probiotics, but I did wanna

take the time to mention this is

really one of the best things you can eat.

- What is it?- This is,

drink really, is bone broth, bone broth,

not to be confused with broth or stock.

This is bone broth, and itactually repairs a leaky gut.

We talked about leaky gut earlier.

- [Pat] Does it taste horrible?

- Oh, tastes wonderful.

- [Pat] Let me see.

- Would you like to taste some?

- Well, I've never tasted--

- It's cold, and it's reallybetter if you taste it warm.

That's homemade, I made that at home.

- Where do you get the bones?

- Well, you get the bones from animals,

so, for instance, I cooka chicken every week.

Take the meat off of it.

Take the carcass, throwit in the Crock-Pot,

put in a carrot and anonion and some celery.

But the key to bone broth is you have

to cook it for at least 24 hours.

- [Pat] Come on.

- Because what happens is you're leeching

all those wonderfulnutrients out of the bones,

and that takes a long time.

- And this restores a leaky gut?

- It fixes a leaky gut.

It repairs that gut lining,and we talked before

about how so many peoplehave big holes in their gut.

And I drink that every day because

even if you don't have a leaky gut,

it also contains wonderful collagen.

As we age, we lose collagen,and that's what causes

our skin to sag.- You got, this is collagen?

This is a beauty treatment, too?

- Yes.(Pat laughs)

So it's good for your gut,

and it's an anti-aging treatment.

It's really cheap to make at home.

I think they sell it in the stores.

I think I've seen it in the stores.

I don't know how good it is.

But it tastes even better

when it's warm.- So you cook this

for 24 hours.- Right.

- You got a bunch of chickenbones and things like that.

- That's right, mm hm.

- How 'bout that, all right.- Yeah, it's really,

really, really good for you,

and if you want moreinformation about bone broth

go to our website,,and there's a recipe

and also more about the added benefits

of bone broth.- Let's talk about could you,

you talked about whether a child is born

through the vaginal canal or whether

he or she is born through C-section,

and then there are otherthings that children

should do as they're younger.

- What are these?- Right.

- That's very important, and, again,

nothing against C-sections.

These are life-saving procedures,

but sometimes they're unnecessary.

And the bacteria that the baby gets

going out through the birth canal,

that's when we receive all of our bacteria

that are gonna stay with usfor the rest of our lives.

So that's very important that the

kids get--- Now what are kids

supposed to do as they're growing up?

- As they're growing up, we need to

give them good food,the prebiotics and try,

and, again, this is very subjective,

not to give them too many antibiotics

because we all know antibioticskill the good bacteria.

There are probiotics for children.

But also, as the doctor was talking about,

let your kids get a little dirty.

Don't go overboard, and don'tlet them eat lead paint,

but we do know that kidswho grow up on farms

have the least amountof allergies and asthma.

Next come children whoare raised with pets,

and then the childrenwho are raised in a more

sterile environment havethe most allergy and asthma.

So we should let our kidsget a little bit of bacteria.

- So they get it fromrunning around in the mud?

They play in the dirtand that's good for them?

- It's good for them to,yeah, let them eat dirt.

- All right, tell meall these things you got

in front of us here.- All right, so a lot of

people ask questions about probiotics.

What's going on with the probiotics?

How do I choose one?

There are many, manygood brands out there.

This is one that I like,

but it's certainly notthe only one out there.

And if you go to our websiteor Dr. Hyman's website

or Dr. Mullin's website,these are the experts

that we featured in the series this week,

they advocate different probiotics,

but you have to get those online.

These you can get at the store.

But there's a kid one, and you can see

that they do have different,

the amount of bacteria that they provide

and the different number of strains.

So these are the probiotic supplements.

- There's some that they talk in terms of

billions of units.

Is that what it is?

- That's right, and so that varies.

A lot of people are confused about that.

- [Pat] Are these refrigerated or are

these just--- They were refrigerated.

Refrigerated give you more bacteria

than the non-refrigerated kind because

they add those ones that have to stay at,

that are only allowed, that can only

stay alive when they're cold.

- Some of these are for kids.

Some of these for adults or it's the same?

- That's right, and some ofthem have different amounts,

so I'm just giving you an example of

all the different varietiesof probiotics out there.

But you shouldn't reallyrely on the probiotics.

Don't think you can take a probiotic

and then booze it up andyou'll be okay. (laughs)

No, take a probiotic, but eatyour probiotic foods as well.

As the name suggests, you should

supplement with these supplements,

not rely on them 100%.- So, yogurt?

- Here we go with the probiotic foods.

This is yogurt.

Everybody loves yogurt,and everybody knows

what yogurt looks like.- But that's sugar-free.

- [Lorie] Very good point.

This is the sugar-free kind of yogurt,

and sweeten it with berriesor some other fruit.

- [Pat] Okay, all right.

- But these other yogurts that you get

at the grocery store are so high in sugar.

Then these are not as commonand not as familiar to folks.

This is kombucha.

This is fermented drinks.

All these probiotic foodsand drinks are fermented.

That's the key word, fermented.

And, by the way, Kim Cheeis said to be the best.

I make my own Kim Chee at home,

and it's a lot cheaper,and you can kind of

tweak it to your own personal taste.

It's really easy.

- [Pat] How do you make the Kim Chee?

- It's so easy and so fun.

You just take the vegetablesand you squish 'em around

in salty water, and the key is you let it

sit on the counter forthree days, four days,

or a week, or two, and that'swhen that bacteria grows.

And that's the healthy bacteria.

- Does it taste like it'sspoiled when you get through?

- Um, it's an acquired taste.- Yes? (laughs)

- At first I was like,did I do something wrong?

And I was like, oh no, this is what

it's supposed to taste like.- Is that peanut butter?

What else you got there?

- This is kefir.

This is a yogurty drink,which is wonderful,

and then kombucha we already talked about,

the fermented tea, so these are some of

the best probiotic foodsthat you could take.

These are foods and drinks that

actually contain the good bacteria.

Need to put 'em in there.

- So you actually can rebuild this stuff.

I mean, unless some of youhad a course of antibiotics

and they killed every singleone of your intestinal flora.

Will this build it back?

- It will.

Some of the bacteria that die when you

take an antibiotic arenot in these things.

So we can't replace all of them,

and scientists are workingon better probiotics,

better probiotic supplements,

to replace more of the bacteria.

Some of these, if you takea good look at some of

these supplements, theycontain 38 strains of bacteria.

Well, we have about 1,000 or 1,500, so.

Some of them are anaerobic and they die

when exposed to oxygen.

You can't put those in a probiotic.

- I mean, how are we gonna get 'em back?

- How do we get them back?

Well, scientists are working on that.

- [Pat] They haven't been discovered?

- Well, they're working on some

really high-powered probiotics,

and the expert in the piecejust now mentioned one

for people who have severe problems

and severe deficiencies that you can

only get them from a doctor.

So they're working on better,more complete probiotics,

and hopefully those will be something

that we start seeing in the years to come.

But right now this issort of the best we have.

- Well, we have a lot of people

that are interested in this.

Now let's one more time,before you get through,

give me a list of thepathologies that result

from the lack of intestinal flora.

Well, what are some?

What are pathologies--- Well, the one that

most of us are concerned about,

for better or worse, is weight.

If your gut flora is messed up,

it's going to cause weight gain,

even if you eat the same amount of food.

And we all know peoplewho don't really seem

to eat that much but they're overweight,

and it's because their intestinal flora

is so messed up that theyhold on to all those calories.

Then we're talking anotherbig, terrible side effect

are all the gut issues.

We're talking about Celiac disease,

ulcerative colitis, colon cancer,

and then, of course, thebiggies, regular cancer,

and by regular cancer I mean cancers

other than colon cancer,also heart disease.

And then there's thehuge link to our mind,

to our brain, things likemood, depression, anxiety.

We see so much more of that these days.

Why is that?

We know that the American gut flora

is far inferior to the gut floras

of people in developing countries because

of our terrible diet andour overuse of antibiotics.

And also other brain issueslike Alzheimer's, autism.

We have so many childrenwith autism these days.

People are asking why.

Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis,

these are all neurodegenerative diseases.

- Incredible.- There's something called

a gut-brain axis.

The bacteria in our gutproduce neurotransmitters

and hormones, alleffecting things that go on

in our brain from how much we want to eat,

when we want to stop eating,

and the way we think, and the way we feel.

It's amazing.

- Well, it is amazing,and ladies and gentlemen,

we're on the cutting-edge.

I've got a little booklet here that

we've had, I think, 61,000 people wanted.

It's called Build a Better Gut.

Interesting enough, Vitamin Shoppe,

they led with this thing.

I think they're watching the show.

- I saw that.

- I got my little flyer fromThe Vitamin Shoppe yesterday,

and they had a whole bigseries on the gut microbiome.

And, you know, when Iwas interviewing one of

these experts, there weresome people there from,

I think it was The Discovery Channel.

They're doing a 10-part serieson it, an hour long each.

I said, you're doing 90hours on the gut microbiome?

They said, yeah, this is the hot topic.

I said, I know but we're gonna get to it

before you do.- We're on the cutting-edge.

Well, the next thing we'regonna be talking about

with Lori is epigenetics.

It's how you can changethe genetic make-up

of yourself and your next generations,

like the Bible says, andyou got that coming up.

- Yeah, and it's changesfor better or for worse.

- Yeah, and we're gonnatell what pathology

will cause the bad and whatattitude will cause the good.

All right, we'll give you this free,

Build a Better Gut.

Lorie, I just congratulateher on this series.

I wish we had more time to talk about it

'cause it is so importantand there's so many

people that are sufferingfrom all kinds of diseases.

And I see on the air.

Just the other night Iwas watching television,

and they had commercial aftercommercial after commercial

for conditions that are caused,

in my opinion, by this gut flora,

by the inappropriate probiotic.

Whoa.- Very wide-reaching.

- Okay, well, you canorder online, by the way.

It's Build a Better Gut.

You can download it if you want to,

or you can write in or call in,

It's 1-800-700-7000.

And (exclaims).

- That's free.- That's free. (laughs)

- The price is right.

- You can't get it any better.(Lorie laughs)

Lorie, you're terrific.

Thank you so much, Lorie, God bless you.

All right, Terry, I hopeyou have a happy gut.

- Elated. (laughs)

Well, up next, inside Israel'snumber one smart museum.

Mike Evans gives us a tourof The Friends of Zion Museum

and tells us about some of the heroes

who helped establish the Jewish state.

That's coming up.

(upbeat music)

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(upbeat music)

- The Friends of Zion Museumopened in Jerusalem in 2015.

The goal is to tell thestories of the Christian heroes

who helped Israel duringits most difficult times,

and all the while it's training

the next generation of heroes.

- [Reporter] Shimon Peres,Israel's 9th President,

served as Chairman and Global Ambassador

for The Friends of Zion Heritage Center.

During his tenure, he commissioned

The Friends of Zion Award to honor

those who have fought for Israel and

the Jewish people intruly exceptional ways.

Founded by Dr. Mike Evans,

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center

is home to Israel'snumber one smart museum

visited by Jews and Christians alike

from around the world, where they have

the opportunity to learnabout Christian heroes

who have fought to defendthe state of Israel

and God's chosen people.

In addition, it will soon be home to

the First Ambassador Institute,

Research Institute,Christian Zionist Thinktank,

and Social Media Communication Center.

Friends of Zion alreadyhas over 45 million

social media followers worldwide

and has been endorsed byover 100 world leaders

who have stood side-by-sidewith Friends of Zion

in defense of this greatnation and its people.

This most prestigiousaward has been received

by President George W. Bush,Prince Albert of Monaco,

the presidents of Paraguay and Guatemala,

and was recently presentedto President Donald J. Trump

by Dr. Evans in the Oval Office.

- Well, Mike Evans is here with us now,

and we welcome you to The 700 Club, Mike.

Why is it so importantto tell these stories

of Christian Friends of Zion?

- Heroes in history, theability to confront evil,

is only determined by the inspiration

you draw from your heroes in history.

Pat had a hero, Corrie Ten Boom.

- That's right.- That's our work in Holland.

I restored her home in '88.- Praise God.

- I'm the Chairman of the Board.

Well, if you don't have heroes in history,

when you're confrontedwith evil, you'll cave in.

You'll cave in.

- The Friends of Zion Museum has given

a special award to past presidents,

to current president, toother great heads of state.

Tell us about that award.

- Well, let's see the award.

- Okay.- You have it here.

- I do, I wanna see it.- I wanted to see it.

Wow, look at this.- This award was commissioned

by the 9th President ofIsrael, Shimon Peres,

and it's to celebrate Christian leaders,

leaders who are defendersof the Jewish people.

The menorah, God Almightycommissioned the menorah.

He told Moses to put it in the tabernacle.

- That's right.- Then it was in the temple.

And, of course, it's theseal of the state of Israel

and of the Jewish people, backfrom the beginning of time.

And, of course, they putthe pure oil in the menorah,

and it, a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Well, the last one who received it

was Donald Trump in the Oval Office

with the most of the evangelical leaders.

But today the recipient ofThe Friends of Zion Award

is Pat Robertson.

- Whoa.- Yay, woo! (claps)

(audience applauds)Awesome!

- I wasn't expecting this.

- I wanted it to be a surprise.

- Well, it is.

- For more than 50 years,

there's no man on the planet in America

who has been a greaterdefender of the Jewish people

and the state of Israelthan Pat Robertson.

You've mobilized millionsof Christian supporters.

What you've done for thenation of Israel is legendary.

It's my honor, Pat, to present you with

the same award that PresidentDonald Trump received,

President George Bush,Prince Albert of Monaco,

and many world leaders.

God bless you, my brother.- God bless Mike.

This is a great honor.- Careful.

You have to hold it by the bottom, Pat.

- It's a little bit heavy.

- It is, yeah.

That's beautiful.

Oh, that's a menorah.- Isn't that gorgeous?

That is incredible.

- I'm so honored to receive this.

This is a great thrill for me.

Thank you.- You can put it here

on the table if you'd like so we can get a

good shot of it.- That's beautiful.

I will put it in a place of honor,

and be thankful for it.- Yeah, that is gorgeous.

- When I presented it to the President,

I said, and the Vice President was there,

and Ivanka and Jared,and I said, you know,

it's a symbol of divineinspiration and light.

- Yeah.- And I believe with

all my heart, Pat, thatwhen you began this ministry

you made a commitment tobless the Jewish people

and the nation of Israel.- That's right.

- And that's why I believeGod's blessed CBN so greatly.

- Without question.

Without question, and you know, I swore

whatever happened in the world,

however unpopular we'd be,

that we would stand with Israel,

come what may, and God has honored that.

- Yes, he has.- Yeah, it's beautiful.

- I wanna say that CBNhas long dedicated itself

to supporting the state of Israel.

In fact, on the day that this ministry

was taking a major step forward,

prophecy was actually being fulfilled

inside the walls of Jerusalem.

Take a look.

(tank roaring)

(loud explosion)

- In June of 1967, Israel found itself

fighting for survival for the third time

in less than 20 years.

In now what's known as the Six-Day War,

Israel's Arab enemiesfought with one purpose,

the destruction of the Jewish state.

And half a world awayfrom the besieged nation

God was raising up a friend.

- We dedicated the start of construction

of a new phase of ourbuilding in Portsmouth,

and the ceremony was over when

one of our board members came and said

they've just started war in Israel.

Something just responded within me.

I knew this had enormous significance,

that we at CBN were linked with Israel

and that this had todo with the last time.

It had to do with the fulfillment of

the prophecy that Jesus made when he said

Jerusalem will be troddenunder foot of the Gentiles

until the times of theGentiles be fulfilled.

This was the war thatliberated East Jerusalem.

- [John] The peace did not least, however.

In 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked again,

this time on Yom Kippur,Israel's holiest day of the year.

An unprepared Israel almost lost that war,

and the high casualty rate left many

in the country disillusioned.

A 1974 CBN special brought a message

of hope to a war weary nation.

- It became so obvious to everyone of us

in this country that the threat was to

the very existence of thenewly born Jewish state.

- Here was the general, actually,

under Moshe Dayan, whohad captured Jerusalem.

Now he'd become Prime Minister.

But I had sense that Israel was so alone.

There was a sadness in his voice.

He asked America to be strong.

And at that point I made a vow that

whatever happened, howeverunpopular it would be,

that we and those associated with us

would stand with Israel, that we would be

the friend of Israel, regardless.

And over these 30, 35years, I've kept that vow.

(attendees applaud)- Three years later,

CBN dedicated its satellite earth station.

As a preview of things to come,

the first satellite image received

came from the Mount of Olives.

Since then, the alliance between CBN

and Israel has only grown stronger.

In 2001, a news bureau openedin the heart of Jerusalem

to bring a propheticunderstanding of end time events.

The march of history is leading back

to the city of Jerusalem, and it's vital

for CBN News to be herereporting on the events

before the return of Jesus Christ.

At Pat Robertson's 75thbirthday celebration in 2005,

Benjamin Netanyahu senta stirring thank you

to Pat for his friendship to Israel.

- Pat Robertson has been amagnificent friend of Israel,

and he's been a person friend of mine.

I felt that we had no greater friend

in the world, and I mean that.

We have no greater friend inthe world than Pat Robertson.

- [John] In August of 2006,

Pat traveled to Israel during the war

to demonstrate his support.

- I'm here, among otherthings, to tell your people

that the evangelical Christiansof America are with you.

We're praying for you.

We pray for the nation of Israel.

- [John] CBN also hasshown its humanitarian

commitment to those living in Israel.

Through OperationBlessing and Ally Israel,

CBN has helped Israeli's in need,

including survivors of the Holocaust.

CBN News now sends Jerusalem Dateline,

an award-winning half-hour weekly program,

around the world throughbroadcast and the internet,

where it's translated into languages

like Korean and Finnish.

And "In Our Hands: TheBattle for Jerusalem"

is the most ambitious project of

CBN's Middle East documentary team,

with more specials on the way.

CBN's ties to Israel remainsstrong and steadfast,

and we will be there toreport the prophetic events

that herald the day ofthe Messiah's return.

- This is the land thatthe Lord is going to visit.

He's coming back again to Israel.

(gentle music)

Well, on the 50th anniversaryof the Six-Day War,

America has now recognized Jerusalem

as the capital of Israel, and Mike Evans,

how significant is thatthat President Trump

said this is the capital, we recognize it.

- Pat, you prayed.

You believed for this, and I did, too.

But to be honest with you,

I didn't think I'd live to see it.

(Pat laughs)

Nine presidents wouldn't do it.

- [Pat] Yeah, that's right.

- Nine presidents.

And he said in the Oval Office,

he said, what was wrong with them?

This was the right thing to do.

- [Pat] Always.

- But we know what happened there.

The Holy Spirit touchedhis heart and let him know.

And there was strong people like

Ambassador David Friedmanand the Vice President.

He's got a strong team that believe

and stood with us, and what a day,

what a historic day of prophecy.

- How important do you thinkit is to the Jewish people

to realize they've got the support of

the President of the United States

and the whole of the evangelical

worldwide?- Here's what they tell me,

Pat, they say for the firsttime we are not alone.

We have hope.

They had what's calledthe Auschwitz Syndrome

where they felt alienated.

They'd have to defend themselves,

argue, everybody's gonna attack us.

Not anymore.

Now for the first time, and, you know,

Jerusalem was the soul of the Jews.

And now all of a sudden it's back.

It's back, so they're beyondhappy, way beyond happy.

- Well, Mike, we're so glad to have.

Thank you for this wonderful token.

And we just thank God for you.

For more information aboutthe Friends of Zion Museum,

be sure to go to

And Mike Evans, a dear,dear friend for many years.

Thank you for what you're doing.

God bless you, my brother.

- God bless you, Pat.- Thank you.

All right, Terry, what's next?

- Well, still ahead, time for a session of

your questions and honest answers.

Ann says, I hear preachers say that

we contribute nothing to our salvation.

However, I feel likethe Bible also teaches

that we must overcome sin in our life

when the Holy Spirit bringsthis to our attention.

What exactly is our role in salvation?

Well, Pat's gonna weighin on that and more,

so don't go away.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

Faith leaders sat downwith President Donald Trump

at the White House Wednesday to talk about

prison reform and helpingAmericans get back to work.

The White House is working to push

the FIRST STEP Act through the Senate.

The legislation would aidcriminal justice reform

and put more focus on rehabilitation.

President Trump thankedthe pastors, bishop,

and faith leaders who are working on

the front lines to helpthose in their community.

(dramatic beats)

- Throughout our history,America's churches

and religious leadershave called for change

and have inspired us to care for

and bring hope back to those in need.

- You can learn more about the meeting

and watch the pastors'prayer with the President

at our website,

Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford

is working to protect churches, charities,

and non-profits from aprovision in the new tax law.

Lankford introduced a new bill Wednesday.

It would repeal a sectionin the new tax code

that requires sometax-exempt organizations

to pay taxes on employee benefits.

Lankford says mostchurches and non-profits

are not equipped to handlemajor tax code changes.

Remember you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going to our website.


Pat and Terry are backwith more of The 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- At a small Bible school in Thailand,

students from Myanmar arebeing trained as missionaries,

and every day those studentsare praying for you.

(gentle music)

- [Reporter] Tucked alongthe border between Thailand

and Burma, also calledMyanmar, lies a refugee camp.

Inside, a missionary Bible school

is training students to share the gospel

in some of the mostBuddhist countries on earth.

This is Naw Nay.

She's been attending theschool for about a year.

- I want to become a missionary and share

this good news with mycountrymen back in Myanmar.

- [Reporter] For years,students have lived

in a dormitory inside the camp,

that is until a fire destroyed it

and nearly everything they owned.

- I had never seen afire like that before.

I cried so hard my hands were shaking.

Everything in ourdormitory turned to ashes,

my clothes, my books, my Biblefrom my parents was gone.

- [Reporter] For months,the students were forced

to sleep at a clearing near the river.

- We laid down on banana leaves

and also used them as blankets.

- [Reporter] At first, aCBN disaster relief team

came with food, blankets,medicine, and clothing.

- Every day I helped bringfood to the older folks.

I encouraged them to ask God for help

and to remember that we are in his hands.

- [Reporter] In the weeks that followed,

we built a new dormitoryfor the Bible students.

Today Naw Nay has a safe place to live

as she continues hertraining to be a missionary.

We had one other small gift for her,

a new Bible to replace the onethat had burned in the fire.

- This is such a precious gift from CBN.

It's so important to me becauseit is a lamp to my feet.

I'm very, very happy.

- [Reporter] In the new prayer room inside

the dormitory, somethingelse is happening.

- Twice a month, we join together for

a 24-hour prayer meeting.

We always pray for CBN and CBN partners.

Thank you for being God'shands who helped us.

- I hope that blesses you.

Isn't that a wonderful thing to know

that you can touch someone else's life

right from the comfortof your living room.

And on the other side of the world

they're praying for you withgratitude in their hearts

because you've restoredtheir facility to them.

You've given them the Word of God.

You can see how incrediblyimportant that is.

700 Club members, thank you.

To those of you who haven't joined,

$0.65 a day, $20 a month is all it takes

to join The 700 Club, butyou can do that today.

Our number's toll-free.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

By the way, when you join, our way of

saying thank you for caring about others

is to send you Pat's latest DVD teaching.

It's called "Angels: TheirPower, Purpose, and Presence,"

and it's filled withwonderful testimonies,

as well as the word of God.

We want you to have it.

It's yours for free when you call now.

Okay, time for some questions and answers.

You ready?- Let's go do it.

- This first one, Pat,comes from Ann, who says,

I hear preachers say that we contribute

nothing to our salvation, and it's only by

grace through faith that we're saved.

However, I feel likethe Bible also teaches

that we must overcome sin in our lives

when the Holy Spiritbrings it to our attention.

What exactly is our role in salvation?

- Well, the apostle Paul pretty clearly,

he said, you know, that we,

he said, work out your salvationwith fear and trembling,

for it is God that worketh in you,

both to will and to doof his good pleasure.

So it's God working in you to will

and do of his good pleasure.

He's also admonishing us to work out

our own salvation with fear and trembling.

So there is a partnership,

and all the way throughthe Bible there's a,

you know, the apostle said it seems good

to us and the Holy Spirit that we not

lay an unnecessary burden on you.

The whole idea is that human beings are

in partnership withGod, and God is working

to will and to do of his good pleasure,

but at the same we're working out

our salvation with fear and trembling.

So you don't just say, okay, I'm saved.

It's all God, and Idon't have to do anything

'cause we do work together with God.

And I think that.

But does that add to your salvation?

The salvation was bought by Jesus.

You can't improve on thedeath of Jesus Christ.

That is the thing thatbought you your salvation.

But as you live with him over the years,

you're not gonna improve on it,

but you're working with the Holy Spirit.

You're being made in the image of Christ.

You're becoming more and more like him.

- It's kind of like you choose

to participate in it with him.

- Yeah, you are, you're participating,

but you're from one degreeof glory unto the other.

Okay, what else?

- Okay, this is Jenny, who says,

is it okay for a Christian to do hypnosis

in order to quit smoking?

- I really think it's wrong.

I know how to hypnotize people.

We used to play these gameswhen I was in prep school.

And you can hypnotize somebody.

It's, you know, eye fatigue,

and you put suggestions in their minds.

But when you give your subconscious

over to somebody else, you don't know

what's gonna come in,

and I recommend it'dbe a big, big mistake.

You wanna quit smoking?

I mean, just quit.

You don't need hypnotized.

- Well, there are other methods today.

There's so many things available to people

who wanna quit smoking, so.

- I quit when I was in law school.

I saw the cancer.

I saw the film, and I said,this is the last time.

Came out of an evidenceclass in law school,

threw the cigarettedown, and ground it out.

Said this is the last oneI'll ever smoke, and it was.

- Intellect one. (laughs)

- The last one, gone, okay.

Well, that's all the timewe've got for your questions.

Thank you so much.

We leave you with this powerminute from the Psalms.

For you, Lord, are good, ready to forgive,

and abundant in mercy toall those who call upon you.

Well, tomorrow she's been named one of

Israel's most influential women,

and she's working to buildsupport for the Jewish state.

Well, she'll be here with us on Friday.

See you then, bye-bye.

(uplifting music)


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