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News on The 700 Club: August 2, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Aug 2.: The Best Things You Can Do for Your Gut; 'Internal Dissent' Grows in Iran as Economic Protests Threaten 'Downfall of Regime'; Trump 'Well Within His Rights' to Complain About 'Unconstitutional' Mueller ... ... Read Transcript

- Welcome ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of The 700 Club.

You know if you're like me,

you wonder, how'd it all start?

We act like that there'ssome sacrosanct thing

surrounding Robert Mueller,

that he is some greatsaint who is untouchable.

Well, the truth is that isn't the case,

but nevertheless he is being held up now,

if anybody touches him it will be

the third rail of politics.

But how did he get there?

And it makes you wonder, there'sa fellow named Rosenstein

who was in charge ofthe Justice Department

because Jeff Sessions had recused himself.

So Rosenstein appointsa special prosecutor

which everybody knew would be a dagger

pointed at the heart of his boss, Trump.

Now the president tweets and says

you've got to stop thisthing, it's a disgrace

and a stain on our country.

And there are the harshwords President Trump has

for the ongoing Russian investigation,

during a tweet storm,in which he called for

the attorney general toend what he called quote,

"The rigged witch hunt."

- Well Trump's statements haveled to a chorus of Democrats

accusing him of obstructing justice.

Meanwhile, it appears theSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller

wants to question the president

about that very same topic.

Jenna Browder has more.

- A presidential tweet calling on

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

to end the Russia investigation

led to a range of reaction ranging from

support to cries of obstruction

- The president's in chargeof the Justice Department.

He has a right to have input

and direct how the JusticeDepartment is operated,

and his complaints aboutthe Mueller operation

are not only well withinhis rights as president,

but certainly well withinhis rights as a citizen.

- [Jenna] Tom Fitton,president of the watchdog

Judicial Watch, says thepresident did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile Democrats on Capitol Hill.

- This tweet strikes me as very close to

obstruction of justice.

If it isn't a criminal act itself,

it's certainly evidence ofintent to obstruct justice.

- [Jenna] The president sentthe tweet Wednesday morning.

"Attorney General JeffSessions should stop

"this Rigged Witch Hunt right now,

"before it continues to stainour country any further."

It reportedly came after he learned

the special counsel wants to question him

about obstruction of justice.

- He used the word should,he didn't use the word must,

and there was no presidentialdirective that followed it.

- [Reporter] But--

- He didn't direct him to do it

and he's not going to direct him to do it.

- Oh it's well past timefor the special counsel

to be shut down, it's unconstitutional,

it was corruptly formed.

We now have informationabout bias of some of

its key officials such as Peter Strzok

who had to be removed.

- [Jenna] Judicial Watch just uncovered

new emails written by Strzok,

the FBI agent who workedon the Russia investigation

and whose derogatorytext messages about Trump

led to claims of bias.

The emails show he was desperate

to keep his security clearance

as a senior counter-intelligence official.

- So the question is, given his dishonesty

and record of misconduct,

should we trust what he was doing

with these special authorities

while he was in the Muellerspecial counsel operation?

- White House PressSecretary Sarah Sanders

also commented on the president's tweet,

saying it was an opinion, not an order.

And one more thing,Attorney General Sessions

can't actually end the probe

because he recused himself from the case.

It would have to be DeputyAttorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks Jenna.

You know, it's so wrong.

I just cannot imagine a corporation

where a vice president would hire somebody

who was a vowed enemy of thepresident of the corporation,

and that that vice president would be

allowed to continue in his office.

So Rosenstein has got tobe fired sooner or later.

But right now he's sort of untouchable,

and the Democrats are acting like

that this is some thingset into the Constitution.

It's not, and it's wrong,

and the participants, so many of them are

hardcore supporters of Hillary Clinton.

And you ask yourself, "Whatis wrong with this picture?"

Well what is wrong is that Jeff Sessions

recused himself when he shouldn't have.

He got out of the line of fire

and left the JusticeDepartment in the hands of

somebody who I thinkshould have been fired

a long time ago.

So we'll see what happens.

If there is another election

and Trump is re-elected,which he probably will be,

he should clean house and it'dbe no problem at that point.

He could fire a whole lot of people.

But in my opinion the JusticeDepartment is arrogant,

it is running out of control,

and the statement of someof these FBI officials

before Congress is simply appalling.

I think it should be stopped,

they are not a law unto themselves.

They are supposed to reportto the attorney general

who in turn is supposed toreport to the president.

The president is the chiefexecutive officer of our nation.

And let's not forget, itis not Robert Mueller,

it is certainly not PeterStrzok, it is not Lisa Page,

it is not these other people at the FBI.

He is the chief executive and as such

he deserves the deference aspresident of the United States.

Well in other news, ISISand Russia are active on

Israel's border with Syria.

That's the Golan Heights, remember?

Efrem Graham has that story.

- Pat, Israeli forceskilled seven ISIS terrorists

in a Syrian-held area of theGolan Heights Wednesday night.

An Israeli Army spokesman says

the cell was fleeing Syrian forces

and came within about 200yards of Israel's border.

The terrorists were carrying firearms

and several explosive belts.

Meanwhile, Russian forcesare joining UN peacekeepers

to patrol the Golan borderarea between Syria and Israel.

That is according toRussia's Defense Ministry.

Russia also says Iranianforces have pulled back

about 50 miles from the Golan border.

Protesters are taking to thestreets of Iran this week,

some chanting, "Death to the dictator,"

as their anger grows againstthe regime's Islamic rulers.

The first sanctions onIran under President Trump

are due to go into effect Monday,

on top of an already-crippled economy.

As George Thomas reports,

leaders in Washingtonand Jerusalem believe

the regime's hold on theIranian people is weakening.

- [George] Iran's economyis in a free fall,

and pressure on averagecitizens to make ends meet

is growing by the day.

- Iran, at the moment, isin a difficult condition,

especially economic condition.

- [George] Thousands of protesters,

angry about soaring inflationand skyrocketing prices,

took to the streets ofIsfahan in central Iran,

chanting, "Where is ourmoney, shame on you,"

and, "Death to high prices."

- Its currency iscollapsing quite rapidly.

Internal dissent is growing.

- Nearly 40 years afterthe Islamic uprising,

many in Iran and in the westsay the regime's campaign

to spread its revolutionaryversion of Islam

has yielded only heartache and suffering.

- The 40 years of fruitfrom the revolution

has been bitter.

40 years of quantocracy.

40 years of the people's wealth squandered

on supporting terrorism.

40 years of ordinaryIranians thrown in jail

for peaceful expression of their rights.

- [George] Months after the U.S.

withdrew from the nuclear deal,

Iran is about to get hit witheven more crippling sanctions,

further damaging the economy

and exerting more pressure on the regime.

- It was the Obama policies

that emboldened theIranians to finance terror.

Trump, by placing new sanctions

and reversing the nuclear deal,

has made it so that the Iranianeconomy is in big trouble,

and the Iranian peopleare protesting, saying,

"Why are you giving ourmoney to the Palestinians

"when we are in economicdesperate straits at home?"

And this could bring aboutthe downfall of the regime

which would be good for theIranians and good for the world.

- [George] President Trump on Monday said

he'd meet with IranianPresident Hassan Rouhani

any time, if the Iranianleader was willing.

- Iranian officials are trying to find out

what President Trump's real motive is,

and to learn whether heis really seeking a deal

or if his administration has rented out

its foreign policy to a fewcountries to create chaos,

instability, and economiccollapse in Iran.

- [George] In the meantime,Washington and Jerusalem

are using the crisis to appeal directly

to the Iranian people tostand up to the regime.

(crowd applauds)

- While it is ultimatelyup to the Iranian people

to determine the directionof their country,

the United States, in thespirit of our own freedom,

will support the long-ignoredvoice of the Iranian people.

Our hope is that ultimatelythe regime will make

meaningful changes in its behavior,

both inside of Iran and globally.

- [George] George Thomas, CBN News.

- What do you see happening here, Pat?

- Well I think it's time forthe United States to act.

You know, Obama was so stand-offish

when those people were rioting before.

There was a tremendousmovement in that election

to overturn the government,

and he did nothing tosupport the dissidents,

nothing, nothing, Imean absolutely nothing.

And now President Trump is saying yes,

we're going to do something,

and I think we oughtto do everything we can

to support some dissident group

that is able to set upan alternate government.

But when the shah fell, we went along with

bringing in a religious leaderwho established a theocracy,

and those mullahs rule the country

and the people can't stand them.

They don't like thelaws they put in effect,

they don't like the stringent rules.

But now the rial, theIranian currency, is worth

maybe a fraction of whatit did a few years ago.

So therefore the people'scurrency is worthless

and they can't buy anything,

and there's runaway inflationand the people are suffering,

and it's time for us to get involved.

Especially with the studentsand the labor movement,

they want a change,

and I think if we dosomething to support it,

it'll be in the best interestof our nation, let's hope so.

Alright Efrem?

- Pat, President Trumpis following through on

threats to sanction Turkeyfor the arrest and trial of

American Pastor Andrew Brunson.

- At the president's direction,

the Department of Treasuryis sanctioning Turkey's

Minister of Justice andMinister of Interior,

both of whom playedleading roles in the arrest

and detention of Pastor Brunson.

- [Efrem] Turkish policearrested Brunson in 2016

and charged him withlinks to a failed plot

to overthrow the government,accusations he denies.

President Trump saidBrunson is suffering greatly

and he needs to be released immediately.


- Well here again,Turkey used to be called

the Sick Man of Europe.

It was the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

But there was a group of, well,

the so-called Young Turks,

who overthrew the old Ottoman Empire

and set up what amounted toa participatory democracy.

It was a good thing,and they were welcomed

into NATO later on.

They fought side-by-sidewith us, for example,

in Korea and other places,

and the Turkish economywas starting to move.

Now they have a man who wants to take,

he talks about the mosque and the cross

as being set for a clash.

He wants to establish aMuslim theocracy in Turkey,

and this case againstthis pastor is outrageous.

We at CBN have had a very,very robust ministry in Turkey

and many of those Turkishpeople are coming to the Lord.

If you look at the map and you read,

for example, Revelationabout the churches of Asia,

all that's inside of Turkey.

Turkey has a very importantrole to play prophetically.

But what's happening now isby them turning to Islam,

and you read the 38th chapter of Ezekiel,

you see this coalition thatwill move against Israel

in the latter days.

It includes Persia, that's Iran.

It includes what's calledGomer, but that's Turkey.

Then you've got,

well the Muslim states in southern Russia,

which make up a whole lot of that Rosh.

Rosh isn't Russia, butRosh means head in Hebrew.

Those states will all cometogether and along with,

what will be included in it will be Sudan

which is interesting, and maybe Libya.

So that's the coalition in the Bible

that will come againstIsrael in the latter days.

So Turkey is setting up for that clash.

I'm interested to see it, I don't like it,

but it's happening rightaccording to the scripture.


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