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Supporting Jewish People Around the World

Mike Evans is the founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center, and he shares the exciting next steps for the ministry. Read Transcript

- The Friends of Zion Museumopened in Jerusalem in 2015.

The goal is to tell thestories of the Christian heroes

who helped Israel duringits most difficult times.

And all the while, it's training the

next generation of heroes.

- [Female Narrator] ShimonPeres, Israel's ninth President

served as Chairman and Global Ambassador

for the Friends of Zion Heritage Center.

During his tenure, he commissionedthe Friends of Zion Award

to honor those who have fought for Israel

and the Jewish people intruly exceptional ways.

Founded by Dr. MikeEvans, the Friends of Zion

Heritage Center is home toIsrael's number one smart museum

visited by Jews and Christiansalike from around the world,

where they have the opportunity

to learn about Christianheroes who have fought

to defend the State of Israeland God's chosen people.

In addition, it will soon behome to the first Ambassador

Institute, Research Institute,Christian Zionist Think Tank,

and Social Media Communications Center.

Friends of Zion alreadyhas over 45 million

social media followers world wide

and has been endorsed byover 100 world leaders

who have stood side byside with Friends of Zion

in defense of this greatnation and its people.

This most prestigiousaward has been received

by President George W Bush,Prince Albert of Monaco,

the presidents of Paraguay and Guatemala

and was recently presentedto President Donald J Trump

by Dr. Evans in the Oval Office.

- Well, Mike Evans is here with us now,

and we welcome you to the 700 Club, Mike.

Why is it so important

to tell these stories ofChristian Friends of Zion?

- Heroes in history, theability to confront evil is only

determined by the inspiration you draw

from your heroes in history.

Pat had a hero, Corrie Ten Boom.

- That's right.- That's our work in Holland.

That's, I restored her home in '88.

I'm the Chairman of the Board.

Well, you, if you don'thave heroes in history,

when you're confrontedwith evil, you'll cave in.

- Yeah.- You'll cave in.

- The Friends of the ZionMuseum has given a special award

to past presidents, to current presidents,

- Yes.

- to other great heads of state.

Tell us about that award.

- Well, let's see the award.- Okay.

- Do you have it here?

- I want you to see it.- I do, I wanna see it.

- The award, this

- Wow look at this

- This award was commissionedby the ninth president of

Israel, Shimon Peres

and it's to celebrate Christian leaders,

leaders who are defendersof the Jewish people.

The menorah God Almightycommissioned the menorah

He told Moses to put it in the Tabernacle.

- That's true.

- Then it was in the temple

and of course it's theseal of the state of Israel

and of the Jewish peopleback from beginning of time.

And of course they put thepure oil in the menorah.

- Um huh.

- and it's the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Well the last recipient thatreceived it was Donald Trump in

the Oval Office with mostof the Evangelical leaders.

But today the recipient ofthe Friends of Zion Award is

Pat Robertson.

- Yay, woo ho.

(audience and host applause)

- I wasn't expecting this.

- I wanted it to be a surprise.

- Well it is.

- For more than 50 yearsthere's no man on the planet in

America who has been a greaterdefender of the Jewish people

and the state of Israelthan Pat Robertson.

You've mobilized millions of- That's right.

- Christian supporters.

What you've done for theNation of Israel is legendary

so it's my honor Pat topresent you with the same award

that President Donald Trump received,

President George Bush,Prince Albert of Monaco

and many world leaders.

God Bless you my friend.

- Mike this is a great honor.

- Careful you have to holdit by the bottom, Pat.

- It' a little bit heavy.

- Yeah that's beautiful, that's a menorah.

- Isn't that gorgeous, that is incredible.

- I'm so honored to receivethis, this is a great

thrill for me.

- Put it here on the table.- Okay.

- So we can get a good shot of it.

- It's beautiful.

- I will put in a place ofhonor and be thankful for it.

- When I presented to the President I said

and the Vice President was there

and Ivanka and Jared

and I said you know it's asymbol of divine inspiration

and light and I believe withall my heart Pat that when you

began this ministry you madea commitment to Bless the

Jewish people and the Nation of Israel.

- That's true.

- and that's why I believe God's Blessing

being so greatly.

- Without question.

- Yeah.

- I have a question and youknow I ask well whatever

happened in the world howeverunpopular we'd be that we

would stand in with Israel come what may

and God has honored that.

- Yes He has.

- Yeah.

- Well I want to say that CBNhas long dedicated itself to

supporting the state of Israelin fact on the day that this

ministry was taking a majorstep forward prophecy was

actually being fulfilled inside

the walls of Jerusalem take a look.

(bombs bursting)

- In June of 1967 Israelfound itself fighting

for survival for the thirdtime in less than 20 years

and now what's know as theSix-Day War Israel's Arab enemies

fought with one purpose.

The destruction of the Jewish state.

And half a world away fromthe besieged nation God was

raising up a friend.

- We dedicated the start ofconstruction of a new phase of

our building in Portsmouth.

And the ceremony was over whenone of our board members came

and said they just started war in Israel.

Something just responded withinme I knew this had enormous

significance that we atCBN were linked with Israel

and that this had to do withthe last time it had to do with

the fulfillment of the prophecythat Jesus made when he said

Jerusalem will be troddenunder foot of the Gentiles

until the times of theGentiles be fulfilled.

This was the war thatliberated East Jerusalem.

- The peace did not last however,

in 1973 Egypt and Syria attacked again.

This time on Yom Kippur,Israel's holiest day of the year.

An unprepared Israel almostlost that war and the high

casualty rate left many inthe country disillusioned.

A 1974 CBN specialbrought a message of hope

to a war weary nation.

- It became so obvious toeveryone of us in this country

that the threat was to the very existence

of the newly born Jewish state.

- Here was the generalactually under Moshe Dayan

who had captured Jerusalem.

Now he'd become Prime Minister.

But I had a sense thatIsrael was so alone.

There was a sadness in his voice.

He asked America to be strong

and at that point I made avow that whatever happened,

however unpopular it would be that we

and those associated withus would stand with Israel

that we would be the friendof Israel regardless.

However these 30, 35years I've kept that vow.

- Three years later CBN dedicated it's

satellite earth station.

As a preview of things tocome the first satellite

image received came fromthe Mount of Olives.

Since then the alliancebetween CBN and Israel

has only grown stronger.

In 2001 a news bureau openedin the heart of Jerusalem to

bring a prophetic understandingof end time events.

- The march of history isleading back to the city of

Jerusalem and it's vitalfor CBN News to be here

reporting on the events beforethe return of Jesus Christ.

- At Pat Robertson's 75thBirthday celebration in 2005

Benjamin Netanyahu sent astern thank you to Pat for his

friendship to Israel.

- Pat Robertson has been amagnificent friend of Israel

and he's been a personal friend of mine.

I felt that we had nogreater friend in the world

and I mean that we have nogreater friend in the world

than Pat Robertson.

- In August of 2006 Pat traveled to Israel

during the war to demonstrate his support.

- I'm here among other thingsto tell your people that the

Evangelical Christiansof America are with you,

we're praying for you.

We pray for the Nation of Israel.

- CBN also has shown it'shumanitarian commitment to those

living in Israel.

Through Operation Blessingand ELI Israel CBN has helped

Israels in need includingsurvivors of the Holocaust.

CBN News now sends JerusalemDateline an award winning

half hour weekly program aroundthe world through broadcast

and the Internet where it'stranslated into languages like

Korean and Finnish.

And In Our Hands: The Battlefor Jerusalem is the most

ambitious project of CBN'sMiddle East documentary team

with more specials on the way.

CBN's ties to Israel remainstrong and steadfast and we will

be there to report the propheticevents that herald the day

of the Messiah's return.

- This is the land thatthe Lord is going to visit.

He's coming back again to Israel.

On the 50th anniversary ofthe Six-Day War America has

now recognized Jerusalemas the capitol of Israel

and Mike Evens how significantis that that President Trump

said this is the capitol we recognize it.

- Pat you prayed you believedfor this and I did too

- Yeah.

- but to be honest with you I didn't think

I'd live to see it.


He, God, nine presidents wouldn't do it.

- Yeah, that's true.

- Nine presidents and he saidin the Oval office he said

what was wrong them?

This was the right thing to to.

- Always.

- But we know what happened there,

the Holy Spirit touchedhis heart and let him know

and there were strong peoplelike Ambassador David Friedman

and the Vice President he'sgot a strong team that believed

and stood with this

and what a day what a historic day.


- How important is any ofthis to the Jewish people who

realize they've got thesupport of the President of the

United States and the wholeof the Evangelical worldwide.

- Here's what they tell me Pat.

- Yeah

- They say for the first timewe are not alone we have hope.

You know they had like what'scalled the Auschwitz Syndrome

where they felt alienated.- Sure.

- They'd have to defend themselvesargue, everybody's gonna

attack us.

Not anymore, now for the first time

and you know Jerusalemwas the soul of the Jews

- Right.

- and now all of a suddenit's back, it's back

so they're beyond happy, way beyond happy.

- Well Mike we're so glad tosee it and thank you for this

wonderful token and wejust thank God for you.

Well for more information aboutthe Friends of Zion Museum

be sure to go to

and Mike Evans a dear dearfriend for many years.

Thank you for what you're doing.

God Bless you my brother.

- God Bless you Pat.

- Thank you.


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