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Planting a Financial Seed to Help the Less Fortunate

Larry and Yolanda are passionate about ways to share the Gospel responsibly and effectively around the world. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] Larry Vierraloves being a surgeon,

a job he's had for over twenty years.

- I like taking care of people.

I've been blessed to work at what I like.

- [Announcer] Larry's work has taken him

and his wife Yolanda all over the world.

He's even done medicalmissions to the Ukraine

and Kazakhstan with CBN.

- We had the opportunity to go

to the leading orthopediccenter in the country

and influence their leadersand teach their teachers

and leave a lasting affect.

- [Yolanda] It is all done professionally

and lovingly, with all glory going to him.

- [Announcer] After servingwith CBN over seas the Vierra's

decided to increase theirgiving to the ministry.

- It just reinforced the fact that CBN

is the place to put your money.

- I know that you areput in the money to work

and I know that it's not gonna be wasted.

You also take care ofthe widows, the hungry.

You take care of the orphans.

You are there, so that'swhat Jesus said to do.

- [Announcer] The Vierra'ssay that through the years,

CBN has also helped them spiritually.

- CBN fed me when I was a baby Christian.

I'd come home from workingall day, watch the 700 Club.

I think it's the bestsource of encouragement

you can find on television.

- [Announcer] Larry's 102year old father Anthony

is also a CBN partner.

He loves helping those less fortunate

and wants to inspireothers to do the same.

- The work that CBN does I cansee how many people it helps.

- If you want to plant a financial seed

I can not think of a better place.

I think it's the wisestinvestment to give it to somebody

who does it all and you cansit back and say "Praise God."

I contributed to that.


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