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Huckabee: Building Jewish Communities in West Bank a 'Bridge to Peace'

Huckabee: Building Jewish Communities in West Bank a 'Bridge to Peace' Read Transcript

- I'm building because,you know, I may want to

one day purchase a holiday home in Efrat.


- Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

is a veteran visitor to Israel,

and this week he was invited to take part

in a building ceremony inEfrat, capital of Judea,

one of the largest clustersof Jewish communities

in what the world calls the West Bank.

To much of the world,

this Jewish neighborhoodunder construction in Efrat,

is just another West Bank settlement

and a target to be boycotted.

But for the thousandsof Jews who live here,

this is the heart of Judea,

very much a part of biblical Israel.

As he put down some mortar

on one of the 900 new homes in Efrat,

Huckabee made the case thatwhat's being built here

is a bridge for peace.

- Every day, 1,300 Palestinian workers

come to job sites here.

They earn money for their families,

and they don't just earn pocket change.

They earn significantly better money

than they would anywhere else.

- [John] Efrat is locatedsouth of Jerusalem

and north of the Arab city of Hebron,

where Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob are buried.

Efrat's mayor, Oded Revivi,thanked President Trump

for his support of Israel,

and invited him to comeand see for himself

how Jews and Arabs livetogether in Judea and Samaria,

despite the global boycott,

divestment and sanctions movement.

- One visit here tells you theessence of the Jewish people,

the essence of the Jewish history,

the essence of the importanceof the Jewish people

building their lives here.

- [John] Before he left Efrat,a reporter asked Huckabee

how his faith shaped hisviews on the West Bank,

the land promised to Israel in the Bible.

- I'm a Christian, so I'm not a Jew.

But I also believe that if those promises,

which were made to the Jewishpeople, are no longer valid,

then why would I believe any promise that

I would believe God wouldmake to me would be valid?

- [John] John Wagge, CBN News, Efrat.


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