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700 Club Interactive - August 3, 2018

Abused by his father as a boy, a man addicted to alcohol and crack hears God speak to him in a dream. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] The rise of homeschooling.

- It's not just abouttheir physical safety,

but their spiritual safety.

I'm able to guard what isgoing inside their minds

and inside their hearts.

- [Gordon] Why it's now more popular

and accessible than ever,

plus a nightmare with a message.

- People were screaming in this place,

and it's the first time I ever seen

anything like this in my life,

and God let me know this isyou, this is where you headed.

- Find out if it wasenough to set him straight

on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Well, welcome to the show.

All six year old ParsonHarrington wants to be

when she grows up isa UPS delivery driver.

Little did she knowthat her own UPS driver

would become her best friend.

- Parson was born witha rare genetic disorder

that kept her from breathing on her own.

At 11 months old, shereceived a lung transplant

that saved her life.

Recently, Parson was back in the hospital

and needed life savingmedication overnight.

Tammy, Parson's UPS delivery driver,

brought her the meds,

taking their friendshipto a whole new level.


- Parson!


Come here!

She stole my heart.

She really did.

This little girl, shecame into this world,

struggling for everybreath just to stay alive,

and she's a big fighter,

and I believe she'll go far in life,

no matter what she wants.

I love you, kiddo.

- I love you, too.

- Give me a hug.

- That was really sweet.- That's precious.

- Yeah, that add a whole new layer

to what can Brown do for you?

- I love the outfit.

(both laugh)

It's great.

Way to go, Parson, well done.

- That's a fashion statement.

Well, a recent study showedthat nearly 60 million Americans

will visit the beach this year,

and 36 year old David Thomas

has always dreamed of going to the beach,

but has never been,

because David was bornwith cerebral palsy.

- Well, David's bestfriend wanted to bless him,

so, with the help of Facebook friends,

raised enough money to rent aspecial electronic wheelchair

designed to easily navigatetough terrain like sand.

In 36 years, David had onlyleft his hometown twice.

That made this trip a blessing.

(upbeat pop music)

- I'm just happy to be here.

I'm just

like really happy to be here,

'cause I never like, really,

do anything.

This is all beautiful,

and I just thank God

for making this possible.

This is the best summervacation ever in my life,

on the beach,

in the wheelchair.

Back up there so theycan see the wheelchair.

- [Friend] Very nice.

♪ They see you rollin' ♪

♪ They hatin' ♪

- Well, David had a message for others

living with disabilitiesand pursuing their goals.

He said, "Just keep onbelieving and trusting in God

"and it will happen in due time.

"There's no limit whenyou've got God in your life."

Wow, what a great story.

What great friends.- What a great story,

what great friends, what great attitude,

and what thankfulness, yeah.- Yeah, yeah.

That's amazing to me, thatthere's something that can

be powered like that in the sand.

That seems so unbelievable.

Pretty wonderful.

- If you've ever pusheda wheelchair, you know.

Getting into rough terraincan get really hard.

- Terrible.

So that's a blessing.

- To give them mobility,

to say yeah, you can goout in the wild, yeah.

- Welcome to the beach.- That'd be great.

Well, it's August, and teachersare already back in school,

preparing their classroomsfor another school year.

- As budget cuts limit supplies,

one suburban Atlantachurch decided to step in

and make a difference.

Snellville ChristianChurch donated copy paper,

hand sanitizer, dry erase markers,

even some coffee and donuts

to a neighborhood elementary school.

Take a look at the teachers' reaction.

(teachers laughing)

- Loose leaf!

Loose leaf!

Loose leaf!

(teachers chattering)

Thank you, pastor!

- Snellville senior ministerJonathan Dawson said,

"Helping this schoolthat has so many needs

"gives us a chance to show these teachers

"and the staff the love of God,

"which He first showed us.

"By doing so, we believewe can break down barriers

"and begin changing the heartsand minds of the teachers

"who are educating the next generation,"

and you know, I don't think people realize

how much teachers spendon their own, personally,

to acquire what they need to function.

- To make it happen.- Yeah.

- So that they canadequately teach the kids

that are in their care.- Yes.

- And you see it from their reaction.

When's the last time you saw somebody

react like that to handsanitizer and copy paper?

You know?- Yeah.

- That shows you how deep the problem is.

- Well, may Snellville seta precedent for others.

- Probably.

- Way to go, way to go.

Homeschooling across Americahas seen tremendous growth

over the last 20 years.

Now, a sad trend could cause those numbers

to go even higher, and CharleneAaron brings us that story.

- School shootings havebecome much too common,

with more than 20 in 2018 alone.

Following each event,the heated debate erupts

of how to be protectschools and those inside.

Still no answer.

After 17 died in theValentines Day shooting

at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida,

thousands of young peoplemarched on Washington,

demanding tougher federal gun laws.

Organizers here at the VirginiaHomeschool Convention say,

in light of recent school shootings,

they're hearing from more parents

who are consideringteaching their kids at home.

- Any time there has been a tragedy,

like the school shootings thatwe all have seen on the news,

we get lots and lots of phone calls,

more than ever before.

- [Charlene] For thatreason, Latoya Daniels says

she's already decided herthree year old daughter

won't be attended publicschool when the time comes.

- I'm very concerned,because I have cousins that

their moms and them tell methat they're coming home,

talking about guns in school,

and they're also talking about little kids

that are talking about theywanna do things with them

that are very inappropriate.

- [Charlene] For parents who don't know

if they can homeschool,

Jim Mason of the HomeschoolLegal Defense Association

says it's become more accessible.

- Homeschooling today is available

in a way that it hadn'tbeen in years passed,

even to people who may notbe able to do it themselves.

So, for example, you know,

retired grandparents canhomeschool your children.

There are a lot of online options.

- [Charlene] Christina Truazteaches her four boys at home,

because she says her toppriority is protecting them

both physically and spiritually.

- I am thankful thatwe're able to stay home,

and that they are safe in my care.

My school is always armed,

and I do appreciate that.

I'm thankful that I'm ableto have a good eye on them,

and that it's not justabout their physical safety,

but their spiritual safety.

I'm able to guard what isgoing inside their minds

and inside their hearts.

- [Charlene] CharleneAaron, CBN News, Richmond.

- I am a huge homeschooling fan,

and you can understand culturally today

why more and more people are choosing

to be able to invest intheir children in that way.

- In my lifetime, you see the rise of it,

and we were talking theother day about how,

even in the 1980s, it was rare.

When I started in grammar school,

we still had prayer in schools.

- Yep.

- And we still had a Bible reading.

- Public school.- Public school,

we still had Bible readingevery day over the loudspeaker,

and you weren't afraid that your child

was going to get some strange ideology.

- Yes, and the principles and the teachers

had some authority, you know?

I mean, the classroom was not chaotic.

- And there was order and

you weren't worriedabout school shootings,

and then, starting, really, in the 1980s

as a growing movement, andnow homeschooling has arrived.

- Exactly.

- And people are looking at it as

that's a really smart choice.

- Timely.

Very timely.

- Well, coming up, a woman whosuffered with chronic pain.

- It grated on me and it grated on me,

and this went on, week after week,

and it turned into month after month.

Then, I had to give upthe love of my life,

which was playing the piano.

- [Gordon] See how she returned

to the love of her life pain-free.

That's right after this.

(inspirational music)

- Carol's first love is playing the piano,

so when acute back pain madethat impossible for her,

Carol says it felt as if apiece had been torn out of her.

Today, Carol's back todoing what she loves most,

thanks to a miracle.

- [Reporter] In 2016, CarolShenza developed bronchitis

with a persistent, severe cough.

- And I coughed and I coughed.

It just hurt to cough.

At one point, I coughedso hard that I knew

something happened in myback, and it hurt to move.

It hurt to turn.

I couldn't bend over.

I couldn't do the thingsthat I was doing before.

- [Reporter] While thecough eventually subsided,

the back pain got worse.

- As long as I didn't move around,

that was the only timeI was ever out of pain.

It grated on me and it grated on me,

and this went on, week after week,

and it turned into month after month.

Then, I had to give upthe love of my life,

which was playing the piano.

When you can't do somethingyou love like that,

it's like a piece is torn out of you,

and that's the way I felt,like something was missing.

So, I would just sit in my chair,

and I was very depressed,

because it was likeeverything that I loved to do

was taken away from me.

- [Reporter] Then, Carollost two of her siblings

within two days of each other.

- It was just a grief,

horrific grief.

I didn't know what to do, you know?

I was just just crying outto God, and I was so hurt.

- [Reporter] The only thingCarol and her husband,

Bill, could do was pray.

- I was in emotionalpain and physical pain,

and then I prayed, and I said, "Lord,

"how much more can I take?

"I don't think I cankeep going like this."

- [Reporter] The back paincontinued for six months.

Then, one day, Carol waswatching her favorite show,

The 700 Club.

Gordon and Terry weregiving words of knowledge.

- He started calling out healings,

and then he starts sayingsomething about pain

in somebody's back, andit got my attention,

and he went on and he described me.

- You've had this like a spike of pain

right in the middle ofyour shoulder blades.

God's just released that from you.

All that tension is justdropping off of you.

- I knew, when he describedthe pain in the back,

I said, "That's for me,"

and I got so excited.

And then, Gordon said what he always says.

He says, "Do somethingyou couldn't do before,"

so I very gingerly gotout of my lounge chair

and I walked halfway to the television,

and I bent over and I bentover, and there was no pain.

- [Reporter] The first thing Carol did

was what she has missed most.

- I went in there and I sat at the piano,

and I began to play Itis Well with My Soul,

and I just began to worship God.

I thanked him for my healing,

and you know what?

Not only did he heal my painand take that away from me,

but he healed my broken heart that day.

He took that horrible grief,

and I've never been the same.

The word of knowledge gave me

a much deeper sense of God's love.

It changed everything.

It was awesome.

He didn't care if I wasn't worthy.

It didn't matter to God,because He loved me that much.

I want people to knowGod can do it for them.

If He could do it forme, He can do it for you.

- Well, Carol has said it all.

What more is there to say?

If He can do it for her,He can do it for you,

He can do it for me, and He wants to.

God has the power, but more than that,

He has the heart to touch and heal you,

and as you like to say, Gordon,

that actually happened 2000 years ago.

- Yes, it did.

All you have to do is believe it.

Believe it's already happened,and then you will have it.

These aren't my words,these are the words of Jesus

in Mark chapter 11.

It gives us the key to miracles,

and he says, "When you stand praying,

"believe that you have already received,

"and you will have it,"

so I tell people, if youhave the faith to believe

your sins are forgiven,

well, you have all the faith you need

to believe for healing.

It's just that simple.

Don't make it complicated.

Just come to Jesus like a little child

and say here I am.

Are you worthy? No.

But he makes sure, hislove makes you worthy,

his sacrifice makes you worthy.

All you have to do is believe in him.

Look to Jesus.

He's the author, he's thefinisher of your faith,

and we'll just come into agreement now,

in an act of faith, 'causefaith is always an action,

take your hand and lay it on that area

of the body that needs healing,

and then Terry and I aregoing to agree with you,

and the Bible says, when two or more,

so we've got two or more,

agree, touching anything,

it shall be done for themby my father in heaven.

So, we're going to agree, you touch,

and let's let God do all the rest.

Lord, we just lift thosewho have chronic pain,

those who are suffering with disease,

those who have infirmity,

and we just declare overthem that the kingdom of God

has come to them, and thatyour will will be done

in their bodies as it is in heaven,

and in heaven, there's no one sick,

there's no one in pain,

so we come into agreement,

and we say over them,

be healed now,

in Jesus' name.

There's someone, you'reactually in an awkward position,

'cause your left hand, you'retrying to reach desperately

around your underarminto your right shoulder,

the right shoulder blade in the back,

because there's so much pain there,

and God is just saying toyou right now, be healed.

I am healing you, I'm setting you free.

You just felt that gothrough that shoulder.

Just raise that rightarm to Him right now,

and begin to praise Himfor what he's done for you.


- There's someone else, pain in the molars

in your upper jaw, bothon the right and the left.

God's healing that for youright now, in Jesus' name.

- Someone else, you're sufferingwith stage three cancer,

and there are a lot ofdifferent places in your body,

but God is able, andso, for you, right now,

all those tumors shrink and go away.

No more replicating cellsmultiplying throughout your body.

Right now, in Jesus' name, cancer be gone,

and be relieved


Just lifting off of you right now.

We come against that spirit of infirmity.

We bind it in Jesus' name,

and we declare health andwholeness over you now.

- Someone with a deep ear infection,

you've had it for quite a while,

no antibiotic seems to get rid of it,

but today, you're beinghealed in Jesus' name.

- Lord, we just thank you.

We thank you for your sacrifice,

we thank you for your love,

we thank you for yourcare and concern over us,

because you number every hair on our head.

We thank you for it.

We receive it now,

in Jesus' name,

amen, amen.- Amen.

- If you've had a healing, let us know.

We wanna share your storywith the world, so call us.


and if you need prayer,we're here for you,

and we believe in prevailing prayer,

the prayer that gets an answer

and won't rest until the judge arises

in the middle of the nightto grant your request,

so we're here for you, 24 hours a day.

All you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000.


- Well, up next, he had six kids at home,

but he was nowhere to be found.

- I had a loving familywho cared about me at home,

and I'm sitting in a crack house

with other addicts.

Every time, you know, I wake up,

the problem's still there.

- [Terry] Hear how a dream delivered him

from a 20 year drugaddiction, when we return.

(dynamic music)

- Well, to visit his family and friends,

Willie Holloway has to go to the cemetery,

because his friends' lives were cut short

because of drug and alcohol abuse.

As Willie walks through the tombstones,

he knows that he's lucky notto be buried there as well.

(gentle music)

- Some of them OD'd on cocaine.

There was one that gotshot and lost his life.

Some wind up in prison'cause of selling drugs.

Too many of them was dying.

- [Reporter] Some ofWillie Holloway's friends

have been gone for decades.

Others have died more recently.

He could have easily ended up like them.

- There won't be a day goby I don't think about some,

and sometime I find myselfat the cemetery, you know,

even know, just goingout and visiting a grave.

- [Reporter] Willie grewup in the small town

of Neelyville, Missouri.

His father was an alcoholic who physically

and verbally abusedWillie and his siblings.

- I think to myself, youknow, why was I born?

You know, why was I born?

Was I born to go through this?

What, why am I here?

You know, I've seen other friends of mine,

and they fathers seem likethey would take them to places,

out to eat, they would takethem to they little ballgames.

You know, I didn't have that,

and I longed for that.

My father never couldtell me that he loved me.

My mom did, but my father never could

tell me that he loved me.

- [Reporter] Willie'smother took him to church,

and he accepted Christ ashis savior at 11 years old.

His pastor taught him aboutthe unconditional love

found through Jesus Christ.

- That's what I was searching for.

I was searching for love, and

searching for this God that

I knew that created this universe,

and I wanted to know more about Him,

and I did know beginto know more about Him.

- [Reporter] But it didn't last long.

Life at home was hard to cope with,

and Willie put asidewhat happened at church.

Alcohol seemed to help him cope.

- Drinking was my way of escaping.

That's the reason I drank a lot.

But I was sad all the time.

I mean, I didn't talk that much.

- [Reporter] He met Evelynwhile in high school,

and they got married.

They had six childrenover the next six years,

but cocaine and alcohol ruined any chance

of Willie being thefather he needed to be.

- The abuse that we endured as children,

this followed me.

It continued to haunt me,

and that's where a lot of my drinking

and drugging came from.

I wanted to do this to try to numb it,

just to forget about it,

but every time, you know, I wake up,

the problem's still there.

- [Reporter] He also hada growing sense of shame

that drove him further into addiction.

- Every time I would do cocaine,

I felt very, very guilty,

'cause I know that I wasn'tsupposed to be doing this.

I had a loving family whocared about me at home,

and I'm sitting in a crackhouse with other addicts.

- [Reporter] Over the next 20 years,

Willie racked up six DUIs,

and went to prison twicefor violating his parole.

He OD'd twice on cocaine,trying to kill himself.

After the second attempt,

he began to see things more clearly.

- That was the lowest point inmy life, when this happened,

and then I was ready.

Like God, I'm tired now.

I'm ready to surrender.

The funniest thinghappened, though, is when

I laid down one evening,

it was like God came tome in the form of a dream,

and this place I perceivedthat was hell, that I was in.

And I seen faces, but there was one face

that was familiar that I seen,

and God let me know, this is you.

This is where you're headed to.

People were screaming in this place,

and it's the first time I ever seen

anything like this in my life.

God was letting me know, this is you.

This is where you headed.

- [Reporter] Willie hadn't beento church in over 20 years,

but he went back and toldhis pastor about the dream.

It was the same pastor he had as a kid.

- He let me know that, you know,

God is trying to get your attention, son,

and he let me know that he loved me,

and even though I had leftthe church as a young man,

he embraced me.

- [Reporter] Willie prayedwith the pastor that day,

and rededicated his life to Jesus Christ.

- I knew that God hadwrapped His arms around me.

I could feel that.

I no longer felt likeI was bound by a chain,

and so, you know, that'swhen everything began

to fall in place for me.

I began to see my family,

the real love that they showed me,

the love that they wastrying to show me years ago.

I began to see this then.

- [Reporter] That same day, hequit using drugs and alcohol.

Willie soon became an ordained minister.

By then, his dad was in a nursing home,

and Willie started visiting him

and telling him about Christ.

One time, he found hisfather in the home's church.

- He goes, "I've turnedmy life over to God."

He said, "I know thatI'm not gonna be here

"too much more longer."

I mean, it brought tears to my eyes,

to see this could happen,

so it was a blessing tosee my dad turn to God.

- [Reporter] Willie was withhis father when he died.

- I forgave him right then and there.

I gave him a hug and told him, you know,

that I was happy that he was my father.

He hold my hand and justsqueezed my hand like this,

and just smiled, and I knew what he meant.

I knew what he meant.

- [Reporter] Today,Willie and Evelyn enjoy

spending time with their 12 grandchildren

and three great-grandchildren.

- The Bible speaks aboutthose that have their mind

stayed on Him, and sothat's the way it is today.

When I wake up, God wakeme up of a mornings,

He's the first thing I'mthinking about when I'm awake.

I don't think, I no longerthink about that drug no more.

That drug used to be my God,

but now God have

replaced that, and Hecame in and took over.

He stepped in my life.

- Willie gave you the key.

He said, "I was finallyready to surrender."

When you're ready to surrender,

that's the point in timewhere you can walk free,

because you realize, you finally realize,

you can't do it on your own.

There's no amount of willpowerthat's going to do this.

You need a transformation.

You need something only God can do,

a renewal from your innermost being,

and then, day by day,you have to walk that out

and walk it out with Him,

and He'll transform you, He'll change you.

It'll be both in an instant,

and then over a lifetime,

but then, every day, you'vegotta make that same decision

all over again, today, I surrender.

Not my will, but Hiswill be done in my life.

If you want this, all you have to do

is bow your head and ask Him.

You saw it in Willie, yousaw it in Willie's father.

Here they are, lifetime of addiction,

lifetime of being a slave to substances,

whether that's drugs or alcohol.

It will absolutely control you,

but when you get tothat point of surrender,

that's when you find Him,

when you seek Him with all of your heart.

Here's the prayer for you.

I challenge you to pray it.

Don't do it as, you know,

don't try to punk God with this,

but when you're serious about it,

Jesus, if you're there, if you're real,

could you show me?

Could you show up for me?

If you need help with thatprayer, we're here for you.

All you have to do is giveus a call, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's a verse from Psalms:

He brought them out of darkness,

and the shadow of death,

and broke their chains in pieces.

God bless you, we'll see you again.

(uplifting music)

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