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CBN NewsWatch: August 3, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 3, 2018 Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much for joining us.

I'm Efrem Graham.

The top US intelligenceofficials put on a united front

at the White House Thursdayto show their concerns

about upcoming elections.

They sent a stern warning.

Russian cyber hackers andothers want to interfere

in our elections once again.

CBN's National SecurityCorrespondent, Erik Rosales,

gives us a closer look.

- Standing with the Trumpadministration power players,

ranging from the Director

of the FBI to theNational Security Advisor,

Director of National Intelligence,

Dan Coats sounded the alarm.

He said Russia is justa keyboard click away

from a major election hack.

- We continue to see apervasive messaging campaign

by Russia to try to weakenand divide the United States.

These efforts are not exclusive

to this election or future elections,

but certainly cover issuesrelevant to the election.

- [Erik] In a rare show of united force,

the National Security leaders stood

in front of the White House press corps

to blast Russia and talkabout potential implications.

- Any moment is just amoment before the dial can

be turned up one, much as we saw in 2016.

Again, not in terms ofeffective the vote count,

but in terms of potential penetration

of voter registration databases or something like that.

- Our democracy itselfis in the cross hairs.

- [Erik] They shared alaundry list of what we face

from attempts to suppress voting

to illegal campaignfunding to cyber attacks.

The warning comes justdays after Facebook shut

down dozens of fake accounts

like those targeting hotbutton social issues,

part of a sophisticatedcampaign to influence Americans.

Coats pointed straight at Russia,

adding the orders often comefrom Vladimir Putin himself.

- Russia has used numerousways in which they want

to influence through media,social media, through bots,

through actors that theyhire through proxies,

all of the above and potentially more.

- Each brought up the importance

of the government intelligencecommunity partnering

with social media andtechnology companies,

providing them with classified briefings

so they could bettermonitor their platforms

and protect our democracy.

Erik Rosales, CBN News Washington.

- A group of black pastorshave come under intense fire

for meeting the Presidentat the White House this week

to discuss prison reform.

Hundreds of AfricaAmerican Christians took

to social media accusing the black leaders

of selling their soul to Trump.

Now some of those who were atthat meeting have responded.

Our George Thomas bringsus more on the controversy.

- God, we thank you foran opportunity to speak

about the hearts of those

who sometimes cannot fight for themselves.

- The reaction was fastand furious and it erupted

on social media moments after John Gray,

Pastor of a mega church inGreenville, South Carolina,

was asked by the Presidentto open a meeting

at the White House in prayer.

- Dr. King said, "wecannot influence a table

"that we are not seated at."

- Gray, along with asmall group of other black

and Hispanic Pastors,

was invited by Mr.Trump to discuss efforts

to reform American's prisonsystem and other issues.

But their meeting got a visceral reaction

from many corners,

including from fellowAfrican American Christians,

who called the Pastors andother participants shameless

and contemptible fortaking part in the event.

Hundreds of people took toGray's social media accounts,

venting their anger.

"I'm so disappointed withyou," wrote one person

on Gray's Instagram account.

Another said, "I havelost all respect for him

"as a Pastor."

Gray, who says he has been critical

of the administration'simmigration and other policies,

posted a video on social media,

after his meeting with the President,

defending his decision to go.

- I did not go as a politician,

nor did I go under partisan rhetoric.

I'm not a Democrat norRepublican nor an Independent.

I'm a Christian.

If there's anybody whothinks they're above praying

for people who sometimesthey may not agree with,

then you don't have the heart of Christ.

(congregation applauding)

- [George] Still,

some of Gray's fellowAfrican American preachers

are accusing him and otherparticipants of selling out

and tap dancing for the President

at the expense of the black community.

But it was, perhaps, thiscomment from Pastor Darrell Scott

of Ohio, who was at themeeting with Mr. Trump,

that got the most negative reaction.

- To be honest, this isprobably going to be,

and I'm gonna say this at this table,

the most pro-black Presidentthat we've had in our lifetime,

because, and I try to analyzethe people that I encounter.

This President actually wants

to prove something to our community,

our faith-based communityand our ethnic community.

The last President didn'tfeel like he had to.

He felt like he didn't have to.

He got a pass.

- Bishop Harry Jacksonalso attended the event.

He told CBN's Charlene Aaron that despite

the intense blow back,

he believes it was the right thing to do.

- You can't be a prophet to the culture

while you're standing outside of the room.

Many of the people whocame in to that meeting

knew that they would bemisunderstood, disrespected,

lied on, talked about,but they came anyway.

- [George] PresidentTrump said his meeting

with the inner city pastorswas one of many steps

his administration was taking to address

the enormous challenges of reforming

the countries' prison system.

George Thomas, CBN News.

- Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo,

pushed Turkey today for the release

of American Pastor Andrew Brunson.

Pompeo met with the Turkishforeign minister in Singapore

during a conference onsecurity in Southeast Asia.

His remarks come just two days

after the Trump administrationslapped sanctions

on Turkey's Justice and Interior Ministers

over Brunson's case.

Pompeo told reporters,the Turks are on notice.

The clock had run out and thatit was time for the Pastor

to be returned.

And he hopes that Turkey will understand

the administration's actions show the US

is very serious about Brunson's case.

Here now is a look at someof the other major headlines

we're following for you todayinside the CBN Newsroom.

Another primary electionover with a big win

for US Representative, Marsha Blackburn,

who won the Republican primary

for US Senate in Tennessee Thursday.

Blackburn has run insupport of Trump's agenda,

including his wall buildingimmigration crackdown,

and his US Supreme Courtpick, Brett Kavanugh.

Blackburn could become thefirst female US Senator

ever elected in the State of Tennessee.

She's up against formerGovernor, Phil Bredesen,

in the general election.

President Trump's personallawyer, Rudy Giuliani,

and his legal team, will decide,within a week to 10 days,

whether Trump will sit down

for an interview with Robert Mueller.

Politico reports Guilliani said,

they are studying theproposal from Mueller,

which requests to ask Trumpabout possible efforts

to obstruct the FBI's investigation

of Russia's contactwith the Trump campaign.

Mueller's proposal would also allow Trump

to provide written answersto some of those inquiries.

Apple has become the firstpublicly traded company

to be valued at one trillion dollars.

The milestone reached yesterdaymarks the latest triumph

of a trend-setting companythat began 42 years ago.

Apple sits at the topof the US Stock Market

ahead of Amazon, Google's parent Alphabet,

Microsoft and Facebook.

And for more on these storiesand others throughout the day,

you can always visit

Firefighters are workingnon-stop to put out

the deadly Carr wildfireraging in Northern California.

It's responsible for burning down more

than 1,000 homes around Redding.

Fortunately, membersof the faith community

have stepped in to help.

Bethel Church, whichis located in Redding,

has been set up as a distribution center.

The humanitarianorganization, Mercy Chefs,

is on sight preparingrestaurant quality meals

for the victims, volunteers,and the first responders.

CBN News interviewed founderand President of Mercy Chefs,

Gary Leblanc, by Skye.

- We have volunteers from the church

that are working with our chefs today.

We have chefs from Chicagoand just outside of DC.

We have one from Houstonand one from Oklahoma

here with us today.

So they're working with the teams here

and we're working very hard.

We're putting out about 2,000 meals a day.

- Mercy Chef has the goal offeeding the body and the soul.

Leblanc says they come with a message

that can satisfy people for eternity,

the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well, still ahead, whatdo you do when you feel

like everything is going against you?

We're going to bring youa look at ordinary people

who didn't give up in theface of some tough times.

And instead, they turned to God.

We're gonna have a look attheir stories when we come back.

(lively music)

Here's a question to consider.

Where is God when theworld is falling apart?

Do you feel like he is notlistening or doesn't care

about your situation or circumstance?

In CBN's newest book, Rise Up,

Stories of Remarkable Faithand Relentless Courage,

you'll read about ordinarypeople whose circumstances

caused them to fall into God's hands

and who were given the faith and courage

to rise above their trials.

Joining us know to talk about the lives

of these ordinary people is one

of the book's contributors, John Jessup.

So John, what inspired youto be a part of this project?

- Efrem, it was anopportunity to collaborate

with the likes of GeorgeThomas and Abigail Robertson,

so who wouldn't wanna be apart of a project like that?

Last year, I was approachedby a CBN colleague,

Ben Stroup, who hadthis idea and it was one

that was easy to rally around.

It was an idea that wewanted to spark a flame,

we wanted to start a movementinspiring people to know

that they can essentially bethe hero of their own story.

So everyone loves a good story

and everyone has a story to tell.

Their stories are unfoldingand really what we wanted

to show them is that life can be hard,

that there are trials and there are tests,

there are hills and valleys,

but we are one decision away

from a life-alteringchoice to have victory.

And that victory, ofcourse for us as believers,

comes through Jesus Christ.

He gives us victory to overcome

any situation that comes our way.

So he can turn our midnights into day.

He can turn our messes into masterpieces

and that's the real message of this book.

So who wouldn't wannabe a part of a project

that communicates that message?

- Indeed, there are manyinspirational books on the market.

Check out any bookstore.

How do you feel that Rise Up is different

from some of those other books out today?

- I think what makes Rise Up so unique

is it's the story of anyone and everyone.

We're looking at ordinary people.

Each chapter introduces you to a person

who could be your next door neighbor,

whether you live in the heartland

or if you're oversees in the Middle East.

We have stories thattell how people escaped

tragic circumstances or they faced

a crisis of some sort wherethey needed dramatic healing.

So these stories aren'tstories that are outstanding

in the sense that,

look at my huge life failureor my huge, big success.

These are stories that Ithink anyone can relate to.

And often times when we're trying

to find ways or the keys to success,

we'll look at successful people

like a Steve Jobs or a BillGates or an Oprah Winfrey.

Not to say you can'tglean wisdom from them,

you certainly can, but theseare stories that I think

anyone can relate to.

I think that's one of the things

that makes this book so unique.

- Speaking of those stories,

what story would you say inthe book impacted you the most?

- Gosh, Efrem, there's so many good ones.

I think the one that strikes me the most

is the story about Cody.

He was a troubled teen whocame from a broken family.

He ended up finding a family of sorts

and a life of drugs and hangingout with the wrong crowd,

and his life devolved tothe point where he was

on the streets, he waseating out of garbage cans,

never had an opportunity tohave shelter above his head.

One day, hungry, anddown and out, and smelly,

because he wasn't able to take a shower,

he was invited to a churchwhere they were serving meals.

He encountered a woman whoshowed him the love of Christ,

who gave him a hug and said,it looks like you need a hug.

And that set him on alife-changing course,

where he became a Christian.

His addiction, he was freedfrom that almost immediately,

and now he's back on thestreets helping the same people

that he once lived among.

He's basically gone backto remember and honor

the lifestyle that he came from

and serve in ministry role there.

- All right, John.

Thank you so much for being with us.

Much appreciated.

Once again, the book is called Rise Up.

It is available wherever books are sold.

Thank you.

Up next, we're gonna takea look at a new movie.

It's out today.

Christopher Robin.

I sat down with the stars of the film.

We've got the story comingup right after this.

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Welcome back to CBN Newswatch.

Our favorite charactersfrom the Hundred Acre Wood

are coming to a theater near you today,

and actor, Ewan McGregor,

is an all grown up Christopher Robin,

reunited with Winniethe Pooh and the gang.

I sat down with both of them to bring you

this look at this new Disney film.

Our favorite teddy bearmoved from the pages of books

to the big screen.

- [Pooh] A woosel at work isgoing to eat him for breakfast.

- With filmmaker, Marc Forster,in the director's chair.

Here we sit in 2018.

How do you make Winniethe Pooh relevant today?

- It's almost 100 yearsago when he was created,

and he has this iconic figure

who just is, in my opinion,

timeless, because he has humor,

he has wisdom, he has hisplayfulness like a kid,

but at the same time,he has morals and love.

I think even the red sweaters represents

the heart and the love and I think that

is something we need more than ever.

- Pooh?

- Christopher Robin.

- No, no, no, no, no, no.

You can't be here.

This can't be happening.

- So how much fun did youhave making this movie?

- Well I was allowed to domy own stunts sometimes,

even on purpose. (tummy rumbles)

Oh, before we keep going,

you wouldn't happen tohave any honey, would you?

- Oh, I'm fresh out.

So sorry.

- You can't just keepsaying hello to people.

People can't see you moving and talking.

- But why?

- Because, because, you're different,

and people don't likethings that are different.

- So, I shouldn't be me?

- No, no, you should always yourself.

- Oh, this is really confusing.

- Christopher Robin is all grown up.

What's happened to him?

- He's not having a very good time

in the beginning of the film.

He's fought through thesecond world war and then,

he's come back home tohis wife and his daughter,

who is seven, and he's not very connected.

- We're introduced to a wife now.

And how is she handling this?

- I think she's like many wivesat that time, left behind.

- And the game is called say what you see.

You're first, Piglet.

- Panic, worry, catastrophe.

- Speed, danger,recklessness, a hoo, hoo, hoo.

- Disgrace.

- So Eeyore, what drewyou to this project?

- Well, um, it's not likeI'm that busy anyway.


- How much fun did youhave making the movie?

- Uh, hmm,

define fun.

- Stick with me Piglet, I'll fix ya.

You worry too much.

- We'll never get to Christopher now.

- [Christopher] I think we should ask

if anyone's seen a bear, or a tigger,

or a very small donkey.

- Darling, these creatures aren't real.

- Don't worry, this is part of the plan.

- So Tigger, what drew you to the project?

- Well, it's like therole was written for me,

I mean, stripes and all,

which is why I never read the script.

Why mess with perfection, hoo, hoo, hoo?

Just need a leap of faith.

- Listen, I will callDr. Cunningham on Monday.

I think with the right amount of resting--

- Tigger, Eeyore!

- Ah!

- Piglet!

- The plan worked.

I don't know how I do it!

- Is Pooh our super hero in this?

- He is!

- He is, yeah.

- Yeah, with his little redtop on, instead of a cape.

- Yes!

It's like a little red jumper cable.

- Jumper cable, jump cable.

- Christopher Robin is inAmerican theaters today

and when we come back,

our friends at Plugged In Online share

how this story measures up when it comes

to family friendliness.

(lively music)

The weekend is here and as we mentioned,

our friends at Plugged In Online

have a family friendly review of the movie

we've been talkingabout, Christopher Robin.

Take a look.

(lively music)

- What should happenif you forget about me?

- Silly old bear.

I won't ever forget aboutyou Pooh, I promise,

even when I'm 100.

- [Bob] In Disney's Christopher Robin,

the young boy who loved embarking

on adventures in the 100 Acre Wood

with his band of spiritedlovable stuffed animals

has grown up.

In fact, he's totally lost touch

with those distant joys of childhood.

- I promised my wife and daughter

I'd take them away this weekend.

- All hands on deck.

- And these days,Christopher is so wrapped up

in the day to day grind of business,

that he's become estrangedfrom his wife and daughter too.

- Have a good time.

- [Bob] He has, quitesimply, lost his way.

- What to do, what to do, what to do.

- What to do, indeed.

- Pooh?

- Christopher Robin.

- Now it's up to his childhood friends

to do something about that problem?

Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet,

they all venture into our world and search

the streets of London for their pal.

They hope to helpChristopher Robin remember

the loving and playfulboy that he used to be.

- Hello Eeyore.

- Christopher Robin,it's you playing again.


- This live action adventuretalks of the specialness

of childhood, the specialnessof imaginative play,

and friendship.

- Perhaps it's our turnto save Christopher.

- And at the same time,

it encourages adultviewers to think closely

about those things in lifethat are truly important.

On the other side of the scale,

there's not much in this sweet movie

that parents will need to worry about.

I mean, heffalumps can be a little scary

and there's just a dashof peril in the story mix.

But, I'll give ChristopherRobin a heartfelt four

and a half out of fivefor family friendliness.

For the full review, be sureto check out

Plugging you into the movies,

I'm Bob Waliszewski forFocus On The Family's

Plugged In movie review.

- It's time now for your Friday Faithful

and the message I'd like toleave you as we wrap this week

and jump start the weekend,

when you come to the end of your rope,

you have reached the hand of God.

Your impossible is I'm possiblewhen God's hand is in it.

With that word,

I encourage you to makethis a fabulous Friday

and a wonderful rest of the week.

No matter how little youthink you have, guess what?

It is all that you need to dowhat God has called you to do.

Remember, at the end ofyour rope is the hand of God

and your impossible becomes I'm possible

because God's hand is in it.

It's a message you shouldn't forget,

as you begin the weekend.

And I'll see you, of course,right back here, next week.

That is gonna do it for thisedition of CBN Newswatch.

Remember, more of yourexclusive coverage of the issues

you care most about can alwaysbe found at

We'd also love to hear what you think

about the stories you've seen here today.

You can do that byemailing

You can, of course, alwaysreach out and touch us

on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hope you will join usagain right here next time.

Have a fabulous Fridayand a wonderful weekend.

(lively music)


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