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'Our Democracy Itself Is in the Crosshairs': Trump Intel Officials Directly Call Out Putin on Election Meddling

'Our Democracy Itself Is in the Crosshairs': Trump Intel Officials Directly Call Out Putin on Election Meddling Read Transcript

- Top U.S. intelligence officials

put on a united front atthe White House Thursday

to show their concernsabout upcoming elections.

They sent a stern warning,

Russian cyber-hackers and others

want to interfere in ourelections once again.

CBN's national securitycorrespondent, Erik Rosales,

gives us a closer look.

- Standing with the Trumpadministration power players

ranging from the director of the FBI

to the National Security Advisor,

Director of National Intelligence,

Dan Coats sounded the alarm.

He said Russia is justa keyboard click away

from a major election hack.

- We continue to see apervasive messaging campaign

by Russia to try to weakenand divide the United States.

These efforts are not exclusive

to this election, or future elections,

but certainly cover issuesrelevant to the election.

- [Erik] In a rare show of United Force,

the national security leaders

stood in front of theWhite House press corps,

blasts Russia, and talkabout potential implications.

- Any moment is just a moment

before the dial can be turned up one,

much as we saw in 2016.

Again, not in terms ofeffecting the vote count,

but in terms of potential penetration

of voter registration databasesor something like that.

- Our democracy itselfis in the crosshairs.

- [Erik] They shared alaundry list of what we face,

from attempts to suppress voting,

to illegal campaignfunding, to cyber attacks.

The warning comes just days after

Facebook shut downdozens of fake accounts,

like those targetinghot-button social issues,

part of a sophisticatedcampaign to influence Americans.

Coats pointed straight at Russia,

adding the orders often comefrom Vladimir Putin himself.

- Russia has used numerous ways

in which they want toinfluence through media,

social media, through bots,

through actors that theyhire through proxies,

all of the above, and potentially more.

- [Erik] Each brought up the importance

of the government intelligence community

partnering with social mediaand technology companies,

providing them with classified briefing

so that they can bettermonitor their platforms

and protect our democracy.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- A group of black pastors.


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