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Returning to the 100 Acre Wood: Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin Hit Theaters

Returning to the 100 Acre Wood: Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin Hit Theaters Read Transcript

(gentle music)

- Welcome back to CBN Newswatch.

Our favorite charactersfrom the Hundred Acre Wood

are coming to a theater near you, today.

And actor, Ewan McGregor,is an all-grown-up

Christopher Robin reunited withWinne the Pooh and the gang.

I sat down with both ofthem to bring you this look

at this new Disney film.

Our favorite teddy bearmoves from the pages

of books to the big screen.

- [Pooh] A woozle at work isgoing to eat him for breakfast.

- With filmmaker Marc Forster

in the Director's chair.

Here we sit in 2018.

How do you make Winniethe Pooh relevant today?

- It's almost 100 yearsago when he was created

and he has ya know, the so iconic figure

who just is, in my opinion, timeless

because he has humor, he has wisdom,

he has his playfulness like a kid

but at the same time,he has warmth and love

and I think even thered sweater represents

the heart and the love.

I think that that is somethingwe need more than ever.

- Pooh?

- Christopher Robin.

- No!

No, no, no, no, no.

You can't be here.

This can't be happening.

- So, how much fun did youhave making this movie?

- Well, I was allowed to do my own stunts

and sometimes, even on purpose.

(tummy growling)

Before we keep going,

you wouldn't happen tohave any honey, would you?

- Oh, I'm fresh out, so sorry.

- Can't just keep saying hello to people.

People can't see you moving and talking.

- But why?

- Because, because

you're different.

And people don't likethings that are different.

- So, I shouldn't be me.

- No, no!

You should always be yourself.

- Oh, this is very confusing.

- Christopher Robin is all grown up.

What's happened to him?

- He's not having a very good time

at the beginning of the film.

He's fought through the second World War

and then he's come back tohis wife and his daughter

who's seven and he's not very connected.

- We're introduced to a wife now

and how is she handling this?

- I think she's ya know,like many wives at that time,

left behind.

- I would always call it say what you see.

You first, Piglet.

- Panic, worry.

- Speed, danger, recklessness!

- Disgrace.

- So, Eeyore, what drewyou to this project?

- Well um...

It's not like I'm that busy anyway.


- How much fun did youhave making the movie?

- Uh hm...

Define fun.

- Stick with me, Piglet.

I'll fix ya, you worry too much.

- But I'll never get to Christopher now.

- [Christopher] Maybe we shouldask if anyone's seen a bear

or a tigger or a very small donkey.

- Darling, these creatures aren't real.

- Don't worry, this is part of the plan.

- So Tigger, what drew you to the project?

- Well, it's like therole was written for me.

I mean, stripes and all,

which is why I never read the script.

Why mess with perfection? (laughs)

Just need a leap of faith.

- Listen, I will callDr. Cunningham on Monday.

I think (mumbles).

- Tigger! Eeyore.



- My plan worked.

I don't know how I do it.

- Is Pooh our superhero in this?

- He is!

- He is, yeah.

- And his little chopon instead of a cape.

- Yes, it's like a little red jumper cape.


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